Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

A journey within ∞ transcend the matrix while traveling

Journeying through Brazil has been of a new kind, the travel I could, so far, be the most truthful to myself and with conscious efforts, not deviate from my path. It came with a vast propositions of situations, places and people, and the choice was there for me to make at each moment, on where to stand, whether getting involved or withdraw.

The real initiatic part of this journey was to keep conscious about the choice that resides in every moment and to trust more my intuition and my own body intelligence. Scanning through each situation, grasping the quality of the possible exchange, identifying distraction and empty socializing that does not resonate with who I am, not taking everything in my field just because it is there on the path. And on special occasions, recognizing a special resonance with an other and honoring the time shared together. Honoring the time spent with my self, not looking for those encounters, knowing it is probable they will naturally be a part of the journey, knowing that they are rare. Life will always be full of propositions. The reality I am living in, the decisions I make and the actions I take have shifted a lot the past months.

The traps of empathy and codependency

Looking back at my past travels, it’s easy for me to see by which unconscious forces they were driven. A first weakness and lack of self knowledge was my inability to place healthy boundaries between me and others, feeling so much of them within me and having no center to get in touch with. I grew up in an emotionally and sensorially manipulated environment where I learned to doubt my perceptions. I couldn’t differentiate what was mine and what was not and I did not understand how I function. My main way of being is through feeling. It is not tangible. Life is patiently initiating me and slowly I am building more inner insurance. As I was walking through life completely unprotected, I used to dismiss very often my intuition and body intelligence. As I am becoming more and more aware of my own wiring, another important lesson was to stop projecting good intentions onto others, for not everyone carries good intentions, and, more and more, to see others as who they are, instead of as who I am. Recognizing the frequency of the interaction, of the demand, of the entering in my field. Long I lived my life not to offend anyone, submitting myself to the ways of the world as I wouldn’t stand for my own truth. Energetic games are at stake wherever we go, as vital energy is much more a currency than it seems. How, where and with whom are we spending our lives? We are collectively so entrapped into deep programmation that our travels are generally of no risk for the control system. So we are free to travel, because we will travel with all our inner programmation that will keep us within the range of predictable choices. Many travelers sure look for answers and are very curious beings. Still, for me, it’s generally hard to find a resonance with their ways of traveling. Learning to keep my quest fully alive while traveling came with the necessary withdrawal from engaging with the majority of the people I would meet on the road. This way, finally, I had sufficient time to tune in with what is going on within me, to pay attention to the information my body is giving me, not to be overwhelmed by other people’s fields of energy, no matter how nice they are and well-intentioned they appear to be (a lot of interactions that seem nice still come with an energetic burden). Each of us has to start to unfold the path with a desire coming from deep within, often at a time when the suffering gets so intense, it starts to be unbearable, but something within does not want to give up; the warrior flame is burning.

Another trap I was getting caught into was the victimhood consciousness which was resonating all around me with vibratory matching situations, that I can now trace back, as there was this feeling of unfairness, injustice, linked to it. I still fall back into it, especially when psychic interferences become very intense and use deep wounds to slow me down or collect energy through the intense reviving. Same goes for codependent love, disrespecting others’ free will, unaware of major differences in how humans are wired, not seeing others as they are, resulting in attracting a lot of attention from energy-eaters (human and invisible). Distraction is sent in all kind of forms, mainly through relationships which keep us occupied with one another. Some people are sent our way by design as means of distraction. A covered trap. How much of my precious life and time will I lose falling into it? Re-establishing my own Truth took me hard work, as I was feeling lost in the middle of the collective madness and the chaos of destructive behaviors (and constant suggestions to aliment them to become food for beyond the visible).

Mind-programs: working vs. traveling

As for in any fields, there are a lot of projections about travelers and traveling. It is very common for me to feel people’s projections (one of them being the desire of escape) onto my travels and my life generally through the fragmental bits they can see from my social media activity (and this even if I stay silent for months). The program of “working/sacrificing lifetime to earn money (one kind of enslavement)” is generally widespread. But isn’t the real call for work linked to our spiritual evolution? I don’t consider my life as a holiday, and it’s not supposed to be anyway. As I am following my inner truth, I can observe that life is supporting me in my process, especially as I keep out of the fear frequency. How I am spending my time (whether I am traveling or not) is very different from what I hear from general projections. Research and accessing a deeper self-knowledge are occupying my days. Each day, I am working hard because I choose to do so, even when traveling, especially when traveling, or in places that gather big groups of people like festivals, always an energetic challenge for me where many things are at stake despite the generalized ignorance.

As I was emitting the call for assistance to make a step further in the role I have chosen to fulfill during this incarnation, the process has accelerated within me. The road has been the opportunity for me to process a lot. Many hours of my days were spent fortifying the slow construction of how I want to be of service. My true mission is slowly unfolding as I am working to deconstruct the false walls that were preventing me to remember the core within and as I am keeping away from the distractions sent on my path. It seems hidden forces have always been perfectly aware of my soul nature, ultrasensitivity and inner programming, for they have been using this knowledge to place traps on the road. I would certainly not have been able to transcend the traps I am facing now a few years ago, a sure indicator that I am stepping more and more into something golden. Life gets simpler and crystal clear, and crazier as it goes. I am willing to do the needed work in order to understand the lessons beyond. Knowledge is a sacred treasure that helps me move forward.

Pros and cons in Brazil

I loved Brazil from the moment I set a foot on it. My body instantly relaxed when in touch with the vibration of the land and its people. I appreciated how Brazilians interact with each other, acknowledging their neighbors by a brief spontaneous greeting, not leading to an everlasting sticky exchange. Their desire to be of help fortified the trust and faith in life within me. I knew there would be an echo to a call for help, an echo which I find rarer in the western world, where a question in the street often leads to a body withdrawal as first movement. The frequency of punishing, the suspicion frequency, were both generally absent. I appreciated being able to walk freely, not feeling demeaned by male gaze, not being categorized by the color of my skin or my gender. Women especially have been on various occasions putting a veil of protection over me, through true compassion and care for one another. Alongside with divine assistance, this direct human help kept me away from dangerous or harmful environments. Other times though, I recognized that some apparently helpful behaviour was a service to the self, from people watching themselves doing something they considered generous or caring, fortifying a belief about themselves, feeding a distorted (and ego-based) self image, without caring a bit about what the others’ real needs were. It was surely about them more than about anyone else. It is subtle but all is frequency. Other times, help was being hijacked by the general self destructive inner programming going on in the world, leading people to widespread harmful habits due to a lack of self-care, self-love and self-knowledge. As we go on our quests, we are always surrounded by people and thus their habits (and levels of awareness).

Days of simplicity, curiosity & nature

Some days I was amazed to see more dimensional depth into the colors of landscapes, the colors of the trees, sky, lights and horizon. As if softly a veil was slowly disappearing from my vision. It comes hand in hand with the detoxification process. The grey, the tarnished, everything regains its magic. I am grateful for the beauties of life, waking up for a hammock/river/sea sunrise, learning to slow down in the middle of a frenetic world, not pursuing the next peak experience. Getting inspired, practicing my own set of yoga, preparing juice I had never heard of (cacau), getting excited by the sight of organic cosmetic products or local honey. Smudging myself with Breu Branco and its citrus fragrance, a white resin from a sacred tree traditionally used in tribes to pass knowledge to the younger ones, to open the door of memory. Traveling is not about seeing all the “major spots” in a nutshell, guided by the mind who wants to do more, see more, always more. And never reaching satisfaction. I love when days are becoming like a white page, for my spirit can keep curious to welcome the new challenges and opportunities that the rhythm of life is sending my way as I keep paying attention to what I will accept on my pages. Being connected to nature and learning new things have been helpful motivators for me to pursue my work of self-observance.

In Brazil, “saudade” is a sort of longing/nostalgia/melancholy for the country (and its people) when Brazilians are away. Brazil is sure a very special land and Brazilians have a tremendous potential because they have kept a large access to kindness and compassion. Nevertheless, infections of modern times (all kinds of programming through all kinds of different angles) keep this wonderful potential asleep. What is missing here, as for in the world, is deep knowledge of the self first and foremost.

I am thankful for this life experience, the black and the white, for all the treasures of Earth and for all the human and divine assistance.

Further reflections on traveling

Traveling was a great way to began to detach from my identity and my beliefs and to start doing a real work of self-inquiry. It mirrored the extent of the work that I needed to address. As I became a citizen of Earth, I realised no matter where I would go, what I could experience and access as a reality was still limited. At some point, traveling became a quest in itself and a pursuit of more doing, focusing on the future, the next thing, more more more. I learned that there is no escape from the programming of the mind, mine and the mind control of all travelers and indigenous. I became aware no matter where I would go, no matter how beautiful were the places, I will still be confronted to the fracture of the human minds. It is to be found everywhere in different and various forms. Traveling also reveals much of the matrix control system: the measures when crossing borders, the products you find in airports and zones of traffic . I started to settle more in my home and choose my travels or attendance to events with a new piercing gaze.I have learned to slow down before I leave and to slow down before I come back. Still, to this day, I am finding hard to rest for a day. I am still much of a doer.

Sometimes in the midst of the most beautiful places, I felt like in a nightmare. I have found miserable in the most stunning and pristine places of the world. My poor sense of boundaries was revealing itself to me. I had developed myself in passivity and I had no clue what it meant to be actively me. I used to walk with stones in my shoes without stopping and taking them out. I was numb, I had lost the ability to feel the uncomfort. The choices of when and where didn’t matter in my travel choices: no matter where I would have gone, I would have ended up meeting similar fragmented souls suffering from narcissist disorder, I would have ended up being treated poorly and walked over, feeling the projections of unresolved traumas, until I would stand up for myself and continue my inner construction where it had been damaged.

When we travel together somewhere, for a moment we form a team, even if we are strangers, individuals merging into a collective energy. It has to do with taking our minds together and create a reality together. When I travel now, I am not looking to meet anyone, a meeting that will be lifechanging. They rarely are. I learned that they are brought to my life through some unfathomable and unpredictable laws. I learn much about the rules of our Earth. And I validate for myself the extent of my inner journey, I self recognize it.

Traveling through airports and security checks has become more and more aggressive over the past 2 decades. Personnally I sense a limit to what I will accept to do to be able to travel. There are conditions that I will never submit to. It seems that there is an agenda also to limit the freedom of traveling, especially when the local population is being programmed to see others as a threat. I am glad I have experienced for myself the entrapment of the traveling sphere so I know deep down that the real journey is always within.