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An aura reading in Inkiri Piracanga with Ornella

An aura reading accesses information present in the energy field of a person. Following this session, I had material to work through for several weeks. More than a year later, consulting the given feedback that was provided to me, I see it as an excellent tool for supporting introspection and personal growth. What I particularly like is the use of symbolism: without pretending to touch the Great Truth, we approach one side of reality through sensations and perceptions that make sense at this moment on the path of life.

Last winter, beginning of 2018, I was following a course (in portuguese!) in Inkiri Piracanga, Brasil. During this course, I was impressed by Ornella Ganduglia Escalante’s energy, her strenght, abilities and wisdom, including her awareness of the occult realms. She has gone through a lot since a very young age. In the center, she often practices exorcism of stagnant energy and spirits. I experienced a reiki session with her and an aura reading.

On a rainy afternoon, I meet with her in a quiet room to get a few more clues and perspectives. I sit on a chair in front of her with my eyes opened: “the aura reading is the translation of energy into images. From the aura, there is a lot of information that we can express into images. I see it as it is, I don’t give advices, the person can choose what they want to keep and what they want to let go of.”

Time to start working on my Earth Mission

,I am asked to pronounce my name 3 times for the reading to begin: “I see a big bright golden sun that represents the supreme being, a dark blue rose that represents you as a spirit in the present moment. The color blue is bringing an image of you sitting on the moon, like a hamoc moon, a place where you were not so responsible, it gave you the chance to see how things work on Earth. A door is being opened but there is resistance for you to put your feet on Earth. In the moon, you were protected by a very passive way of living, it was observation time for 20 years. You are opening a door that leads you to do some work on Earth. There is a gate opening to materialise your dreams, to manifest from a passive state to an active one. Are you about to make your own entreprise?”

I am confirming, I am preparing something. For a year I had been wanting to start a website to share about the healing path, spirituality and the invisible realms. When back from this brasilian journey, I will work for 6 months on my website, Youtube channel and online content to give it a good start. Ornella pursues: “it is a real responsible way, which doesnt’t mean it it heavy. The door is opening for the opportunity to bring the things that were on the moon to Earth. I can see it is really new for you. Never before you were so present and with such a big opportunity. Your challenge here in this step is to lose the fear of being on Earth. Second step is around information: what is your relationship with your intuition? You receive your information from your spirit in the middle way between direct and undirect, almost undirect, the percentage is 47%. Your spirit speaks to you through books and information that you receive. You are beginning to have a langage between you and your intuition.” At first my mind got stuck with the disappointment not to be more in touch with my intuition, a kind of denial that lasted for a few weeks. One year later it is clear I made progress to establish a more direct relationship to my inner guidance, it is a more lively inner dialogue and more immediate, less relying on external grasp.

A past-life tale of Egypt, symbolic of my relationship with my father

Ornella connects to my first chakra. “I see a past-life memory, a life in Egypt, more or less 150 before Christ. This memory is not your past life memory. It’s in the Akashic register of Earth to show your story up to here. A 16 years old young man is running away from soldiers around the pyramids. He is carrying papyrus with him, running out of the city to the suburbs. He throws the papyrus through the window of a tiny and poor house he is passing by. There lives a couple with a very small one year and a half old kid who is sleeping. One of the papyrus hurt his head and he starts to cry. The parents wake up, they see the papers on the floor. The father reacts very quickly, he rolls the papyrus intuitively and hides them. He knows it is very important even if he can’t understand where the papers come from. He picks up the baby and calms him down, the boy falls asleep. The mother doesn’t understand but the father says don’t speak shhh.

This memory is connected with you. Your spirit is putting the focus on the baby. He was calm when he woke up. The next day, the father is trying to read the papers but it’s written in codes. He keeps those papers hidden. Time passes. The boy is now 14 years old and is helping his father to prepare things to sell in the feira. They all forgot about the papers. A 30 years old man, a sort of wise man, a sage, finds them. He was the guy who threw the papyrus 12-13 years ago and he is coming for them. The father will give them back if the man takes his son with him. The father has a very opened ability of intuition but this ability is dormant. With the wizard, the kid starts to see the world with a new perspective, more connected to the cosmos. They read the stars and constellations, they look for the deeper knowledge. But one day there is an assault in the middle of the Sahara, they are attacked and both are killed with their hands linked. They make a promise that they will incarnate again to continue with the learnings about the occultismo, the hidden things.

The life of that kid is very similar to your actual life. Here I can see that you come from a family where your father has a very strong intuition but not developed.” My father has indeed a deep sensitivity and he is connecting more with his abilities as he is advancing in age. “As this boy, the influence of your father was very strong until you were 14 years old. But when you were 14 years old, he realised that you needed more freedom. I won’t bothered you anymore, you need to go and look for the wizard and the wisdom. Around 16-17, you started to live a life disconnected. It was very strong, you died, that part of your self trust died.” It is exact that I had suicidal thoughts and a very dark era of my life at that age, a lot of inner suffering and not much joyful experiences. “And now you are reconnecting with your life and your own wisdom. The father wanted to do the good thing for the son/for you. I don’t want you to live like me. I want you to go with him and become a very good astrologist. And in your life, your father did the same. He wanted you to follow your dreams but you interpreted it as an abandon. He wanted the best for you. Something happened in his relationship with your mother that influenced him when you were 13. You have a lot of influence from your father. He really loves you. But it seems that he has no idea to show how much he loves you.

I can see you in a competition show singing a song. You are dying of shame/fears but you go, getting out of your freeze, picking up the mic and singing, making a lot of mistakes at first, you ask to start again and you start to laugh and then you pick up the mic again and sing the best song of your life. It is showing how you do things in the matter: first of all, there is a very big fear of making mistakes, you feel like you need to do it perfectly, and you don’t allow yourself to make a mistake. In the present moment, it makes you freeze. Here, you are overcoming that program, you are connecting with your courage to overcome that limitation. The key to move the program is to stop for a minute, if you keep on going, you enter a circle of self sabotage. The key to change is to start again differently. You are actually doing that right now, taking some time of reflexion to come back to action with another energy. Your father hasn’t stopped but you need to break that thing of having to do. He is a doer and he doesn’t stop.”  Indeed, I grew up with a model where doing was the way. We all took this model in my family, my father, my mother, my brother and I. I remember my mother and I were exchanging emails where on the good days we could feel relieved with all the apparent productivity that had been going on.

The freedom of choice

Then comes the time of the second chakra: “I can see you when you were a very little child of 2-3 years old, in a big supermarket. You are walking holding your mother’s hand. Ari (my mother used to call me Ari), would you like to have this she says? Would you like this for you? You said no. And then she continues, would you like this? And you say yes. On that moment, your mother is giving you the power to choose, and you feel so recognised, because your mother is seeing you, that you grow up with that sense that you can always choose. Despite the fact your mother wasn’t a very free woman, I can see she was kind of old fashioned, she had restrictions in her freedom, but she is a woman who was collaborating for you to be free. Then you saw that she was suffering a lot. Is she an artist? She seems to be.” I answers that she used to work in a documentacion center. Ornella start coughing.”She was really sweet. And she wanted you to be free. But she couldn’t be free. That is why I can see you taking a lot of things from your father, your mother wasn’t there, present. This earth was though enough for her. Your challenge in relation with your mother, feminine and creativity is actually to turn up the point of the freedom of your feminine strenght. She showed you how to choose from a very early age.”

Deconstructing the self

Here comes the third chakra. “The roof of your house is broken, it’s melting down. This image is showing that you are deconstructing all of your preconceptions about yourself as an ego. You are destroying your identity of who you think you are. You were that old house but now everything is melting down.” She mentions my mother again and starts coughing again.

Discernement and awareness

For the 4th chakra, Ornella pursues: “I can see you in a garden full of flowers that cut, like roses, some other flowers, some white marguerites with a yellow center. I can see you walking, you are about to marry. You are picking up flowers. Sometimes, you don’t pay attention and you put the hands on something that hurt you. You are ready to marry within you, the old Ariane with the new Ariane, but while you are choosing which flowers will be by your side, you need to be cautious as you are losing focus. The internal marriage is about the one you are and the one you want to become. You are preparing yourself to join those 2 together. Which are the things you are going to live and love? If you don’t focus, you may hurt yourself. And then you need some healing. The flowers represent habits, what do you use in your body, who are near by you, your friends, your beliefs, who you live with, who do you open your heart, for what? Are you really enjoying yourself? Or are you really taking care of you or you have some habits of destruction?” Looking back the last year has been spent to continue the work of the previous year, sorting my life (belongings, reviewing all my relationships, family ties) and I also discovered new subconscious programming of ways I was still hard on myself (like driving 3 hours to go to a yoga class where the vibe was centered on performance or where other non heart centered values were passed). I have learned also to have the appropriate distance with others and to discern who I really let in. This helps a lot to keep energy to focus on projects.

An impatient warrior of light

For the 5th chakra, “I see you driving a truck through a road full of corn plants. I can see you seeing the corn, how my goodness it’s a lot of corn, it’s very boring to see a lot of corn, I want to see another landscape but you were the one to choose that road knowing you will see only corn. You chose something and then you don’t have the patience. When you choose and you live that thing that you choose, you regret and you wish you had chosen something else. The impatience comes from your father.” It is very true that I am really impatient. A few months later I worked on my patience thanks to the detoxification process, learning to hold the process with much more patience for myself and for others.

The war between intuition and the mind

For the 6th chakra, “I see the color red. One red and one blue queen. They are fighting with each other. All the people depending on them are sitting and looking at this show. The citizens can see the fight isn’t logical because these queens represent your mind, the red one, and the other one, your intuition. They don’t connect with each other. You are in a war within yourself between your mind and your intuition. What I wish is the contrary that I do. And you keep on moving with that war in your mind. So you attract people who want to fight just to show you your dynamic. This is how your father and mother lived fighting each other.” This part too makes a lot of sense.

Connexion to the divine

To finish with, for the 7th chakra, “I see yellow, I can see you as a mummy being discovered. After a lot of time, you revive. Your link with God was very slim until now and now you are reliving your connexion with God, it’s so new. You are starting to open your eyes to your own spirit but it is still something not very natural for you. It’s very new. Until now you were expecting that something from the outside would give you the information.”
The reading is over. “I can see you happy, complete and healthy in soul, mind, spirit and body.” Ornella let me know that I can send her a message if I am going through something hard. And that we are connected through another life. “I was your mother” she says.

About Inkiri Piracanga

There is a lot to say about the weaknesses of the project of Inkiri Piracanga and a certain greed from the headquarters. Nonetheless, it is a place where humans are trying for something different and I feel grateful for my experience there. When the container is not held for us, it allows us to find the strenght within. Something is definitely missing but a lot is there too in potential. Humans are growing.

You can find Ornella here: Centro Inkiri Piracanga, praia do Piracanga, Maraú, Brasil





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