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Our feet are masterpieces of incredible ingenuity, closely interconnected with all the systems of the body. The minimalist or barefoot movement has been gaining ground in recent years and has won over many followers. More than

Although workshops on "sacred" or tantric sexuality are found at every street corner, there is no

Shocks we encounter every day leave a trace and crystallize in our bones. The Bounine method

Play Sense is an initiative that includes mainly outdoor activities (hikes in the woods, by the sea, through meadows or along a river) focused on sport, health and well-being, supervised by a team who cares. Five

Transhumanism is about a dehumanizing future where empathy is being repressed and replaced by predictable algorithms

In front of a yeast, fungus, parasites or candida overgrowth, the answer is about restoring a healthy balance in the body's environment instead of fighting symptoms. Indeed, parasites, fungus and yeast are there to clean up

Nutrition is fundamental to human life, it is directly linked to our vital force, our longevity

The study of natural hygiene offers many answers for the reasons behind the human body degeneration.

Nowadays, we are witnessing a wide range of approaches that are proposing to support personal development. The sharing circle invites us to return to a simple foundation. When one is being a witness of the expression

Most often, communities and projects that are started from a positive vision are hijacked through the

Since 2012, we have been allowed to access more information, an allowance for many reality shifts. The work is through this life, through us, through the everyday work, through the everyday choices. Hundreds of covert operations

Being confronted to narcissism and psychopathy is a vast launching-pad for personal evolution and can be

The intent of this article is to shed light on the confusion created by beings pretending

A 6-hectare area on the edge of the woods, Terres d'ici is a sustainable ecological project that has revised a lot its ways of working over the last 3 years, turning towards methods aligned with the

A pioneer in healing sound in the french-speaking parts of Belgium, Laurent De Vecchi was born in

In September 2018, as I begin the last 2 weeks of a 42-day fast, Providence created, at

A few years ago, I crossed path with Jukka, a brilliant mind and a kind soul whom

In this complex realm to navigate, new borns are most generally being greeted with scissors, forceps or suction cups. During the moment of conception, an intent of sexual gratification that does not equate love is often