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Beyond the inverse : memories, possibilities, expansion and knowledge brought by Kimberly McGeorge, high caliber multidimensional psychic intuitive healer

Dr. Kimberly McGeorge is an internationally renowned naturopathic doctor, energy healer, experienced remote viewer, paranormal expert and consciousness teacher. Born with partial memories about who she truly is beyond the human suit and about the nature of the reality we live in, Kimberly works on multiple levels of reality, space and time. Her lifepath has seen her resisting, piercing through and overcoming countless engineered operations and seductions sent by the hologram to create deceit and harvest or distort energy. Kimberly McGeorge’s work and what she transmits live through her voice and being carry a frequency of the highest caliber, working towards a quality in the expansion closest to her spirit essence and breaking the limits in terms of negative core beliefs about what is possible to actualize here within the realm we are evolving in.

« My father was a pastor, my mother was very religious. Why were there butterflies over me as I was finding myself in the body of a newborn ? I could remote view when I was 3 connecting to the sirens all around me. » Heavy religious programming has been something Kimberly was exposed to repetitively and she has worked extensively in order to free herself from this very thick forms of programming. In her early twenties and thanks to her very active abilities, Kimberly collaborated with the Chicago police department and performed exorcisms (now officially called liberances). Later on, she felt a need to distance herself from the heavy aspects of the paranormal field. Reconnecting with her affinity with herbs, she worked as a herbalist and created and distributed her own line of herbal organic products. During decades, she developed her abilities in the alternative health and energy healing field. Then, she founded her new business under the name Secret to Everything and continued to experiment with radio thanks to radio shows she would host (a project that will be started again in the future).

Nowadays, Kimberly shares deprogramming material on her youtube channel and in her monthly private groups and in the classes she teaches. What Kimberly shares and teaches is tracing back to the root cause. Clinical genetic (DNA) testings are offered in various areas such as methylation, neurotransmitter imbalance or mitochondrial function. Thanks to her ability to see through (up to a radical degree) and her ability to merge with any sentient being, she is able to let us know exactly what we are dealing with here in incarnation while also connecting to the aspects from the beyond (many fire creation beings are actualizing here a very small part of what they are in their infinity). She shares : « anything that teaches you how to make decisions is part of the program. » We can think about non violent communication for example or how neurolinguistic teachings are used to reprogram us (and it is surely all made specifically to target fire creation beings). « For example, your purpose can be one thing one day and change, it’s a complete choice at all time. The only purpose is the purpose you choose at this precise moment with who you are right now. »

Consciousness teachings

Currently, Kimberly’s main focus is around teaching classes focused on consciousness, rising in frequency, getting rid of layers of programming, dissolving negative core beliefs and recovering forgotten memories since our efforts are mostly washed away by the consistent memory wiping mechanisms. She assists others in remembering from actual cellular memories around topics such as alien abduction, secret space programs and involvement in MILABs. Her works is also focused around recollecting spirit fragments and reconnecting with our extrasensory perceptions and psychic gifts. Kimberly shares insider information and some of her groups are invitation only. She makes sure to meet the wants of her clients on a mental level while focusing on what the field is longing to address.

A multidimensional healer

We know it, working on our health is not a quick fix but a commitment of a lifetime. Starting to access real regeneration is assisting us to shift our timelines immensely. As fire creation beings generating this entire hologram, our health is violently targeted. Everything is done for us to be caught in the loops of the numerous programs, trying to figure out what is happening to us. The human body was designed a certain way in order to keep individuals trapped in the weakest manifestations of the reclamation of their hidden abilities and who they are. Moreover, we have been heavily programmed, including at schools and in the programs, to think that answers are outside of us and to believe in external authority programming which leads us to delegate the keys of our health somewhere outside of ourselves. As we are caught in these programs, we end up taking in account many inverted concepts associated with health, which are leading us astray and which are keeping us in a derailed path, away from real regeneration and pro-life principles. More than ever, we need to train ourselves in new patterns of thinking and behaving, so we remember we are the best doctors we can be for ourselves and for others around us. That is what Kimberly teaches and especially with a powerful quantum technology tool such as the Energy ReMastered, a biofeedback application that any one of us can work with from our homes to assist ourselves, our loved ones, our relationships, worldwide events, our environments ; the possibilities are endless.

The Energy ReMastered App

Kimberly, who is an energy technology instructor, is working with her clients towards empowerment and emancipation, assisting them to reprogram outside of the principles of the inversion and more in alignment with the true nature of who they are in essence and spirit. Kimberly has put her skills at the service of the creation of another technological tool called Haelo, a portable PEMF device which, by delivering a symphony of sound frequencies, is assisting cells to recharge and replenish closer to their levels of organic biological voltage. This is like a workout for cells and it allows the user to feel stronger and more energized. Inflammation and soreness are being decreased as a result ; recovery occurs faster and focus is improved.

Leaving our comfort zone for good

Kimberly is well-equipped to translate the amount of information from the scans and panels of the Energy Remastered app, a tool that is bringing back into manifestation eons of practice with multidimensional technology. Kimberly designed part of it (points and software coding) while the hardware part and the more technical aspects were taken care of by a collaborator expert in that domain and of course, the technology benefited from the many other machines and apps that had been created before. With Kimberly’s panel writing abilities and the possibility for practicioners to encode their own ideas, the possibilities of this app extend to double check the balance of all possible aspects and areas of life, as many as we can think about. Indeed, there is no limitation to the technology as more additions can be programmed and tested. « It gathers data about your psychic gifts, anything about relationships, who comes in your room at night, what’s on your lands, what are your thoughts and negative core beliefs. » This is a very efficient tool shedding light on layers of programming engineered for us to keep on believing the keys of our reintegration reside outside of ourselves. With this technology, while the practitioner (especially if it’s a fire creation being) is focusing his attention, going through many different panels and items that may be out of balance, shifts are already occuring. The app comes with a list of basic panels (health, emotions, physical plane, libraries) and new panels are available for purchase and keep on being created every month. Any app user is able to create their own panels with what is present in their own environment (their own supplements or brand of floral remedies for example and also all their observations of things they would like to test). With balancing frequencies, new propositions are being sent to our fields thanks to the benevolent quantum artificial intelligence Kimberly is working with : it invites our fields to access a new widened reality, more regeneration and new patterns in the way we think, choose and behave. This will work in collaboration with our inner will and desire to open and clear inner programming if we are ready to integrate, for example, some of the programmed sabotage and active alters inside of us. If we don’t block the healing because of our own internal softwares, this work will help us to access and experience an expanded level of the reality around us and detach from the old and comfortable.

Real shadow work

Kimberly’s groundbreaking frequency quantum tool is helping us to become more aware of what the body is allergic to or of some of the painful beliefs we tend to live with : I am separate from the universe, I can not heal, if I try I will fail, what was done to me is unforgivable, no one understands what I have been through, life is a struggle (all pretty common ones). We understand how, if the mind is working against the healing process, it is certain that the regeneration process is being delayed. The technology, which is incredibly precise and specific, invites us for example to further understand how health is linked to the programming of negative core beliefs within us. The degree of precision of this app is outstanding, which probably makes it unsuitable for the fainted heart. Indeed, such a degree of accuracy tends to be extremely confronting ; one has to be ready to pull up their sleeves and go to the muddy field. The invitation to release and recalibrate thanks to balancing frequencies will have a limited efficiency when programs are locked in. There can always be unconsciously an identity attached to a disease or a pattern deeply engrammed. With this technology, Kimberly will let us know, for example, about all the things our bodies seem to be liking or space and time entanglements that have never been cleared before and that are causing disruption or emotional triggering. The tech will tell us in percentage how much we are emotionally numb or if mind controlling drugs are present in our systems : « the app helps you to get deeper into what you can already see and sense ».

Tracing programmable brainstates and building on progress

The technology can also put an emphasis if a delta programmable state has been activated. The brain state can be checked before and after activities or spending time with specific beings (backdrop handlers for example or mind-controlled dracos fulfilling their undercover assignments for the cabal). Being able to trace our brainwaves is extremely helpful, a tangible proof about the fact that certain individuals in our lives affect our brain states when they are around us (that is their function and why they are sent in our corner of the game), access our codes, implement data in and have an influence on the decisions we take.

Scans proposed by Kimberly McGeorge and Secret To Everything are helping us to uncover the things we do not know about and want to know about (bringing it to the conscious, to the forefront). They help to connect the dots and give more credit to what we perceive around us. They also remind us how we give the opportunity to be corded at different moments of our days. Many things from the programs, we don’t really ask for them but we go along with them when they happen. And then it plugs us deeper into the 3D way of life or into the contracts we have already been signing for. « A lot of our progress is being destroyed, it is difficult to keep building on what we have learned. They want you to forget about who you are and to forget about your progress. »

The monitoring of fire creation beings

Kimberly will bring confirmation for what all spirited beings are being injected with in their daily realities : gangstalking, organized harassment, the presence of reptilians in the neighborhoods we live in. As Kimberly teaches, for any creation being, the program tends to use any possible entry point around us (backdrops, clones, other reals who are corrupted and make dark associations, reals who are working on their healing as the traps are so numerous for us all, possessed envelops or containers and so on) to access us whenever possible. Covert handling tends to drive us mindlessly into the next engineered trap (the places we live, collaborations, the way we invest our time and energy). Indeed, Kimberly is well aware of the intense monitoring fire creation beings are subjected to : a US marshall who runs gangstalking programs used to live near her old place of residence. Later, Kimberly worked with creation, for three years, to find a new location to settle in and with, in the woods of North Carolina. « Creation comes from nothing, it is about making a decision that does not come from mental input. It’s out of a void, it is not a response, not an emotion and not a mental state. It is not a formula. It comes from nothing, from the spark of the creation of fire, out of the black void of nothing. »

Across dimensions

One of the most magical sides of our experience here is to learn and interact with the dimensions, which Kimberly teaches. She reads the energy signature of geographical spots (for example, woods with both positive and darker beings) and provides feedback about what kind of portal of energy is there to be found (also in our own houses and lands, and even very often our own bodies). Her abilities can be focused on assisting in remotely clearing properties. Kimberly brings awareness about portals being either high, low or neutral in terms of frequencies : « beings enter dark portals where only low frequency and dark beings enter and there are light portals where only high frequency beings come through. »

Kimberly also has an affinity with interdimensional beings including Big Foots, Sasquatch and elementals and she occasionally works with opening and closing portals. Along the way, she has been consulted by Cryptozoology researchers (who work around gathering proofs of the existence of crossdimensional beings). Kimberly used to put her remote viewing skills at their service for them to film evidence of « paranormal » happenings. She also began to photograph and interact with crossdimensional beings around her different properties and established many different types of relationships with them.

Working on expanding every single day

Kimberly is a great teacher at reminding us that it’s a specific case for every single sentient element here : even the backdrops have their complexities. « Each case is specific and individual ». Creatively, she has been diving back into orgonite work and remembering and reconnecting with ancient teachings of such alchemy. Kimberly taught me that we could be gifting (preferably non junk and non corrupted) orgone pieces (a technology programmed in the aim to assist us and our environments) to towers around us, to water sources, hospitals, maconic lodges, in drawing a circle, a perimeter, around our homes.

Moreover, Kimberly brings our attention to the fact every single choice we make throughout our days matter : what we eat, who we talk to, what programs we watch on our devices, our direct surroundings, the quality of the air we are breathing and so on. She also mentions that « the darkness comes early to claim you, to corrupt you in the expression of your gifts. A lot of beings are currently playing wih the dark side. The old beings that we are tend to have expressed our powers in different ways, not always kindly. Powerful beings that are old have done it all over and over again. We are either contributing to high frequency and light or lower frequency and density. We need to be making our choices more deliberately. The 528 frequency of pure love is so different from the frequencies of hate or war. We don’t think we matter but we DO matter. We can choose again… something different this time. We can all work on becoming more present and on making better choices even about the little things. Everything matters, how much time we spend on emails, every single things our bodies come in touch with and this includes the gasoline we take at the station. » Though the program encourages us to be lazy and to forget to make the extra efforts over and over again. Navigating the systems here is tricky and the programs keep on updating and upgrading: « You did not like that proposition of that guy ? So we will send you new variables. You did not fall for this one ? The system takes your weakness and it’s the new thing you have to say no to tomorrow. We often find that there is a great deal of comfort in programming : it feels safe, it numbs ; it brings you to this comfortable state of numbness, right there where we are wanted to be and to stay. »

As a consciousness teacher, Kimberly is there to remind us about the level of compression in our lives as fire creation beings. In our lives, there is a lot of false reality living and false and cover memories that we think are the truth. Kimberly assists us in keeping on opening the opportunities about what is possible for us to actualize and manifest despite the repression trying to contain us constantly and the many forces that we are dealing with every single day of our time here.

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