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Burn-out: a wake-up call from the split between the body and the mind

A few years ago, I crossed path with Jukka, a brilliant mind and a kind soul whom I have witnessed from our very first encounter was committed to not cause conscious harm. He has been a breeze of fresh air when I was opening my eyes to the heavy mind-control programming that would negate ethics, high values and the little voice within. With his powerful consciousness, he was able to create a much saner space than what was around.

It was effortless to connect to the images, feelings and sounds his mind was creating when he was sharing a story or letting his mind wander. I could tap into the creation of a timeline he was excited about with a new project he was working on and I was touched by understanding the impact it could have had for the good of humanity. His thoughts were like seeds that I could easily imagine blossoming into timelines with positive impacts.

Without a doubt, he is someone with a great amount of yet unmastered clair perceptions. But his hypersensitivity, including sound sensitivity and a deep sense of empathy, has never been an easy thing to live with: “my solution has been to create a kind of wall for myself, between the world and I.” It takes years of mastery for us empaths to learn how to live with these perceptions. And as long as we haven’t mastered them, the jungle of the world will inevitably smash us, pretty hardly. Initiations often come in the form of difficult tests to go through. For Jukka, his body is the one calling him home and initiating him to new lessons on the 3 D plane. His curious and adventurous spirit left him spending all his vital force until there was no more inside of him and he found himself being forced to a long rest.

Burn-out, an initiation

The crash didn’t happen overnight and built up steadily and exponentially throughout the last decade. Excitement, curiosity and a sense of adventure have always led Jukka to live a diverse life. But maybe it was a little much for his own system. “I burned out before, in my first job. From then, it has been a continuation until a point of non return that I could not ignore anymore.” Reaching a dimensional limit. Understanding some of the density of the material world and laws of our own physical self. “I am used to working long hours on intense projects. When you work with people building a project from scratch, you have to invest your time and energy without being sure your efforts will pay of. In terms of discernement, I still need to become better at it, to find the right people to surround myself with. Every now and then, I had to deal with heavy energies in my professionnal life.”

There comes a point where the mind can no longer go as the needs of the body have been overruled for years. A lot of us have grown disconnected from our bodies’ sensations and intelligence and we often have lost the ability to establish a sane and healthy dialog with our physical envelop. For many, a burn-out is a chance to reflect and align the body conscience with the mind and to embrace the fact we do live in a body. For Jukka, it seems to be the further he could go without losing himself. This great initiation might be the sweetest gift in disguise, a great teacher of patience and the laws of 3 D dimensionality, including the fact we humans do have an overloaded nervous and endocrine system which is put under great pressure by the rythm of our lives and the great amount of constant attack and persecution that are demanding of us so much energy and spaces that are harvesting our energy like a vortex or a vaccuum.

Jukka is reflecting on the service he wants to deliver to this world, the contribution he wants to leave behind: “for me, waiting for my body to be recharged is a difficult experience. What I am learning from it is that it will be necessary for me to keep a better balance, to reduce levels of stress, surstimulation or over-doing and learn what proper rest is really about.” The question is, which direction to engage in before hitting the next area full of interesting corners to run around? “I am still figuring out which contribution I want to work on, what and how I want to impact the world. It is still opened for me. I see good initiatives alongside with the world going crazy. The question is, which reality will have more power over the other? I am at a crossroad facing my professionnal path, I am at a junction. I am seeing myself in a good place in five years, living in Helsinki and engaged in working for a better future.” I wonder where the path is going to take Jukka with his high-tech (maybe old atlantean) hands and mind.





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