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Olya (Ananda Shakti) proposes a deep relaxation track (yoga nidra tradition), a course of 4 modules of deep relaxation Yoga Nidra and 2 courses of 4 modules of yoga and a bonus each

available from now on to practice at home.

Olya is an inspiring spiritual teacher who keeps a realistic day to day approach. She sees the layers of programming and streams of consciousness of our everyday life. She excells at encouraging us to relax our nervous systems thanks to Yoga Teachings and Deep Relaxation and to assist us in understanding the collective energies thanks to Vedic Astrology. She is passionated about the subjects she teaches and to share the ways she perceives this reality ; she appreciates to share and hold a calm and powerfully held space for her students to explore and transform old stagnant energies. Olya adds her own singular perception of our everyday battles to the traditional teachings, rendering every class an innovative new and unique moment to explore. She is gifted to perceive the higher wisdom in the details of every single day where the microcosm meets the macrocosm. The deep knowledge of spiritual sciences, she can express with lightness and beauty. She uses her steady, strong structure of knowledge as a foundation that supports the free flow of creative power and makes the hidden treasures and mysteries of life available to all.

Energetic exchange

1 Yoga Nidra journey with Olya


The following recordings are amazing to be working on releasing cptsd, stored traumas, stress and tensions, lying down at home, at any moment of the day or just before falling asleep. They allow a moment of rest in between states of consciousness. These 4 recordings differ from the first traditional recording and have a lot of variants as you want to work with different tracks according to the energy of the day or when you are starting to know by heart the first recording and would like a bit of variety. These are high frequency recordings for deep healing and they allow to get stronger at resisting the constant triggering here.

4 modules of deep relaxation ~ 67 euros

4 yoga classes and a bonus class Special Heart with Olya


4 yoga classes and a bonus class with yoga nidra with Olya


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Vedic Astrology chart story:

At the moment we are born, the planets, who are constantly moving in the sky, are in certain positions, perceived from the point of a place we are born at. One of the twelve zodiac signs is rising on the Eastern Horizon, where the Sun is rising, meaning that it is visible in the sky on the Eastern Horizon from the place you are born. This becomes your ‘Rising sign’ or your ‘Ascendant’. The Rising sign is very important because it sets up a basic structure of our charts. The positions of the planets given in our birth charts are the actual exact positions of where the planets are at the time of our birth. Each sign is ruled by one of the planets, who is then called the lord of that sign. Since each sign is (in their order) in one of the houses, each planet therefore becomes a lord of a house. Each of the twelve houses stands for different areas and affairs of life, such as your personality, your home, your relationships, your work etc.

97€ (Paypal)

97€ (Stripe)

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