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Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

In search of the right balance between spiritual life and terrestrial experience

A pioneer in healing sound in the french-speaking parts of Belgium, Laurent De Vecchi was born in 1970 in a family of music lovers. Today, he is teaching in Belgium and France. In his singing teachings, Laurent proposes a fusion of different sacred languages (Latin, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek), ancient esoteric and spiritual traditions (Hindu, Buddhist, Hebrew, Shamanic, Christian, Sufi, Native American) and vocal techniques (toning).

After having approached music in a self-taught way, Laurent De Vecchi meets with the indian traditional singing style and dives into the practice of Yoga of Sound, in parallel with Hatha Yoga classes, for 12 years. In parallel, he explores Hindu devotional singing and cultivates his link to the divine.

A life journey

During these decades of investigation through the spiritual spheres, he sings, transmits and shares his research, aware that the human soul is met only in privileged circumstances. Co-founder and producer of the Sound Circles label, he founded Unisons in 2009, a global and unifying approach around which many events are organised in Belgium: “the strength of celebrating together remains a mystery and a universal value in times as troubled as those we are currently experiencing. By gathering together, reuniting and celebrating with others, we create a powerful egregore that gives meaning to our actions, our lives, our failures as well. Celebrating is one of the fundamental laws of a happy life.

Individual guidance

Laurent is an intuitive guide and provide those who come to meet him insights on different levels: existential questions in connection with the ongoing planetary vibratory rise; life purpose; the fundamental choices we face; contracts in need of closure; family and relational psycho-emotional issues; psychoactive sub-personalities; energetic and spiritual release and work on the subconscious and fears. During sessions, supported by an intuitive reading of the Osho tarot deck, Laurent de Vecchi follows the thread of the higher consciousness that guides him, a link that he cultivates above all else. It creates a framework to assist the closing of old visions as the soul gives the signal that it is time to move on: “we can not escape what must be experienced.” He says that we are in constant conversation with the universe: “we can share our demands. This may be for example that everything goes well for everyone including for ourselves, tto find everything we need. It may also be to ask for more specific things, joy for example, a joy to be sung, invoked. We can ask for the deepest depression to be evaporated. “

At the center of the Akashic Records

Through the soul signature, he can read and connect to some information. By plugging into the Akashic records, he can access nformation, memories and contracts of other times in relation to the current situation. This can be very useful, especially when it is necessary to shed light on sorceries of other times or to clean up karmic bonds that slow us down: “it is a strange dive to adventure into these realms. We may be confronted to pretty strong things. “ This can reveal information about what has been explored in other temporalities. This framework is the opportunity to close a temporal and dimensional loop and access to the next layers of understanding: “we revisit the same things over and over again. When there is a blockage in the energy, it’s that we are in a process of purification”. Situations are being replayed, it can be a band of witchcraft where competition reigns, causing members to clash against one another, reinforcing the division programs that are still very much alive on Earth. This may concern the family domain with the grip of a dark and castrating force on the family line. The contracts are legion and entangled. In human being, there are both a strenght and a fragility, “a breach where in the subtle, attacks are encrusted”. Some of us have a higher than average ability to detect magic. In general, this is not an innate science, it comes from memories anchored in relation to experiments other times.

The call of the soul versus the terrestrial personality

Reclaiming our sovereignity is a process that shakes every part of our lives. The soul is calling, a call much stronger than any grouping of egos. No spell can detain the one who wants to free himself from these chains. Reconnecting with the inner dormant knowledge within us can annihilate any trickery. In our times, if our positioning is not clear and firm, we are constantly at risk of being trapped on the path of seeking the truth. The energies that we associate to Lucifer, a term that makes us dive directly into the heart of the general and common polarization, are a cauldron that can be used to advance on the path of enlightenment: “the shadows are revealed for the sake of transmutation under the gaze of a benevolent heart, aligned and non judgmental. “To put someone in front of what he does not see is an act of love, as long as there is no hierarchical relationship created by the ego and no power dynamics installed. By disciplining the wounded parts of ourselves, the invitation is to enter a phase of emotional and spiritual mastery. This work is important to lay the necessary foundations, to be able to shine like a lighthouse that can be seen from far away and where everyone can come to rest. As a transmuter of energy, we can give ourselves the authorization to decide the conditions of exchanges, the framework in which it takes place (time slot availability, duration, place, environment, atmosphere). There comes a time when a layer has been accessed, the red thread being back in our hands, the machine stops being in overdrive: it’s a time when new souls can find their way to us, called by the frequency of our work, after having tried to help others that were not trully interested to do the work.

Laurent De Vecchi,

Chemin de Wavre, 20, 6223 Wagnelée, Belgium, +32 474 421 584, Facebook





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