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Liberation, a remedy of inner alchemy

Launched in February 2018, Liberation is a homeopathic alchemical remedy aimed to assist in purifying karmic imprints, removing stagnant emotional debris and moving away from dysfunctional behaviors, patterns and relationships. It is made from the alchemical binding of different substances such as an amplified version of the ashes of 9 gems, Navaratna, shungite, ashes of panch agni made from continous fires where chanting hasn’t been interrupted for the last 50 years, a sacred mantra for transformation and a base of royal jelly, Protea plant and reishi which binds the main forces together into a smooth whole.

The Liberation formula is a standardized potent alchemical substance that is assisting in peeling away memories out of the body and the psyche and get to a point of closure. Providing a feeling of healthy empowerment, it is aimed to allow the recollection of pieces of ourselves, on the road to becoming whole again. Adamas Incendia is the creator of Liberation. After English and classics studies in South Africa, he studied homeopathy and naturopathy in Australia. He is now practicing his very own kind of homeopathy and developed a vast range of homeopathic remedies, some of them being launched internationally. He has shifted away from a traditional view of curating diseases to a constant search to create a state within the human body that supports inner transformation. For him, Liberation is « the most personal thing someone can take, a tool to potentialize the speed of the shift of consciousness and see new possibilities arise. We are not bound to what happened to us before. Liberation is a product designed for anyone looking to free themselves from unconscious patterns, self-destroying habits and the clutter of conditioned responses that make up most of our days. » It is about the recollection of fragmented pieces of the self that have been left behind. And it almost feels as if Liberation has its own destiny.

Composition of Liberation

This section reviews the different ingredients of the formula. Adamas is paying attention to the fact that anyone coming in contact with the preparation of the formula has to first be working on cleaning him or herself.

  • Navaratna or the 9 gems (Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Yellow Topaz, Chrysoberyl, Red-Brown Garnet, Cultured White Fresh-Water Pearl, Lapis Lazuli & Himalayan White Coral) is possibly the biggest ingredient in Liberation. Adam explains in further details: « in ayurvedic astrology, there are 9 planets. Each planet is assigned a gem which expresses its nature precisely. When burned, these 9 gems are in essence distilling the entire planetary framework. Nagarjuna, an enlightened Buddhist alchemist from the 3rd century, came up with the project of burning each gem a hundred times individually. He made such a reduction and distillation that works specifically on bringing up and out old karmic patterning and generally cleansing the system of old belief structures. This process takes a year to complete for each batch. In addition to the karmic work, I have amplified, enhanced and improved it even further, so it would also work on fears and « what if » unresolved scenarios. What would have occurred in my life if I had gone this way? The poisoned dart that has been sitting in the flesh can now be pulled out to free up space and energy for new outcomes and fresh storylines to be played out. » This version of Navaratna goes back to frozen states and put them back into motion, addressing possible timelines that didn’t actualize. Something can then be done with the release of energy which is no longer running old patterns.
  • Shungite, a mineral which is used traditionally to shield from electromagnetic fields, also has a part in the formula. As a substance which purifies and filters water, it’s helping us to run smoother and cleaner.
  • The dust of Panch Agni is collected from 4 fires that have been burning continuously for the last 50 years. Panch means ‘five’ and the fifth fire is the sun : « this ash represents the distilled focus of fifty years of transformation and cleansing. In the middle of these fires, someone (not the same person, as they are taking turns) has been continuously chanting a purification mantra. The chanted mantra and the transmission remains uninterrupted through the whole time. »
  • A kunjika mantra, a Durga vibrational sound mantra for transformation and change, allows the passage of events to unfold more smoothly: « it represents the transformation within the present moment and pushes away the nonsense from reality.  Kunjika is aligned with Durga, an aspect of Kali that rides the tiger and goes out into the world punishing those that misbehave. »
  • And finally, the steady base, the foundation, is composed by an amplified combination of royal jelly, the light of Jupiter (which is about expansion), the flower of the Protea plant (which generates the almost childlike abandon of simple enjoyment of the simple wonders of life) and the adaptogenic reishi mushroom, which brings the main forces into synthesis and balance: « reishi is able to raise what is too low and lower what is too high. This is very useful when diverse and potent substances are combined, it allows avoiding extremes of certain parts of the formulation. The light of Jupiter, I got it from the Russians, they focus a telescope on Jupiter when it goes through the night sky and the telescope tracks the orbit of Jupiter. And at the bottom of the telescope where you look through they have a bottle of water. The light of the planet Jupiter is captured through the process of one night and the Russians make a remedy out of this captured essence. » For the royal jelly, Adam chose to work with a beekeeper of the French Alps, in alignment with his concern for ethical treatment of the bees. This beekeeper does limited batches as he waits for the normal process of hive division to occur.

As for the instructions on how to take the remedy, Adamas explains : « I recommend taking it once a day. Take it for the first week in the evening two hours before bed to allow the heavier processing to occur during sleep. Then maybe switch for during the day to see how it works for you. Taking it every second day or even every third day will make the process more gentle and manageable. » The remedy is best kept out of the sun. Liberation is a process of deconstruction, for this reason it’s not adequate to children as they are in a process of building themselves. If Liberation feels too intense, it can be made more gentle by the remedy Blue Lotus, which was created in Glastonbury, with the red and white springs, the masculine and the feminine, a water energy that is prone to calm the nervous system down.

A process throughout a year

Liberation does not do the work for you, the charges still have to be experienced and felt as they arise and trigger reactionary patterns of behaviors. For this reason, it really works well when combined with embodiment practices. It’s a tool that allows addressing with more clarity at an accelerated speed the living fluid of life. Adamas explains how the process unfolded with time: « in the beginning, it was a very exciting time, it was all new. No one including me really knew where the process would be going. Now, with more than a year of distance and going through the process of more than 10 bottles, I can testify from my personal experience and from the experience of others around me. During the first bottles, my emotions or dreams were intense, vivid. Old deep-seated things and relationships came back for a resolution. After all of this had been stirred up and brought to the surface with the liberation of stagnant energy, came a phase of euphoria. With bottles 7 to 9, it was time to land and to wonder about which direction to go. I am still watching how it affects my reality, it doesn’t end, there is no bottom to it. It just becomes more opened and keeps on expanding. I am still very excited about the whole process, which was nothing I had expected. »

Adamas explains how his own process has shifted a lot the last year: « I have learned to disengage with a smoother flow from life situations that don’t work for me, to move around it and not get stuck in it. It’s such a relief to have learned to navigate through the change now. I have learned to approach with more distance when things are coming up to the surface. Now I can do in one day what used to take me a week to accomplish.  At some point, I felt as if I was processing the grief of the whole world. I kept swimming and swimming, through the grief of the suffering of human existence, until I reached the other side. » Adamas feels he is becoming a more compassionate being as the process is going further: « I have learned how to gently hold the process and address it with more playfulness. There is so much to take seriously and so much horror in this world. We need hope to carry on living. There is so much work to be done on so many levels. We are many on this planet and we all have got our traumas. Trauma has to go somewhere and these remedies help to work through the trauma as it is resurfacing. I do believe that when humans feel full, they fill themselves up with the joy and then it spreads out naturally, without any lack mentality. » With Liberation, Adam is animated by principles based on a vision of collective unity with a sense of collaboration, co-creation and celebration and working for a better transparency, mediation and connection amongst people.

After experiences with strong plant medicines, including extensive use of Kambo, Ayahuesca and râpé, I felt called at the end of 2017 to stop all external input (râpé being an addiction that I could free myself of at the end of August 2018) and come back to working with simpler methods. A few months later I crossed path with cellular detoxification and started a process of integration with transitioning to a mucus free diet (and freeing myself from other addictions that I didn’t know I had with food, including salt, chilly and green tea addictions, leaving behind all stimulants) and engaging in two long 42 and 45-day grape juice fasts. I felt curious and called to encounter the remedy and can testify of its potency: I was never able to work with it during long period of time and I would often choose the evening as a suitable time to take a few drops, allowing the process to unfold during the night. I quickly noticed that, while I was taking Liberation, I would address some fears quicker than usual (for example the fear of confronting someone try to impose spiritual marketing on me or the fear of driving). The chance for me to come full circle with a karmic soul contract also presented itself to me as I crossed path with my very first love from primary school at the train station of the village, despite the fact I had moved back there 3 years prior.

Adam is working on an online platform that will offer a framework for people while they are going through their process while taking the remedies: « the platform would propose guidelines on what to do with all the emotions that are erupting. Very often, people are not armed to deal with the stuff that comes up and they can quickly become caught in their own things. » He is preparing to train others to hold space for creating retreats working with the remedy to assist shifts of consciousness in group settings: « everyone would be going into a dynamic process that would see a lot of unconscious patterns played in a safe contained space and where the participation of each would be required. » After the creation of Blue Lotus, a third remedy, Redemption, is about to be born, focusing on melting the patterns that have been stirred up by the fire of Liberation, brought back to the surface of the conscious.

Going further with the website and finding a distributor in your area of the world:

FB group : liberationtheremedy

Connect with Adamas on Facebook

Interview with Adam

  • genesis of Liberation
  • principles and the vision behind Liberation
  • comprehensive list of ingredients and what function and role they play in the formula
  • waves throughout a year of administration and what to expect
  • project of creating more guidelines on how to work through all that comes up to the surface: an online platform and future retreats
  • creation of Blue Lotus and a future new born remedy, Redemption.






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