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Low frequency sound: overcoming stress, trauma, PTSD, narcissistic abuse and targeting with Brian T Collins

Since 2014, Brian T Collins has been perfecting a harmonic sound healing method that releases stress and helps the immune and endocrine system. For many years, he promoted the preservation pitch 432Hz, which is beneficial for health and increases the positive impact of sound and music therapy. Indeed, scientific research from 2006 (link here) suggests that low frequencies translate into higher sensitivity in nerve signals via the spiral shape of the inner ear. This makes lower frequency a better choice for sound and music therapy. 

Brian T Collins is a brilliant intuitive sound innovator with a wide understanding of the nature of reality. He sees through the illusion and simulation that we are living in. He has been researching sound and sound healing most of his life. The sound harmonics method has ways to move us that words can not express. By sharpening our discernment, it helps to bring to plain sight controlling and predatory energies. Lower frequencies are empowering for assisting us to realize what is not true, what is inverted. They assist us to reconnect to our ability to feel sensitive right brained awareness of creativity and compassion, whereas higher frequencies are good for alert and cerebral states of mind. However, too much cerebral left brained thinking may be making us insensitive. The nervous system also freezes when exposed to high frequencies, with a response from the fight or flight patterns. This is why sirens and alert tones are high-pitched to modify our attention. They were intended to aim to create trauma and terror.

Brian was born in Glasgow, Scotland in the late 1960s. “I was struck and run over by a car when I was five. The impact to my head left me with a traumatic stress injury that affected me for years and I developed a feeling and creative right brained awareness. I developed certain talents. I went through all kinds of stressful hardships growing up as a highly sensitive person in the industrial city of Glasgow. I had to find an outlet and I naturally learned to play music. As a musician, I was attracted to the low frequency sound of bass. However, the high pitch of music tuned to the entertainment standard of 440Hz used to give me severe headaches. I then lowered the music frequency pitch below the standard and discovered that it solved my tension headaches.” Lowering music tuning pitch to concordant coherent tuning 432Hz has profound effects on the consciousness and on the cellular level of our bodies. Brian has a lot to bring to the table, including discoveries around sacred sites of the world. At ancient sites, there is a possibility to be doing workshops of incredible value, with the mysteries of sound. The majority usually walks right pass them while listening to false narratives that are reinforcing pre-existent programming. This is a preventive measure to limit the access to significant knowledge. Brian builds stone circles and sculptures to balance the land : “I construct sacred stone circles that draw a specific telluric current field that enhances bio life force energy. I have witnessed miraculous things in ancient sites. The earth is alive. We are facing a time where if you are kind to the land, the land will be kind to you.

The Harmonic Integration Method

Nowadays, we are constantly bombarded with social media, electronic distractions, high frequencies and EMF’s that affect our ability to cope and to consciously listen to our inner world : “to help my own post-traumatic stress, I tried many frequencies. Nothing worked effectively for long and although the higher frequencies created a placebo effect, over time they just made my stress worse. So I innovated my method that solved my stress by using a custom-built low frequency harmonic sound instrument and my own harmonic over-toning vocal method. In the past, people built instruments using wooden tuning pegs and organic gut strings. They had no modern steel cast frames and pegs for tuning, so tuning were more organic to nature and not as high as it is today. Under modern tuning and other attempts to try to push tuning higher, ancient instruments would warp and crack under the tension of higher tunings. Returning to lower tunings creates an ease of tension on the listening experience of sound and music harmonics. It was so effective I started helping friends, then I started helping people and animals who suffer from emotional stress.”

During an online 60-minute Harmonic Integration empowerment session, Brian remotely assists his clients on their recovery process. He records a live stream with high definition audio, bypassing the usual way sound is compacted over media and the internet. The sound is not altered and compressed as it is usually the case through internet providers : usually, the audio is so squeezed, digitally copied, that we are not hearing what it ever sounded like for real. Companies compact sound to save money as it takes a lot of bandwidth memory to transmit sound. Brian’s method bypasses that, offering an uncompressed high definition audio experience that no service provider offers. In a private, confidential and safe container, he assists the person in identifying their challenges and guides them towards their desire outcomes : “I understand the nature of the information field. Reality is a dynamic interface programmable through intention. I am able to create unique tracks encoded with specific purposes and applications.” 

Brian performs a remote stressor balance session and performs on his 36 stringed custom-built harmonic instrument. The session focuses on recalibrating the observer mind as a witness to the thinking and feeling patterns, creating a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious mind. After the session, one can keep on listening to the recording of the live stream. The track is encoded with a specific intention directed towards the highest good of the client: « half an hour is all that we need really for effective changes to take place : my clients testify that their reality is being affected within the next 72 hours. » Moreover, Brian also uses guided intention with shamanic sound healing to assist the healing of ancestral lineage and epigenetic trauma passed down in family generations : “when I perform shamanic work to assist others to heal and clear, I begin with honoring both my clients ancestors and my own. When we thank our ancestors for their support as we are working on liberating ourselves, we connect ourselves to all those who came before us in an empowering way.”

Benefits from the Harmonic Integration Method

This method is very effective for stress management : it works with sound and music innovation to help calm body stressors in a few minutes : « I had it tested by a bio-scanner : it releases body stressors and the nervous system under 8 minutes. The recording has the same effect.  Needless to say it can have a beneficial influence on sleep patterns. As trauma is stored in the body, working with low frequency harmonics assists in releasing the nervous system in places that language is not able to reach. Sound can go where language cannot. English for example is a language based on abbreviations but we have forgotten all about the hidden meaning of what is being conveyed. Nevertheless, despite the fact that we have forgotten about it, words still carry the electromagnetic charge and signature of this hidden meaning.”  

The body may release its trauma by showing forms of twitching or slight shaking. Naturally, the body is willing to let go of the stored and frozen energy of trauma which is the cause of much resistance in our lives. Resistance is a force that freezes us from materializing our gifts, goals and our life mission. Once the veil is lifted, life can be entirely reframed : “I have a method that’s helping people to witness miraculous changes in their lives.” This method works great for clearing ancestral trauma, connecting with the colors of life purpose, recovering from narcissistic abuse, trauma and PTSD, womb clearing or excavating any deep and unconscious patterns: “I am effective at finding patterns in the field, it’s partly my gift.” 

Low frequency sounds can be worked with to deal and treat post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is something survivors of narcissistic abuse are very familiar with, but not only. It’s often deeply engrammed in the cells and is waiting for a chance to resurface. With the intuitive work with low frequency sounds, it does not take long to experience a release. Benefits while working with this method range from a more meditative state, an increase in positive feelings and moods, a decrease of past tense flashbacks and thought loops, a sense of inner peace, a better resilience to negativity and external factors, a better resistance to narcissistic predatory energy, a more restorative rest, a stabilization of the nervous and endocrine system and a better productivity and focus. I will soon be sharing the benefits I got from my 5 healing sessions with Brian T. Collins. 

Trauma release for animals

As it addresses the fight or flight response, this approach also assists animals to quickly recover and overcome stressors and trauma from their (sometimes unknown) past. It is a natural response for animals to shake after trauma and release the nervous system, going to tremors : “I don’t really need to use my voice for animals, I just work with the instrument. Animals don’t really respond that much to English or certain tones. They go into a healing process very fast. When exposed to harmonic low frequency sounds, animals will tend to become more social with other animals, they start chewing or licking while the stress is being releasing ; they tend to want to go under the instrument, drawn by the harmonic of it ; they become more alert.”

A disoriented bear (see video below) who had not drank for days was going to be put down. Brian played music and placed his hand a few dozens centimeters away from the bear : « the bear system is more sensitive than us humans. He can sense my hand being near his field. » What was observed was a gain of trust : the bear started to relax, accessed a deeper relaxation state and started to shake which is indicating the release of trauma. In addition, horses for example are very psychic beings, they are asking for us to be fully aligned and present. If there is any confusion between what we think and what our body says, they will feedback this lack of congruence through their behaviors. Manipulators won’t be able to succeed to approach horses as their structures are incongruent. This is an example that reveals how animals are being traumatized by the incongruency that inhabits the human mind and that is cut from the organic intelligence.

Navigating remote targeting

Due to the visionary aspect of his work and the positive impact on people’s health colliding directly with the financial interests of anti-life corporations, Brian has been heavily, astrally and remotely targeted the last 15 years, including by agents linked to deep state. Needless to say there was a lot of orchestrated betrayals and engineered traps on the path in order to censor him. Recovering from this has slowed him down and has been in the way for him to be able to focus on his gifts and services. After it took a toll on all areas of his life, it took Brian a few years to come back to his work and to find the space to focus on his skills and talents once again: « my method assists people in an authentic way and there is enough data behind me to back up my work. The sad thing is that there is a deliberate intention and design to confuse everyone and create a frequency war debate due to aggressive competitors who are threatened by the efficacy of lower sound frequencies. There is a hidden science: we have been given a deck of cards and we just need to find a way to shuffle it differently. » 

Brian has been stolen from, copied and considered a direct threat by others who are promoting frequency scams online : “I haven’t had the chance to be recording an album since 2013 due to the intensity of the targeting. It requires a budget to be able to record an album and everything I do is out of pocket. But I have started recording my work with harmonics. » 2019 has been a year to build trust again and move forward from the slander. Who are we really dealing with ? The level of deception can be very high in this world. Now is a time for healthy collaborations, getting the right kind of attention and grow organically. Brian is literally sitting on gold for the one who can pause and consider the vision he has to share : « I have that mind and it can be though to deal with it. It sometimes feels like I need a translator, a filter who can synthesize the work and create a container for it. I believe we are all helping each other home. » Let’s hope Brian is soon able to create more space in his life so he can bring more of the gifts that live in him into this realm.


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