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Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Working with low frequency sounds to overcome old and hidden trauma and PTSD and unveil unconscious codependent patterns

Empowering sound therapy methods led by gifted and aligned practicioners working with a high set of ethics and morals are so very rare; yet, they are great tools to assist us in releasing stress or to help the immune and the endocrine systems. 432 hz is a pro-health frequency and increases the positive impact of sound and music therapy. Connecting with sounds is a way of understanding the nature of the information field; reality is a dynamic interface programmable through intention.

Working with low frequency sounds can assist us in seeing through the illusion and simulation that we are living in and in understanding the nature of this ‘reality’. Sounds and music have ways to move us where words can not find an expression. By sharpening the internal discernment and compass, this kind of work with sounds and music can help to bring us closer to our unique energy signature and thus can assist us to recognize when controlling and predatory energies are in our fields. Lower sound frequencies may be worked with to assist us in realizing what is not true, what is inverted in this realm. They may assist to reconnect to our ability to connect with our creativity or compassion, whereas higher frequencies are encouraging alert and cerebral states of mind. Too much cerebral left brained awareness tends to be a trap in itself. The nervous system freezes when exposed to high frequencies, with a response from the fight or flight patterns. This is why sirens and alert tones are high-pitched to modify our attention; they were intended to aim at creating trauma and terror.

Low frequency sounds can be an outlet to deal with the pressure of this realm; music can have calming and healing power. The high pitch of music tuned to the entertainment standard of 440 hz tends to create physical unease while lowering music tuning pitch to 432 hz may assist in dissolving physical unease and has profound effects on the consciousness and on the cellular level of the human body.

The weaponization of music

Music has been weaponized, just like the movie industry and Disney. This happens especially in times of overt or covert war (as we are experiencing now). Keeping the music in the range of 440 hz and 444 hz decreases the efficacy of the coherent healing powers of pro-life and bio-sustaining frequencies. Most of the music of the world have been tuned to 440 hz since it was promoted in 1953. By paying attention to the vibratory field of nature, it can be observed that some sound frequencies are pro-life oriented and some are pro-disease and are suppressing intuition and encouraging ego. In sound, there are zones of incoherence and coherence, they are natural phenomenons and man-made phenomenons. Certain types of frequencies create a slight constant tension. Over a lifetime, they are a constant attack for our senses and perceptions. Around us, all that is cancer promoting is being promoted under the disguise of healthy. The organic structures are being co-opted, corrupted and everything is made to compromise them. The 432 hz frequency can undo code hacking. It is a sort of reciprocal of sunlight, encoding organic information, a pro-health life sustaining frequency, close to Source and Original Creation.

Working with low frequency sounds

Nowadays, we are constantly bombarded with social media, electronic distractions, high frequencies and EMF’s that affect our ability to cope and to consciously listen to our inner world: to help our post-traumatic stress, we may try various approaches, including sound and music therapy. Although higher frequency sounds may create a placebo effect, over time they will tend to make stress disorders worse. In the past, people built instruments using wooden tuning pegs and organic gut strings. They had no steel cast frames, so tuning was aligned with nature and not as high as it is today.

Low frequency sounds may be an effective way of working for calming body stressors and the nervous system. Unfortunately, the field is infested and a lot of people are spreading misinformation or disinformation and creating more distraction. As trauma is stored in the body, working with sounds assists in releasing the nervous system in places that language is not able to reach. English for example is a language based on abbreviations; we have forgotten about the hidden meaning of what is being conveyed. Nevertheless, despite the fact that we have forgotten about it, words still carry the electromagnetic charge and signature of this hidden meaning.  

When the body is releasing trauma, it does so by showing forms of twitching or slight shaking. Naturally, the body is willing to let go of the stored and frozen energy of trauma which is the cause of much resistance in our lives, a force that freezes us from materializing our gifts, goals and our life mission. As the veils are being lifted, life is being reframed step after step: clearing ancestral trauma, connecting with gifted abilities, recovering from narcissistic abuse, trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder, excavating deep unconscious patterns or strengthening the connexion with the original energy signature to notice better when predatory or vampiric energies are invading one’s field.

Low frequency sounds can be worked with to deal and treat PTSD, something survivors of narcissistic abuse are very familiar with. This kind of trauma is often deeply engrammed in the cells, waiting for a chance to resurface. Benefits while working with practicioners who came here with a specific remembrance about the quality of certain sounds and frequencies range from a more meditative state, an increase in positive feelings and moods, a decrease of past tense flashbacks and thought loops, a sense of inner peace, a better resilience to negativity and external factors, a more restorative rest, a stabilization of the nervous and endocrine system and a better productivity and focus. By working with specific low sound frequencies, trauma does not have to be reexperienced while stress is being released from the physical envelope.

Low frequency sounds may assist animals to quickly recover and overcome stressors and trauma from their (sometimes unknown) past. Animals don’t respond that much to human langages. It is a natural response for animals to shake after trauma and release the nervous system, going to tremors: they go into a healing process very fast. Such types of frequency therapy may assist disoriented animals through a recovery process, a gain of trust, a more relaxed state. Horses for example are very psychic beings, they are asking for us to be fully aligned and present. If there is any confusion between what we think and what our body says, they will feedback this lack of congruence. Animals are being traumatized by the incongruency that inhabits the human mind and that is cut and inverted from the organic intelligence.

The targeting of gifted practicioners

Online, a lof of frequency scams are being promoted. Who are we really dealing with ? The level of deception is very high. Due to the visionary aspect of their works and the positive impact that is delivered through them, in direct colliding with the financial interests of anti-life corporations, gifted beings are suffering a great deal of targeting of all sorts; they are being stolen from, copied and considered a direct threat. Many of the experiments that they lead are being exploited by intelligence agencies and published by impostors. A lot of orchestrated betrayals and traps are being engineered on the path for the sake of censorship and repression of abilities. Recovering from this is slowing them down and is in the way for them to be able to focus on their services that are assisting other beings in an authentic way. There is a deliberate intention and design to confuse everyone and to create a frequency war debate. Aggressive and corrupted infested beings will be feeling threatened by the efficacy of the gifts of real originals.






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