Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Oligoscan, Radionics, Biofeedback & Biophotometer; quantum devices to quantifiably measure the unseen

I tested 4 different quantum apparels: Oligoscan, Radionics, Biofeedback and Biophotometer. Though it’s great to access a lot of information through these mediums, it seems of primal importance that the therapist can stay connected to organic realms to be able to navigate this masse of almost artificial intelligence. There is a thin line to work with these kinds of tools and it asks from us the greatest discernment.

Information about the level of intoxication to heavy metals and the mineral levels within the human tissues with Oligoscan

This test provides information about the bioavailability of minerals (silicium, magnesium, calcium, copper, chromium, manganese), trace elements and heavy metals in the human living tissues. All aluminium packaging should be avoided. Aluminium should never be used to cooked or store food and we should not touch it with our skin. Medical drugs also contain aluminium. With metals, anything is too much : we do not want mercury filling in our teeth or any other metal. The Oligoscan reports about the state of enzyme function, immunity, hormone, cognitive and neurotransmitter functions, metabolism, the ability for tissues to be repairing themselves, the state of the cardiovascular system, intestinal assimilation and the nervous system. It uses spectrophotometry, a quantitative measurement of the reaction of a material as a function of wavelength, determining what substances are present in a target. Results appear a few seconds after taking 4 measures on the palm of the hand. Atomic absorption of minerals is between 180 and 1000 nanometers. As an example, different wavelengths of some minerals : Ca: 422,7 nm ; Mg: 285,2 nm ; Mn: 279,5 nm ; K: 766,5 nm and so on. The blood type needs to be known and can be quickly verified by a kit-test with the practitioner. This test is putting to light which mineral is low or if the antioxidant protection is working well or not so well. This is a way to have a map to be able to close many doors in terms of preventing the degenerative consequences of acidosis.

The oligoscan is very complementary to other reports I have been tested for in the past (including an iridology reading with the indication of drug spot in certain organs and the state of degeneration of each tissue). The test confirms that my intestines and stomach are still in a state of chronical inflammation, which the iridology report corroborated. The best news I receive it that the results are showing that I have a lymphatic system working quite well (though there is still a lot of work) which is a victory in itself. I notice that I do not get puffy as I used to if I eat a salad. My kidneys have been starting to filter for more than one year and I have done rounds of extensive juice fasting, up to 90 days.

This is an image from a random test

One of my major issues is my inability to relax and go in surrender mode, which is a needed function to heal fully. Thanks to this test I am reminded it’s time to take out my non hormonal silver coil as inflammation is appearing in my ovary area. I am also feeling call to work with a clean full spectrum dutch organic CBD oil for assisting me in regulating my nervous system. Yet it will be temporary since I am well aware working with such kind of substances will come with its hidden consequences. On a side note, I was also gifted to test a frequency Tesla therapy machine with plasma tubes that can be used to target precise frequencies to be working on. It sounded a very promising technology to fight inflammation. I could feel the field of the machine, reinforming my body for up to 3 days. Of course I need to be putting the needed work to actively reprogram myself in order to actualize the change in the long run.

We are not supposed to have metals in our organisms. For minerals, there is a proper balance, either too low or too high. If such results speak for themselves, it appears nevertheless the « advices » of the practicioner on how to recover health are often misleading. When someone is trying to overpower me, forcing me to apply one way of healing, it’s instantly putting me off. I usually am able also to feel the implants that are trying to convince me of doing something that, in the long run, will be harmful (I have a strong suspicion about consuming organic sulfur, MSM). I use my own discernment and everything I have researched to find what adjustments I will be making and I resist the imposed pressure of these therapists who are not encouraging my own empowerment though they are most of the time « well-intentioned ». I trust in my own body intelligence to regulate itself as I am giving it the right environment to regenerate, I stay away from the logic of supplementation and isolating compounds and I keep on going. Therapists who are listening to self proclaimed health book-sellers who are guided by the voice they are hearing in their heads might be mentioning Epstein barr virus and mistaking it for the culprit while it’s probably more of a consequence of a toxic environment and degeneration of the system. It will go away easily if someone keeps on cleaning their body, fix their adrenal and thyroid glands. It’s a problem caused by the whole deregulation of the system and should not be viewed as the culprit. Some psy-ops are designed to lead people into inverted thinking that will cause the patient to take decisions that will be resulting to be detrimental for their health. I will be continuing on working with natural plants and herbs I have at home (Doctor Morse’s tinctures, daily green boost powder, high quality chlorella, cilantro tincture for heavy metal detox, alfalfa sprouts) and I will make sure to test again in a year or so.


In spring 2018, I got to work with Gilles Heystek in Retie, Belgium. The bases of his work is radionics from the bioresonance therapies. During the healing session, with a down to earth and humorous attitude, he is testing a number of parameters, getting feedback from a machine that is assisting him investigating family lines and influences, identifying curses and negative energetic chords that result in an energy drain. The details he is able to provide are of a great precision. Gilles’ work is of great help to access hidden things and blind zones, things that are out of reach of other types of work such as family constellations: “there are a few things you never get in family constellations. You can work on yourself as much as you like but if your family line is that loaded, most people are just repeating the same kharmic issues over and again.” His approach can work remotely: “your body is here but what you really are is energy and consciousness and that is everywhere. So as long as I have your IP address it doesn’t matter where your computer is. As long as I have a connexion to your essence (a tiny piece of your personal energy to connect to) I can check the patterns. What I can already tell you is that I can see you have been working on yourself. It’s really nice to experience you have such a nice sharp mind. There were a lot of vampires around you, leaving you feeling drained. Your aura is only working 62% – you are quite opened, and a lot is coming in.” He continues joking “spiritually, despite of all the deviations, you are absolutely on track, you did not lose your way at all which is rare. And you are nicely grounded also, not bad at all.”

Gilles checks the situation with deceased family members: “I can see that you have done a lot of work to help your mother. She has already gone through many layers. You still have a sort of umbilical cord connecting you to her even though she is gone. I don’t know if you realized that you were losing a lot of energy through this relationship. You’ve already met several times”. In families for a long time, you can find many core themes, programs that are passed on from generation to generation: “For example, in your mother’s lineage, for many generations, we find the energy of helplessness. Let’s look at curses. If you think someone is an asshole it has an effect on your system”. Then comes an interesting point I’ve been working on for a couple of years: “you were a twin, you had a twin sister. You spent 32 days in your mother’s womb. Twins always have a terrible karmic history. Usually twins fight for the first two years, and then they are best friends for the rest of their lives. You’ve been walking around with a saboteur. There’s a bright side to that as well. Twins never give up. They always manage to survive, they start over, they never perish. You have that self-survival mechanism. Your aura should improve when your twin is completely gone.”

Gilles reviews much more details that are personal, most of them are not necessary to share here. A few other discussed points were the following: “during the night, there have been some experimentations on your consciousness. Your health, there is nothing that seems to be obviously wrong. It’s not a bad place where you live, energetically it’s quite nice. The house is not on a rotten spot. Radioactivity is very little, little bit of xray, a little bit of cobalt which means you have been in contact with someone who has been radiated, chemotherapy. The total amount of vaccin residue is very small, nothing to worry about. Iboga is not a good idea. Ayahuesca is ok. THC is out of question.” It is for sure that marijuana has never been my medicine. There was a lot of correlation between the test from the machine (allergies for example) and other (blood) tests I have been undergoing. This is a really lighthearted check-up and a jump into another era. Gilles works in Retie Belgium and other locations in Holland. More information: +32 6 53 731298,


I have been introduced to the Indigo device, a box with a computer program analyzing the way the body reacts to stress and the global state of being. The Indigo device reads frequencies emitted by the body, detects vulnerabilities and sends out fine waves that inform cells to come back to balance. While conventional medicine speaks in terms of biochemical exchanges, quantum devices address the electric body: we are a vast energy field, our body is a vibratory field made up of billions of particles that constantly exchange information. Based on bio-resonance, the Indigo device is said to help the body to regulate itself and stimulate self-healing capacities by improving inter-cellular communication through electro-stimulation. Each organ vibrates at a specific frequency. The human body vibrates around 62 to 78 MHz, the thyroid around 62 to 68. Disease starts at 58 MHz (candida at 55 MHz, cancer susceptibility at 42 MHz, death starts at 25 MHz). Disease is embedded in cells that do not vibrate, that are not charged, that are not filled with life energy. Every second, our brain receives a very large amount of information, only a small part of which on the conscious plane. By measuring the body’s reactivity to specific stimuli, we can learn about ongoing unconscious processes with a chance to become more aware of the information stored in cellular memory. The principle of biofeedback is to send different voltages to different parts of the body and examine the current coming back. Everything has a frequency: our cells, every tissue, every organ or virus, or medicine.

In 1939, Semyon and Valentina Kirlian began talking about Kirlian photography, a process that makes visible the state of any energy envelope around a biological entity. It is not surprising to think that military research has being carried out with these kinds of machines, hidden from the public eye. After the Second World War, Russian research did study the effects of electromagnetism on health. Since the late 1980s, biofeedback and quantum bioresonance devices have been locating stressed zones (physical, emotional or spiritual stress) in the body through the observation of the behaviour of the wave, which will appear as distorted. The official creator of the Indigo and ex-consultant from NASA (this is a bit of a red flag), William Nelson, became interested in the I-Ching, a fundamental book in China. In this practice, the yes is expressed by a solid line, the no by a broken line and a series of eight trigrams was added to add a third element. This system of yes, no and perhaps he translated it into computer language with the binary code 1-0. He developed a device called SCIO. Instead of a diagnosis, the Indigo is rather a tool for personal evolution and an assessment beyond the physical body. The creator of this machine, William Nelson, encountered an interesting development in his journey. Creator of two other machines, Scio and Eductor, he was convicted for practicing medicine illegally, emigrated outside the United States and was asked to build, reluctantly, a machine that would be recognized by the US (the Indigo). He also changed his gender. This reminds me of the well known transformation of the Wachowski brothers, directors of the trilogy The Matrix. The transgender phenomenon is much more widespread than we think (celebrities, politicians, royalty). Hidden from the public eye, it is making its way alongside other agendas such as transhumanism and the advancement of the new world order.

A preliminary interview with a series of questions about taking medication, antibiotics, heavy metals, drugs, steroids, coffee, allows an awareness (if necessary) of all that the body is constantly enduring from our own will. Then comes the calibration phase: the device makes a general inventory and scans the room, especially in terms of geobiology. It tests my reactivity of the day (87%) and if there is a disorder of my biorhythm. It then tests my emotional (32%), intellectual (85%) and physical (96%) levels. It tells me that I have been alive for 11,545 days. And he offers me a sentence for my conscience: the repetition of this statement: “my hormones are working perfectly”. Which resonates with me because it’s been a few months since I became aware of the extent of my endocrine disruption. During the calibration, a dozen pieces of information are checked to see how the body reacts to certain stressors, such as water or a bee sting. These stressors are the events, conditions, circumstances in our environment with which the body reacts. For the body, everything is a stress, especially chemical aggression. How does the body respond to this stress? Is oxygenation going well?

During the second phase of the test (which lasts 5 minutes), the device to which I am connected by a headband and ankles and wrists connectors, measures the reactivity to more than 12,000 referenced homeopathic stressors. The program has a bunch of charts in which the therapist can navigate. It displays figures on energy, blood pressure, hydration, oxygenation, pH, vitality, cellular exchanges, and the body’s capacity for regeneration. The device evaluates bioenergetic parameters of the body: nutritional deficiencies, immune and endocrine system imbalances, abnormalities, pathogens, deficiencies, weaknesses, failures, allergies, blood chemistry and PH level, condition of glands, organs, ligaments and connective tissues, etc.. It indicates vulnerabilities, needs and dysfunctions. Anything that appears red is what the body has reacted to in a very reactive way. Sometimes the figures reach 500 or 600 per cent. A reaction between 60 and 100 is considered normal, below 60 we are faced with a passive response from the body. I developed a lot of passivity as I grew up, I no longer realize that I am accepting stressors in my energy field. One of the Bach flowers that reacts (Aspen, 121%) informs that we are working on ancient memories. The organs that are most likely to be affected are the hypothalamus, the lymphatic system and the thyroid. Blockage sites are in the meridian of the small intestine, the heart and the endocrine system. The most damaged organ is the lung with the emotion of sadness. My body is between adaptation and alarm (optimal reactivity of the body). Beyond adaptation is exhaustion.

Six weeks later, I go for my second test. Vitality went from 81 to 86, cell transmission went from 79 to 97, resistance was 95 and went to 86, hydration went from 102 to 81 (the day before I went to a sweat lodge) and oxygenation went from 94 to 86. The liver and adrenals are a little weak (like the first time) and I am a little closer to exhaustion than last time (I feel my nervous system much more reactive these last few days). Indigo detects a skin problem (I had eczema in the last 4 weeks) and traces of food poisoning (the day before my stomach struggled a lot during the end of day meal after the hut) and I had pain in the digestion area. The fascias of the stomach are apparently tense. I am impressed by all this data aligned with what I am experiencing.


The biophotometer is a device that can measure a large spectrum of parameters in the body. Everything already exists independently of science, even when science is not able to measure it. How can science detect what’s going on with energy? Some measuring devices can measure and analyze electromagnetic photons, the light that makes up our bodies. Electrophotometers, for example, provide visible proof of what happens in the non visible. Cartesian approach can be very reassuring to some. The photometer is a tool that helps to have a more tangible proof of what happens in the body.

This measurement system is a means of assessing the functional status of the body’s organs and systems as well as a subject’s state of stress and anxiety. The device was popularized by Konstantin Korotkov, professor of physics and biophysics at the University of St. Petersburg. The GDV electrophotonic camera allows the visualization of a gas discharge, an advanced technique of Kirlian photography, which shows a luminous halo around an object or a being subjected to a high electrical voltage.

I insert my finger into the darkroom which measures what emanates from my body via an excitation of the atoms at my fingertips. During the impression, the device checks where the energy losses are, visualizes where the holes are and fragments into sectors that correspond to the meridians. The device measures their course at our fingertips. The program will dissect each fingerprint and see how the meridian runs through the organs. In the pictures of your fingers, we can see small holes, energy fractures, small parasitic energies. At the location of the nodes and holes, the energy flows less well. These nodes prevent meridians from performing optimally. The program also provides information on the biorhythm of the day (anyone can do the test here). On September 3, 2018, the energy is a little low: I am at the bottom of my intellectual curve, I am going down the physical curve and I am going down the emotional curve. The parameters of my organs are quite low. A week earlier, I started a masterfast – an intense fast with grape juice and lemon juice. On one of the diagrams, you can see how my energy centers are positioned and their sizes: ideally they should be pulsating along the spine. It is especially the coronal chakra which is not in its axis. This clearly shows the misalignment that I experience during this fast: my mind moves in the higher spheres and I feel ungrounded. One understands how the biophotometer, coupled with a therapeutic approach, allows one to follow and measure the evolution of the work. Some cases of energetic vampirism can also be revealed by the device.