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On what really happened after World War II and Operation Paperclip

History is not what they tell us it is. World War II was a war of consciousness, secret technology, mind-control and experimentation that have been kept hidden from the general public. Nazis were first and foremost occultists and black magicians. A change of perspective is needed concerning what we have been told. Declassified information has been giving the public a lot of information to review the generally agreed perspective. It was disclosed that many high rank nazi Germans were allowed to fly away, start again and continue their research in new lands, especially in the United States and South America.

Extracts are citing the extended article written by Joachim Hagopian: « Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino, MK Ultra/Monarch Mind Control Programs and Pedophilia in the Military ». It is worth a full read.

Through Operation Paper Clip, 5,000 top ranking German officers and scientists were secretly relocated to different locations of the United States. 9,000 high ranking Nazi war criminals were also transported to Argentina, Brazil and Chile : « the most infamous, sadistic Nazi doctor of them all, Dr. Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death,” who killed thousands at Auschwitz as part of his diabolical experiments, underwent a series of color-coded name changes from Dr. Black to Dr. Green (a name that we find again and again in MK Ultra victims’ testimonies), and then to Dr. Greenbaum, along with the likes of Dr. Stanley Gottlieb, becoming the “fathers” of the CIA’s MK Ultra and Project Monarch programs. These programs from the 1950’s were guilty of exploiting non-consenting Americans as their guinea pigs, including unsuspecting bar patrons, hooker-lured johns as well as an unlimited supply source of US military personnel, prison inmates, public health populations (with a racist proclivity for exploiting people of color), vulnerable foreign nationals and captured foreign spies throughout North America, Europe and Far East settings. » During the war, occult techniques were used in order to increase power and control over the other side: « the murderous Nazi occultist Himmler performed many of the same satanic ritual ceremonies calling upon dark forces to elevate the Aryan race to battlefield glory and global dominance. Both Himmler and Hitler admired the secret Jesuit Orders of Teutonic Knights, Knights Templar, and Knights of Malta ».
Michael Aquino is a high ranking Army officer, and as well a satanic high priest who is behind a lot of operations that shape the world we live in today, including the satanic ritual abuse of young children attending daycare at the San Francisco military post called the Presidio during the 1980’s. He is a mind control and propaganda war specialist : « most of Aquino’s career has focused on controlling the minds and perceptions of targeted populations including the American people through any and all means necessary, which of course involves embedded journalism (starting with the first Gulf War) and complete control of mainstream news outflow (that shapes public opinion), electronic and psychotronic warfare controlling the brain waves, thoughts, feelings, moods and behaviors of Americans (or any targeted population). Aquino is of the mindset that the Vietnam War was lost at home due to the failure to properly condition and manipulate the American people into supporting the war effort. The Vietnam War permanently launched a marriage between Aquino’s Satanism and the US military. Partnering throughout a 38-year marathon career, the intelligence officer’s highly skilled expertise in propaganda and mind control flourished in the US government’s psychological warfare operations, both domestically and around the globe.
Satanism stands for not believing in morality and was and is very appealing for hedonist members of Hollywood. “Prior to his two year deployment in Nam, Aquino had become a Satanist. After a half dozen years (1969-1975) as a protégé within Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan (founded in 1966), practicing LaVey’s Satanic Rituals, Aquino branched out on his own, leading a group of 28 Satanists growing disenchanted with the former carney’s Church of Satan carnival sideshow that would eventually include LaVey’s own daughter joining Aquino’s flock. (…) The career propagandist and mind control expert insists that his Setians do not submit to either Satan or Lucifer, but merely call upon the dark forces through hidden occult knowledge to assist them in egomaniacally becoming gods themselves. In addition to calling for all-out propaganda, Aquino’s contribution to mind control warfare also stresses the importance of massive deployment of primarily nonlethal, hi tech pulsar weaponry used to unconsciously brainwash and invasively alter and control our thinking, moods, emotions, and subsequent behavior through artificially tapping into the electromagnetic field spectrum, using synchronized low frequency resonance to interact and control human brainwaves.

By attacking victims’ central nervous system and brain functioning, vulnerable targeted populations remain defenseless. Inducing heart attacks, strokes and aneurisms with remote controlled psychotronic weapons where actual cause of death is untraceable. The ideal NWO murder weapon of the future is no doubt in widespread use today. Aquino also writes that “ionization of the air,” which is what GWEN and HAARP do, can easily be used to control an individual’s emotions. the toxic heavy metals like aluminum and barium raining down on us now daily for decades in the form of chemtrail aerosol spraying that we bodily ingest through our skin, lungs, brain and food are designed to increasingly act as electrical conductors that enhance the potency of this black ops mind control weaponry. Electromagnetic waves emanating from nearby Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) towers along with cell towers proliferating everywhere, strategically installed worldwide, in combination with ultra powerful High Research Active Auroral Research Programs (HAARP), also operating worldwide, directly interacting with our human brainwaves for purposes of eugenic population control as well as mind control, constitutes nothing short of a silent, invisible and sense-less 21st century NWO war against humanity. »

Torture methods used in mind-controlled operations include sexual trauma, system and sensory overload techniques such as sleep deprivation, exhaustion, isolation, starvation, altered pain thresholds, persuasion, humiliation, use of electroshock, lobotomies, and inducing sickness under deplorable inhumane conditions : « the NASA indoctrination gave Aquino access to the latest techniques at the time, like “sensory deprivation tanks, virtual reality, flight simulators and harmonics. Malevolent mad scientist labs are churning out Huxley’s brave new world of alphas (initial programming that includes installing photographic memory), betas (sex slaves), deltas (assassins), thetas (psychic killers able to cause aneurisms), gammas (trained deceivers), and Omegas (suicide programming). Where they deliberately split off the personalities of these children into multiples, so that when they’re questioned or put under oath or questioned under lie detector, that unless the operator knows how to question a multiple-personality disorder, they turn up with no evidence…” Slaves are used for multiple purposes, from being a presidential model to information to drug courier to spy and even assassin. When slaves approach thirty years of age, it becomes sensitive as they are reaching a dreaded drop off point « when the expiration date as an elite expendable commodity kicks in, especially for the presidential model type. » MK Ultra was supposedly ended in 1973 when Richard Helms announced the end of the project after being exposed by former slaves. The operations were only buried deeper into the state underground.

Bohemian Grove, which name might be familiar, is publicly known as a restricted vast campground belonging to a private SF-based gentlemen’s club (the Bohemian Club). Each year in mid-July they host a 2-week encampment of some of the most prominent men in the world. Burning Man is just its own kind of mass version of this. In fact, Bohemian Grove is hiding a elite summer camp for powerful pedophiles : « the Kevin Collins was taken to a Marin County location and victimized with child pornography, then ritualistically raped and murdered as a satanic human sacrifice led by the high priest himself at Bohemian Grove. Sonoma County’s Bohemian Grove, the infamous elitist summer camp amidst the redwoods is said to be satanically operated by a coven obviously linked to Aquino. » This madness is of course not foreign to the despotism of the 13 ruling family bloodlines, including the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

We need to revise what has been told to us about what has happened to the human race, the projects that are being led to study human consciousness and the grip of hyperdimensional forces in all of this.

The chamber at Auschwitch was built after WWII. Numerous facts do not survive in depth investigation and the use of critical thinking and the story according which six million jews are said to have perished from chambers. Data collection will quickly prove that a lot of lies were fabricated to create one of the most important lies of our times: the holocaust hoax. And yes, you will be called an antisemite for daring to put things in question while collecting data and researching this topic. That’s how much people are attached to their programming (this ties to Stockholm Syndrome).

Entity Art is a platform that explores Zionism, WWII, Hitler and controlled opposition in Ufology and the new age movement. Europa The Last Battle is a documentary that is enlightening on these matters too.





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