Aria Persei

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Here is a non exhaustive list of colleagues and collaborators I value the work of:

Lauda Leon & her website Sovereign Ki & her youtube channel
Brian T Collins (youtube), his FB page & his “Harmonic Integration” page
Elisa E. & her books on mind control “Our life beyond MK Ultra
Christine Anderson and Earth Empaths
Tom Montalk & his website & his youtube channel
Carissa Conti, her website “In 2 worlds” and her book “Chasing Phantoms
Laurent De Vecchi, sound healer and musician & Unissons
Randy Maugans & Off Planet Radio
Anti-EMF clothing like Silent Pocket
Online forum and radio episodes of Crrow777radio
Vigilant Citizen and maconic symbolism

Herbs, tintures and supplements

The Daily Green Boost
Raven Crest Botanical (Susanna Raven)