Aria Persei

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Here is a non exhaustive list of colleagues and collaborators I value the work of:

Lauda Leon & her website Sovereign Ki & her youtube channel
Brian T Collins (youtube), his FB page & his “Harmonic Integration” page
Lena Pu‘s work on frequencies and 5G
Randy Maugans & Off Planet Radio
Elisa E. & her books on mind control “Our life beyond MK Ultra
Alternative health and frequency healing with Secret to Everything and Kimberly McGeorge
Christine Anderson and Earth Empaths

Tom Montalk, his lifework on understanding this realm, his website & his youtube channel
Carissa Conti, her research work on out of the ordinary phenomenons, her blog “In 2 worlds” and her book “Chasing Phantoms
Laurent De Vecchi, sound healer and musician & Unissons
Keep it Raw youtube channel by Sarah Kundig and her website Greensmoothie
Mona Creatrix’ website
Vigilant Citizen and maconic symbolism
Anti-EMF clothing like Silent Pocket

Herbs, tintures and supplements

The Daily Green Boost
Raven Crest Botanical (Susanna Raven)