Aria Persei

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Here is a list of colleagues or collaborators I value the work of:

Alternative health and frequency healing with Secret to Everything and Kimberly McGeorge
Lori from Blue Heron’s channel (back-up, bitchute)
Tom Montalk, his lifework on understanding this realm, his website & his youtube channel
Keep it Raw youtube channel by Sarah Kundig and her website Greensmoothie
Doyen Fraser and MicroGrid Activation with Leptokinetic Healing, his youtube channel
Find a spring near your homes in your country
Fruit trees around us
Vigilant Citizen and maconic symbolism
Anti-EMF clothing like Silent Pocket

Herbs, tintures and supplements

The Daily Green Boost
Raven Crest Botanical (Susanna Raven)
Bitters from the shop of Vallery from Woodspell Apothecary