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A Vocal Odyssey in Tuscany with Nessi Gomes

Brought with sincerity, originality and subtle intelligence, the vocal odyssey with Nessi Gomes is an adventure where we are invited to brave our fears and our limiting beliefs to let unfold our natural ability of expression. The space is opened for the exploration of our voice, a loving and judgeless space of freedom.

It was through a music listening platform that I discovered Nessi Gomes’ “All Related” song, a powerful song in both English and Spanish connecting to the journey of the soul: “I crossed over – anxious spirit – lost my knowing – confused senses – Ancient voices – spill their secrets – taking footsteps – with our mother – All related – broken-hearted – no more darkness – with this love”.

A few weeks later, I got wind of her concert tour and vocal odysseys, an adventure both magical and grueling that she is experiencing alongside Lino Hermesh, her manager and companion. Around the concerts of Nessi, people are engaging with each other, links are being created. Born on the island of Guernsey, this musician, singer and composer mixes her English influences with her Portuguese roots. Her voice was her first mean of resilience, helping her to go through dark times of her life, leave room to her emotions and learn to dance with her shadow. Over the last 20 years (Nessi was born in 1981), her voice has been a lighthouse that has been guiding her.

In the hollow of the Tuscan hills

In spring 2017, I joined Nessi in Tuscany to meet the soul of my voice, a deep and intense journey. In me, as in many others, the throat chakra is a channel that has been smothered and requires a lot of release. There is as well a dark and dramatic heritage due to my mother’s suicide and past life cellular memories where I was myself hanged. Another member of her family line died by smothering. This retreat gathers a group of nine people, mostly Italians. Together, we form an embryonic nucleus of propulsion for change, sheltered from the distractions of everyday life by the majestic domain of Pianore Monticello Amiata run by an Italian family that will paint our days with sumptuous meals. An evening round allows us to break the ice; the cohesion of the group begins to take. The next day, we get the chance to listen to Nessi’s voice melting with the warm sound of the notes of her guitar. “In my own experience, singing gave me a lot of strength, I really got to know myself through my voice. The voice is an amazing teacher and we all have access to it. It is a real medicine, a tool that allows us to connect to our essence, who we really are, loving the light, loving the shadow, and all there is in the middle, appreciating the nuances.

Looking within

During these days, nothing will turn out to be an accident: who you share your room with or with whom you experience the exercises. Everyone is a mirror for others. Some energies are triggering in the process of unveiling our unconscious. Along the hours and the days, we are invited to meditate, move and connect to our bodies and look inwards to acknowledge our own inner processes. We are getting in touch with our voice with stretching and warming up exercises. On the one hand, singing has physical benefits: improvement of breathing capacity, movement of muscles that are often underused (diaphragm, throat, torso), reduction of muscular tension and respiratory problems. On the other hand, the voice is one of our most powerful and intimate resources, a tool for us to explore ourselves in our most vulnerable aspects.

Nessi leads us to open up, through gradual exercises, never in a performance perspective. Through group exercises, we can unlock blockages and let our voice express freely without feeling too exposed. We are invited to observe our voice (quality, tone, ability to hold our breath, resistances) and ask ourselves: what is stopping my voice from just being? To access the voice is for Nessi, “to free ourselves from the chains that prevent our expression and to connect to something greater than us, something close to the divine, without the need to understand or decode it, just letting the voice do the work“. On the second day, each exercise invites us to expose ourselves more and what is inside of us, sometimes with inner challenges. In the evening, we experience a “vocal bath” where each of us lies down to receive a rainbow of sounds emitted by Nessi: “it is not a singing session but a work with sound, without any judgment on it“. Many will come out with a strong experience, an inner journey. We close the evening by gathering around a big fire that we prepared with leaves and gifts from nature, to witness the sky fully lit under the full moon. One of the songs Nessi shares with us is her beautiful interpretation of “Pachamama” (see the end of the article).

Freeing the voice

On Sunday morning, the retreat is slowly coming to an end. The last round continues to take us out of our comfort zone, each of us exploring and extending our inner borders. These processes lead to a great joyful group dynamic. To close the space created by this retreat, we form a beautiful group circle and vocally follow Nessi. The warm, melancholic sound of this ensemble is touching and hosts a powerful transformation potential, a playful space of reconnexion to express our authentic voice beyond conditioning beliefs. Nessi’s aura, her connection with her own voice, her vision of life and her life path are a powerful anchor and launching pad for growth and deep activation of the voice channel. We are leaving the sheltered environment of our journey feeling energized and empowered by the whole process. As for my voice, this retreat has supported a process of transformation. Inspiration began to come back, with creative periods of time when I would write lyrics. From now on, listening back to my interviews is no longer a challenge. My voice is more stable than it was and my way of speaking has also slightly adjusted, as for my awareness of how I express. Moving forward fully towards our voice also means broadening the whole channel of expression: getting better at setting boundaries, reinforcing inner listening, controlling less, expressing more and daring to speak on a larger scale. Seven months later, I am noticing that the retreat has led me to find more balance in the way I express, in the way the space is opened for others to express and I am left with the strong desire to continue exploring this powerful tool that is my voice. End of the year, I started to learn and sing medicine songs with a ukulele.

Vocal Odysseys in 2018
End of 2017, Nessi pursued her tour of concerts and vocal odysseys in Europe, Central and North America and in the Middle East. Soon she will be making herself available for new musical creations. Dates for retreats and events (voice baths, concerts) are being kept updated on the website,,

“Diamonds & Demons”, the debut album
When she was living in the community of PachaMama in Costa Rica six years ago, Nessi’s life and musical creativity took a new turn. This place in connection with nature gave her the opportunity to go deeper with her music and on her healing path. She let go of song themes of romance, loss and heartbreaks to explore her internal geography. This inner process set her inspiration free for her first album “Diamonds & Demons” which reveals her quest for an authentic search for light, hope and truth. Her voice reflects the raw and honest portrait of her inner world, where ying and yang are walking along side by side.

Digital & CD album





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