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Working with the Harmonic Integration Method and specific low frequency sounds to overcome old and hidden trauma and unveil unconscious patterns

Brian T Collins’ Harmonic Integration Method assists in progressing in overcoming abusive patterns, releasing codependent patterns and strengthening the field to notice better when predatory or vampiric energies are on a hunt. Brian is the founder of the 432Hz preservation pitch campaign. His understanding and reading of reality is serving the collective in ways that are still unacknowledged and underestimated. Many of the experiments he led have been exploited by intelligence agencies and published by impostors.

The weaponization of music

Music has been weaponized, just like the movie industry and Disney. This happens especially in times of overt or covert war (as we are experiencing now). Keeping the music in the range of 440 Hz and 444 Hz decreases the efficacy of the coherent healing powers of bio-sustaining frequencies. Most of the music of the world have been tuned to 440 Hz since it was promoted in 1953. By paying attention to the vibratory field of nature, it can be observed that some sound frequencies are pro-life oriented and some are pro-disease and are suppressing intuition and encouraging ego. In sound, there are zones of incoherence and coherence, they are natural phenomenons and man-made phenomenons. Certain types of frequencies create a slight constant tension. Over a lifetime, they are a constant attack for our senses and perceptions. Around us, all that is cancer promoting is being promoted under the disguise of healthy. The organic structures are being co-opted, corrupted and everything is made to compromise them. The 432 Hz frequency can undo code hacking. It is a sort of reciprocal of sunlight, encoding organic information, a pro-health life sustaining frequency.

Reinformation through the time field

Science researched that the brain has the ability to create structures in 11 dimensions. We are used to operating only in 3 or 4 dimensions but the informational field is vast. What would happen if we could operate in 11 dimensions ? Brian T Collins shares : « When we understand certain principles, we realize how newtonian science is highly inaccurate. Think of it as a movie projector flashing on and off, so fast that you appear solid. We have the illusion of motion but by the time we see it as a reality, it has already passed. We are experiencing the past. Time is an abstract concept just like mathematics. Our perception of time creates the relative passage of time around us, just like it creates the processed worldview consensus of the quantum reality around us. Most people think in linear terms. We have the illusion of time moving forward. We are able to influence ourselves in the past. In order to get messages from the future self, I teach my clients to work with their hearts. True Time is a spiral, no beginning, no end, no middle with no starting or ending point of origin. Each terminal moment we perceive as time moving forward may appear as a fractal oscillation of anti-phase wavefronts appearing to move both backwards from the future and forwards from the past spiraling through a quantum now. We sit in the center of this time bubble as the subjective zero point of perception. By the ‘time’ you experience reality as ‘real’ within your bubble of perception, the wavefront has already collapsed and unfolded as the past into the physical atomic reality. As consciousness awareness, we may perceive the past as the present moment and this is the grand illusion that we mistake as present reality outside of ourselves. »

Exposing narcissistic and energy vampire profiles

In this realm, a portion of us are targeted for who we are. It takes real life lessons before learning who to trust and who not to. Not many have a genuine desire to truly do what it takes to be of assistance for humanity. The control system will keep on sending new variables of conscious and unconscious handlers, maybe even backdrop handlers, which will try to attach to pre-existing programming through mind games, thought inversions and karma swaps. Brian shares about the master and servant hidden contractual dynamic : « he who asks the question is the master. He who answers the questions is the slave. Narcissistic profiles will always be asking a lot of questions, especially about private information, in order to gain control and keep it. » While a good-hearted person will care about overstepping boundaries, these profiles won’t show the same concern : they have a hidden agenda. « This work exposes the game of energy vampires and narcissistic profiles and those who have epi-genetic ties to demonic bloodlines. It stops spiritual bypassing in its tracks, which is why I have had trouble with those who were unwilling to take responsibility to shovel their own emotional rubble.  I noticed a long time ago that these pure source frequencies I work with expose those with hidden agenda, which is why my method is like sunlight to a vampire. » When someone is trying to overstep the boundaries of others, it is because they don’t have that light and must extract it from others. Why would someone be trying to guilt someone else? Probably as they don’t have the eternal light and connection to source and original creation. A swap in karma happens as soon as we are accepting what they pretend to be true as our truth. Buying into the distortion is like a curse. Rejecting the projection as something alien and exterior and not our problem is key. « Energy vampires swap out their karma for the talents of others. That’s the true underlying reason behind narcissistic projection. When we feel sorry for them, we don’t set a proper boundary in the field. When you feel your focus is distracted, you know you have been compromised. If any person, any institution, any entity, any god claims to want something from you, you are greater than them. What I learn as well is when addressing these different profiles, they want it to become personal and polarized. It is key to be pointing to the consensus behaviors instead. »

Accountability as a necessity

Brian shares about his experience with his clients : « I do not engage the narratives that a client creates in their constructive mind and instead I look for the symbolic archetypes. When severed from an old toxic energetic tie, it will try to reattach. I give pragmatic immediate solutions to my clients for them to find ways of making their life situation better. In the past, some of them resisted every solution given with disempowering language. It is of prime importance to be reframing reality by choosing different vibrational language that will be action-oriented. Clients may always work with the track to reveal more, they may be able to move themselves out of the loop of self sabotage and into a place where they can move on. It’s not for the ones who want to be saved rather than self heal, for the ones who want to project or defer their pain elsewhere or for the ones who stay loyal to victimhood. This work is only for those committed to put in the work to self-heal and pull this work together, dive into the scary shadow and be their own success story. Then, they will be in a higher vibrational place to help others with their own special gifts. We can’t help anyone if we are giving away our own power. »

8 sessions of recalibration with the Harmonic Integration Method

The goal of this approach is to work on integrating the non-linear oversoul in the linear physical body. It is about learning to be prudent and discerning with our energy. By working with specific low sound frequencies, trauma does not have to be reexperienced while stress can be released from the physical envelope. It is about reuniting the different parts of our mind : the reactive, the constructive and the rational mind. The observer mind is acting like a higher spiritual referee : «What the mind does is that it will compartmentalize, archive and zip the information. There is a prayer protocol I say to the prime creator just before every session to take me out of the process, so I am just the facilitator and witness. I will get intuitive hits on what specific harmonics are beneficial for the session ; it depends on what comes up with the harmonic template of the client. » During one of the sessions, Brian created a gentle harmonic passage, a safe container I may come back to, a place I can go to when I feel drained. I can step it in that space and none shall trespass in my domain, my sovereign kingdom. It is mine alone. I get to decorate it any way I want, with my flag of sovereignty. « It is about learning to be resilient and bend when the winds have changed. That is what a willow does ; his branches can not be broken ». It is about building a spiritual armor, something really strong that comes from inside and that acts as a repellent for predatory energies. I am engaged in doing this work of aligning in integrity with where I truly stand. In between sessions, it sure happened that my nervous system would trigger a trauma release response in certain situations ; my legs would be weak yet I was standing tall and strong and I was more and more vocal about where I was standing. I may have to reimburse a client to stay in my integrity. I may have to find new creative ways to progress in my life. I let go of new layers of compliance that were making me soft in the presence of other people’s implants and mind imprints. Either we do the work or we do not, that is our very personal free choice.

I had all kinds of different reactions during the sessions : sounds in my visceral area, feeling a presence in the room, maybe the one of a watcher I needed to summon out of my house, slight frozen state of my hand. My cats usually appreciated coming around during the sessions. It happened that I sneezed when listening to one of the recorded tracks. Sneezing is for me always a sign of cleaning energy attachments (I also sneezed when I threw santo daime religious songs to the bin). After a session, it would happen that the next day, I felt driven to take an action or express something on my social media. It would come with a bite from people being implanted by new age programming, linked to demonic principalities. It was necessary to let these individuals out of my field and cancel the contract of compliance that had been happening for too long, even if these individuals were close to friends I want to stay in touch with. I have been training my gaze to recognize when the interpersonal relationships of my friends are being engineered, just when I have been training to recognize this signature in my own circles. That is how talents are being repressed.

I had many homeworks with reality adjustments, some spells being dissolved and things being revealed for what they were. After every session, which works for 72 hours after, I had a release of old attachment energy and then an expected blowback, as old attachments scrambled to reattach from losing their power grip over me. It was necessary to state my grounds and keep very firm boundaries. Old codependent programming was also coming into light. Due to early childhood enmeshments, it’s been a pattern to be in touch with intellectual overpowering patterns coming from males and to be a garbage bin for narcisstic energies coming both from males and females. Controlling energies came and tested me and it was not just through one entrance door, they usually came in groups for attack, most of the time a serie of 3 or more. These energies do not want me to speak, they want me to be in awe, to worship them and not to have a say ; they want me in the devotee function. Many relationships needed to reach a sense of closure, because it suddenly was appearing so clearly that the cement of the bond was a trap of agreement ; some others needed to take a new form with reevaluated boundaries. Reality was being reframed accordingly. Once hidden contracts were revealed in plain sight, there was no going back to not seeing them. I was no longer consenting to be in that toxic sacrificial dynamic and most of the people concerned were not ready to do their own work. When a firm boundary is being set and we are not playing the game anymore, which often means not answering their questions or not reacting to their mind template but reacting from our own personal authority, stating how it’s going to be, it becomes disagreeable for many to interact. What is being projected outwards would then come back to them if it does not succeed to attach to the field of the target. That is why they will eventually usually stop after a few attempts, unless they feel an opening in the field, even only psychically.


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