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Zero point consciousness, mindfullness and embodiment with the energy of neutrality and reiki

One of the major disorders humanity is facing nowadays is an acute dissociation between body and mind. What an agreeable surprise to hear from Sarah Polain that her way to approach Reiki is directly connected to this primordial return to the embodied self. What does it imply to become conscious of inhabiting the full form that is the body, source of great wisdom?

Sarah Polain pays a lot of attention to the words she uses: “I don’t give Reïki, I share Reïki with neutrality”. She prefers the word share to define what happens in her practice instead of the concept of caring. It’s an exchange. This concept of sharing puts the two beings who meet on an equal ground, an exchange during which no one is asserting any truth to the other, in the name of an exclusive knowledge. The authority conferred by certain predispositions cannot therefore be used to create a power dyanmic that would stand in the way of true healing. It is not a question of exerting a voluntary action on the body, but rather an approach that tends towards reappropriating a bodily feeling, a way to regain power over one’s life. The more I become aware that energy is there to be of service, the more I become peaceful and benevolent. When there is no power exercised over it, when life is recognized for what it is, the body awakens. “Here, the practice of Reiki is prepared by a time of mindfulness so that the collaboration of the being coming to work with me is fully engaged and put into action.” In this way, the person does not rely on the practitioner but collaborates with them, conspiring together for their healing, including during the time of the encounter with Reiki: “the body, fully inhabited, and met with neutrality, liberates its speech with clarity” shares Sarah; “the essential thing is to note that the touch of reiki over the body has multiple repercussions, including in terms of health and especially at the level of the endocrine system, a complex system that lays the foundations of our overall health. The life inside of our cells awakens, stimulates and cleanses.”
The spirit of neutrality

For Sarah, Reïki is not a technique but “a spirit that pays homage, is curious, meets and is neutral to discover all that is. Since I started, this notion of neutrality has touched me deeply. At last, I no longer had to want anything. The more I was exploring this concept of neutrality, the more life was awakening. When you integrate that spirit and the touch is nourished by that spirit, then your touch is noble. I don’t consider that the person is going to learn from me, I’m going to help them to become aware and in fact, they’re the ones who are going to do it. It allows me to remain in a very humble dimension in my practice. The person who comes to my home is not dependent on a power that I will exercise over him or her. They will free themselves, regain their potential, which lives in their body. The body loves to be met by its inhabitant, made curious about what it has to say. »

We are beings who wield a great deal of power over all life. In the same way, we use our bodies, we want to exercise power over them, we wash them, we decorate them but we do not know them well. Now, “it is no small thing a body which, while I sleep, breathes for me and provides to insure a lot of different parameters. In an adult body, every day billions of cells are created, isn’t that generosity? Our cells come from very far away and have an immaterial and ancestral intelligence. I am in tune with cellular generosity, which feels recognized for what it is. The doors of a body do not open by force but by becoming aware of their existence. Returning to the body has powerful and inconceivable impacts. “

Walking this life

Sarah taught elementary school for 10 years. Afterwards, she explored the universe of plants through aromatherapy. For 18 years, she transmitted her passion around this fascinating universe through Bioflore. Two years after meeting her husband André Bitsas, she began the daily practice of the spirit of neutrality conveyed by Reïki. Today, Bioflore has been sold, the flow of life redirecting André and Sarah towards other horizons: “we have been aware of our limits without having to go beyond them or make ourselves sick. In collaboration with life, I will hear what I need to hear without having to receive a wake-up call, I will hear when I am reaching a limit. It has allowed my husband to orient himself towards teaching aromatherapy and allowed me to dedicate myself to energetic care and the practice of the energy of neutrality. “It took Sarah many years to get on track: “Today, my words are clear and so is my practice. It is something that has grown very slowly, confidentially and today that has the strength of a forest. When we hold hands, we discover together in safety what it is to be alive. It is powerful to inhabit life. To stop feeling lost, you have to know where you are, where you live, and that place is inside the body. »

The test

Sarah invites me to sit comfortably and feel my body as much as I can, connect with my feelings. How am I breathing? How do I feel in contact with the seat? How am I in contact with the floor? Is it comfortable? Sarah shares: “a person who returns to the feeling of their body, to the awareness of their limits, of the living border of their skin, is a person that we will no longer be able to manipulate. ” Our shared moment will last two hours: a time to settle down, to become aware of the bodily reality of the moment, to find the right way to express it. This is followed by a time of meeting with the energy of Reïki to finish with a brief moment of expression to have the space to put words on the experience. The ones coming to meet Sarah Polain, who are generally over 35 years old, have fallen down a number of times and found many doors closed before arriving here.

When the moment comes to lie down on the table, I am comfortably covered. The contact of Sarah’s touch at the level of the feet is very enveloping, it is a real encounter that extends over a long moment, as if to connect to the roots of the being, to check the foundations. As Sarah moves at the level of my knees, I dissociate myself from my body, I don’t remember the contact at this level, which is a very interesting experience. Sarah will explain to me later: “When I encounter a tense place, I honour that place, the tension will give me information if it is good for me to dwell on it or if it is not the time, I have no intention of anything but what is happening. As I am meeting the reality of the moment, reality is changing and speaking to me. “The digestive sphere loosens, makes itself heard and reacts to the energy. When it reaches my shoulders and throat, Sarah is coughing uncontrollably. After sharing, I feel a kind of calm, like a lake gently bubbling. In the weeks that follow, I will focus on reintegrating the consciousness of my knees at every possible opportunity (especially during yoga postures where I can actually see my knees). Returning to the body requires a lot of attention from us and Sarah Polain’s memorable bursts of laughter are assisting in paving the way for this journey.

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Extracts from the book: « Énergie, soins énergétiques, canal Reïki…  Sous les mots, la lumière », Sarah Polain, 2018

The energy of neutrality prevents any interference (intention, expectation, judgment…). The neutral channel requires a humble attitude, with no need to know, no willingness to understand or affect what is encountered. The neutral channel does not force life. Our approach to what comes to us is rarely neutral. Very quickly, beliefs are transmitted to us from generation to generation, often without much reflection on what they generate, weither they serve us or not. These beliefs and formats vary from one time to another, from one place to another, from one family to another: it is because I was born here and now, in such and such environment, that I approach the facts of existence in such and such ways.

There are intentions that are beneficial for collective life: to understand other beings around me, to encourage talents to reveal themselves, to develop my unique path while respecting others… There are intentions that are harmful to collective life: to accumulate a maximum of material goods, to subject those around me to my beliefs (presented as the one and only truth), to use life to satisfy the endless succession of my desires that stay forever unfulfilled. How does one come to this type of blindness, both individual and collective? The explanation is simple: the lack of perception of the body.

Since we were little, most of us have learned how to wash, decorate and use our bodies with the concept of performance. This comes with many desires: the desire to be in a constant state of well-being and stay away from rejection, away from anything that seems to hinder the quest for peace. For the being who merely decorates, washes and uses their bodies, it will be difficult to find concrete words to talk about their experience of their own bodies. Their bodies stay a concept more than an embodied reality, the vocabulary related to their experience will remain poor and hesitant. To encounter my body is to meet life which is serving me, via a complex network of veins, arteries, organs, muscles, bones, skin, joints which are working in constant cooperation. As long as I am speaking about my body in disparaging and approximate terms, it is harder to find peace. For it belittles the very process of life itself.

I am becoming lucid about how I and those around me operate. I am waking up. My body is rewarding me: more vital energy, a more luminous aura, powerful energy centers, organs and meridians, a greater capacity for healing, more joy, a more peaceful heart, an enlightened mind. My encounters with other are enriched: I share moments with others, positioning myself naturally according to what I am feeling. This is how I can feel a great discomfort in the company of someone, even when the words they express tell me that they are acting for my own good and that they love me. This feeling is the crying and unfailing message of my multicellular body: it indicates a danger and a red flag. Let us always observe whether another person is feeling compelled to persuade us of their points of view.






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