Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

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Savior complex, people-pleasing and victimhood consciousness: confronting shadows as a way to open a new door for daily experience – In this podcast, Ariane is reflecting on her first Saturn return that came as a great initiation and cracked her reality and perceptions about herself, others and the world open: wounding of non recognizion, search for external love and validation and loop within the drama triangle Persecutor-Rescuer-Victim. She is sharing how she moved forward on taking her share of responsability. New and sober hours were knocking at her door.

Not everyone is meant to access the highest forms of the human experience. Some people have become really good to hide beneath a mask of sanity, addicted to power and fame. When we can see both sides of the polarity, there is a possibility to transform the situation by seeing beyond the polarised state, reaching a space of neutral yet compassionate witnessing. Betrayal is often times an opportunity for a deeper initiation. Every year, a new layer of comprehension is added to the experience of exposure to psychopathy. It is a journey from the victimhood so engrammed in our human history to creatorship. Accessing a place of understanding for the perpetrators has been one of the most difficult exercices of my life.

One of the greatest initiations on Earth will be the one with extremely damaged souls. How to exit the dynamics and drama trianglevictim/savior/persecutor and walk towards maturity and spiritual adulthood ? Tracing the Shadow Victim within ourselves isn’t easy or evident, especially at first. It first starts with stopping to look outside of oneself for confort, support or feeling of empowerment. It continues with the realisation that the loss of power happens from within and that there is no one else to blame. What matters is what we feel is important for us to give birth to today even if it doesn’t make sense for others. I learned that my soul family comes one by one into my life, and they never come from the predicable angles.