Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Handling signatures and the access of different types of programming

This module is about:

  • The targeting of fears
  • Romantical orchestrated relationships
  • Traps of agreements; dark ET faction access and handlers under the curtains
  • Ways we are wounded and programmed, including the wound of non recognition, sabotage, ego seduction and tracing back the root of different types of programming including savior, shame and guilt programming, the food programs and victimhood consciousness
  • Seeing clearer through the engineering and through engineered hive-mind spaces and AI networking, leaving a cult-type environment and decluttering virtual spaces
  • Aligned mentorship, handling, handlers and sub handlers, the preparation of the next handler, attachment to our handlers
  • The encouragement of sub personalities
  • Codependent tendencies, different types of gaslighting; hooks in our consciousness
  • The infestation of the SSP scene
  • Programs embedded within programs and solutions to work on restricting access to us, making progress at boundary setting and implementing practical changes
  • 67 minutes of content

33 euros