Aria Persei

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Real original spark celebrities and frequency signature training in the entertainment, movie and music industries

Presentation of this online course

3 modules

The entertainment industry occupied a huge space in my life during my teen years up to age 26. Only later on the path I have understood that movies and songs were a way for me to connect to real original sparks much more than I had around me present in my geographical surroundings, especially up to that age. During a huge reshapping of my life and integration of heavy layers of engineering, I took distance from movies and tv series yet I can only look back and share with you that it was replaced by another form of media consumption such as alternative information platforms on the internet. The recent year, I have been coming back to the entertainment industries as an observator applying all that I have reclaimed about frequency signature reading. Daily, I am adjusting my subscriptions to remotely follow the path of original sparks who have healing abilities and extraordinary gifts, expressing them in an artistic form through acting, singing or holding space in a public way. This has been a journey of deep reconciliation as I have studied subtitling and screenwriting at a university in Brussels that has clear maconic ties in a very handled environment. I wrote movie critics for years before reclaiming my own writing feather, after 10 years spent in the alternative journalism scene where all of my bosses were handlers, some more covertly than others.

In this course, I share my compassionate and loving vision around original sparks present in the entertainment industries and my understanding of where they are on the journey of reintegrating their mk ultra programming and what actions they have taken in order to be freeing themselves from the layers of handling and engineering surrounding them. Join me for this high frequency training in frequency signature reading. It is built as an encouragement for you to look back on your own story relating remotely with original sparks on the game map. I mainly focus on actors or singers who have touched me in some forms or ways. This course is built to encourage frequency discernment with online subscriptions to keep connected to beings who are resisting some of the heavy puppeting coming with being part of the music, film and entertainment industries. I retraced many that I had loved and forgotten about before this process of internal reunification.

In this course, I share about :

  • my personal relationship with the entertainment industries, celebrities and Hollywood
  • engineering in my life in relationship to the entertainment industry
  • turning around the experience of mainstream radio for our own advantage : the method I came up with and apply from now on
  • Recognizing spirit in beings on the public scene, the spiritless and clones
  • a constructive way to practice frequency signature reading and study the engineering, targeting and handling (including family environment or military ties) and handlers (including partners, parents or siblings who are often handlers, managers or sex kitten handlers) in the lives of actors and actresses and singers on the public scene
  • mk ultra influences and the webs present around each original spark including beta sex kitten programs and beta sex kitten influences or engineered relationships from the mk ultra and milab programs, for example on set or from songwriting collaborations
  • the unique frequency signatures of each spark studied (some have them on a darker or lighter spectrum than others) and variations in the signatures across time
  • the handlee-handler relationship and the handlee-handler bonds
  • being mk ultra as an explanation for struggles with substance abuse and rehab episodes
  • The gossip press triggering programming of shame and humiliation and the way the matrix is targeting self-esteem, pressures from the engineering in the press and permanent damages on mental health aspects
  • programmed narratives celebrities are used for due to mind control
  • bleedthroughs from the screens to their real (even if greatly engineered) corners of realities
  • false distorted images from the matrix, false realities and toxic triangulations
  • the expression of alters, unhealed rage and darker expressions
  • freemaconic mk ultra symbolism and matrix trapping aspects
  • The review of about 20 celebrities of different nationalities for the first 2 modules (4 hours of video content) (the third module of 2 hours is in its recording phase)
  • About 3 hours of additional video clips and video extracts to study frequency signatures (including original spark mannerisms and body langage)
  • a few auras and scans with the panels I have written and work with on the Genius App to dive deeper in weakened aspects of the signatures
  • One panel included in this course for Genius practitioners: “Frequency signatures on the public scene” (54 items) 

197 euros