Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Back in 2020, I finished writing an article about transhumanism that I published on my website. You could read different voices in my work due to the influences I was connected to. It's not a narrative

Here, in this inverted game realm, there aren’t many relationships that are truly beneficial, though many

Day after day, our manifestation abilities are stolen from us to reinforce the prison walls of

Integrating post-traumatic stress disorder and newly created post traumatic states (from the ongoing abusive treatments we are going through in here) happens layer after layer. Taking in consideration that we are being retraumatized constantly through events

This post is about the dissolution of a mind controlling operation trying to pair me up with a new spirited handler, using the way my own mind works, my own intelligence and attention to details. A

The signatures we carry are inherent to who we are and each of us tends to

How are we using and interacting with our phones ? Have they become an extension of our being ? We are encouraged to sacrifice much for comfort, practicality and the speed of a fast life. Yet, the price

Most often, communities and projects that are started from a positive vision are hijacked through the

The information provided by quantum devices signals vulnerabilities, needs and dysfunctions of our biological organisms and

Homeopathy is a principle used for thousands of years by our ancestors. It comes from the Greek "homoios" for similar and "pathos" for disease and is a therapeutic method based on the principle of similarity: administering

Today, many people are affected by chronic or even degenerative pathologies, consequences of an exponential environmental

The standard houses have been designed for us, to create a kind of slave-like imprisonment where

A general grieving process has to be done around the idea of perfection, a process that applies to many areas of our lives. Going from denial about the state of our health to a balanced acceptation

When the urine is clear and there is no sediment in it, it indicates that our

The systems of the different matrices are constantly trying to access our pets, as they are doing for us daily. Some of our pets are own by the machine, driven by the machine or part of

While humans have moved away from natural laws, they have also forgotten what animals do eat

Trapped inside while they are animals who thrive in plains and nomadism, desocialized, horses often suffer

It is because she has experienced it intimately at several periods of her life that Harmonie Godart is able to speak about the grieving process in the depth of what it means and to offer guidance

It was in the magical landscape of the sacred lands of the Aude that I crossed paths