Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Switching back to flip-phones, unplugging from addiction to artificial intelligence and freeing ourselves from the enslavement created by dopamine circuits and a mind-controlling use of technological devices

How are we using and interacting with our phones ? Have they become an extension of our being ? We are encouraged to sacrifice much for comfort, practicality and the speed of a fast life. Yet, the price to pay in terms of nervous stimulation can be heavy and we may not be aware of it.

Transitioning to flip-phones

Survivors of complex trauma will often find benefits in terms of mental health not to be accessible at all times. Invasive technologies are meant, when we are depending on them and when we are not using them with awareness, to interfere with our telepathic abilities and natural gifts. Being connected to internet all day long means being exposed to a lot of external energies. The majority of them are limitating energies linked to mind control. For beings working on reclaiming their psychic abilities, it can be exhausting. Our nervous systems are already triggered several times throughout the day and the level of stress we are under can be intense. Going back to a flip-phone can erupt from a spiritual decision to protect the nervous system. There are many ways to be reached these days and an email address is the most neutral option. Another advantage of flip-phones is that they are not constantly connected and sending information back and forth across the internet. Their battery life is longer and they may be charged every 2-5 days, depending on how much one is using them.

The steps

As I am working on becoming more aware of the granted accesses in my daily life, I felt a need to take a few more steps away from the smartphone. When I looked back, I realized it had already been a gradual process and that I had been taking many small steps the last few years. When adding all these steps together, it became apparent it was a mountain that I had left behind. I was lucky enough that I was not relying on my phone for certain things since it had a very limited memory capacity. I was regularly needing to delete apps (and make decisive choices) and to sort photos and audio files. I was never able to store much on there. Nowadays, I am only using a smartphone when I am outside of the house. My flip-phone is turned on a few hours a day, sometimes a few minutes a day, sometimes once every 3 days. One may choose to only start their phones after 10 am or around midday and to shut it down around 20 pm. When I am on the smartphone now, I find it quite weird and unnatural to be typing on the blue screen and quite hypnotic, definitely a strong influence.

During spring 2020, I felt the need to limit access to me. I uninstalled and deleted my accounts of whatsapp, Telegram and Signal. I bought a second SIM prepaid card so I can use a smartphone when I am outside of the house (mainly for google maps). In the house I am currently residing, it took a while after cable internet was installed, due to an error from one very mind controlled electrician placing the wires backwards, to turn the wifi off. It took one year for cable internet to work on the different floors. In May 2021, I finally created the space to make the necessary adjustments. Before that, a clock was turning the rooter off at night during 7 hours. I do my best not to connect to internet during the first hours of the day. I have recently invested in a Faraday cage large enough to fit most of my technological devices. Blue filters are of huge assistance (f.lux on computers (Windows), night shift on smartphones). After installing a blue filter on my computer a while ago, I was able to go to bed earlier and feel when I was getting tired while still working on the computer. I realized that for years, the blue light kept me awake much longer than my natural rythm would have allowed me to.

As I was using the phone as an alarm clock, I bought mechanical alarm clocks for all bedrooms. I was using my separate NIKON reflex for photos. Yet I was using my phone for recording interviews though I also had a separate dictaphone. My phone was most of the time almost empty. One can be spending time to sort out the photos and all the files stored in there. One can also go through the list of contacts and delete the ones that belong to an older version of the self or that are no longer in application or relevant. These processes go hand in hand with cleaning old residual energies. One can also have a look at the applications and delete the ones that have not been used the last 2 months or the ones that can easily be checked on a computer. One can also choose a selection of social media he or she wants to be part of and delete other accounts. In addition, I am doing my best not to use bluetooth technology anymore. Two speakers that I used and that were gifted to me (tracing back the source) were practical and pleasant to use yet the bluetooth signal is a problem. Though I was aware it was not ideal, it still took some months before I came back to cable speakers. I only use bluetooth in the car now and also changed my habits in terms of consuming way less podcasts and youtube talks. This time is open for more feedback self to self. My awareness around the impact of dirty electricity and radiations has grown and so did my sensitivities. I am now working on the computer with a chorded mouse and I manually unplug the plugs near my bed at night.

The toxicity of online life

I moved forward with trying to discern the real appreciation that was present in my life, cleaning up my contacts on social media once more. Every time I am finding new layers of programming and it soon becomes evident that the cement of some relationships is creating unwelcomed chords. Usery is usually a big one for me. I noticed how social media is meant for us to be connected to a backdrop generated reality every single day of our lives. Being connected to this backdrop technology has a huge impact on how we relate with our reality. Backdrop generated beings are most of the time encouraging us to stay away from the cold hard truth and the deeper layers of our awakening process. If we are not discerning, our own technological devices are playing a part in the gaslighting present in our lives. Surfing on the internet with an advert blocker is helping to limit the access of algorythms chosen by artificial intelligence. I do my best not to accept the terms and conditions of websites I visit and don’t sign petitions or join causes.

Reducing the allowance of access to one’s field

Being less available through our phones may be an opportunity to reduce the amount of useless and meaningless messages (for example, when individuals want to chat mindlessly if they see you online) we are confronted with every day and which are part of the holographic simulation. Why not only turn the phone on when there is a purpose for it ? Often times, they have installed the program of being worried for someone. Nevertheless, turning the phone on only when useful can be appropriated for the ones who are not handling stress very well. When I was a young adult, phone calls used to put me in a state of high anxiety. Only later, I would realize that one can get remotely triggered by code words or a certain bip tone. I also remember a feeling of anxiety when my mother would hand me the phone for a one-hour talk with my non spirited grandmother. I knew the next hour would be stolen away from me. As a child and teenager, I had not the tools yet to set boundaries and to give priority to the value I see in my time instead of answering the need of someone else.

We don’t have to stay visible for our families online, the link can be extremely toxic, especially when family members are backdrop characters, generated by the hologram to be programmed a certain way and handle beings with original fire and spark, inserting things in their timelines. Many psychic attacks or engineered encounters with gurus or handlers are happening through social media. Facebook Purity can be installed, it does counter a bit the agressive algorythms and unorganic network suggestions. I used to give credit to the suggestions of artificial intelligence but now much less, I have learned my lessons about the necessity of being careful with them and usually reject the suggestion out of my field. Linked In is another harvesting tool, I deleted my profile once I deprogrammed from thinking I belonged anywhere out there in the engineered working scene and once I became able to create financial sustenance for myself. I know I would do my best not to apply randomely for a job ever again. Application as Tinder are engineering parts of one’s life through the implementations of networks created by artificial intelligence, not mentionning the existence of love-bite scenarios in the dating scene.

One can observe and feel : have I become part of a hive-mind environment ? What actions are needed to be taken in order to extract from that artificial creation ? Is my life being led by technology ? Many parts of our lives have been engineered. We may realize we are emprisonned in the middle of walls of an invisible mind prison, even though the concept of freedom is being talked about. Who carries real light and is in a genuine mutually giving-receiving relationship with me ? Who will care enough not to project their hardships out ? We ourselves have been willingfully creating digitalised version of ourselves on the internet. Who are we without this digitalised identity ?