Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Navigating extreme engineering, inner programming, handling energies and the other reals resisting to do the work

A human avatar original spark life in this realm is a short time to be exploring it all in here. Our time here is a very precious currency. It is so complex to be here in a denser reality especially due to all the programming, mind games and manipulations going on. The reals are spread apart, being set up on the map away from each other. Childhood is a well-thought set-up, a period during which a lot of distorted beliefs are implanted in the minds of the reals. Later these beliefs are reinforced in their daily realities through their involvement in simulation public spaces such as schools or the family environment where you generally find quite drastic handling energies. Inverted beliefs are enforced to repress the creative power of the reals here. Reals generally grow in a high stress environment, exposed to many different controlling signatures. As reals, we are sold a 3D reality as the answer and the way to happiness. Too many spirited beings are buying into the simulation layers, having lost the memory of who they are as a spirit and in their essence. For reals who gravitate around the fields of mind control, multiple personality disorders and fringe topics, it is often because of residual memory. Later on, they might realize their lives are directly related to these themes with involvement in covert daytime and nighttime projects. The constant gaslighting we the reals are submitted to in this realm does not help us to uncover the real deep truth. Having your experiences invalidated is disorienting. Through the many different mind controlling programs out there in the game, you are encouraged to have low expectations for yourself, for your life and for your vision. It’s important to keep tracing down the deep root of our behaviours, actions, choices and words as everyday we are exposed to so many mind influences designed to map our consciousness.

Every year we see many game narratives being proposed to us on the game map. They are intended to have a specific effect on our minds and to activate programming. They are chosen for us, it’s about what the new narrative is going to be, therefore it’s about what many of the reals here are going to be busy with. Reals are encouraged and pressured to be accepting a lot of crap in their realities as the system tries to convince them they are not worthy of anything. The game is designed to target the self-esteem of the reals, constantly keeping them in that programming « I am not worthy », « I am not enough ». Mind control is what has been pushing many reals to a point of self-destruction in their pasts. We see some reals trying to exit the game through suicides. Teenage years are sensitive years in that matter.
Furthermore, you know very well the matrix computer systems always work on reuniting you with bad matches for you, proposition after proposition. The awakening journey is about breaking our programming down. Using the word « awake » or « awakening » generally is tied to the new age false teachings. I always see the process as a deprogramming ongoing journey. New age actually tends to discourage shadow work. We are in a reality that can be ungrateful, in which relationships are used as entrapment. It’s always about rearranging energies with the newly awakened « « me », always a layer deeper.
Navigating the engineering of our lives
As a real original spark, someone connected to spirit, you have been facing engineering and targeting your whole life. There are numerous things that are intended to have a specific effect on your mind or lower the frequency you are building on a daily basis. We often find in our fields degrees and layers of influences and control over our thoughts, actions and decisions. Many have no idea they are targeted, very often, randomly and every day by the spiritless. It can be very torturous what is engineered around us and the impact it has on us. As a real here, you constantly are receiving simulation propositions that you are accepting or not. You’ll be asked a lot of questions. Don’t feel as if you have to answer them all. You can keep on allowing yourself to go beyond your programming. Is it benefiting you in any ways? Is it worth devoting your time to it ? If we don’t navigate our daily lives with a great deal of discernment, most of our lives ends up being teleguided and engineered for us mainly by the AI systems very active here but also through specific attention from ET factions. Extreme engineering is found around the reals to encourage forgetting and the dumbing down of what we can really do and be. Many times, we are under mind control or under programming in order to go in specific events or locations. Later, we have to process it all about what truly happened on invisible terms. The program has always an alternative version to propose to you if it can not corner you through a specific angle.
Dealing with the spiritless
I avoid interacting with the simulation whenever I can. I often make choices so I don’t have to immerse myself in the SIM with the SIMs. The rewards are underground, they are definitely and without a doubt there. You are encouraged to bond with your neighbors, pretending as if they are real (most of the times, they are not). When you spend time with the spiritless, you tend to forget about your own spirited magic and all that is possible to manifest here. You generally have to downgrade your frequency to understand psychically the logic of the spiritless and their ways of being. They can only validate a low 3D version of you and even then, they don’t even validate it that much. Indeed, the spiritless are usually used for subtle or not so subtle gaslighting. The spiritless love to be mirroring us. They read our works, study our vocabulary and mirror it back to us. Unawakened reals are very encouraged to fit in with the NPCs, living a very 3D life as if they were spiritless too, forgetting about their connection to a source of infinite creation. It’s the wrong puzzle to try to fit in with the spiritless. They are certainly not our people. There is no point to trying to belong with the spiritless.
Spiritless beings are very easily accessed as they are mostly AI codes. Non spirited individuals also have handlers around them so they stay in their programming and keep accomplishing the work (within the cube) they have been programmed to do. Now remember most of the backdrops are programmed to be in constant cognitive dissonance to keep on gaslighting the reals. You can definitely tune to positive spiritless options for the 3D things you need assistance with. With quantum apps, you can scan possibilities.
There is a sense of harvesting when we deal with AI beings. It is invasive and intrusive or weird. Some of the spiritless are there to push you to what is emotionally unbearable for you. The game keepers want to push you to this point of self-destruction and triggering. The backdrops (and this includes AI stalkers sent for intimidation) can only harm us if we let them disturb our frequency and if we let them influence the way we create in our own corners of realities. Reactive programming can be causing a lot of damages. That is why it’s important to keep on detaching from predictable emotional reactions, refraining to jump into reactive actions or to shed a tear for anything that is emotionally manipulative. It helps to see the spiritless for what they are and understand better what they are. The attention from bots and automatically generated artificial intelligence have no value. Backdrops can never understand how you experiment reality. It’s also important to know who you are in the game.
Spaces out there in the simulation
In most of the places we go, there is a degree of harvesting, we just have to see if it’s worth it for us at this time, worth the energy harvesting, the draining and siphoning. Often we forget about solutions on how to get our needs met without having to be harvested or abused. The engineering pushes us in reaction, reacting from the previous phase of handling, pushing for us to be walking to the next trap. Complications always come from systems that are set up to trap the reals out there in the game, which are most of the propositions out there offered in person or online. At first, the new proposed cubical box can seem appealing but soon enough we realize that there are quite constricting walls. There are many tempting boxes and some, not so tempting. Something that feels uplifting one day might feel constricting later. With time, the layers do reveal more and more for what they truly are about.
Navigating handling and handlers
How people react to boundary setting always tells us about who they truly are. Do they make you feel like crap because you have been setting a boundary with them ? Denying that a problematic situation has caused a crossing of boundaries is enabling an abusive situation to perpetuate. Abusers tend to be testing boundaries unconsciously, to discover what can be done without you objecting or reacting to what is being set-up. Your trust is being exploited when your boundaries are being crossed.
In the past, it’s quite common for the reals to have been unable to express boundaries. At first, because of the MK Ultra programs, we don’t even noticed when we are being invaded or accessed. The body is partially numbed. This can lead to premature abrupt interruption in relationships with others when boundaries have been crossed to a point of no return. It’s important to have words to keep on describing what is happening in our lives. It helps to stop spinning and to know our true core spirit direction. Many beings here are crossing our boundaries (causing triggers) without being aware they are doing so. They might wonder why they always experience rejection without ever addressing what needs to be addressed within them. I don’t allow false energy in my life disguising as friendship. I can easily go to the core of someone especially with repeated interactions and exposures to them. Some handlers in our past have been able to trigger us further than we were able to manage, drawing the worst of what we could actualize out of us. A poisonous little seed can be traced a long long way ; a little remark from a handled person can lead you to take decisions and actions that will allow more handling to come in to your reality. It’s important to trace back these subtle influences.
A handler is someone who is instructed per their programming to derail you, to get your dormant programming triggered or to control the information you connect with or the perception you have of yourself. It’s an attempt to control you, to first be dismantling your sense of self, the very basis of how you navigate this realm. It leaves you in doubt, questioning the very foundation of yourself. Handlers generally are into control and ego. The system here can be using a lot low frequency emotions against us. From our negative egos, we are easily led and puppeted. The system often tries to appeal to your ego identity, to use it, triggering the wounded ego, making us blindsided by righteous anger or the outrage of being abused once again. One thing is sure, the matrix and its agents are not going to give you that validation on a plate but you’ll keep on finding it in the battlefield through all the battles you are winning.
Some handlers want adoration and loyalty. They are used to mislead us. Unconsciously, you might want to be meeting their expectations as all the reals are psychic and can tune to core wounds and unmet needs. Being busy answering someone else’s needs is certainly interfering with what would have been done otherwise. It’s a derailment and a redirecting of energy. Handlers quickly identify the potential you have to be a supporter of theirs. That’s when flattery and love-bombing come in the picture, taking advantage of and hooking in your wound of non recognition. Flattery is used to make you feel, only for a brief moment, more than the rest, special, loved and appreciated. You might get a hit from it but it won’t be the healing kind. This type of appreciation is generally partially fake and manipulative. The keys that they give through their psychic gifts can also be partially false. You soon realize the kindness you once received was a deception, something to extract something out of you.
Handlers generally refuse to be accepting personal responsibility and they tend to shift it. Many handlers will pretend they are there to encourage your memories while in fact they are there to repress them and keep you in infinity loops. They don’t encourage emancipation but for you to stay dependent on them eternally. They can slowly be working on dismantling your abilities to choose for yourself. Handlers can shape the way you or others are perceiving a situation and how it unfolded. They will introduce you to people who won’t be assisting you to keep on your highest timeline, people who will encourage you to stay in your programming, people not doing the work. They are a distraction ; they can also be used for intimidation. Some handlers will be scaring the heck out of you for you to believe you need them, to keep on learning, that they have something you can not discover alone. They might play favorites within groups. They will trigger your curiosity but only deliver partial material. They can make you feel dependent on their help, making you believe you are not going to succeed deciphering the rules of the game here without them. They demand admiration or try to access your heart with victim stories. They are grabbing control over how you create and what you choose.
Handlers are around us to handle us and the way we spend our time. They are an energy drain and creating interferences and disruptions. It’s a way for the system to make sure we have less space with ourselves. When we are alone with ourselves that is when we can keep on breaking free from mind control. We need a lot of free space and quiet to break all the mind games and ongoing manipulations in our lives. If handlers were who they are pretending they are, they would know much better and would not let themselves be puppeted in such ways. If they were as smart as they think they are, they would not associate with certain dark energies. Yet sometimes they do it willingly or unwillingly, due to their own dark choices and what they are refusing to want to acknowledge, see and work on.
There is a lot of toxic leadership because leading comes with a certain degree of power, that is often misused to create more bondage with the programs. For healing, I went from handlers to handlers for many years while keeping on walking the next needed steps for myself. Later on the path, I found handlers with real healing abilities. The handling part was still interfering. There were different controlling figures during most of my travels. I do work hard to keep major handlers at bay mainly as the programmed influences they broadcast in my reality is problematic. Handlers can be very entertaining in their story telling. They will incite you to believe in layers of false memories.
You might be catching them saying certain things where they clearly are avoiding to own what is actually being played. Extreme evil is often related to groups hiding behind some handlers sent in our corners of realities. These handlers themselves are generally not fully aware of the level of darkness they are endorsing and associating with. Handlers can sometimes be working with others who are possessed and teleguided by dark energies and negative types of AI. Many reals answer to dark ET faction groups, including the Black Sun, and are acting when they are instructed to do as per their programming. They end up being used for these little actions that have a really very negative impacts in the lives of the reals, most of the time creating emotional torture. They can also be used to lead the reals to reprogramming centers and episodes. Negative ET are always trying to mess up the timelines we are working on by playing the cards they can. They are constantly using mind control for access. They are lots of hidden energy we are not choosing to associate with consciously. It helps to understand our covert involvement in projects, just to make sense of how we feel and how hard it is to push through sometimes. The ones who only look in the daytime reality will never be able to understand the wholeness of their experiences here.
Handlers tend to resist accountability and transparency. They have a lot of programming installed for denial. There is a moment when it becomes to hurt to be connected to the denial in others, a moment where the lie hurts too much, when it begins to rise to the conscious, to become an evidence. That is the moment when one breaks free from cognitive dissonance, a very precious moment when we are ready to leave captivity. People can expose a lot of evil and be very targeted, it does not mean they are on the side of the light. A great part of the doom and gloom agendas, predictions or spreading of fears perpetuated by handlers never come true. We don’t always know the hidden contracts of why we interact with each other or the hive-mind that is reuniting us. Yet we can feel that it is there. Captivity is felt when there is a lot of lies around.
If handlers have access to your wiring (which they usually do if they are psychic), they might be using it to further abuse you. They will also generally encourage your dark parts and these dark parts can be your alter personalities. Even if they are on the people-pleasing side, it still isn’t you. Techniques of minimizing, ignoring, justifying or excusing may be used. Abuse wants you to accept confusion and to stay silent, it desires to control your perception of reality, of yourself and of others. Handlers tacitly want you to endorse an agenda, it’s a way to be corded to many groups. They might lead you to practice rituals to break free from your shadows or towards a purifying purpose, yet these rituals are generally hiding hidden agreements and pacts with dark forces that take weeks to uncord from. And it’s not because someone is around someone else that you trust that you can trust them either. That’s an open door for engineering. Time always helps to understand the full extent of an experience with someone who ended up not being so good for our path. Freeing ourselves from handling is about reclaiming mastery over our own timelines.
The problem with reals not doing the work
Only the spirited can receive and access true layers of healing and not all spirited can become allies or are ready to heal. Many reals have not awakened to many layers of deceit and have no idea they are playing in a simulation. They go from false healing to false healing for years and decades. Matrix healing is false healing. With quantum apps, you can actually trace its signature through the nuances in the colors that are appearing. Many are struggling with sabotage layers and are addicted to the anti healing ways, their suffering, pain and the inversion. They are very fragmented real spirits here and they can not be helped if they don’t decide to do the needed work. Stuck in their loops, they sometimes write incoherent alter talk. Many are not ready to take the opportunity. There comes a point on the journey when you refuse to stay in a situation that creates unhappiness and you grow curious to experience what happens next when you have walked out from this abusive situation. All of us have to first dismantle layers of victim consciousness and programming, understanding we needed to if we wanted to get anywhere further on the path.
Very fragmented spirits are programmed to refuse true healing, true assistance and the good coming into their lives. The system is mixing the person (the individual) so much with the program that it’s sometimes hard to stay in touch with someone because programming is in the way. These fragmented spirits can not receive healing gifts as long as they have not decided to get better. They are more on the side of saboteurs than allies, even if they are real. They can be very talented at deceiving themselves and at self-deception. It can be sad that they are not doing anything with their gifts here right now but zooming out, you remember they are infinity. If they are not ready to do the work, the time invested in them is not fruitful and they are used negatively for distraction, turning over and over in their loops. They generally also are being used to target the self-esteem of other reals.
Reals can be the greatest deceivers here. Corruption comes early in our lives to install darkness that can later be accessed. Most of the reals here are dark because they are not doing their inner work. They can be used negatively, presenting things in a specific way, placing some elements in the conversation making sure you are aware of these elements because of the impact they will have on your mind. They (or their unintegrated alters) might shed tears to convince you of their victim stories. When you take distance, you might feel it all feels like a theater piece where you have seen different faces and characters. They will also tend to be pushy in the conversation, inquisitive and crossing some of your boundaries, if only very slightly so you have more chance to feel inclined to answer. These beings are not trying to find a shared rhythm with you and are not ready to surrender to the guidance you might have to offer to them. Often times, they are being sent by their handlers for covert reasons. You might be finding yourself apologizing to the darker reals until the time when you open your eyes about the degree of manipulation they were bringing to your door and their blame shifting methods. You can revoke apologies made because of these distorted ways of pressure.
Relating with darker reals will be coming with unsatisfaction due to the presence of many of their non integrated sub personalities playing in the game with manipulative aspects taking advantage of goodness and weak boundaries (and encouraging weak boundaries). Once again, there is a risk to end up in the drama triangle as soon as these offender aspects are back in the game. Some reals are used to maneuver and organise timelines due to their narcissistic unintegrated tendencies. It might have started with a personal decision that is then being taken advantage of, overtaken and manipulated. With the darker reals, it won’t be appropriate to give them feedback each time there is intrusion on your emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical boundaries. There is just too much in general and even though they might state (sometimes alters might also be in charge of stating that) that they are willing to show accountability, they often are not. Boundaries are a way for us to break contracts and to be refusing to be drained, corded and harvested. Whenever you are setting boundaries with someone, how this person is reacting to you setting boundaries is always saying a lot about who they are. Who will not be taking advantage of a weakness even if they feel it ? Do they try to make you feel guilty ? Do they try to divert the attention from you bringing the attention on an essential dark point they are not working on that is creating torture in your corner of reality ? What is happening as you are becoming more assertive ? If breaking from the lies mean you have to cut the relationship, it means the cement was a lie. It takes work to state it as it is and not sugar coat it. How is your reality being reconfigured ? Is there things we don’t like and would like to change in our corners of realities ? We generally have plenty of work with that. It’s the bravest thing here to be a kind person since so much of your darkness is encouraged.
Distraction has a frequency too and you can feel this signature when some beings are thought injected or triggered to say certain things or take certain actions. When feeling this signature, one option is to say no or to put a hold to the distraction energy (for example with reals not doing the work and used for extra distraction). The simulation is distracting and the frequency of the NPCs as well, it acts like a disturbance in our energy fields. It’s from our homes we keep on creating our micro-universes. The real work is through every single detail of our daily lives, that is why there is so much exterior content made to distract us towards what is offered « out there on the game map ». It is very confrontational and intense to live a life without major distractions and distractors in the field.
The density of our experience here
Most reals find it heavy to carry on all the 3D things they need to be doing. I am seeing much progress in that area in my life. In 2022, I started being in a significant way much quicker at doing the 3D needed work required in my corner of reality. I had more energy than the year before, more inner space. I worked on fixing details that I did not have the energy to address before, in the house or in the gardens, adjusting doors, repairing desks for optimal functional use. I did refuse assistance of handlers to keep up with the 2 big gardens around the house. I worked with quantum technology to make my every day choices putting the patience to find decent frequencies to be working or connecting with and therefore, decrease the amount of triggering that generally reaches me.
Things can change fast here in the game, especially if you are evolving fast too. I started year 2022 with a spirited strong ally roomate, an AI cat and a walk-out cat. I finished year 2022 with having adopted and rescued on the game map 2 spirited dogs, one being on the darker side of creation due to by default choices she was making due to depression and engineering in her own life. With me she is finding the needed motivation to do other choices than darkness. My dogs became my best friends and companions. Two new spirits have entered my life. My year 2022 was a year of fluctuation during which I grieved 2 beings who walked out of the game in their very own ways. I have learned to grieve fast thanks to my connection to the dimensions and my previous grieving experiences. Grieving is still a multi layered process and when you’re in the middle of it, however fast it can go, it is a deep endeavor.
Keys on the journey
It’s a reality where we have to put a lot of energy to be who we are, truly, due to all the counter energies coming to counter the anchoring of true spirit. We have been very encouraged not to remember anything about our own power or our own energy signature. Each of us original sparks connected to source are really bringing something unique that no one else would be bringing the same way even if some of our understandings are the same. It takes work to patiently recognize the signatures all around. The work here is so layered and unpredictable. Some days it’s so much to process internally that it’s great to have as much space as possible to choose how the day is going to go. We can leave ourselves space in order to process at our rhythms as our boundaries are changing every day and are evolving with time and deprogramming. We can really speed up the process for others. We generally have inside of us the cellular memory of what a greater love feels like. The density of the everyday is designed to encourage forgetting. Due to the memory wiping mechanism, it’s easy to forget our good habits. Our progresses are actually erased if we don’t anchor them solidly enough.
Thanks to clair abilities, we can pick that the frequency is off its aligned rhythm. The entertainment industry is a good place to study fake emotions. You can find a lot of that on Youtube as well. Alters will carry false emotions too, for example tied to victimhood consciousness. Generally, you can feel the frequency with which someone is reaching out to you but sometimes it’s more tricky and takes more time to uncover. About our past, we can generally tell with which beings there was a sense of something being real. Frequency signature reading is the way to keep on finding our ways here. A good way to trace all the signatures of our past is to look back and see the quality of the memory and what impression it left and how clean it feels. You can always command through your connection to Spirit for the truth to be revealed to you. The deprogramming process comes with grief as we are now seeing things as they are and not as we would have hoped for them to be.
Having a smaller circle is a good sign of mental health in navigating the matrix and protecting our energy fields. With strong allies playing on the light side, which are rare to find here due to the extreme degree of engineering, we remind each other of what is possible and also about wholesome healing. Not every real here has the potential to become a strong ally. Actually, many reals are used for distraction when spiritless templates are not enough anymore to hold you down and keep you distracted, busy and repressed. Not many will encourage the real you. The ones who will can truly love beyond themselves. They will assist in moving forward thanks to mutual validation. How others are handling their battles reveal a lot about who they are deep down. My most meaningfull audience is the reals who are doing the work. When you do the work you integrate the shadow aspects (and therefore you work on integrating your alters). Most reals really doing the work, and they are rare, carry a lot of light and healing potential.
What I share about isn’t about hedonistic joy but a more profound contentment that comes from knowledge and advancing on the deprogramming path. There lies for me the true contentment to be alive in this world, to do and be what I am here to be. Our works keep on evolving and growing with us as our frequencies rise. And with the now us, we can not always predict the vastness of the future us that will certainly surprise us a lot. Building something aligned takes time, to call the right energies in and of course, to avoid the many traps and propositions from the system. During separations with handlers, we often are deconstructing false reality fields that were not what we had in mind. They tend to reveal in time as programming keeps on breaking down. When you leave a very handled environment, you can feel space growing in your life. May the veils of programming keep on lifting.