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Navigating complex relationships, handling and connecting with allies

This is an interactive course where we will review and study together many different types of relationships, from the most obvious backdrop simple templates to the complex types of relationship dynamics. For us, fire creation beings fighting to preserve our spark of spirit here, we know that a lot of our relationships are engineered by the programs. Indeed, it’s often that way that new people are being sent our way and enter our life. From the very beginning of our lifetime here as who we are right now, in this current game incarnation, we have been encouraged (and still are encouraged) to be codependent and weak at boundary setting so the programs can keep on getting in and engineer what our life looks like, our choices, our behaviors down to what and how we think. Of course, family and romance are 2 of the big programs which keep on attempting to tie us to the matrix computer systems. Many friendships are also infiltrated and corrupted to some degrees. The gems are rare ; they do exist. These are the other fire creation beings doing their shadow work. We will study many different signatures of handlers who are there to trigger, distract and disrupt and many handling templates. We will study different gazes and what we can see in the eyes, from AI traps to other types of complex signatures. What are the eyes letting us know?

This upgrading and uplevelling course comes with practicing frequency signature discernment, going over many corrupted models I have crossed path with and studying their signatures, whether they are backdrops, empty, corrupted reals or precious allies on the path. One of my motivations is to encourage you in your reclamation journey and to stimulate memories about your own past, your own present and what surrounds you. Indeed, fire creation beings are surrounded by simulation and traps that are draining them in every area of their lives (partners, collegues, friends, family members even down to our pets). The content shared is intended to assist participants to be sharper at discerning the different signatures in beings, for their personal lives and also to navigate the public life and what we find on the internet. During one module, we will study beta sex kitten programming and sexual programming, a very distractive frequency signature, which is heavily used to cause distraction in our lives and disruption in our energetic fields. One module will be devoted to animals and pets and how to avoid AI traps and what to envision with AI or spirited animals. And of course, this is to deepen our relationship with ourselves first and foremost. We will review some interesting auras with the Energy ReMastered app and the course comes with 4 of my favourite panels :

  • Core beliefs about self (142 items)
  • Core beliefs about others and this reality (52 items)
  • Handling (38 items)
  • Programming (93 items)

If you are not a practicioner, you will receive a personal scan (audio file of 10 minutes) going over these 4 panels.

20 pm belgian timezone on ZOOM

  • Sunday 21st August 2022 ~ Module ONE ~ AI traps, the gaze, NPCs and reviewing our pasts
  • Sunday 4th September ~ Module TWO ~ Handlers and handling signatures
  • Sunday 18th September ~ Module THREE ~ Dark, MK Ultra and draco signatures
  • Sunday 2nd October ~ Module FOUR ~ Corrupted fire creation signatures and sexual triggering due to beta sex kitten programming
  • Sunday 16th October ~ Module FIVE ~ romantic partners and allies on the path
  • Sunday 30th October ~ Module SIX ~ animals: dogs, cats and pets and empty avatar beings with the trace of a spirit
  • Sunday 13rd November ~ Module SEVEN ~ wrapping it up: what you have learned and your discernment
  • Sunday 27th November ~ Module EIGHT (bonus) ~ grief and losses in the game: perspectives

Some dates might be modified if there is a conflict with classes from Secret to Everything and moved to the Saturday before. This page will be updated as it goes. Classes are given at 20 pm belgian timezone / 14 pm Eastern timezone US / 11 am California timezone. There will be a timechange around October so make sure to double check your timezone with the belgian one which is leading the way.

This courses comes with:

  • at least 12-14 hours of video content
  • the reviews of some of my personal photographs
  • a bonus module devoted to grief
  • a clearing and group process along the journey
  • at least 4 panels for the Energy ReMastered app (value of 77 euros)
  • after payment, you are invited to access Thinkific (click)

Join me for another unforgettable adventurous journey

lasting 14 weeks for upgrading and uplevelling!

Live participants are invited to participate live and will be granted access to the recordings of the 4 modules of Yoga Nidra and Deep Relaxation held by Olya.

These recordings are amazing to be working on releasing cptsd, stored traumas and tensions.

Later, this package will be released separately for the price of 67 euros.

  • Sunday 11th September 2022, 20 pm belgian timezone
  • Sunday 9th October 2022, 20 pm belgian timezone
  • Sunday 6th November 2022, 20 pm belgian timezone
  • Sunday 4th December 2022, 20 pm belgian timezone

437 euros (Paypal)

437 euros (Stripe)

Payment plans in 3 payments

  • First payment now
  • Second payment first week of October 2022
  • Third payment first week of November 2022

145 euros (Paypal)

145 euros (Stripe)

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