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Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The online project of Aria Persei came from the desire to contribute to a higher frequency collective timeline, to add value in this realm through the sharing of my understanding about mind control, knowing the material has the potential to be accelerating the process of other Original Spirit Sparks here. In me, there has always been a very decided drive that keeps pushing forward and keeps deprogramming at all costs. During my twenties, I realized that precious years were going by and that my time and my energy were handled. My evolution was slowed down through interpersonal handling in my relationships. The programming of sacrifice was also in the way for me to access more satisfying relationships. Because of the early gaslighting and the numbing down of my abilities, I was lacking to trust my inner discernment as I had learned to doubt myself and to give credit to external authority. Through the reconnection to intuitive and extra-sensorial perceptions, I became able to question the way reality had been presented to me; I knew deep in my cells there was more than this 3D plane and that our physical senses were only a tiny fraction of the magnetic spectrum. In the three-dimensional confinement that was presented to me as reality, I felt locked inside a prison. My spirit quest brought me down into the depths of the human mind and consciousness. I was ready for the real answers to come and I had the drive to transcend the psychological and emotional tortures that had been part of my life as it is for all the Original Spirit Sparks here.

It led me to realise that everything that has been sold to us has to be revised and that true reconnection is only possible through our connection to spirit. It led me to question what was really going on in this reality on deeper levels, levels that stay hidden from 3D perceptions. And it led me to understand that other forces were at play, through others, feeding from the energetic food supply created by human suffering, through leaks happening through the nervous systems or low-frequency emotions. A small part of humanity is in fact a gigantic manifestation generator. Centuries of conditioning have kept humans navigating in very predictable behaviors, engineered situations and conditioned relationships. Values have been insidiously inverted; history of mankind has been falsified and rewritten. Immoral and unethical values are widespread; scientific knowledge has been corrupted and biased and used to further dissociate us from the magic that lives inside of us. The vast majority of human thoughts and beliefs have been designed by others: the human mind is very suggestible. The hypnotic trance is global. Elite financial powers, on both sides of the curtains and as well crossdimensionally, are encouraging humanity to stay in unconscious ignorance, arrested states of development and spiritual immaturity. Programming is built in such a way that individuals are kept in a range of predictable polarized emotions and behaviors, in alignment with the will of dark inverted forces and alien factions. The propagation of programs result in various degrees of spirit deconnection; repressive agendas are being perpetuated and our manifestation abilities are being stolen away from us to manifest lower frequency collective timeline. I got personally interested in the theme of fragmentation due to multiple exposures to various degrees of overt and covert narcissism, psychopathy, black magic or dark force possession. These experiences were a real launching pad for me to realise the extent of engineering in my own life. I had a desire to see further than the victim/persecutor agenda, to deprogram from guilt and sacrifice programming and to find ways to reclaim my own personal sovereign authority.

My progress in vibratory discernment and reading energy signature is a major key to move away from further entrapments and to face the numerous well-thoughts propositions made by the matrix control system and sent by the matrix computers in our lives. I am now well equipped to encourage other Original Spirit Sparks to keep on perceiving beyond their five senses, as it’s something that has been so very central to my own grounded evolution. Starting to recognize the vibration (within every being, information or mentor figures) has been assisting me in changing the way I am navigating my life. I learned not to be an endless receptacle that allows everything in, to give credit to my reality. This has been also allowing me to recognize who is really hiding under each human suit and to identify the numerous handlers sent into my corner of reality.

The realisation that my body was greatly acidic followed. We are all targeted as soon as we arrive here; I had underestimated the level of targeting on my health. The matrix grids focus on many angles to weaken our clarity, with numerous poisons in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the medical “assistance” (and covert sabotaging) we receive, the vaccines which are weakening generation after generation.

Rebuilding ourselves at a cellular level is key on this journey – working on finding balance healthwise has been very key to me being able to be functional while I am here. The reconnection to my body came with the development of new skills and abilities: inner trust and compass, recovery from gaslighting, reconnection to my intuition and inner knowing, trying to find the zero point of non reactiveness, learning to shield from negative ego distortions and shadow projections. As I was digging into the root cause of experiences of abuse and cyclical suffering in my life, I realised that it was the reals who were all constantly violated, abused and experimented on. Agendas of fear, division, comparison, confusion, chaos and apathy are, overtly and covertly, being played out, injected in our lives at individual levels. Everything is done to keep us disconnected from our body intelligence and from our spiritual nature by staying trapped in the programming that has been implanted in our minds through the mk ultra programs, to limit our abilities and direct our manifesting creations. The increasing technology is to assimilate us, to distract us and to keep us trapped in a mind prison. The truth is inside of a portion of us, for those who inquire sincerely, for those who work on becoming able to recognize which frequencies they are interacting with and where they are giving consent away. Retracting and revoking these consents is key. The proposition of these times of the Great Becoming for the Originals is to collectively reconnect to our spiritual nature, answer the call and end associations with frequencies that are not aligned with who we really are in Spirit in this lifetime incarnation.

On the path to spiritual growth, I encountered and keep on encountering many engineerede traps with numerous infiltrations trying to sabotage the work I am putting out. I keep on becoming very skilled at spotting these mind games and keeping them at bay by stopping associations with such infiltrators. I also became aware of the way distraction keeps on being sent in many forms to slow down our progresses, sucking out hours out of the days, leaving us with feelings of anxiety and powerlessness. The traps in which I spent a little time are providing enlightened teachings which I share abundantly on my public channels and through private courses. The key is that I am always keeping on finding my way out of the traps. Fascinated by the whole process of self-exploration and healing, I share here how to work on re-educating internal structures, how to demystify erroneous myths and how to unmask illusions and false projections by observing what’s happening in our thoughts, emotions and nervous systems at subtle levels.

I am conscious of the fact that every word, every thought and every action has consequences and is participating in the creation of the reality we perceive. A portion of us are constantly sending energy that impacts others without realising it. This energy has an impact on creating the present that we live in, it has an impact on validating wars that happen far away or space and time covert projects. I fiercely believe in being dedicated to work for sovereignty from visible and invisible forces as consents are being withdrawn from everything that is bringing chaos on the planet. A portion of us is invited to remember their true nature, their true history and their true abilities, putting a stop to the enslavement of mind control once and for all.

Remembering the specific color of our talents is essential. Some of us came with the fire of original creation burning in their veins. From this, everything we know is created. Freedom does not lie in the projection of the discomfort onto the exterior. There is very minimal time to be spending in distractions, addictive behaviors or endless dramas with backdrops, bots or beings choosing to stay in their unconscious patterns. The Pandora’s box has no end. Once opened, it can not be closed anymore but glue can tie us in cubical structures where the drug is so real it sedates us. Those who question the world around them and their own psychic structures are left with essential question: who I am? What abilities are hiding inside of me? How can I get back on my true spirit rails? Am I aligned with the potential that resides in me? How much do I remember? How much have I forgotten? Reconnecting pieces of fragmentation of our wounded selves is a slow-pace return to spirit sovereignty.

We are a handful of beings, diving so deep into the evolution process, rewiring ourselves, doing the real deep deprogramming work to contribute positively to a higher frequency game.

For the love of Truth and Knowledge, this project is my way to find my way back to you.

— Arianah

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