Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Kidney filtration, an important step on the journey of cellular detoxification

When the urine is clear and there is no sediment in it, it indicates that our kidneys are not filtering. Stagnation of the lymph system starts when the kidneys lose their ability to filter the lymphatic waste from the lymphatic system. The suppression of this sewage system is leading to extreme inner toxicity in the form of acidosis. When kidneys are failing, the body becomes acidic and starts to hold water. For many of us, it starts from birth or from the womb : we have never filtered lymphatic waste out. It means this cellular, residual and bacterial waste has been accumulating and stored somewhere in our bodies.

The blood is praised in the mainstream medical field yet initially, all problems are of lymphatic origin. We understand it is not about a necessity to be cleaning the blood but about one to be cleaning the lymphatic system. Lymph is everywhere and 3 to 4 times bigger than the blood system. It is around each tissue. Every health problem is a lymphatic problem. When we bring a base chemistry, new avenues are moving through the acidic environment. We generally have no point of reference to know how it feels to be in a non toxic body as all we have ever known is discomfort, inflammation and pain. It is a bit of the same for overcoming mind patterns. Much is done for us to be locked and mind controlled to be stuck in treatment based logics that are harmful for our tissues.
Kidneys are a major eliminative organ. Kidney filtration is a big step on the journey of cellular detoxification and can take from one day to months or even a year, after having adopted a mucusfree way of eating and having incorporated intermittent dry fasting. From then, pathways will be allowed to drain better. If we think of a Brita filter for example, we need to change or clean the filter itself regularly. It is possible to rebuild kidney tissues ; transplants are most of the time unnecessary. Even necrotic degenerated tissues can be rebuilt and regenerated. Any calcification can be broken down anywhere in the body. The question is : how long will it take ? Some who are facing life-threatening conditions might not have a lot of time if they want to survive their acidic condition. The further away from the kidneys might be the last part that the body will address and will be dealing with ; that is why draining the head is not always easy during the first efforts we engage. When the head is full of mucus, it means it is full of acids and the glands are not only calcified but also obstructed by layers of dark brown dehydrated old mucus having gone chronic to necrotic. When we are only cleaning acute and subacute layers of mucus, the mucus will be transparent. The deepest healing is not occuring yet, and we need to dig deeper ; we need to see these thick layers of darker mucus out of one of our orifices or being burned during the process of dry fasting. Unless we do something about it, it will eventually get worse and worse. We need to walk our way back from degenerative and chronic stages of tissue degeneration to the acute and subacute stages before our tissues are back to a full healthy stage. What a dream to keep as a goal !

The importance of the transverse colon

The transverse colon goes across the abdomen and is one of the most obstructed places of the body for most ; a lot of cancers are affecting this area of the colon. In the iris, the pituitary gland is linked to the transverse colon so a weak pituitary gland might start because of an obstructed and dirty transverse colon. If the transverse colon is backed up, it is hard to drain the head, an area where a lot of lymphatic waste is sitting. Going on a 3-month fruit juice journey will help to start fixing absorption problems. Though I have started fasting with pasteurised grape juice, I am now a big advocate for fresh fruit juices and my body is becoming aware of the acidity of pasteurised juice. It took a long time for me to feel the difference. Now I am unable to consume pasteurised juices more than a few glasses a day. After having started to clean the bowels, we may start absorbing more of what we consume and ingest which will help for us to stabilize some of the deficiencies we are encountering.

Acne, psorioasis and other skin problems

When lymph is backed up in the head, we may experience tightness in the neck area. Our head is full of lymphatic acidic congestion and needs to be drained. The skin, also called our third kidney, is an eliminative organ to lead acids out of the body. It absorbs as a sponge and is definitely a living and breathable part of our body. We need to go after the terrain and get the sewer system (the lymph) back into shape and decongestioned. Skin symptoms are indicating we are not moving our lymph as we should and that our kidneys are not accomplishing their filtering function. Psoriasis is showing chronic stages of congestion and serious subcutaneous toxicity. Acne is a sign that kidneys are not filtering and that cellular waste is let out through the skin because the lymph and the kidneys are not able to direct the waste out fast enough. It is usually concentrated in the head area as this is one area that requires a lot of draining from the said acids. Suppressing acne takes things deeper into the tissues of the body ; such measure is about suppressing the symptom but do not address the cause. Acne is a sign that the colon, and especially once again the transverse colon, needs to be cleaned. The thyroid may be involved too. When the thyroid is low, we don’t sweat much anymore. Rashes might be expected during detoxificiation and might appear where there is lymphatic stagnation and where there is a struggle to evacuate the acids out.

Sunlight tends to aggravate some symptoms yet, it is not the culprit. The culprit is always acidosis. The heat of the sun is acidic and because there is backed up lymph in the skin, reactions might be occuring. We are experiencing an acidic episode when we feel dry and dehydrated. Dehydration is caused by high degrees of inner acidity. We may experience a headache following an acidic peak episode. In winter, we are not getting the extra moisture provided by the heat of summer, thus this period of the year tends to be revealing our true state of being ; not creating anything that was not there in the first place. That is why our hands might feel dry and the skin might break easily. This gets better as we pursue our efforts of detoxification and the skin will tend to go less pale during winter time as well.

Getting the kidneys to filter

A tendency for the face to be swollen, dark circles under the eyes and a tendency to gain weight are showing kidney and adrenal weakness. When the kidneys are functional again, a big stress will be off from the adrenal glands. Creatine levels from a blood test will indicate how much protein there is in our urine. Over 0.6 in the results, we can be sure that kidneys are not in function. Animals too get kidney problems when they are eating a diet that is not adapted to their physiology and specie. We generally all know cats who have succumbed to kidney disease due to the kibble that they were fed with.

A good start is to observe what our urine looks and smells like, especially the 2 first urines of the day, to see if we get any sediment. One kidney will generally start filtering quicker than the other one. At first, filtration will tend to be timid yet this is the start of the real detox, as we become able to eliminate bacterial, acidic and lymphatic backed up waste. One side of our body will then tend to be healing faster than the other. Additionally, one side is usually more obstructed than the other. Some people start filtering straight away or soon, others take 3 to 9 months or more on a raw mucus free way of eating, coupled with periods of fruit liquid fasting. It took me 8 to 9 months including a 42-day grape juice fast coupled with a weekly 24-hour to 33-hour dry fasting window to get my first results. 2 years after these first results, kidney filtration has improved and is less timid. Still, there is a long way to go with all the waste that has been stored inside for decades. Generally we can see a lot of progress with skin problems in 3 to 6 months with a mainly raw mucusfree lifestyle. For me, acne disappeared within the first 3 months.

Kidney stones are formed as a result of uric acid interacting chemically with excess calcium. Uric acid is a byproduct of protein metabolism and is what is destroying the kidneys. If we have eaten a high protein diet in the past, especially meat, we are going to have high levels of uric acid in our body. Beans, soy, lentils, peas and oats lead to uric acid accumulation as well. Another source of uric acid is fungal infestation because uric acid is one of the micro toxins that yeast produces as a result of their activities. Nutritional yeast, which is praised as a health supplement, is another psy-op as it is a source of excess uric acid. Fermented foods is a supply for the yeast already there and is not fresh food. It is only useful if one is eating complex sugars but it is also increasing the proliferation of fungal activity. The real and only solution is to be abstaining from the food that requires the help of fungus in order to be digested. Even green leafs do contain oxalates, which can cause calcification, especially when eaten raw. As far as calcium goes, it is often not about how much calcium we are absorbing but about how much the body is able to utilize.

It is best to work with lymphatic herbs once and after the kidneys have started filtering. Herbs tend to be tissue specific. We will also make sure to support the kidneys as well with kidney herbs. They are usually diuretic ; diuretics are encouraging the body to eliminate more water, salt and waste than usual. When a lymphatic drainage is given by a backdrop non spirited being that does not tune deeper to the human body technology, it’s very probable that no or very little waste will be able to find the exit door. We also need to be cleaning the sinuses (with a neti pot) and drain the head area. We may do inversion on a wall one minute a day, alternate cold and hot in the head and go on a grape or a grapejuice fast. Ear candles are also a great way in order to assist the body in dealing with the evacuation of the waste from the head area. Before a steamed sauna (infrared sauna is radiation), we might apply essential oils mixed with vegetal oil on our skin in order to encourage sweating or take long hot baths in which we are soaking with reinvigorating salts, rosemary essential oil and even herbal infusion.

Exiting a dry fast

Liquid fasting is not literally fasting : it is about consuming our food in a liquid state. Dry fasting (no food or water entering any orifice) and to some extent water fasting are the only true fasted states that exist. During dry fasting, the cells turn into self contained furnaces where the heat is converted into other forms of energy. Whatever is damaged beyond repair gets burned for fuel and whatever can be repaired is recycled. This is accomplished with hardly any byproduct or material waste to take to the exit doors. During dry fasting, muscles are preserved in proportion in comparison to the loss that is happening when water fasting. These 2 procedures are engaging different mechanisms of the body. What happens with water fasting employs a different model of waste removal with many more steps in between. The body has to bring water into the tissues to flush the toxins out and then, they have to be carried to the eliminative organs. This process has to be routed, making stops at the septic tanks (the lymph nodes).

After any dry fast superior to 3 days, it is important to exit the fast gradually, starting with water only, then adding a bit of diluted juice to the water and herbal teas, blending fruits and mixing to water before eating whole fruits. The transition should ideally last as long as the fast itself. Leaving the fast too fast can lead to serious health damages and going outside of the mucusfree range during that period is not advised. Dry fasting is dangerous when one is consuming proteins and an acidic diet. The ideal way of eating before starting to experience with dry fasting is 80 per cent of raw and mainly fruits and vegetables (nuts and seeds contain a lot of proteins and lipids for example). One may start with intermittent dry fasting (12 to 16 hours a day) for a few weeks before signing up for a longer dry fast. With a raw food diet, we leave aside complex sugars and starches that are causing a lot of disbalances. We can not survive eating these foods without fungus, they are the ones digesting it for us and releasing gas in the process of doing so.

The appropriate way of eating to get kidney filtration

Herbs are for cleaning and strengthening. Because it is hard to find uncorrupted herbal tinctures, we might as well start growing specific plants and herbs ourselves, soaking them in alcohols from fruits or herbal vinegars for 8 to 12 weeks before straining and strongly programming them with our intent. Food should be as well about cleaning and strenghtening. Fruits have the most potent astringent action that is impacting our lymph system. Cells need voltage and nerve cells require the potency of fruits ; the frequency of vegetables is not high enough. Skin problems let us know that we have deep tissue work to do : adopting a fruit diet, liquid fasting, dry fasting and intermittent dry fasting will be needed along the way. Berries do assist in strengthening the nerve endings, the brain and the autonomic system.

The milk from a mother with an omnivore diet will not be well tolerated by her baby ; it will be if the mother is on a frugivore diet and the quality of her milk will change. Castor oil packs may be used externally to assist the kidneys to start to filter again (with cayenne pepper, to keep for a whole night several days in a row). Proteins are extremely damageful for the kidneys ; they do shut them down. Many athletes are later in their journeys experiencing kidney failures and acidity in their joints. We don’t have the kidneys of a carnivore or omnivore specie ; we have the kidneys of a frugivore specie ; they are not meant to deal with high levels of acidity. To hope for kidney filtration we must be strict in eliminating acidic food items (this might include tomatoes and especially cooked tomatoes ; moreover, cooked food is also acidic). Lemon and watermelon juice will greatly be assisting the kidneys ; going on a 3-day beetroot juice fast will do much for other organs. The lemon, grape and ginger protocol could also provide a kick start for kidney filtration: juicing 8 to 10 lemons with a big bit of ginger (approximately the size of a hand). Then we can either either juice dark grapes or blend the grapes with 1/3 of the lemon and ginger juice and repeat the operation with the 2 other thirds. Individuals are reported to get kidney filtration within a few days. Organotherapy is about the consumption of various glands from animals in order to treat and rejuvenate human glands ; glandulars might be able to kick start healing yet only if the glands need this stimulation and are affected in chronic (silent) stages. An iridology report will reveal if a gland is in need of glandular or not. I have not yet experienced much with them and am still unsure about what to think of them.

How real hydration is obtained

We don’t find hydration in external water. Hydration comes from the quality of our fluids. True hydration is interstitial and only exists when there is kidney filtration and when the lymph is filtered properly. Distilled water is acidic ; it is way better than tab water, which contains more than 300 different compounds and can be reprogrammed with a bit of lemon juice and crystals. A more base-type water is spring water ; it’s energized and best if stored in glass containers instead of plastic ones. Yet, we can be sure most spring waters publicly accessible are also carrying some degrees of poisoning and maybe even poisoned by design somewhere along the way. Drinking too much water cuts down filtration ; drinking too much liquids can impair normal functions. Animals do a lot of eating ; primates go to water once a day approximately. Water is a solvent that dilutes the acidity but it also keeps the kidneys busy.

Dandruff, menstruation and Epstein Barr virus

Menstruation might very well be a cleansing mechanism that is independent of ovulation. Women can ovulate and not bleed. Menstruation is known to balance itself after a few years of detoxification and raw food living ; and sometimes, it even disappears or just causes women to spot. Heavy menstruations are linked to toxemia in the body. Uterus herbal steam practices are a great help to alleviate this kind of stress. When the body is clean, the bleeding flow will be lighter and less painful. Epstein barr is a byproduct of acidosis and obstructed lymph. The medical field tends to blame Epstein Barr for chronic fatigue yet the virus tends to leave the body pretty easily as and if we are detoxing. Dandruff is not caused by dryness but by lymphatic congestion ; it also has to do with fungal infestation. Anything itchy has a fungus component in it. High blood pressure is a sign that the kidneys and the adrenal glands, which have a big role to play in kidney function, are struggling.

The psy-op of urine therapy and the carnivore and ketogenic diets

As far as urine therapy is concerned, when one is not filtering, it is rather harmless. But when one is filtering acidic waste out from the cells, then why would we put it back into the body ? It was such hard work to get it out. What we want is to see sediment and mucus strends in our urine. An alkaline urine is showing the body is losing electrolytes. Urine is supposed to be on the acidic side of chemistry.

When the body does not receive fuel for a long period of time, it switches from the use of glucose to another type of fuel (entering ketosis). In order to be able to enter that state, the level of glycemia and insuline have to be low ; that is why carbohydrates are kept low during these experiments. The body can also use proteins as fuel at last resource but it is not this type of fuel it will be using in standard conditions of living.

When going on a carnivore diet, some are reporting that they are feeling better. This is explained by the fact meat is a stimulant and does lack fibers and allergic compounds that are usually causing discomfort. The disappareance of uneasy symptoms is partially explained by the fact individuals are no longer eating the food items that were causing them to experience undesirable reactions (like starches or improper food combinations). The starch of bananas for example should not be combined with apples as the digestive times for the two of them differ. Adopting a way of eating that is adapting to the terrain is not the solution for true cellular regeneration, only addressing the cause (acidosis and obstruction) is.