Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Dealing with conscious and unconscious handlers, up to the gangstalker and harasser templates and recognizing the frequency signature of handling

Fence systems here are making sure to hold our frequencies down, at least for a part of our days. That is also why this system is built on constantly triggering Original Spark Beings into trauma loops and low frequency programming (guilt, shame, victim energy and so on). Here, Originals are dealing with many aspects of a projected reality and they tend to mistake it for real. Indeed, in our direct surroundings, there is a big proportion of simulated beings who are projections and very templated. The containment systems here are designed, not with ladders but with cube structures, always trying to box original sparks in.

All Original Sparks are targeted to a degree : the system is sending you a lot of inverted propositions in the aim of accessing you further, getting your codes out of you and draining you. First, we go through generally quite extreme programming phases during childhood. We can generally lessen the intensity of the reprogramming later in our lives as we are working, in our daytime reality, to reclaim space in our personal lives, space to heal, reflect and also do the many steps in our 3D reality that are required for us to upgrade and level up. A great percentage of reals are growing up surrounded by handlers, usually but not always with very little memory about what and who they are in Essence. We are pushed to become highly codependent (this is made easier by the creation of people-pleasing alters) and we are programmed to be discouraged with any boundary setting leading us to live a life with boundaries that are far from being firm enough. It’s a training here to be deprogramming, to be observing ourselves and others around us, our woundings and their own, our fields and theirs. What the system does is traumatize at maximum extremely talented beings. They end up caught up in labyrinthic self-absorbed features and mind corridors. Thus, their benevolent impact ends up being minimized and in many ways, neutralized or annihilated. As a spark connected to Source, you are surrounded by the simulation and simulated beings or handlers, especially if you have genuine healing abilities and care about contributing to a higher frequency timeline. Many fake synchronicities are continuously organised around you. And you are also surrounded by simulation on your social media and that is the very reason why they exist, alongside with allowing more access to your codes. The hidden architects and landlords of these containment systems have options, templates and propositions ready for all level of our spiritual awakenings.

Here, it’s a realm where you have all kinds of handlers, some are designed (if they are simulation) or programmed to behave nicely (in surface) towards you and some are designed to be disagreeable and to create frustration and trigger suffering. Suffering here is to blind us and is the ultimate distraction. In handling, you find many different templates. A handler is a being generally under alien mind control who is sent to your life in order to keep you in line with your programming, keeping it active, playing a role in reinforcing it and triggering dormant programming. Handlers are used to trigger you, create frustration, demean and undermine you and encourage you to play small due to you looping over and over again in your own wounding without having the space to reflect and remember the actual rules of the game here. The control energy of a handler is there to repress the expression of you. That is why the programs always make sure you are influenced by several handlers at the same time, and even when you are alone, you are often tortured by thought loops relating to past or present handlers and the suffering they cause in your corner of reality.

Most of the reals are totally losing themselves to the game, a game that feels very real and that is constantly upgrading to more sophisticated options (I remember the 1990s and reality just felt very different back then). Handlers are used to interfere with your chosen paths and make it more difficult, just like villains or adversaries in a video game. Due to the frequency you emit, you are being localized as prey very easily and attract predators or beings programmed a certain way. Many are instructed to come to you without conscious awareness ; their alters might be instructed to do so and guiding their actions and decisions. On the surface, it may look like they are in control of their choices yet if you scratch the surface and listen carefully to their discourses, you might be picking up that something else is operating in the background and you might be picking up that they have alters that are very active in their cabal loyal mission. The light is coming out of us when we let hidden ET handlers define the rules of the game for us. It is very demanding in terms of consciousness not to be in reaction and not to answer their many propositions and automatic rails.

Handling styles

Many beings are skilled to disguise handling so it is not overt but covert. Some handlers will ignore you and activate your wound of non recognition ; others will be interested in your work to have an influence on the way you spend your time. They will be used to direct the way your research and therefore your mind expansion are going (that is the role of many public figure handlers). Some will go as far as to share some of what you do to their network, only to send you more saboteurs and more negative attention coming from the handling of ET factions who do not have your best interest at heart. After becoming more aware about this, I did refuse to be promoted by one past handler of the french speaking scene ; something was very off with him and how he is being tightly kept within his programming to play a dark role disguising as a light worker (of course). Some handlers will share what you are involved with because they have been unconsciously and unknowingly instructed to do so by their hidden ET handlers (often draco handlers). This generally leads to more handling being engineered around you and more agreements for you to sign so your energy field is being accessed. It’s important to remember here, it is a plane of great harvest and where harvest and usery are the main currencies.

Receiving negative attention is pretty common in the lives of spirited beings and something not to fall for systematically. Some handlers will give you attention, yet it is going to be the negative type of attention. Handlers often use seduction methods that pull you away from your core path. It reinforces the programming « I am only special as I am receiving negative attention ». When that attention goes away, you might feel as you are no longer special to them or anybody because this kind of attention has no healing frequency to it : it is usery. And it is not really the kind of benevolent attention you need to truly remember and heal. As an Original, there is no doubt you are surrounded with negative types of attention, some of which you (and we all do) mistake for signs of friendship or positive attention.

Many handlers are complicit even if they don’t look like they are ; yes, they also go through the memory wiping process but it’s a choice of every moment to be interfering in someone’s life (often by making the weak choices or by being led by triggering and therefore being reactive). It’s necessary to pay attention to the subtle things others are encouraging in us, especially when they are encouraging sub personalities that are people pleasing or lacking boundaries. Handlers do discourage you to be in your core self because as your core spirit self, you are free from any handling as you know and remember you are connected to the eternal spark of the Eternal. We generally tend to want to make excuses and find justifications for the numerous times when our boundaries are crossed and for behaviors, choices and actions that seem off rail but questions have to be asked if it becomes systematic and is not like a one time happening. Jealousy is an emotion that is often used to distort everything within the mind and create deflection.

Handlers want you to long for them as they are deluded about who they are themselves and have a distorted image about the role they are playing here in the game (usually they refuse to own much of their darkness). Usually, there is a relief when a handler is gone ; the only thing you might miss is that image that they want you to have of them if you have not dissolved it already (especially if you have been gaslit with a transfer of responsibilities). When exchanging with people choosing to stay in denial, it is often a dead end at least for that present moment. Handlers who are used for gaslighting are there to create confusion and insert doubt and guilt or shame programming : there is often transfer of energy since it is often theirs to carry. Unfortunately, it’s common to be addicted to these loops and to experiment quite extreme withdrawals when putting a stop to what is going on, plus the activation of the wound of non recognition and other woundings linked to having been gaslit.

Some handlers are skilled due to their alters to put you in delta brain waves, a state of deep sleep where you are highly suggestible. They usually are not fully aware they are doing this though some powerful handlers are using these reprogramming abilities willingly and consciously. That also seems to be a brainwave that is facilitating for some alters to be in the forefront (because parts of the brain is asleep). These handlers will encourage your people-pleasing, often cabal loyal, alters to come to the forefront. They are mostly under draco control and are not truly your friends though they are disguising as if they were ; the relationship is not mutual and in reciprocity and you generally end up with torture echoes in your field. Some jealousy might be triggered in them and due to their lack of empathy or because they are consumed by anger and resentment, they are mostly deflecting their own embarrassment outwards as they want you to feel the darkness they are experiencing and as long as you do, maybe it is postponing for them the time when they will have to feel theirs. Therefore, they are used to create situations in your life where you will be triggered in your wounding as well. Of course, when you are exhausted or triggered, you are more easily accessed. These handlers are generally affected by a great deal of delusion and addicted to victim, savior and persecutor programming. They are used to drain you from your energy and they are themselves being drained, if they are spirited, through the process. They are used to engineer more drama than is necessary. They push you to your limits and then make you feel guilty when you are placing any type of boundaries (this is to discourage you to further progress with boundary setting and to invite you to loop into guilt programming).

They will pretend like they are there for you but will wait the first occasion to completely twist a situation and gaslight you (especially if they are playing the lying and deceiving game because it’s how they are choosing to play the game right now). Sometimes when I am not enjoying how the game is being played, I place boundaries. It’s my way of saying « I don’t enjoy much of what is happening in this game so I am changing the rules by changing how it is being played ». It is a very clear message. Now, the reactions of others will tell you a lot about who they are at the core, especially at the moment when you are placing boundaries with them. Of course, it is a choice to be lying and deceiving others in this reality. With whatever we are choosing to express and experiment here, we have to be ready to face the consequences that our choices are triggering in others. It is about who we are deciding to be and who we are deciding to be is not going to be to the taste of all. Actually, it is generally going to be the taste of a few handfuls of allies. To be truly allies on deeper levels, knowledge about mind control is necessary (it helps to navigate thought injections, deflections, projections and the aspects where others and ourselves are a work in progress).

Non spirited and spirited handlers

The experience you have with backdrop handlers and handlers in general is very programmed. Backdrops are used to influence your perception of reality and of others you are relating with (they may easily be used to cause division in your life by planting suggestions in your mind). With backdrop handlers, you will observe inconsistencies. They say something and do not follow through. They are used for harvest and distraction and to bring you back into 3D thinking. Many non spirited beings are sent to restrict or control you if you are a real original spark of creation, at each stage of your life (when you are growing up, as a child, in schools and later on in whatever scenes you will be involved in). They tend to be programmed with that saboteur energy in order to mess things up. Your programming is installed to keep you contained during adulthood when you have more space to choose not to be surrounded by handlers (after life under your parents’ roof and your time in schools of course, where you usually are surrounded by handling and repression).

Programming is inserted very early on in order to create many loops and to neutralize what you can do here with your abilities. When reaching adulthood, we are generally very slowed down in what we are able to create or manifest for ourselves. Only a spirited parent who truly cares about you will be able to prevent some of the inflected trauma you will have to go through in your daytime reality. Spirited beings tend to have a lot of cover memories about what their childhood has been about ; you will notice this when they tell you they had a happy childhood (this is based on denial of many aspects of this realm and especially denial of suffering which is very encouraged by the new cage). Different beings are used to trigger very specific programming according to what works best to slow you down (shame, guilt, anger, resentment and so on). Many handlers have company in their fields or bodies from entities or beings that are into power. Backdrop handlers or new cage handlers tend to encourage you to blend in with the 3D reality, to believe in the 3D programs (including 3D spirituality devoid of essence). Handlers are also often expressing the script of dark forms of AI (oriented towards the agenda of beings interested in the control of this plane) or other forces working through them. They usually are also under the influence of dark ET groups (dark being a way to voice polarity ; it all depends on the choices we are making for ourselves and who we are in this life). Reals who are walking the dark side are usually making association with dark ET groups who have similar frequencies. That is how they may access some positions of power where they are agreeing to play the role of handlers.

Every time we are connecting to any content here, even watching a trailer, it does affect our field and tend to activate dormant programming (the sex kitten layers, sexual programming, are present in most tv series and shows you are finding on Netflix). The series we watch is not only triggering dormant programming (like sex kitten or loyalty to handlers caused by attachment to specific characters, how they are portrayed and what it invokes in us), they are also allowing access through our agreement to watch. No one is forcing us to watch, it’s a choice of how we are spending our time and often choosing some kinds of distraction proposed by the cabal and similar energies and groups. Therefore, everything we connect to can play a handling or triggering role. Social media is also an extraction of who we are and of course has its positive aspects especially if you manage them with discernment as it also abolishes time and space in our personal lives, connecting us to each other despite being plugged to many hive-mind servors.

For handlers who are public figures, what helps is to be observing the associations they are making as they usually associate with other handlers (who have chosen that role) on the scene. It happens past to a certain point of deflecting your own shadow outwards in order to get what you want here in the game whether it’s fame, money or recognition. These handlers usually are under contracts with ET factions who are into control. Many of these handlers who are public figures are used as distractions. You will generally not be allowed to appear on mainstream TV or on mainstream youtube channels if you are not controlled to a great degree (David Icke is a good example of this). You will only be able to reach a large audience if you play above a range of frequencies and are gaming the game and defeating some of the programming that is saying that targeted individuals can not be visible and that their voices can not be heard. Many gatekeepers have some of the keys and do not share them. They do not want you to truly heal and want for you to stay dependent on them and the content or healing modality they are sharing. Most are not who they pretend they are. None of us is but we are talking degree and percentage here, where it becomes a problem with hiding things in the background (therefore what you see is not what you get).

There is a frequency signature when a handler is building an online identity which is deceiving, addictive, triggering and in the background, associating with dark ET groups (mostly being puppeted by them). If it goes into your adrenals (in the lower back), it means energy is being harvested as you are being triggered into fear for your own survival (this is also linked in our minds to spiritual survival). A handler can help you get over your past handlers, especially if they have a personal grudge against them. Some handlers are used to collect lust energy (they are sexual harvesters) as they appear on your screens and in addition, they might do it as well during the nighttime, in the astral planes. This is very common. You will notice that their energy is not life giving but life taking (cording your core energy).

Handlers of course are not just handlers (especially if they are spirited), they have their own experiences and usually are targeted themselves. All handlers, SIMs, clones and spirited, are also tightly handled themselves (it’s the nature of this realm we are in). They are kept within their programming and triggered to be more easily accessed and puppeted. Everyone is puppeted then it’s a degree of knowing how much and an awareness about noticing when subtle programming is being triggered (this is different from main and big triggers that we feel very clearly). Spirited handlers make the most powerful handlers towards other real original sparks. Some spirited beings who are choosing to walk the dark side and who are collaborating with draco factions (sometimes very unconsciously due to the choices they are making as who they are choosing to be here) will be used against you if you are choosing to bring healing in this game and especially healing to other real players (backdrops can not really heal, it’s only a simulacrum of healing, a projection). These beings devoted to express themselves in some lower frequency aspects are often used to neutralize your efforts to create a positive outcome, to interrupt or direct the path you are walking on. Spirited handlers usually are more skilled at using seducing alters to hook into you, your life and your field. We all have done it per our programming but some beings who are extremely controlled by draco groups run extensively on this to a point they have willingly merged and agreed with their programming and are using seduction methods extensively in order to get what they want. Many Originals are choosing to walk a ‘darker’ role if we talk polarities, are sharing truth as they also are working on recovering some of their memories yet it does not mean they will help you to heal and upgrade. They might be used (they won’t have full awareness of this) to create more traumatic engineering in your life. Beings with knowledge are not per say well intended, we know that. These beings will be your allies if you are walking on a similar path but your saboteurs if you are choosing to bring healing here and this, because of the associations they are making and also if they are much less far on their healing journey. They are ready to manipulate to get what they want : this is a self-serving intent that can cause a lot of manipulation in the field. Their operations or the healing modalities they propose is rarely what they are stating it is. Many healing trainings are more a point of harvest than a tool to assist you in your own deprogramming journey.

We have programming (some of the cognitive dissonance) that tends to dismiss evidence and red flags and to be finding excuses for handlers, focusing on their good parts (everybody has got some good parts to them, even backdrops). Sometimes multiple handling happening at the same time will strengthen some of the trauma bonding you have with one of your handlers while you are taking distance with others (it is a mechanism of comparison). You might even feel relieved in their company as the amount of darkness and heaviness might feel like less than with other handlers. Handlers may narrate stories which are pleasant to hear but not what you need to be hearing to pursue the real genuine work of True Healing (and not the fake versions of it promoted by the new cage and corrupted inverted teachings). Yet, if you tune deeper into it, you will find that there is much deception in the stories they are telling and much entanglement and confusion are being created. They are marked by duplicity : they are deceptive in words or actions. Some handlers who have psychic abilities that are quite active may very easily abuse their powers. Sessions with them turn to be violating on so many levels, it’s about being told what your reality is about. It may feel like their truth is the only one there is. The photos they tend to be choosing on their website are not welcoming ; you will feel that it is mainly about them and that they are not concerned about contributing to the healing of others.

When beings are saying they are receiving healing at the same time they are working with you, they usually are vampirizing your energy out of you. It is demanding to work on someone’s energy field and that is why as healers, it’s important to request an exchange of energy when you give so much of yourself in order to assist someone else. A genuine healer is someone who is using their energy in order to assist others, not draining their clients from their life core forces.

Navigating being sabotaged and gangstalked

If you are a healer, you might want to opt for a carreer as a therapist or a helper yet many of the beings who you will be dealing with won’t be real. If you are real here, you will generally be gangstalked by a good portion of your clients or sabotaged by collaborators that are sent your way if you don’t exerce clear discernment. Some distractors will email you to trigger specific programming such as your saviour or self-doubt programming. If you manage to navigate the trigger, they will quickly disappear from your reality. If the entry point (the wounding) is not closed off, it does not really matter who is the aggressor. The trigger comes as the system is designed to send many distractions your way, and some of these distractions are anchored in emotional, psychic, psychological and spiritual suffering which is creating the loosh the landlords of this realm need.

Handlers might be used in many ways, including encouraging you to be kinder and have no boundaries towards your gangstalkers. If another being is setting you up with gangstalkers or people who are sent to spy or steal your abilities, they are generally not an ally and they might be someone with darker associations. Gangstalking (to stalk in group, it is generally led by simulated beings who are not real) tends to increase if you are bringing healing for other reals here in the game and if you are considered a threat with what you are able to manifest. The level of gangstalking is generally increasing the more you are taking actions that are bringing healing to other original sparks, especially the ones who are doing the real deep shadow work. This brings even more clues about the holographic aspect of this reality since the dark forces may invoke any gangstalker around your geographical spaces : there are so many templates available here. Most of the gangstalking is AI driven or mind control induced. For example, if you are an original spark and have been traveling extensively, you might have noticed a lot of engineering in how and who you met on the road. As you are rising on the path, it is common to see the degree of gangstalking increase : gangstalkers are there to interrupt you and distract you since Originals are busy in their minds with the next thing to build in their lives. They are concentrated around new cage hot spots for reals (Koh Phagnan in Thailand being one of them with a high amount of gangstalkers easily instructed by the programs). Many beings are accessed by the programs to play this role in your daily lives and intrude on your boundaries on many different levels. When your boundaries are constantly being violated by gangstalkers, it does affect your healing process and tends to slow it down. It might activate fears and anxieties especially when you are being stalked in the open and the stalking aspects are being made more obvious to you (at first it is often covert but passed a certain degree, when you are aware of some of the rules here, gangstalking will be more and more overt). Are we always wise enough to say no to a trap ? I sometimes say yes even if I know it is a trap if there is a chance for me to get something positive out of it (alongside with the trap line which has a risk to be painful and triggering). It is mostly due to a lack of better options around me in my direct reality and my impatience to wait for a moment of Creation. At worst, the extra suffering it will be bringing keeps on being a good case study for me and the work I am doing here.

Breaking free from handling

It is often hard to admit to yourself that someone you appreciate and see a certain way is in fact your saboteur and your handler. The system encourages you to be set-up with handlers. You are often reinforced in your programming by handlers and some of this reprogramming can happen at night due to the agreements you have signed during your daytime. You will often find past and present handlers appearing in your dreams (these usually are handled dreams, and very probably, cover dreams).

The drug feeling linked to the love-bombing and negative attention provided by handlers may plug right into the wound of non recognition and a broken self-esteem. It has an addictive compound. If you are an Original, you have been walking from handling energies to other handling energies, usually the upgraded versions from the previous ones (you usually have quite a few handlers around, I used to be surrounded by them, and it was made clear when I was traveling for years, with very little real in my life). There is a moment where the lie hurts too much, when it begins to rise to the conscious, to become an evidence. The price to pay for staying in the lie is too heavy. It feels like there is no choice and that is when we are feeling like a change has to take place.

With some handlers, you will need to permanently avoid them for your highest interests. For each of them, the solution is going to be different, with different degrees of distance except if they are breaking free from some of their programming which was interfering in the relationship. Some handlers can be quite revengeful and led by their egos to an extreme degree. It is not easy to overcome resentment, not only towards our handlers, but first and foremost towards the dark factions hiding behind them and engineering all of this behind the curtains. We have been programmed to feed a world of negativity as every of our thoughts does create. Breaking objects is a good example : how fast do I think about it being broken and how fast does it manifest into my reality ? Some days where destructive thoughts are out of proportion, it’s probably a good idea to work on appeasing the mind first before focusing on anything else.

Though time might feel long facing the emptiness but the wholeness of you, it is a rule that when you say no to handling here, you are making room for something else to come in the picture. Is that something else better ? Usually, it’s an upgraded version of handling. And of course, there is a percentage and portion of positive encounters. The game generally is discouraging them to happen or to pursue further, trying to use existent programming into creating traps and division.

The complexity of what we emit

Sometimes we get trapped by saviour programming to give a warning to a friend who is not ready to face the cold sharp truth and it ends up to be a triggering conversation for both parties, for different reasons. Though a seed usually is planted and the deprogramming delayering journey will take time to unfold. But is this necessary to give unsolicited warnings just because we care about other people ? Or is it wiser to let them experiment their own paths even if they will get hurt and even if you know very well how that could be prevented ? It’s a choice of every moment. You feeling a responsibility towards others is often used against you to further entrap you and your entourage. Synthesized heart activations can make things harder to distinguish: one might believe they are in a heart-centered relationship when in fact they are being used and taken advantage of.

The shadow part

New age gurus are generally promoting manifestation techniques without addressing that some of the times, your field is projecting the inverse of what you have in mind. People are unconsciously answering to the frequencies we emit and some of these low frequencies, we are not aware ourselves of what they are and how inverted they are. That is the truth for many original sparks ; it is active at different levels. Some reals are immobilized and neutralized by their own sabotage programming and inability to discern anything in this game and will be looping for years. It happened to all of us in the past. They will turn down true healing and run to the arms of their abusers as they have been programmed to do. My vision is that a much deeper healing can start once you are aware of the multiple settings and parameters installed in you and once you are taking that in consideration while navigating your own daily life (the cover and daytime life).

It is much easier to begin a new ground in a relationship when both parties are willing to face the hidden aspects of what has happened. It does not always need to be discussed, it can be done each in your corner of reality. If one is choosing to be in denial instead of choosing to face the cold sharp truth, then there is a dead end and the relationship is affected and the bond deteriorates or distance is being taken. Many handlers are not conscious that they are being puppeted for some specific effects and used. They have no awareness of what they are being used for due to cover memories (you experience a situation under a certain angle of distorted truth and that is your reading of it). And even if they were, would they be wise enough to navigate their own ego traps set up by AI here ? Mind control plays a big role in creating delusion and denial, installing deflection very early on as a survival mechanism to the pain experienced here. Handlers with no empathy are the most easily puppeted and out of control. This is why it is hard to go pass a certain point with draco spirited beings here since they are so easily corrupted. The ET factions love to play on our wounded ego aspects. This is a high place of deflection, and deflection is what is used the most here in order to trap you in your life and in your relationships. Being conscious of what we are projecting out is often a first step into transforming it from within. I too wanted to believe some forms of friendships could be preserved with past unconscious handlers. But it is rare when I have crossed path with beings who showed accountability for being used as handlers in my life.

Of course, this matrix game encourages us to falsely project our wounding onto another when we are triggered. At this point on the path, we usually are aware this has happened in the past. As far as I am concerned, I try to pay attention to this and snap out of it, leaving others a break in my own mind. But sometimes when the compression is intense, I might forget for a few hours or a few days until I catch myself. We are all compromised due to being heavily programmed and violated but to what degree are we resisting or what are we choosing here ? Even genuine healers have to deal with their programming and may be used negatively from time to time. We often trigger things in others that we have no awareness about, unwillingly. We may lead them to false associations because we are lacking to be sharply discerning. Problems happen in friendships and close relationships due to these very same deflection aspects and the focus on negativity that is encouraged. When you are triggered and looping in these negative patterns, it is generally hard to celebrate the unicity of your loved ones and see the magic they are able to manifest despite their programming. We are all being used to contain each other to a certain degree because of our own wounds, ego seductions, programming and because of the presence of deceiving alters that are still requesting to be integrated. Also, there is an unpredictable aspect to how the programming of others will be triggered by certain situations, because of the way they distort reality as it is unfolding (same is valid for ourselves). If what someone that is truly your ally is sharing with you is bringing conflict, it is probably not the effect intended when they were sending you that signal, at least not consciously. We are generally not aware of how we will be received by others. What is true for us won’t be happening exactly the same for others, it will generally take them by different corners of reality. Generally, beings who are skilled at navigating their own mind control might be wise enough not to be reactive and not to enter the plans that have been written for them. It’s a different connection when there is something real in the interaction and the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others.

Observing progress

It is usual that, as an Original working towards healing, you will open your eyes layer after layer on what you thought were friendships but which are bonds that are meant to control, distract, sabotage and handle. The vision for us is generally to work on making our small trustworthy network both online and geographically around us, grow step after step, in quality : a handful of allies. Allies are so precious here and we open doors for each other in collaboration. Allies are not perfect, they also make mistakes and can be used negatively from time to time. It is okay to keep on learning together especially when both are willing to be accountable for their shares of unknown darkness. Usually along the years, you will see that the quality of your relationships is transforming. Remember there was a time where there was almost no one trustworthy around you (with a few rare exceptions) in the game. This is important to keep in mind as we quickly forget where we come from. It’s good for us to keep on working on better boundaries and a good self nurture and self care approach each day, to deal with the trauma of our daytimes and nighttimes ; working on understanding codependent aspects and people-pleasing aspects is key and integrating our alter fragments that have been programmed by design.

Final words

Those on the front lines here need to develop a tremendous amount of self-love and self parenting. The system is always sending new options to harvest our energies; it is meant for us to exhaust ourselves so our frequency is altered, weakened and our creativity is lowered. They disguise themselves as good ideas: job propositions, ideas of projects, individuals interested in the work that we do. The way they feel is that they are usually a maybe and not a clear yes at the very beginning then they usually become quite addictive. The program is afraid of what you will be doing when spending time away from handlers (though remote handling is very common here, it takes you by your psyche). It is totally doable to affect the fabric of our micro reality and thus the collective timelines too.

The real royals here are walking incognito. Most are not aware of who they are, they have not remembered much. And ironically, these are the ones I want to hear the most about. Here, it’s a realm where we learn a lot from all these handling experiences. They are useful in the sense where they help us, if we do the work, to identify active programming and trace back where it comes from and preferably, liberating from the grip. All that is done this life is won in eternity. Additionally, from one experience, you can easily cancel a few similar programmed narrative lines in your life. We are meant to believe there is no other paths for us to walk, that we have very limited options. Boredom often leads you to accept propositions from the matrix that you know very well are not optimal for you. You only accept as you believe to be blocked and trapped. But we aren’t. Handlers want to perpetuate this idea that there is no way out. Sometimes it is just very intense to do the work and stay conscious and go through all that we are going through here.

And how to keep on recognizing handling in our lives ? The unease starts with picking up something is off in the signature. Learning to discern intent and energy signature is one of the most important lessons in this realm, as is breaking ties from handlers whether in our direct geographical lives or on our screens (the online life has a strong grip on the mind). What is helping us with our vital needs and what is encouraging direct practical actions to garantee we can resist any take over? Certainly not fear narratives. It seems to be my choice to be working with a selected portion of beings; the ones who are non invasive and who are not there to use me unconsciously, beyond a certain point (there is a line between mostly allies and mostly handlers in the signature). Usery is done on many levels. It is a deep wound, sometimes linked to sacrifice patterns and crucifixion implants that can chord injured empaths in recovery. We can be conned by our own programming and we are often. To keep on recovering and healing, it seems important to be keeping on walking and protecting from the mind structures in others that are violating for our psyches and energetic fields; to be letting others walk their paths, from a distance and sometimes away, because close; the inverted system is using them to extract spirited essence from us. For that we need to distance from those who trigger the darker aspects and to protect from those who intrude with ungranted access to our inner softwares. These options are sent in great numbers, over and over again (it is designed this way here and there is a very repetitive and relentless aspect to that). All of this so we may choose to gather with the ones who activate the most beautiful parts of ourselves and give us the desire to be the best version of ourselves. And most of all, to keep on learning to be with ourselves and to explore the reality that is ours and so unique.