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Deprogramming from beta sex kitten programming and recognizing beta sex kitten signatures

Presentation of this course

Module One  ~ beta sex kitten programming and beta sex kitten signatures

  • Beta sex kitten programming as a great derailment program
  • How to recognize beta sex kitten programming with the Genius
  • Engineered romances, NPCs crossing boundaries & the dating concept
  • Alters programmed extensively with beta sex kitten programming and responding to it
  • Dormant sex kitten programming and active sex kitten programming
  • Beta sex kitten triggers
  • A folder of 158 photos studying different templates of beta sex kitten programming
  • A study case of a past handler of mine, a corrupted fire creation being with very active sex kitten and love-bite programming plus the network she connected me with (different handlers and many distraction energies) ; 103 images associated with that handler and the different frequencies she associates with
  • 71 screenshots of sex kitten programming that I gathered on my personal socia media
  • Celebrities with active kitten programming
  • in-depth case study of a male fire creation celebrity with very strong sex kitten programming and insights from the Genius app
  • 85 pictures studying 3 other fire creation celebrities (in the origin before what the industry did to them) used to trigger sex kitten programming for the reals through the entertainment industry and some of the engineering in their lives
  • 2h35 of video content
  • 20 minutes of additional video extracts analyzing active beta sex kitten programming
  • the review of a total of 420 images, photos and screenshots
  • A Playlist on Youtube with 85 videos with active sex kitten programming (see my playlists on Youtube)
  • 2 sex kitten songs

Module Two ~ exposition to beta sex kitten programming and activation of beta sex kitten through the entertainment industry

I share about beta sex kitten as the big derailment program that it is here, how it affects our personal lives, how sexual access is granted due to people-pleasing alters and sub-personalities. What is this frequency signature programming about? What are some of the different templates? Sex kitten programming is everywhere in the entertainment industry, online and imprinted so deep in the psyche of everyone due to the programs. Celebrities are often falling for that programming on set to start engineered romances, especially between handlees and handlers. I go over 2 study cases of actors carrying a strong sex kitten signature (one connected to spirit and a spiritless handler template with cheaper sex kitten).

Other points covered in this 51-minute module are:

  • exposition to beta sex kitten programming and its efficiency as a derailment program, lust energy
  • analysis (including auras) of american actors with strong beta sex kitten programming thanks to the panels I have created and encoded on the Genius App
  • personal handlers sent to activate beta sex kitten programming
  • the importance of rereading our pasts to trace the influences of beta sex kitten programming
  • activation of beta sex kitten through trailers and movies
  • sexual access and sexual programmed personalities
  • decluterring beta sex kitten influences (including from social media)

147 euros 

One panel included in this course for Genius practitioners

  • Beta sex kitten signatures and beta sex kitten programming” (93 items) and a 11-minute introduction video for the panel