Aria Persei

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Genius app aura class

This module reviews and studies:

  • an introduction with what to look for in auras and why are they so useful and allow us to obtain a lot of information in a minimal amount of time
  • the first folder with about 100 auras reviewing the main colors and their meaning and significance such as healing green or muddy green, new energy blue, programmed blue, tones of blue from clones or the spiritless, indigo, violet or handler tones of purple, yellow, orange and red tones, Avalon or higher frequency pink, magenta or brown, black or white layering.
  • the second folder with 12 auras from AI templates with examples of walk-out, primary school spiritless handler and different matrix traps
  • the third folder with 21 auras of original sparks including some auras from spirited handlers that I have encountered here
  • and the last folder with 41 insightful auras and rarer cases such as the egg shape form, auras showing overtaking by dark alien factions, drained relationships, handled handlers, cristalline false matrix inserts, horizontal and vertical lines in auras and auras bordering possessions;
  • 153 minutes of video content and the review of about 150 different auras

    97 euros