Aria Persei

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Animal signatures, AI and real animals, animal well-being and animal healing

Presentation of this course

Module One  ~ Spirited and non spirited animals: pets, dogs and cats

  • Programming triggered in the animal field
  • Handling around spirited animals: NPC humans or animals sent by the programs to trigger them
  • The problem with rescue centers, rescue animal operations and animal communicators or advocates
  • Feeling trapped in our relationships with AI or dark animals
  • Recognizing AI and access in animals and AI animals
  • Stories about my previous and current pets
  • Giving up an AI cat (addition to my Youtube video)
  • Scan of a spirited cat and a potential candidate for adoption
  • Adopting a spirited animal
  • Choosing an animal based on working with the Genius and Energy ReMastered App and some of the red flags I have crossed path with 
  • In-depth reviews about my personal experiences with 2 spirited dogs
  • 2 other dogs scanned and their inner lives
  • Interacting with a dark matter fire creation animal and the complications coming up with that
  • Reading potential timelines with the Genius and Energy ReMastered app about our relationships with animals
  • 236 images reviewed and 2h22 of video content
  • Introductory comments analyzing the programming streamed by animal communicators and animal advocates (31-minute bonus): perspectives on animal cloning, what energies are hiding behind, what is missing in the animal communication scene, engineering around fire creation animal advocates, new age beliefs about grieving animals, my experience with an animal communicator who is an unconscious handler of the scene and review of my participation to her workshop, false beliefs streamed about animals, overgeneralizations, misleading and the problem with the lack of discernment in the animal field scene
  • Extracts to study the frequency signatures of 5 animal communicators or advocates (25 minutes)

Module Two ~ Animal healing, well-being and eating 

  • Feeding domestic cats
  • Feeding domestic dogs
  • The journey of a real advocate of an appropriate feeding model for dogs
  • The consequences of eating raw fish for humans
  • Food combinations for animals
  • Analysis of different brands of dog and cat kibbles which do not understand or address food combinations problems
  • Bach flowers for animals
  • Remarks and observations about my 2 spirited galga female dogs
  • Red flags before adopting an animal
  • Relationships with animals who are accessed for interferences and crossing boundaries constantly
  • Scan of a 2-year old female spirited galga dog and interferences in the adoption process
  • Scan of a 5-year old male spirited galgo dog and of the dark and mind controlling aspects of a lady involved in an animal association used negatively to collapse timelines
  • The process of a new adoption : scan of different candidates and waiting for a real « yes » and making sure the timeline is optimal before an adoption
  • Presentation of 2 spirited female high frequency dogs
  • Veterinary kingdom and navigating groomers
  • 5 hours of video content 

247 euros 

Six panels included in this course for Genius practitioners

  • The animal kingdom and our relationship to it (116 items) 
  • Mystical creatures (34 items)
  • Meat tolerance panel (46 items)
  • Pet healing, well-being and healing products (76 items)
  • Homeopathy for our furry companions (101 items)
  • The plant panel (29 items)