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Navigating complex relationships, handling and connecting with allies

This is an interactive course where we review and study together many different types of relationships, from the most obvious backdrop simple templates to the complex types of relationship dynamics. For us, original sparks fighting to preserve our spark of spirit here, we know that a lot of our relationships are engineered by the programs. Indeed, it’s often that way that new people are being sent our way and enter our life. From the very beginning of our lifetime here as who we are right now, in this current game incarnation, we have been encouraged (and still are encouraged) to be codependent and weak at boundary setting so the programs can keep on getting in and engineer what our life looks like, our choices, our behaviors down to what and how we think. Of course, family and romance are 2 of the big programs which keep on attempting to tie us to the matrix computer systems. Many friendships are also infiltrated and corrupted to some degrees. The gems are rare ; they do exist. These are the other original sparks doing their shadow work. We study many different signatures of handlers who are there to trigger, distract and disrupt and many handling templates. We study different gazes and what we can see in the eyes, from AI traps to other types of complex signatures. What are the eyes letting us know?

This upgrading and uplevelling course comes with practicing frequency signature discernment, going over many corrupted models I have crossed path with and studying their signatures, whether they are backdrops, empty, corrupted reals or precious allies on the path. One of my motivations is to encourage you in your reclamation journey and to stimulate memories about your own past, your own present and what surrounds you. Indeed, original sparks are surrounded by simulation and traps that are draining them in every area of their lives (partners, collegues, friends, family members even down to our pets). The content shared is intended to assist participants to be sharper at discerning the different signatures in beings, for their personal lives and also to navigate the public life and what we find on the internet. And of course, this is to deepen our relationship with ourselves first and foremost. We will review some interesting auras with the Genius app.

This courses comes with:

  • around 32 hours of video content
  • the reviews of some of my personal photographs
  • 10 panels for the Genius app (find more about them here)

457 euros

Module One ~ AI traps, NPCs, the gaze and reviewing our pasts

  • The problem with mainstream psychology and healing approaches
  • Some characteristics of the NPCs
  • 3 specific examples of spiritless beings and how they were used for access or distraction
  • my experience during my twenties in a cult hive-mind environment led by a backdrop and how there were layers of entanglement up to 10 years later 
  • Infiltrations and AI control in the family environment
  • Primary handlers and the study of a specific case with controlling ways of triggering
  • Moving forward in the game and finding a balance
  • A review of 231 pictures: different auras from the Genius app, NPC, backdrop and spiritless templates, family templates and the review of different gazes and their frequency signatures (AI gaze, drugged gaze, programmed gaze, prankster gaze, possessed gaze, untrustworthy gazes and so on)
  • The spiritless and backdrop technology (64-minute bonus video)
  • Panel “Navigating the simulation and rising in frequency signature discernment” (64 items) and 7-minute introduction video for the panel
  • 3h45 of video content

Module One ~ 87 euros

Module Two ~ handler and handling signatures

  • The triggering aspect of handlers
  • The secret intelligence frequency
  • The case study of a gangstalker spy, 3 non spirited handlers and a controlled and overtaken original spark handler
  • The case study of a handler working with shamanic plant medicine, a touch on beta sex kitten handling signatures and handling with friends and other original sparks
  • Different handler signatures including narcissistic handling frequency signatures and maconic signatures
  • Handling happening before the launch of something important (2 analysis of attempts of infiltration)
  • Living in a holographic simulation
  • Backdrop handlers
  • Spirited handlers
  • Online handlers
  • Handled handlers
  • Why the handling?
  • The ways of handlers
  • Gangstalking and harassing
  • Reflections about my past as a student in screen writing in a University with maconic ties
  • Breaking free and overcoming handling
  • Memory and cover memories
  • The review of 245 images
  • Panel “Handling and handlers” (144 items)
  • Auras from handlers scanned by the Genius app
  • 3 hours of video content and a bonus of 23-minute to present the panel on handling

Module Two ~ 97 euros

Module Three ~ dark reals, dracos and dark alien faction signatures

  • The limitations of the narcissist/empath discourse
  • Dark reals
  • 4 different case studies of handlers and darker templates
  • Draco spirited beings
  • Gasligthing
  • Good signs we are integrating our fracture
  • Recovering from handlers who lack empathy
  • A long case study of a draco spirited being, their reactions after boundary settings
  • Results and auras from the Genius App
  • A short case study of another draco
  • The review of 327 images
  • 3h40 of video content and presentation
  • Panel “Core beliefs about this reality” (51 items) and a 16-minute presentation of the panel
  • 22 minutes of additional extracts and audio recordings including video extracts of dark reals
  • a 24-minute separate additional audio clip with the frequency signature of a draco
  • Panel “Navigating dark engineering in complex relationships” (85 items) and 11-minute introduction video for the panel

Module Three ~ 97 euros

Module Four ~ beta sex kitten programming and beta sex kitten signatures

  • Beta sex kitten programming as a great derailment program
  • How to recognize beta sex kitten programming with the Genius App
  • Engineered romances, NPCs crossing boundaries & the dating concept
  • Alters programmed extensively with beta sex kitten programming and responding to it
  • Dormant sex kitten programming and active sex kitten programming
  • Beta sex kitten triggers
  • A folder of 158 photos studying different templates of beta sex kitten programming
  • A study case of a past handler of mine, a corrupted original sparks with very active sex kitten and love-bite programming plus the network she connected me with (different handlers and many distraction energies) ; 103 images associated with that handler and the different frequencies she associates with
  • 71 screenshots of sex kitten programming that I gathered on my personal socia media
  • Celebrities with active kitten programming
  • in-depth case study of a male original spark celebrity with very strong sex kitten programming and insights from the Genius app
  • 85 pictures studying 3 other original spark celebrities (in the origin before what the industry did to them) used to trigger sex kitten programming for the reals through the entertainment industry and some of the engineering in their lives
  • 2h35 of video content
  • 20 minutes of additional video extracts analyzing active beta sex kitten programming
  • the review of a total of 420 images, photos and screenshots
  • A Playlist on Youtube with 85 videos with active sex kitten programming (see my playlists on Youtube)
  • 2 sex kitten songs
  • Panel “Beta sex kitten signatures and beta sex kitten programming” (75 items) and 11-minute introduction video for the panel
  • More modules on beta sex kittten programming in the course section

Module Four ~ 97 euros

Module FIVE ~ romantic partners and allies on the path

  • Chaotic romances and red flags
  • How engineered relationships and engineered romantical interests are used to modify our timelines
  • Study cases of romantical engineering in my personal life (3) and the study case of a non spirited enabler
  • Weird energy from the NPCs trying to engage with us on a romantical level
  • 2 in-depth study cases about original spark partners used negatively for extreme derailment
  • 3 in-depth case studies of shattered and fragmented original spark beings
  • Weak and strong allies on the path
  • The case study of one weak ally and 2 strong allies
  • 4 strong connections with beings not aware they are part of the MK Ultra programs
  • Allies leveling up fast in the game
  • 3h30 of video content
  • the review of 337 images, photos and screenshots
  • Panel “Programming” (136 items)
  •  Panel “Being the best version of self to connect with allies in the game” (75 items) and 7-minute introduction video for the panel

Module Five ~ 97 euros

Module SIX ~ “corrupted” reals and empty avatar beings with the trace of Spirit

  • 4 in-depth case studies about corrupted reals not doing the work that I met on the path and who were used negatively in my life
  • 30 related images
  • a 12-minute video extract and an unpublished article about the work of one of these corrupted reals
  • walk-out and walk-in avatar working in the healing field with animals
  • empty avatar with a trace of spirit from the 16th century, being used as a handler in the sound healing scene in Belgium and monitored to keep within his programming
  • empty vessel used as a distraction and the handling around her
  • original spark who walked out leaving an empty vessel behind, left to be more easily used and manipulated, study of the moment when she walked out
  • original spark with a lot of reptilian DNA who walked out and was occasionally used to send triggers, her signature before and after so you can train in recognizing walk-out beings
  • 169 related images for the walk-in, walk-out beings and empty avatars
  • 1h30 of presentation content
  • 2 extracts about the walk-out and the environment we met or what they were connecting with (32 minutes)

Module Six ~ 67 euros

Module SEVEN ~ Spirited and non spirited animals: pets, dogs and cats

  • Programming triggered in the animal field
  • Handling around spirited animals: NPC humans or animals sent by the programs to trigger them
  • The problem with rescue centers, rescue animal operations and animal communicators or advocates
  • Feeling trapped in our relationships with AI or dark animals
  • Recognizing AI and access in animals and AI animals
  • Stories about my previous and current pets
  • Giving up an AI cat (addition to my Youtube video)
  • Scan of a spirited cat and a potential candidate for adoption
  • Adopting a spirited animal
  • Choosing an animal based on working with the Genius App and some of the red flags I have crossed path with 
  • In-depth reviews about my personal experiences with 2 spirited dogs
  • 2 other dogs scanned and their inner lives
  • Interacting with a dark matter original spark animal and the complications coming up with that
  • Reading potential timelines with the Genius app about our relationships with animals
  • 236 images reviewed and 2h22 of video content
  • Introductory comments analyzing the programming streamed by animal communicators and animal advocates (31-minute bonus): perspectives on animal cloning, what energies are hiding behind, what is missing in the animal communication scene, engineering around original spark animal advocates, new age beliefs about grieving animals, my experience with an animal communicator who is an unconscious handler of the scene and review of my participation to her workshop, false beliefs streamed about animals, overgeneralizations, misleading and the problem with the lack of discernment in the animal field scene
  • Extracts to study the frequency signatures of 5 animal communicators or advocates (25 minutes)
  • Panel “The animal kingdom and our relationship to it” (116 items) and 13-minute introduction video for the panel

Module Seven ~ 97 euros

Module EIGHT~ Presentations by participants (only available when purchasing the whole course)

  • 33-minute group process with the Genius app
  • Your relationship with yourself: hidden aspects
  • Panel “Core beliefs about self” (142 items)
  • Public presentation and analyses of the participants of the course on distraction or simulation energy, remote handling and other forms of handling or programming
  • 3h30 of video content

Module NINE (bonus) ~ complex grief and dealing with losses and timeline collapsing in the game: perspectives on death and walk in and walk out

  • Grief, death and 3D thinking and programming
  • Grieving the non spirited or with the non spirited
  • In depth presentation of a belgian original spark who succumbed to suicide programming
  • Suicide programming
  • In depth presentation of my original spark mother Viviane : during her life, her departure, the colors of her spirit
  • In depth presentation of my original spark cat Qadesh : case of a walk out, grief and dealing with an empty avatar and giving up an empty avatar while exiting cognitive dissonance and dealing with guilt programming
  • Pestrofa : Olya’s cat
  • In depth presentation of my high frequency original spark roomate Marvyn : year 2021 in Thuin, handler family, similarities in our paths, programming, new ways of sharing a space ; who was Marvyn under the human avatar (Milab and SSP) ; his car accident and his week coma ; 2 of the handlers in his life ; his funeral ; his departure ; the spirit of Marvyn
  • A grip on timelines and being stuck with some of the lowest frequency timelines
  • 3h23 of video content
  • Bonus: extract of an empty (walk out) pet, a song by Laura Jones and 2 videos honouring the departed
  • Panel “Navigating grief and losses in the game” (136 items) and a 15-minute presentation of the panel

Module Nine ~ 97 euros


“The first module was amazing and I look forward to the other modules. I walked away with many Aha moments. I had a few revelations regarding what you shared about Stanford University or the way handlers are sending triggers everyday.” ~ A.

“Arianah has gained a significant amount of knowledge and wisdom in her experiences with handlers in her life and has shared excellent and very telling information in helping us to identify these situations in our lives ; very thought-provoking classes. I truly appreciate the work that you do and am so happy to be a part of your course. I am learning so much from your knowledge and experiences. Thank you for the panels which are aiding us in finding what needs to be cleared. I found it very helpful and beneficial in my life. I am thankful for your presence in my life, you have opened my eyes in many ways and I will always appreciate that. The modules were very informative and something that needed to be addressed. They caused me to be more aware of how programming affects us or the people in our lives. Thank you so much for bringing such important subjects that pertain to everyday life. The panels are very powerful in my life. I have learned so much from you. You are walking such a strong courageous path as a teacher for Jedi Warriors. This is something not to be taken lightly and I truly cherish your presence in my life! » ~ D.

“I really enjoyed the pictures and examples that you shared. It helped me make connections to a lot of the relationships that I have had or currently have in my life. It expanded my awareness further to remember to trace and bounce energies with people and situations. I enjoy your teachings. They are very powerful. You are so talented and needed in this game to help all of us. Your encouragement and your teachings are invaluable. I have reread your emails repeatedly for strength. Your efforts are appreciated beyond measure. Your course is SO in depth, so original, unique and high frequency. I hope you are proud of your work. » ~ V.

“From what you shared about your past, it helped me keep on picking up the signature of MK Ultra in my own childhood. Your thoughtful presentations are so helpful with all the visuals. You are able to clarify what is going on with such precision. I am starting to look at the eyes of people in my life and look what is glaring now. Your modules are powerful. You amaze me with your ability to connect the dots in your life and express your experiences with clarity. The panels are very empowering. Your advanced writing skills help a lot with all kinds of concerns. You are leaving a legacy. It is a relief as well that maybe make it less lonely for the participants of the course. You are above the Earthly plane, so it is secondly difficult to embrace and embody! Thank you for your reading and insight with today’s class. Your readings give solid truth and provide us with hope. You are an outstanding teacher. The recordings were very cathartic. That is very much one of your greatest of your many strengths…your ability to empower others by leading with your own strength. You would make an excellent detective! » ~ L.

« You encouraged me to seek the life experiences where I am valued, seen, heard and validated and to know that as an original spark healer, others benefit my teachings. You give me such healing experiences that allow me to let go of tension. That is a sign of your high frequency healing abilities and intelligence, too, and your connection to heart’s wisdom and intuition. Without your words I would not have a steady trust in my healing abilities as the feedback of the matrix is so off and deceptive: it just sends me to the wrong people who don’t need this and it makes me feel like nobody needs my teachings. So hard to see beyond that as it is my direct experience, so thank you for the reminders. Thanks to you, I can see beyond so much better and further! I value your unique talents and gifts and skills and it is and would continue to be a joy to work with you in this life and create new realities based on spirit’s truth together that don’t exist in this world yet. » ~ O.

« I am always amazed at what the modules bring up. I got clarity in a totally different way than expected. So much to unpack and I am enjoying the process. Thank you for doing these classes. » ~ K. 


Extracts from the course

Module One

Module Two

Module Three

Module Four

Module Five

Module Seven

Module Nine

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