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Back to basics

Defeating mind control tactics in our personal lives and reclaiming our core powers

This course covers the dynamics of mind control, handlers and gurus and how abuse is perpetuated to feed from fire creation beings. We keep on studying together the layers and different templates of psychological games that are meant and designed to occupy our attention at different stages of our awakening processes. These operations are a tool for unseen entities to chord us to their dark agendas and make us sign associations due to the agreements of entrapment that are taking place. All around us in these operations that are engineered, we can spot maconic signatures or specific codes being broadcasted. What are the red flags of cult environments ? How information is keeping on being weaponized ? What sort of impact was imprinted on our psyches in our youngest years ?

The discourse around mind control is generally simplified so fire creation beings do not understand they are themselves targets, gangstalked and involved in covert programs. All reals have been subjected (and are still up to this day) to many layers of thought injections and psychological and emotional tortures. Many reals are currently still being entrapped into survival modes, mainly due to scarcity programming. Orchestrated events and hive-mind environments are also layered with division programming leading to in-fighting, especially if it is about separating 2 fire creation beings. Many inverted beliefs are embedded into us for us to generate a low frequency life from these negative core beliefs. In our personal lives, there are many many imposters who are disguising, diverting our energy from our prime and organic focus. Our reintegration is certainly discouraged and obstacles are sent our ways by the program.

So many times, we fall for embellishment of our past and present, for our personal and collective stories. The architects are masters at diverting the attention and the programming is embedded with what is real. The hidden architects and real handlers play on all the parts where our developments have been arrested to get us engaged in these mind-controlling operations and lock us in their inverted logics and AI webs. How to maintain a stronger foundation ? It is a long journey of deprogramming to keep on learning to choose ourselves first. As we keep on walking the path, we keep on reclaiming important consents that have been delegated in our 3D realities. As always, I share personal experiences, review handling signatures and how my own mind was affected by the engineering ruling this realm we are in. The content shared is intended to assist participants to be sharper at discerning disinformation, controlled operations and false narratives in the collective and in their personal lives.

Getting better at reading frequency signatures

Training in recognizing the frequency signature of engineered operations and agents with dark associations is key. Operations are led for our programming to keep in place and for traps of agreement to gain further access to our vital force connected to the infinite source of creation. Many operations are led in our collective and in our personal lives in order to divert our attention from true healing. Understanding how my mind has been affected by the constant engineering in my life has encouraged me to look for the universal lessons for all of us. The content is shared to assist each participant in strengthening their foundations and piercing through additional layers of deceit, revealing them for what they are. The distraction is engineered and chosen for us. Our realities and our liberations are very individual. This course is a great ground from which to build a stronger foundation, to rise in discernment in order to extract from false narratives both on collective and personal levels.

This course studies :

  • different forms and signs of programming
  • the characteristics of backdrops, the spiritless and Non-Player characters and the SIM and synthetic signatures
  • What it means to evolve as a spirited being in this realm ; what does disturb our peace ? What does pull us into drama ? How is trauma used to terraform our reality? 
  • the analysis of freemasonic symbols and MK Ultra triggers in the entertainment industry, on social media, in the culture that surrounds us up and in the therapy field
  • some of the symbology that encourages dissociation
  • the analysis of current and past engineered events, engineered wars and conflicts and fabricated polemics counting on outrage
  • What is frequency signature ?
  • different signatures important for us to open our eyes about: controlled and overtaken public figures, the sex kitten programming signature and sex alters, the gender confusion signature, the signature of gaslighting and fake compliments, the signature of gurus, the voice signature, the distraction signature, the harassment signature
  • handling in the work place 
  • personal photos of me growing up and my surroundings and some of my cover and false memories
  • how to work on deepening the connection with our spirit and build more inner peace thanks to a solid knowing about the rules here 
  • the importance to work on putting our relationships with ourselves first
  • some aura analysis working with the Genius
  • 2 panels for the Genius: Seeing through the worldwide engineering and controlled collective and personal narratives and Reading frequency signatures and piercing through derailment programs (panels are available (click here))

This courses comes with:

  • 12 hours of video content
  • a review of 750 images and 30 minutes of video analysis
  • a bonus episode with a surprise movie and celebrity analysis, signatures in the new age movement and in the electronic music scene
  • a group process and a body-scan audio track
  • 2 panels for the Genius app with 181 items
  • after payment, you are invited to access Thinkific (click)

Join me for another unforgettable adventurous journey.

Testimonies from participants

“That is some potent information you have put out. I enjoyed it so much, so much information you compiled there. It took me hours to digest just some of the first module and it helped me to get a different perspective. During the replay, I would stop the video and just think about what I have heard. Many aha moments for sure. I sat in the chair for a good while after, it was like someone peeled a layer away from my eyes and I was in a new world. I see the illusion with more clarity. I saw places I had given my consent to without realizing. False hopes I had been fooled by was a big eye opener. This feels like a turn in my life. The matrix is still pulling hard but at least I am recognizing where I did not before in a lot of places. It feels like I have been on a small boat in the middle of the ocean and now I see signs of land. Grateful is an understatement. I have found there is not a time when I encounter your teachings or videos that I remain the same. So thankful for the day I saw some of your posts on food selection, never realizing how my life would be changed from knowing you. The course has been intense for me, bringing some truths to the forefront and others that were never thought upon. Still processing on working my mind around a simulated reality with NPCs. I have found myself in a new world so to speak. The classes have strengthened my knowing that we are living in a simulation game. I recognize more and more of the symbols. It has been an eye opener with a lot of depth. A treasure house of knowledge at my fingertips. The more I listen the more I pick up. You made such valid points. I am now much more into seeking the energy of the person and their frequency. Also I am just now getting a handle that I am remembering not learning. It works for those ready to see and wanting out ; this definitely helps to get there quicker. Let’s continue to remember together.” – G.

“I can see where in my life now and in previous years how I was triggered by events or people. I’ve also noticed backdrops around me and can laugh about it instead of getting upset by their actions that may trigger me. It almost seems like a bad, half-hour TV sitcom. I’ve also identified certain patterns that have kept playing throughout the years; one could have played out again a few weeks ago if I didn’t recognize it. I’m getting better at noticing patterns and stopping them.” – A.

“The modules were thorough and you have a way of explaining higher level concepts in a way that makes it understandable and relative to our lives.” – L.

Your course reminded me to be mindful of my energy and especially the triggers that come when I’m around my family. Any fire creation being will find themselves growing up in the middle of many diverse signatures that are not always easy to identify or navigate.” – M.

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