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It’s been 6 years I have been tracing the way my life has been engineered along the way. The last few years, my awareness has been rising about the nature of backdrops here and who they are used to cross or ignore boundaries (as per their programming). The system might use them through AI access in order to test a boundary a spirited being has just decided to set. For many reals, AI is enough to keep them automatically in handled spaces though we are given special types of attention as well. In this realm we are prevented from remembering and keeping good tracks of our progresses. Most of us tend to forget that boundary setting is essential and that is one way we let the program gets more in. We might even forget why it’s even important to set a boundary. Much is done for reals to loop in circles and to have as many interactions as possible with projections from the hologram. We also have to deal with our own subpersonalities (alters) and the ones within others (that can create frustration and confusion). We might want to ask ourselves: why do I invest my time and energy here ? How often and how much should I do so? In protests like in any space proposed by the matrix, you will find a lot of backdrops alongside the occasional fire creation being. And not all fire creations are the same, when you start refusing the backdrop handlers, you are given the crapy and broken fire creations to distract you. When reals are too corrupted or not integrated enough, you are mainly dealing with their many different alters. Most reals have no idea that they are split and have DID. It’s been designed this way to make sure further access to us can be gained throughout our lives. We have many contradictions within ourselves. Some of our thoughts are the products of our alters. Some alters can be very hostile towards powerful deprogrammers. Keeping on observing what is going on in the details is important. Many are not aware cover and false memories replace some of our memories. Whenever caught into one of their operations, beings are lost with a false sense of self, distracted and kept away from accomplishing what truly matters (creation and manifestation in alignment with who we are). I tend to love coming back to a high frequency neutrality and to keep on working on remembering who I am. When you are in presence of a real ally, there is a balance of energies. Who is who in this game? Keeping on recognizing the frequency signatures all around us and within us. We all deal with very complex signatures, from someone where there used to be a spirit to the random NPC gangstalker. We might cross path with a concept but it might take years before it’s integrated and becomes embodied knowledge to a certain degree. Backdrops tend to adapt to our boundaries but not really learn from them. We are indeed setting a boundary with a program since this is a game. And backdrops too can be very psychic. Our ancestors, our pets, our parents, our children, our siblings, our cousins or aunts and uncles, they all can be a NPC, used to trigger or distract. Backdrops can easily cord your heart center: it’s a synthetic access ; this happened to me a few times. Operations are led on micro and macro levels to invite the reals (most of which have no idea they live in a simulation) to bond with AI led operations. Their operations are always layered. Survival programming can be contageous especially coming from the backdrops. Many micro operations in our realm are led on a personal level through custom-made handlers or custom-brought. We can all wonder about what is on rail in our lives? What is it that we feel we have to do? Where do we stop thinking and become automatic? Where do we accept certain behaviors? Or receive certain instructions, for example from a parent, something we would never accept if there was not this history? Are they really the ones we want around? Are we daring to even ask?

All reals have to face a high degree of psychological torture, mind games and engineered betrayals. From the beginning the hidden architects try for us to have a low self esteem that is easily triggered (I am not a good enough person) or certain perceptions around time (I am losing my time, I don’t have enough time, I owe others a part of my time). And of course our time is related to money. We are discouraged to be creating from the inside out. They want for the reals to be confused in hate states after the abuse, the harassing and the manipulations. Indeed, the architects thrive to see us creating darkness from our unreclaimed and unconsciously used abilities or when we use our psy-abilities to create darkness in the lives of others.

Every day, we are encouraged to make fear-based decisions while we are discouraged to invest in the life-giving aspects such as going to the woods, practicing yoga, taking a bath or staying in silence. Some people around us are plugged to interrupt us. Oftentime, the 3D reality aspects are going to reveal what is in the bottom of our minds and the ones around us. In our daily realities, it is important to strenghten a step after the other and that is where we will see the details of the work we are doing. For example, we notice that now we are strong enough to be taking care of some aspects of our lives while a year ago, it was out of our reach.

The game is designed for us to be encouraged to think that we have no other option than their numerous traps. But there are countless of other options out there. It is triggering in itself to be around backdrops for reals, especially as they will not be the ones to value and recognize us in the immensity of who we are. We only can do that for ourselves by remembering the fullness of who we are.

This episode is about controlled opposition and how descending with food is essential for targeted individuals.

A trap can be occupying us for years in our lives, first it might be our curiosity which takes us there. In an AI managed space, the gaslighting is going to be intense for fire creation spirits. In these hierarchy spaces, we will find group mentality and different angles of deception and we will be made to feel small. Dark types of handling and managing AI is making a lot of interventions in our lives and our choices. All around us there is a lot of interrupting energies, especially through our relationships. Our creative power is managed and the way our imagination works is directed in specific ways. Our unconscious is revealed in the details of our realities and in the coding around us.

To navigate our days, going back to an alkaline way of eating is of great assistance. We can also limit the amount of triggers that reach us every day with our every day choices and how we interact with technology. Getting structured water from the fruits is also key.

This episode discusses mind control happening during some of my travels, handlers being sent during my travels at Orion Healing center in Thailand, accessing more memories, understanding energy, the benefits of fasting and simplifying our diet, cocreation with others, the influence of parents over our psyche and how life is engineered for us, external authority programming and the attack of the family unit. (content only available on Anchor and not in video on Youtube)

Psychic attacks often target the wounded ego. They are about psychic warfare and spiritual warfare. They are meant to cause psychological pressure and emotional suffering. At first I thought it was my own process of separating from toxic beings which was really difficult until I realize they were continuously sending me psychic attacks, sometimes for a whole year.

They were the ones bringing mind control to my reality, distorting reality and using gaslighting and were not happy with my boundary setting. With the spiritless you don’t deal with a real psychic attack but with your own programming being activated like guilt or shame programming. It is meant to bring you in a lower frequency range caught in loops of psychic hostility. I finish this video with a few ways I practice to rise above and beyond the frequency of psychic attack.

Winnie McCuien studies the in-between spaces underneath our day to day experiences and shares them on her social media page. NPCs are there to be pushing us to stay in our scripts and engage us with the interface. The matrix influences our moods and frequencies constantly. Winnie shares her journey of awakening, becoming aware of self destructive and implanted thoughts and which thoughts to listen to and which ones not to, that some thoughts are not our real thougths.

How does it make me feel ? is a rhethoric question we can keep on asking ourselves in every now moment and situation. Recognizing situations when others are trying to make you feel very small or when they overpower you with their big energetic personalities. Are they beneficial in our experiences here or are they stripping us away from our powers? “Family is the biggest trap ever” Winnie shares, as her journey to recognize and integrate people pleasing fragments and programmed aspects that are not the core self. Do we have to downgrade our frequencies to be in touch? We have closed the door to certain beings who were in our lives for certain reasons. Sometimes we forget about them but frequency signature reading will reassure us. Do we feel we have to be polite or how do small talk make us feel? We are working on deprogramming being so hard on ourselves. Winnie reflects about when is it time to move away from some online content?

In a day there are fondamentals that are good for us to apply such as moving the body and keeping healthy away from addictive substances. Our knowledge helps us to validate ourselves even if tuning to how to react to the spiritless is a work in progress. This journey is also about self mastery to resist temptations, AI pulls and frequency hijacks. Recognizing internalized negative self-talk is key or what around us is encouraging our lower 3D selves and low frequency behaviors. The false idea that rising in frequency would come with no struggle is widespread and ties to the new age.

Here, it’s a game where it’s difficult to resist all the different forms of distractions. Let’s review some of them together and their different signatures.

• Distractions engineered by the architects or dark ET factions
• on the public scene
• micro and macro
• engineered relationships and distraction
• NPC distractors
• 3D distractions
• Alters & specific programming

Most food densifies us and slows us down. The more we consume light and hydrating food, the faster we can go with our own processes. Food addiction runs deep. Fire creation beings tend to experience depression when they are not able to create, when their state of apathy is immobilizing them. I have envisioned a slow pace coaching transmutation journey as I have been noticing high frequency fire creation beings would and could be benefiting the personal attentive support that I am able to provide as a fire creation being who has walked the process of transitioning myself, for the past 5 years, to a lighter way of eating and who has solid experience with liquid and dry fasting. Symptoms that I don’t understand stopped when I engaged on that road. With this new journey, my intent is to hold a high frequency healing space for the small group of participants that will choose to be working with me and me with them. This high frequency space will allow you as a participant to unfold yr paths and visions at a speeded pace : this is what happens when we are addressing the food program with a return to one of our point of original living, through the food and drinks we consume. It frees up space, time and energy. That is what the principles of the mucusfree and mucuslean living have been teaching me and how they keep on inspiring me every day as I keep on applying them to my life.

In this private small container, I will be working with you not only addressing the 3D food aspects but also the emotional, spiritual and subtle psychological aspects that we are dealing with every single day that we are spending in this complicated high technology game. In this process, I will be assisted by high frequency teachers of healing modalities and high frequency guest speakers or teachers. My intent is for you, by the end of this process, to have deepened your connection with all the substances you relate with and to be well-equipped to know how to numb whenever needed, how to accelerate the pace whenever you feel ready or how to choose a steady pace for integration. We will be working on our relationship with food, with ourselves and with the experience we create in our realities.

This adventure will last as long as it’s appropriate for participants with a monthly payment of 127 euros per month. It could last 4 months to a year maximum, up to January 2024 after the next holiday season that can trigger programming. Everyone is at a different level in their transition with food so your pace will be very unique to you and you are the one choosing the pace you want to go at. The 3D aspect of foods and beverages are a great entry point to approach the deeper other dimensional aspects of our lives here.

All fire creation beings are programmed to be resonant with negative attention and frequencies from the inversion. We sometimes believe signs are positive until we realize what is really going on underneath. The system here deprives you of positive attention through much and constant engineering. The matrix is built on negative attention. We tend to accept negative attention because sometimes, that is all that is offered to us and we prefer it than no exterior attention at all and the confronting aspect of that. Positive attention is quite rare and there are many forms of negative attention, including love-bombing techniques and flattery. Some handlers will give you attention, yet it is going to be the negative type of attention. When that attention goes away, you might feel as you are no longer special to them or anybody because this kind of attention has no healing frequency to it : it is usery. Attention-seeking is the game of the insecure, most of the time because of what we have gone through in the programs and a profound forgetting.

What is cognitive dissonance? It is about rejecting part of the information that is present around us and accessible to hold on to denial. It’s a process of deep entanglement and complexity through the structures of our minds. The mind generally overrules the body. Why is it so? Why this mechanism? Does it have a protective function? How to recognize we are in cognitive dissonance, or others around us? Our cognitive dissonance is triggered all the times and is active at different degrees. Time allows us to realize we were in cognitive dissonance in the past, when we reread our own notes. There is a lot of cognitive dissonance going on in families or on social media. All psy-ops out there do count on our cognitive dissonance, on us not perceiving some layers of the deception. We often are in cognitive dissonance around handlers, not seeing them for who they are and finding justifications for the way they are crossing our boundaries. What other types of programming can be triggered by cognitive dissonance? All programs are distraction, distraction that can come with a degree of suffering (generally based on illusion). Our core beliefs and our programming can be pretty strong and reluctant to dismantle and transform. When you exit the state of cognitive dissonance, you can break through cover and false memories and finally see what was hiding in the background.

What is a hive-mind ? How do we find ourselves in them ? What about hive mentality and groupthink ? When do you know you are in a hive-mind ? How to recogniz the hive-mind influences engineering our lives ? What are they encouraging in us ? Why is it important to unplug from them or disengage when they become too constraining ? Many online and daytime communities have a strong hive-mind signature. Hive mind spaces have an influence on the choices we are making. They interfere with our personal evolution rhythms. You can generally identify them by specific signatures. On my journey I have been part of many hive-mind environments and still up to this day. Hive-minds tend to be controlled by handlers.

What are boundaries? What are their roles? How can we perceive where they start and where our needs begin? What is at stake when boundaries are being intruded on? How do others react to boundary setting? Are you being asked to be in your sacrifice programming or your people-pleasing alters? The system generally discourage your boundary settings, if you are real and spirited as it’s a very efficient way to break contracts and agreements in your 3D daytime realities. The MK Ultra projects have a huge impact on how we are able to set boundaries in our realities. We generally have made a great deal of progress from our earlier years. Low self-esteem, also engineered by the projects, is encouraged by repetitive boundary crossing. Handlers tend to make you feel guilt for setting boundaries. It’s part of the engineering. Gangstalking is an excellent training ground to practice different kinds of boundary settings. The mind wiping drugs also are there to discourage us remembering why it is so important to practice good boundary setting in our lives. Developing strong, fierce, tenacious and firm boundaries is crucial in this game. It’s important to trust oneself even when we can not entirely explain straight ahead why we need to set a boundary.

Backed up with the biofeedback technology the Energy ReMastered App I tuned to the aspects asking to be addressed by the spirits of my Youtube audience. In the intent that this recording assists you to be validated in what you are experiencing right now, may this be of the activating kind. What is a remote healing scan about? What can you know thanks to it? Are you entangled with AI ? Are alters a source of distraction in your life ? What kind of resources could help you with your health and well being ? Is there any food allergy you should be taking in consideration ? How is your health doing? What core beliefs about yourself or this reality are in the way right now for you to manifest the reality you desire to live in ? What about handling, handlers, triggers and programming ? What are some of the specific frequencies affecting your field right now ? Is there dark engineering going on ? Are you rising in frequency signature discernment ? What is your relationship with money or to animals ? What are some of the ways your energy is being drained ? Where is the next step to focus on in terms of shadow work and dismantling ?

This is an interactive course where we will review and study together many different types of relationships, from the most obvious backdrop simple templates to the complex types of relationship dynamics. For us, fire creation beings fighting to preserve our spark of spirit here, we know that a lot of our relationships are engineered by the programs. Indeed, it’s often that way that new people are being sent our way and enter our life. From the very beginning of our lifetime here as who we are right now, in this current game incarnation, we have been encouraged (and still are encouraged) to be codependent and weak at boundary setting so the programs can keep on getting in and engineer what our life looks like, our choices, our behaviors down to what and how we think. Of course, family and romance are 2 of the big programs which keep on attempting to tie us to the matrix computer systems. Many friendships are also infiltrated and corrupted to some degrees. The gems are rare ; they do exist. These are the other fire creation beings doing their shadow work. We will study many different signatures of handlers who are there to trigger, distract and disrupt and many handling templates. We will study different gazes and what we can see in the eyes, from AI traps to other types of complex signatures. What are the eyes letting us know?

This upgrading and uplevelling course comes with practicing frequency signature discernment, going over many corrupted models I have crossed path with and studying their signatures, whether they are backdrops, empty, corrupted reals or precious allies on the path. One of my motivations is to encourage you in your reclamation journey and to stimulate memories about your own past, your own present and what surrounds you. Indeed, fire creation beings are surrounded by simulation and traps that are draining them in every area of their lives (partners, collegues, friends, family members even down to our pets). The content shared is intended to assist participants to be sharper at discerning the different signatures in beings, for their personal lives and also to navigate the public life and what we find on the internet. During one module, we will study beta sex kitten programming and sexual programming, a very distractive frequency signature, which is heavily used to cause distraction in our lives and disruption in our energetic fields. One module will be devoted to animals and pets and how to avoid AI traps and what to envision with AI or spirited animals. And of course, this is to deepen our relationship with ourselves first and foremost.

Kendra Gardner is a high frequency fire creation Feng Shui expert providing custom-based recommendations, working with her healing and psychic abilities to help us rise the frequency of our living spaces and unblock stagnant energies. Her work is of the empowering kind. Kendra is very talented at studying the psychology of how we interact with the spaces we live in. She reminds us that we clutter our living spaces for a reason and that our homes do reflect quite much about what is hiding in our unconscious or subconscious. We go over some of the things that came up when Kendra reviewed one of my rooms or did my 9-star ki analysis. A good activating introduction to Kendra’s work and frequency is her book called “Book: 24 Hour Magic: How Changing the Energy in Your Space Can Change Your Life”. The real question is, are we ready to move energy in our lives? The steps might seem simple yet this work goes as deep as it gets, layer after layer, through and through the programming.

A trigger is a frequency hack into your codes, a frequency trauma hijack from the matrix. Each trigger has and is a frequency, it can be anything. The matrix control systems are pushing us every day with multiple triggers reaching us through different avenues. A lot of triggers target our self esteem and are meant to push into programming, such as the wound of non recognition, one of the favourite ways of the architects to trigger us. I go over some of the main and big or more subtle triggers such as systematic triggers, body triggers, savior trigger (high), survival fear trigger, shame or guilt triggering (low), monarch programming triggering, beta sex kitten triggering, self destruction triggering, triggers led by AI or backdrops or by spirited beings, jealousy triggering, triggering coming from fear states and dream time triggering.

Engineered relationships are causing a lot of triggering. Some romantical relationships are there for you to be the worst version of yourself and for your dark alters to be stepping in. It is slowly annihilating you. Boundary setting is essential here not to be eaten alive. I go over some of the dangers of falling for these triggers and how to avoid some of the ones that can be avoided, especially online. I finish with a word of encouragement about choosing the ones with whom we can be our true selves, the ones that are encouraging our core selves and not our alters.

Love-bombing is one the manic derailment and distraction tactics active in this realm. It is generally carried out to extract something out of the target. It’s a way to gain your appreciation that is meant to create an emotional attachment by placing hooks in your field. It triggers your hormonal and nervous systems. The wound of non recognition is a big avenue through which the game keepers keep on engineering our lives. It is so active as most of the reals have forgotten who they are in their Essences. Love-bombing is one of the many negative forms of attentions here. Backdrops are also there to give negative attention, of course one of the many distractions of this realm. Many reals are addicted to their handlers as handlers do provide a lot of negative attention too. When the attention goes away, it does not leave a permanent trace of change. Sometimes we do accept negative attention because that’s all there is around us and it fills the emptiness and the loneliness. Love-bombing has a frequency signature and you can keep on recognizing it.

We are much more complex than what it seems on the surface. So many signatures are copresent inside of us. We are encouraged to be boxed in hive-mind spaces where how we spend our time and where we focus our energy is directed in subtle and less subtle ways. Very often, there are attempts to derail the timeline you are working on. There is also a great percentage of projection, deflection and delusion in what we are experiencing when we are part of a psychological operation, on a micro or macro level. Engineered relationships are encouraged by the computer systems. How the control systems are breaching your realm is by crossing your energetic, psychological, emotional and physical boundaries. When we observe how other beings are responding to us, if there is anything they are ignoring, it is going to give us further indications about what’s really going on. Some beings are instructed to trigger a fantasy that is going to derail you for a little while, a romanticized version of reality that is far from the truth experienced here. The system wants you dependent on other beings who are easily accessed. There is a lot of programming geared towards contacting our handlers for help or reporting to them. It’s tricky. Timeline redesigning goes hand in hand with triggering your delusion and your programming to create a mirrored images labyrinth system. Distraction is a way to derail you from what truly matters and true love and friendship. Sex kitten programming is a point of access as it is used to trigger a lot of fantasies. The Energy ReMastered app is an amazing and very useful tool to do shadow work and scan what’s happening in the unconscious, subconscious and deeper aspects of ourselves all at once. What does true companionship feel like? It adapts and it morphes as we go. It evolves. It encourages you to stretch and to reinvent yourself continuously.

Here, many handlers are sent to our lives by the programs. Some handlers here are more conscious than others, having agreed to play the role of handlers. They are usually puppeted by and under contract with dark ET groups. Many use seduction methods to hook into your field and love-bite intentions. Each handler has their own style and you generally have several handlers in your life at the same time. Now, it gets complex when there is a trace of a spirit but the spirit has left. These handlers can be quite tricky to navigate as we are dealing with a signature of something that was real but that is not real anymore. Spirited handlers are the most skilled ones. Our experiences with handlers stay usually within the frame of a programmed experience, controlled and compressed. We often need to dissolve the false image we have about our handlers due to our attachment to them, withdrawal symptoms and our wounding of non recognition. Handlers have a lot of cover and false memories to break through and often do not perceive how they are being used to further a specific agenda of entrapment. The program takes advantage of their dark choices and their ego patterns.

I discuss the influence beta sex kitten signatures and programming have on our lives. If you have ever found yourself buying a piece of feline printed clothing, this indicates beta sex kitten programming being called more to the forefront in your life. The social media scenes and the entertainment industries are filled with these signatures and all reals have been programmed in covert projects. Programming is later being reinforced or activated. If you are watching any product of the entertainment industry, you are being triggered. If you have had breakthroughs about your past as I did, you might have found you have been used as an asset for sexual purposes that were not your own choice but what you were programmed for.

Sex kitten programming is a way to access your codes and derail your life that has many consequences beyond our daytime reality as a point of access and breach. Many alters within have a very sexual nature or programming. It is a theme I will go further into in my upcoming course starting live very soon where we will be analyzing the role and function it plays in our lives and how it influences the operations we are falling for and how we can be following a derailment path for a very long time. We will study some of the triggers and signatures.

I postponed this decision for a good year as it was not a priority or an emergency but more of a periphery distraction in my life. I braved through some guilt, shame, blame and sacrifice programming to get to the other shore and face a by default choice that was leaving standing in my life. I explain here how I got to share my living space with an AI cat, how he arrived in my life and some of the things I observed during our time together. In June, Sounah arrived into my life and instantly a reconfiguration happened, which made the last step that I had in mind for a while, easier. I explain a bit how my AI cat used to be accessed in order to cause disruption and how much of a distraction he was in the end with very little reward. It may take us longer not to accept things from animals that we would not tolerate from humans. In the end, it’s a relief to say the process of parting ways was easier than I thought. I manifested the opening from a shelter in less than 30 minutes and in 3 days, the solution was lying with me.

The wound of non recognition is a big wound that we all need to address layer after layer. There is a special frequency signature in reading our reality and interpreting facts that happen to us through that angle and I notice how much it distorts “reality” to experience it through that lense. I have observed this is an active core wound of all fire creation beings. It is a core wound that can be triggered by the backdrop technology characters because it goes beyond their programming to be real in reciprocity and beyond what their signature has to offer. During our days much is done for us to be encouraged to bond with the simulation aspects, especially when we believe them to be real. The programming runs deep. The desire to be recognized and valued is an entry point that the control systems love to be using to access the codes from spirited beings and extract them. The architects have known for eons how to create all these distorted prisms through which we will be experiencing our reality. That core wound is also where flattery and love-bombing techniques love to hook in. The backdrops are programmed to the inversion to degrees that are hard to understand for spirited beings. With backdrops if we are spirited we will always be looking in the wrong places for our own healing (which is always within). I reflect on some childhood experiences especially at school. These aspects I will address and keep on teaching, including in my new upcoming course that is designed to assist participants in reading deeper into this reality and deactivate layers of active programming. I go through a hundred of frequency signatures, from backdrop signature to handler signature, and I keep on studying the dynamics that are at play all around us. Join me for an unforgettable adventure of deprogramming.

Here, it’s a reality where we have to deal with a lot. As a fire creation being, you generally have much repression engineered around you. Negative types of AI but also low frequency beings are targeting your unhealed wounds through your emotions. As a fire creation, you are targeted since you arrived here in this incarnation. Your health has been targeted, and your abilities. The targeting is custom-made and personalized: it is unique to what will trigger you and how. At some point on your journey, you will realize the harassment is organized. The targeting does not make things easier for you. The more you are taking actions to be assisting other fire creation beings to remember, the more the stalking aspects of your daily reality will be made obvious. A lot gangstalking is AI run. The only thing that is real is how upset it is making you and how much you believe it’s real. Are others around you resisting mind control inductions? As they are constant. Backdrops are not good at resisting programming, it is all they are. The suffering of backdrops is illusory. We are constantly beamed and reprogrammed if we don’t fight hard not to be. As a fire creation, you are often programmed to be resonant with negative attention. You may keep on paying attention at how backdrops are mirroring you. They use your own terms so you think they have reached a certain degree of awakening. Many handlers are making you doubt your own sanity whenever you are setting new boundaries with your reality. This is a part of the game here we have to keep on playing on. Luckily, we are so much more than all these maneuvers.

External authority programming is well alive as we are seeing how it affects the mind of the reals and the spiritless in this realm with each big operation that is launched by the medias and governments. This programming is reinforced in schools for sure and later on is kept well alive by false gurus and false mentors and therapists who are not working in the direction of healing. This programmed dependency towards authority is meant to break your trust in yourself and in your abilities and to imprison your mind in a box. You often feel as well that you are going against your own discernment. The programs want you triggered into all kind of chain reaction programmings. When this programming is active, it will help you identify areas of your life where you are currently delegating your own power away. So therefore, it will help you identify some of your blind spots. In this realm, you will face a lot of beings very attached to some of their ideas and beliefs who are led by their dopamine circuits and who are in cognitive dissonance. Some will be used to invalidate you and your perceptions. Gaining mastery over triggers keeps on being crucial here. Each handling has its own style. External authority programming, when it’s active, has its own signature. It might trigger you into guilt programming, another very effective types of programming. This is all meant to suppress your growth and for you to loop in core wounds. Savior programming is also very often playing out in the background of these happenings. The trap is to engage in the trigger or to overshare in the wrong places. Cognitive dissonance is there to protect a false and cover memory, a false impression of something that has been happening, while something else is in fact hiding in the background, still unacknowledged. Keep on studying the signatures of every and any trigger, to learn from them everytime. And master the bait by not taking it. Keep on dismantling what is happening in your mind and in your body. Our programming is installed by crossdimensional and 3D handlers and they want us to follow the chain of reactions. It leads to fulfilling their dark agendas. When you don’t answer the trigger, you can’t be controlled. Identify the entry point and keep on noticing where and how your mind is being controlled and where your life is led on automatic rails by other forces and beings than yourself.

Spirited beings tend to be gaslit online and in their everyday lives. This is how it goes and we have to train to become able to notice straight ahead the signature of this manipulative tactic that is meant to suppress some of the expression of you. Gaslighting is a form of handling.What does a trigger feel like? Gaslighting is about making you lose confidence in your own perceptions and making it difficult for you to own your own experiences. It is an act of manipulation that generally makes it harder to identify what is going on in your lives and put words onto it. Gaslighting is there to keep the programming active and sometimes awakens dormant layers of guilt programming. It is about controlling your perceptions through manipulative ways. Gaslighting is emotional manipulation that is asking you to take the blame for how others are behaving. Responsibility is usually being transferred as the interlocutor stands by his deep denial patterns. It only hurts when you don’t see the situation as it is but as you are asked to see it. It is meant to discourage you to practice boundary setting in your life. Spirited dracos or draco loyal beings tend to be very skilled with this method that targets your self-esteem and self-confidence. What was my first initial response? Gaslighting also takes the form of shadow projection: it is all about inverted reality. Now, in between you and others stand a lie and a distortion. Taking responsibility for things that are not yours to take influences the strength of your immune system. Usually this comes with violating access to people pleasing alters. I assist my clients in recovering and healing from gaslighting. Each case is specific and requires a specific attention.

We all have our genetic weaknesses and we all are called at some point of our lives to change our food habits, letting go of some layers of densities. Exploring with food is exploring with a side of our creativity. Finding substitutes and leaving our comforting habits, addressing our reflexes to numb as journeying here is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of work if we want to truly shine and deploy what is hidden within us. Priorities are shifting as we keep on deprogramming. What does my body need today ? That is how we keep on remembering, how to listen, tune in and play around in this Earth game.

We never know what kind of day we are going to deal with. Food as a lot to do with which kind of day we are dealing with today and the intensity of the targeting. Food is one very important relationship we have with ourselves first. Addiction patterns easily come back. Sometimes we have the strenght to make the good decisions, sometimes we don’t. There are many things wecan do for ourselves and they are taking many forms. It’s not easy to do it all at once ; it is always about a percentage. You might not feel like you have space for it all but you probably have space for one or two things, and that’s where it’s good to be focusing : the next step. Learning from mistakes, remembering it’s a game here.

Our behaviors have been influenced by trauma that has been endured, sometimes trauma we have no memory of. Heavy trauma that has not been processed is encouraging us to be in states of apathy, inertia and passivity. These states have been created by design to manage the power of our abilities, much reduced in manifestation in this mostly 3D realm. A lot is being done to encourage us to believe we are unable to change any given situation and for us to be discouraged to find creative solutions. Learned helplessness is often connected with depression. I share an example of a backdrop (university friend) embodying this programming of learned helplessness in her own NPC way. Victimhood consciousness is also embedded in addition (many layers of it). For fire creation beings, it is so important to keep on studying the underground life. Much is done for us to believe the 3D reality of the cover life. So it is a cover game! And there are games wihin the game. We tend to become passive in the face of trauma. Most of the reals here struggle or have struggled with depression; it may never have being diagnosed. Learned helplessness encourages us to be poor at problem-solving and not to have high expectations for success within the game. Let’s keep on daring to envision BIG and to expand the mind towards new possibilities and options.

Olya and I are joining forces again to discuss and reflect on programming. We work on keeping on recognizing where there is a strong sense of purpose and where it is mainly distraction. We reflect on how important it is to keep on recalibrating with our entourage to lessen the percentage of drama that reaches us everyday. How much are we engaging with whom? How to lessen the impact of backdrops who are running these 3D programs ? Some places it’s not difficult to go there, it is mainly scary and unknown new territories. We also reflect on fear-based decisions and the impact on our field of disagreeable financial bills and how to keep on manifesting new opportunities beyond our programming. In this realm, there are many attempts to trigger survival fears. How are we avoiding running a program? How are we keeping on generating from our resourcefulness? Who are we dealing with in our realities? On my journey, I have been exposed with many convincing models where there was no spirit. When it’s empty from spirit, something is missing. The nature of who the backdrops are is that they don’t generate their own energy and they tend to be programmed to plug in to ours. We reflect on how many backdrops tend not to give us an answer and in the past, I used to interpret that as a personal rejection. Some beings also communicate as if they were entitled to our time and energy, they tend to be not genuine in their communication; manipulative and the signature of their intent will leave a disagreeable imprint. The beings with the less empathy tend to be willing to take advantage of our good nature. They will pull us out of our centers. Sometimes the signature is more complex to read when there are many alters and layers superposed. What to do with blurry incoherent frequency signatures around us? When are others in interruption of who we are ? There is a warmth to benevolent spirit to spirit interaction. The yoga nidra modules proposed in the course Back to Basics are coming as a proposition to keep on neutralizing the conditioning and make it go away from the subconscious mind. This practice helps to change the order in how we do things in our lives. We all had to open our eyes around the first layers of programming such as “I am not doing enough, I am not being productive enough” or “I am running out of time”. When I started to consider that I wake up traumatized, it really helped me to give more space to self nurture and relaxation. Suddenly it was not a loss of time anymore. We also reflect on our perception and dance with linear time and how curiosity can be used to pull you in.

Many times here we have to start over and to grieve what no longer can be. This 3D reality forces usto move on and design again our life trajectories. The simulation is all around. At some point in our lives, we feel a visceral knowing that different choices have to be taken. Despite of the engineering, many of us keep on looking for the magic, from the inside to the out. Connecting with allies is key on the journey.

Piercing through the distraction, training in recognizing NPCs and uncording from covert operations Programming has a specific design within the mind. Much is done in our daytime reality to influence the way we are spending our time, for it to be controlled. Much is done as well in terms of programming so we do not pause and reflect deeper on some aspects of our realities. Fire creations beings live a completely different life underground the cover life. A certain sense of relief can be experienced when we are swallowed by the 3D aspects of this realm. We can catch the subtle expression of different kinds of alters living within, programmed by the architects very systematically and erupting when we don’t fall for certain layers of distraction. It is easy here to be endlessly distracted and it’s important to keep on observing the internal contradictions. Falling for any layers of the engineered events equals finding ourselves right into daytime covert projects where we are heavily corded to dark groups and factions. In Back to Basics, I discuss some memories that have weirdness to them and also the characteristics of non spirited AI driven beings and characteristics of the reals. When we are psychically connecting to the vision backdrops have of us, which is usually very limiting, we will find a vision empty of spirit, a false projection . Sometimes, we receive remarks seemingly meant as compliments as a discouragement about what we are working on for the moment. This is often coming from backdrops who are accessed by the programs and meant to sent specific triggers and codes to keep us locked into programming or create certain states of unsatisfaction. A lot of engineering in our lives is created by unfriendly types of AI programmed to serve the agendas of the overlords. In school and in the programs, we are encouraged to follow orders and to be sensitive about receiving insructions that encourage us to go in automatic mode. A lot of programming is done before we leave the roof of our parents and finding the first real keys of deprogramming can take us a few years before we really can engage in a deeper inner work of deprogramming. It’s often the heavy suffering that brings us closer to a first sense of remembrance. This course is designed to encourage participants to keep on liberating from controlled narratives and to pay attention to beings who are discouraging them to have firmer personal boundaries geared towards their greater good. Handlers often are most of the times unconsciously endorsing that role, to create guilt, distorsion and to invert the nature of what is really going on. All of this is part of the greater distractions this realm has in store for us to keep us entangled. Many operations are targeting our heart energy centers. Many are meant to be influencing the way we behave, think and act. Important alters are programmed to be persuading us that we don’t need to look further. We need to differentiate the voices inside our own minds, to acknowledge the layers of sabotage and the impact of programmed personalities on our everyday lives. Mind control tends to prevent us from questioning deeply enough our realities. Backdrops play this role of lowering the ambiant frequencies due to the way they are programmed. They easily are cancelling their commitments or are not very reliable. Because they are easily accessed and not very discerning, they are used for interruption throughout our days. Back to Basics ~ defeating mind control tactics in our personal lives and reclaiming our core powers is now available in its evergreen version.

During the course Back to Basics, we will study: – signs of programming – the signature of some backdrops – the signatures of the current events and predictive programming – the signatures of engineered operations – signs of fragmentation on social media and encouragement to dissocation – maconic loyalities that we can spot – an active frequency signature training After the false hope from the truckers’ operation, we are facing more controlled narratives and staged political events meant for the brain of fire creation beings to think the threats are real. Medias are using any possible propaganda tool. Distraction is being sent full gear. Each operation is layered to attain fire creation beings somewhere in their lives and to generate anxious states. Timelines are being shifted as dormant programming is being called into the surface. Savior implants are also ensuring operations are successfull in harvesting energy, especially as most of the times, fire creation beings are being triggered into savior complex towards the backdrop technology. Keeping connected to inner peace is key and protecting our corners of reality, coming back to that sense that all is well now and at all moment.

Beginning of march will be starting a new course designed to inspire us to navigate our personal lives for the best, to be sharper at spotting manipulation, hidden contracts, maconic signatures and agreements of entrapments. Every day in the collective and in our personal lives we find many controlled operations designed to harvest and distract us. Reals are also encouraged to go protest or believe in the false hope generated around certains operations. The distraction is engineered and chosen for us. Hope comes from within and from remembering. Our reality and our liberation are very individual. I will be sharing personal experiences and signatures I have crossed path with and how I keep on working to build a life connected to more of the truth and realness. This course is aimed at providing tools for a stronger foundation, to rise in discernment to extract from false narratives both on collective and personal levels.

We all have our complex systems to navigate and self sabotage programming to overcome. In addition, Stockolm Syndrome (our attachment to our abusers) is a real and powerful mechanism very active here in the compression systems. It is usual also that a lot of traps are engineered around us to trigger us in negative emotions that are powerful generators for the agendas of the overlords. We also tend to be projecting what we wish we would experience onto what we see all around us but it is usually far from the truth of what it is.

Witnessing others caught into self sabotage may trigger frustration. There is an order in layers to address before we are able to do certain things. The system is using distorted mirrors and mechanisms from our own preprogrammed mind. Many self deceiving aspects are there for us to be encouraged to stay in our programming.

Often times, it is our own internal self sabotage that is in the way for us to generate what we truly have in our visions. I notice all around me talented beings caught into layers of self sabotage (memory being erased, being late or being in the way, interruption frequencies,being easily distracted by any proposition from the systems). On the path of a real, when the backdrop technology is not enough to keep you handled and repressed, the system is using other corrupted reals who are used negatively. Distraction and energy harvests are happening all along and a lot is being done to encourage the energy of reals to be focused where it’s not fruitful. It is crucial to keep on integrating our alters who are loyal to dark energies and factions especially since it has not been a conscious choice to associate with these and is mainly the result of overt and covert entrapments.

We often hear talking about Stockholm Syndrome but maybe with a simplified understanding of the depth of the mind control our lives are under. We tend to experiment physical and emotional withdrawals when we take distance from certain types of relationships and are longing for the highs of these dynamics, maybe forgetting about the heaviness of what we were experiencing. This is a sign of a trauma based bondage. Healthier relationships do not get an addictive-like compound to such level. Such addiction patterns indicate that hooks have been placed by manipulative methods including love-bombing techniques where you are showered with appreciation and, later on, abused. All these methods induce hyperaroused states that are harder to navigate than our normal standard states.

We find ourselves both missing the bond and, at the same time, relieved from not being run by our dopamine circuits and from not being harvested and violated. We also tend to find excuses for others to excuse the way they have been crossing our boundaries. Moreover, we tend to accept negative attention because sometimes, that is all that is offered to us and we prefer it than no exterior attention at all. We stay a long time as we want to believe in the friendship that we thought we had and it demands inner work out of us to acknowledge the darkness of what was really going on. When our hormonal and nervous circuits are running high, it is easier for us to find the energy to function but we are under influence and will not behave the same as we would do if we were in a more neutral state.

To my sense, the concept of Stockholm Syndrome has been simplified and many engineered stories have been run for thrill and distraction (many cases won’t survive a transvestigation ; the actors and agents are inverted). These are false operations led by intelligence agencies, operations meant to harvest, trigger, distract and steal the energy from what is real and spirited. I share here 2 examples of moments where specific programming was activated, with martyrdome programming with Julian Assange and with a falsely reintegrated mind-controlled victim who is a male to female. These operations are meant to provoke and generate strong responses. It is meant to simplify our understanding of this realm, of mind control and of ourselves.

The truth is many of our relationships are engineered and stuff always tries to get in. Spirited dracos or reals with a higher than average percentage of reptilian DNA have learned to navigate this realm with a great deal of manipulation, using their psychic abilities to overdrive the will of others and to serve their own will or the one of their hidden handlers. Generally these beings ignore talking about the process of setting boundaries within the relationship and do everything to avoid discussing it. I find one of the hardest things here to navigate for me is the lack of empathy of other spirited beings as it is leaving the door open for engineering from crossdimensional handlers. Many are targeting the heart and you think you have a heart connection when in fact this is a harvesting and a mirroring from your own heart energy. Most of the people doing that are not spirited but some are spirited and under mind control. Many are programmed in order to encourage us to be living in captivity. Backdrops only hurt us and trigger us when we believe they are real. When you realize they are part of the hologram, it does not hurt anymore. Many of them have learned to gain our sympathy thanks to their childlike apparent innocences (but in fact it has more to do with immaturity). Immaturity is a quality of the backdrops.

For the reals, growing up around the big control systems such as schools has been a torture. Everyone who is real is in the projects and has to keep on opening their eyes to their own self-destruction and self sabotage programming. We all have to learn to take better care of ourselves. All reals have to navigate complex types of relationships, including romantic ones. Orchestrated relationships tend to be getting the worse out of us and to encourage us to express in our alter modes. Any of our weaknesses here is being taken advantage of. Furthermore, anyone who explores the healing and alternative information scenes will be finding a lot of controlling and deceitful energies meant to be putting us back into our programming or encouraging us to stay in a way of thinking that is limited and thus handled.

At the end of my twenties, abroad, I met other key monarch assets in my life who triggered a tornado within me with all the dormant programming. I was exposed to different forms of narcissism (from backdrop narcissism to the fracture of what is real). I learned to navigate some very spelled realities such as the one of Bali or Thailand where the will of others was often used to influence me and gain control over my days and how I was pending my time. I learned to question synchronicities since many which were sent my way were orchestrations. I keep on learning to navigate the mind games. As the years keep on unfolding, I keep on rereading my story and heal layers of trauma coming from that control present at every step. As I am evolving, the templates sent my way are becoming increasingly sophisticated and I also got to exchange with powerful spirited conscious and unconscious handlers.

For the last 6 years, I have been keeping on opening my eyes about the level of control and engineering in my life up to my travels (South East Asia, California, Brazil, Scandinavia, Germany) and the way my energy has been used in covert projects (daytime and nighttime). Gradually, the level of strangeness in my life increased with experiences related to mind control in the yoga, festival and healing scene. I encountered many gurus and handlers sent by the hologram to keep me in my programming ; some were sent to reprogram and access. I learned that I was a valuable asset, a generator of this reality harvested for my psy abilities. It is all about what we are accepting in terms of being harvested with the propositions of the program, especially during daytime. From our homes, we can keep on transforming our lives.

I learned a great deal in Santo Daime groups where guilt and shame programmings were prevalent. I left many groups where the hive-mind was causing too much of a distorsion and everytime, I broke free from new layers of external authority programming. Facing health issues, I have experienced a dozen of long liquid fasts to heal my body and have learned the principles of the mucus free way of eating and I assist others to transition at their own rhythm. I keep on reconnecting with my clairsentience and clairknowing abilities and am assisting others on their paths. I am teaching how to reclaim our health with an alkaline way of eating and many practical tools (I tune easily to the next needed step), how to break free from overtaken handlers and how to keep on freeing ourselves from mind control in courses and private consultations. More recently, working with the Energy ReMastered app has been a way for me to deepen the impact of the services I propose.

I discuss the context of breaking through some of the layers of programming and the way handlers influence us all around. There are many attempts to control our lives and the people we relate to. Doubts and insinuations are easily inserted and the program has many sneaky ways to influence our minds. Our consciousness is used during our dreamtime activity (this reveals even further our involvement in covert projects). Integrating information is taking us on a wild road. It took me a while to acknowledge that I have episodes of amnesia (26-27 years old) that I did not question much when they happened. We are programmed to not even question or not to ask ourselves the needed questions.

I find it necessary to get rid of certain objects that cause micro-triggers or that we were led to acquire because they are cursed. I address the non player character topic and how we will experience a sense of emptiness in their company. They will never be able to see us and validate us. With real fire creation beings, there is no roof to what we can explore! How we feel in their company can indicate who we are dealing with.

In October 2019, I joined a training for plant ceremonialist in Bali (it was my third time in Bali and all experiences had to do with mind control) and describe how my consciousness was used in a covert project I had no idea to participate to (consciously). This is a good reminder about how we are signing agreements unconsciously and are being used and deceived in the smallest details of our lives.

In March 2018 I started cellular detoxification because of my receiding gums and a high level of acidity that is uncomfortable to live with. Food is our main addiction (I approach meat, coffee and cheese addictions). Smell is triggering in itself. I now bring others into this process which has been proving its success by the amount of waste we see exiting the body. I talk about sexual predators in the scene of breatharianism and how reals are often overwhelmed making it through the end of the day and not always aware of their psychic gifts. Every real has something unique to offer to this reality and each is full of surprise.

Olya and myself are discussing different themes such as boundary settings and “take care of others” programming. We agree on the fact that time always reveal the truth in the details of our 3D life. Others especially the ones who are not spirited but also other reals used negatively are generally used in order to distract, disrupt, plug in and reactivate old traumas and old wounds. Backdrop characters are also meant to encourage us to stay within the 3D frames. It becomes all complicated because of Stochkolm Syndrome and our attachment and sense of longing for our past handlers.

This system is designed to encourage everyone to be plugged to negativity and negative thought forms in order for us the reals to create exactly from that place of negativity. When employers give a feedback where only the negative points are brought to our attention, it does target our self esteem and is meant to harvest energy because of the internal states this will trigger. These work environments are mainly plugged in to the simulation and most of these coworkers and bosses do not have a spirit. The system also wants us engaged in petty drama and to give our codes while our needs are not met. The suffering disappears when we realize most of what we have experienced was not real and that we were buying into an illusion. Our weaknesses are being revealed as they keep on being abused. This is the chance for us to identify where we need to get stronger and to heal our wounds and remember to go beyond.

Brian Larson is the creator of the project Mettaverse and the composer of many music tracks and different creative services. What was it for him to grow up in this inverse? What battles did he had to lead? What was it like for him on his own deprogramming journey, reclaiming power over the compressions and the restrictions? Brian started to play in a band and later on came and settled a drinking tendency to deal with the overwhelming aspects of being a spirited individual in this reality. The music scene is full of traps and low frequency energies.

Different forms of addictions usually keep the reals down. All reals tend to struggle with addictions and depression. Brian reflects on how the old AA model is based on a failure model and how he got to find how to engage the very important steps in his own shadow work. Brian mentions the importance of stopping to put our attention on things we can’t have or don’t want anymore. Everyone of us has degrees of food addiction. We are many to come to terms with the fact we need to change our diets and our lifestyles. All addictions are distractions.

The system encourages and programs us to play small and at a very limited percentage in comparison to what we are really able to actualize here. It’s a work of every second to resist instant and constant gratification and being run by our dopamine circuits. We all have much stuff to overcome to get to a point where we are able to make space in our lives to create from the depth and core of our processes. We have to rewire the brain in order to be able to make room for self care and not to put ourselves last. There is a sense of comfort emerging from succumbing to the different forms of distractions. There is a relief to find excuses and be swallowed up by the 3D aspects of this realm. To manifest a life that we are more in alignment with, we have to brave many layers of heavy and thick programming that hits us as soon as we enter the net.

Some of us feel drawn to materialize much of our inner work, all of our reclamations, in an online project. The aim of Brian’s project Mettaverse is source generated music (we experience so much synthetic music). What is it like to create from a point of non reaction? Brian and I share about some of our experiences with our clairabilities including clairaudience (hearing an audible voice in our heads that is not our own and different from a voice to skull technology). Often we don’t question deep enough what is happening in our realities and we might break free in our minds only years later. Every new day is an opportunity to revisit our own past and discover the richness of our experience here. We can be pleasantly surprised by our past selves.

Join Brian Larson

Olya Ananda Shakti and I discuss the addiction to drama or to negative forms of attention. Why is it important not to forget about our own needs? How the matrix system will always try to direct your attention to the most unfruitful places? What is the program sending you? In general it takes hard work to connect to a balanced reciprocity. Around, there are a lot of AI run public figures. Are we getting our insights from negative types of AI? Is it influencing how we think? Many channels are corrupted in the vision that they hold.

We reflect also on the poisoning and cursing of the plant medicine scene and on the fear inflicting experiences that such cursed medicines can trigger and how it influences our perceptions during the experience. We also address the constant work that we are doing on getting better at setting boundaries with others around us (since all reals are harrassed and stalked) and the difficulty to make space for self nurturing and self care.

Will Wilchar discusses his life path and journey, finding his way back to storytelling in its various forms. Will and I met while we were traveling through South East Asia back in 2014. The advantage of the asian culture is that it’s the norm not to be invasive and not to be in the way of others. Will is currently engaged in a song writing program in Los Angeles where he has chosen to challenge himself from the routine that he had built in Austin, Texas. Singing is very much a translation of energies. Will tells the tale of how he has always been a searcher.

Building a strong sense of self in this reality is not an easy thing and we might tend to look for, as Will call them, “irrefutable evidences” that we are worthy. Will is someone who will do his best to lessen the triggers for others. He has been reflecting on how the general culture and society were encouraging him in some directions that were not satisfying. He keep on choosing to take the non easy road. What are you ready to be suffering for, he asks? All around, fear-based discourses tend to encourage us to take specific roads, essentially focused on the 3D aspects. Facing “perfectionism paralysis” as Will calls it is also something else that we all need to face as we are moving forward and try to accomplish any significant project.

I discuss how meeting specific beings during my travels triggered specific dormant programming within me. I share how ten years ago I could not very much tell the difference in feeling my experience from the experience of the others around me since I was merging without knowing about my clair abilities. Will and I reflect on how we are never really “there” as, as soon as we manifest our visions, we are already a few steps ahead in our mind and what we envision next. We also address the imposter syndrome and how it has been affecting our everyday lives. What happens when we go to adventure in unknown territories?

Connect with Will

I invite you to a tour of my garden with footage from autumn 2021, Thuin, Belgium. Here, it’s all psychic warfare. The battlefield is our minds and our consciousness. We can free ourselves from a great deal of suffering in one instant. when we break through the 3D illusions and intense and thick programming. Trajectories are changing fast, anything can happen here, from one day to the next. When we leave this plane, what is leaving with us is what we have built with others real spirited beings. And what we have done in terms of our own spiritual journey and reclamations.

I met Preston Smith in 2017 in Humboldt during my very engineered and handled travel through California and Oregon and I do share great memories with him, from the gift of being reunited to experience time and space in the game. Preston is a real present day alchemist. Was his connection with the plant world an evidence or something he had to work his way back to? He shares about spagyrics, the JADAM method and the great results he had transforming the quality of soils in 3 months. Preston shares his experiments, research and remembrance journey in his Youtube videos and the workshops or classes that he holds. As described on his website, “Rogue Natural Farming is committed to Regenerative modalities of farming, land and livestock stewardship & Bee keeping”. Living Abundance is a window to present the alchemical products he is creating. Survival archaic fears can lead us to come back to the natural laws and change our trajectories, noticing there is something very wrong with the direction we are being pushed towards. That has been the case for Preston. He shares about the ability of discernment to be reading people and energies and to work with grief to grow and uplevel in the game. Preston’s psychic and coding abilities and sentient ways to experience this reality are a window to what is real in this game.

Backdrops all around us in our corners of the game are used for extra triggering every day. They are accessed to be running programmed conversations that are aimed at having specific effects on your mind, psyche and emotions. They are used to weirdly trigger your guilt and your self-esteem or make you feel bad about yourself and your life decisions. They enter your spaces to disturb your peace and will make you ironically feel inadequate while they are an AI program. They constantly cross your boundaries and find the best excuses to convince you to drop your boundaries. The problem lies when we put ourselves in their shoes and bond with compassion to them, feeling empathy towards them. They are an AI program and they have programmed AI feelings. It’s in our best interests not to fall for their handling behaviors.

We often can spot backdrops in areas where we have not yet made the necessary reclamations. Everyday, there is a lot for us to accomplish and focus on in the 3D. It requires a lot of our vital energy. There is a lot to accomplish in the 3D (and much has to be repeated every single day) before we can sit in peace and silence or address the projects we are currently working on. One thing is certain, some of our vital energy can be preserved by not engaging with them, by not reading the messages they wrote when they were being accessed by the programs in their AI triggered states. To be able to do this, we must overcome many layers of programming. The only thing that is real in our interactions with backdrops is the energy we emit, how we feel and also the amount of projections and deflections we are able to see through and not fall for.

After simpler versions of backdrop handlers, it tends to get more complex as we deal with more skilled handlers with real abilities. We can certainly limit them entering our lives. Many romantic interests are handlers sent by the matrix computer systems. About handling, it’s always about a degree and a percentage. Love-bombing is extensively being used to create a cord and draw energy in. Cording is a way for alien faction groups to siphon your abilities. Reading frequency signature gets more complex when you have the trace of a spirit signature as it is close to a full spirit signature. That is something I will go more in details in my upcoming course “Navigating complex relationships, handling and connecting with allies” (a module is devoted to some of the templates I have crossed path with where there was the trace of a spirit). Here, you can never explain all your trauma under the angle of your daytime trauma. Here, we have to be continuously breaking the rules of the game as we want to anchor our own organic vision. Our alters influence the way we perceive reality. We tend to be going in and out of alters throughout our days. The triggering is working so efficiently because we are wounded. Most of our choices are reversible, which we tend to forget sometimes. Many things though are not very accepted socially like the idea to give up your pet if it becomes a nuisance. That is why testing any being including any new pet coming to our lives before entering commitment can save us a lot of unecessary difficulties. The Energy ReMastered app is a great tool to scan auras. It can save us some time for example if we were considering to go to a SIM practicioner which is used for energy harvesting. We find a lot of handlers in the fringe movement. They often come with a langage or a position of authority. Many on the scene have accepted to play the roles and functions of handlers.

The density of food allows us to land as when our psychic abilities are activated, it can be much for us to navigate all at once. With the mucusfree and mucuslean ways of eating, you greatly limit the harmful consequences that acidic food was once bringing to your life. It’s about choosing with consciousness the ingredients with which to connect and self medicate. Each day we can connect to new habits that can quickly become a new part of how we navigate this realm. Here this is a realm where we also have to become masters of the 3D planes to conquer the higher planes.

Many on the alternative truth (infiltrated) scene seem to remember too well their involvment in covert projects. We’re surely being programmed by what is called “alternative news”. The remembering process is an everyday battle and to my sense, being flooded by alters presenting memories is a myth. Who is talking on the SSP scene? Are they clones, backdrops, NPCs or reals and if so, are they fighting hard enough to preserve and protect their spirit? Are they able to differenciate if memories are implanted or not? Many reals have merged with AI to a point of non return (in this lifetime at least).

Fire creation beings have dissociative disorder and many have not identified that they have missing time in some periods of their lives. Many practices that we are led to think are elevating are not and many are leading us to sign hidden agreements. Everything is about distraction. Many relationships are engineered to keep us in our programming, to get us switched in different active alters and to encourage us to stay in the 3D. Family members who belong to the backdrop technology do not exist beyond the simulation. Helping a backdrop cat to recover from trauma may be a lost cause and a commitment in sacrifice and distraction.

The food that we eat that is produced by NPCs and backdrops is often cursed or poisoned. When making changes to our diet, it’s important to find substitutes that we enjoy to avoid triggering fear and lack programming.

Full presentation here:

> Navigating disinformation and psychological operations in the health, nutrition and detox scene
> Navigating this reality, our families, triggers and relationships as a real fire creation being
> Uncording from false gurus and handlers and trusting in our own spirit guidance
> Survival programming and the harvest from the adrenal glands
> Resisting the pressure of the ritual holidays and setting boundaries with the archonic postal system

Olya is sharing insights about this time of eclipses (Taurus in November and Scorpio now) in vedic astrology and the risk of distortion we are facing for stories to be twisted upside down. She reminds us how Scorpio is focused on the dark and maybe that is why I have been feeling called to keep on decluttering heavy unhealed attachments from the past. We discuss our impressions about some of the dark teachings on the internet.

Our relaxation practices have their importance. What can yoga nidra, the practice of deep sleep that brings us to different brainwaves, do for us ? Olya is teaching one class a month, a practice that supports us in navigating our conscious and the unconscious patterns ruling our lives. Yet it is hard for every of us to make room for what is good and supportive in our every day life. The program has many tentacles ready to manage how we are spending our time (appointment with the medical field which is mainly plugged to the inversion and the brainwashing, propositions from the matrix based on a scarcity mindset).

We keep on training the mind to be able to spot and recognize all these mind tricks. As for anything else, it’s not a practice we want to engage with heavily compromised teachers because we know very well how dark forces may very well be acting through their instructions and put things in our minds that are not serving us. Both of us are guiding others in order to strengthen the mind and the body in order to resist these influences and see through them.

How does the configuration of luminaries in our charts influence our relationships? Is there any touching points between two persons? Olya and I discuss how important it is to keep connecting with the real and investing in real connections. Olya explains how the focus has been on resources the last year (and the architects took advantage of that in order to trigger survival programming and harvest energy from fear states). She also brings to our attention that the chart of a project is affected by the energies of the moment of creation (it can be linked to an increase in targeting).

What is nourishing and fulfilling in relationships? The quality of the intent and the balance of reciprocity do matter a lot and will play in terms of the frequency of the exchange taking place. Much distraction is engineered all around us. All reals are submitted to torture practices they have to overcome and come on the other side, stronger. Many interactions have a hidden energy exchange. We discuss the importance of establishing boundaries between us and our energy exchanges with this reality and with others. How to recognize when our integrity is being compromised? We discuss small hints that can help us to identify when our boundaries are being violated and how guilt programming can be used to make us doubt.

Having firm boundaries is widely discouraged and the architects play on the programming “I am not a good person” or “there is not enough time for self care”. Our desire to do good can be used against us. Can a relationship improve ? Is there an ability to grow and learn? How does it happen energetically when we part ways with false prophets? How to navigate relationships that are only partially satisfying?

Strengthening our commitment to show up for what is real and benevolent in our lives has a big impact. For that we need to keep on fighting the addiction to the inversion and negativity. Voice to skull technology influences us remotely and does impact what is happening in our minds and how we navigate our lives. We can spot the frequency of deceit when we wake up from a dream that was engineered. How to break free from the hamster wheel? To help ourselves we need to stay in movement as our lymph really can not serve us when we are stagnant. Walking in nature helps us instantaneously to change the energy of the moment. Knowledge and hidden talents are inside of us.

Fire creation beings often end up with one or 2 parent(s) who will be playing the roles of handlers during the first 2 decades of their lives. Non spirited parents tend to be limited in what they can learn and understand. Growing by their side is traumatizing in itself (constriction, restriction, brainwashing). They generally have a problem with understanding boundaries since they don’t experience them the same as fire original creation beings. Therefore they tend to naturally interrupt the energy of their children. Spirited parents are always heavily targeted and traumatized so they pass a great deal of trauma and are used, as often as possible due to mind control and spirit constriction, to negatively affect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of their children because of the pressure that is on them in their everyday lives. When and how often are we meeting with handling energies in our lives? It’s our choice, every single day.

We have often been trained to be programmed around performance, competition, comparison or perfectionism programming. The pressure of achievement can be much for us. We are programmed to put ourselves in environments where we don’t grow and flourish. Beliefs like « I am not good enough » are in the way. Finding spaces for deep relaxation allows us to be more present for our 3D commitments and responsibilities. By switching our nervous system off, we are releasing the pressure of our everyday life and allowing ourselves to become aware of blocked energies ; it assists us in softening the mind. In what kind of environment are we growing ? How to spot the conditioning so we are not blindly going with it ? How to keep on transforming every single detail of our daily life ? All psychics are indeed working in translating energy from dimension to dimension, bringing the deeper realities into language, building bridges, putting into words what we see beyond.

How does our vedic chart can help us understand some of the limitations we are facing ? What constrictions are playing against us ? As we keep on observing what is engaged and engaging in this reality, we are increasing our sense of self and self awareness. Many public figures are used to vortex out drama loops that keep the distraction well alive. It isn’t really their own ideas they are fighting for but the game of mind control they are playing. Every access that we are delegating is taken advantage of. What kind of pressure can we expect for the life of Britney when looking at her astrology chart ? We see that she was chosen because of a strong feminine expression that was then torn apart in order to install the architecture of mind control templates used on young generations in her audience. Do we see in her chart how others around are there managing and handling her life ? Could it have turned any different ? Is it already all mapped out for us ? Britney’s talent, gifts and essence have for long been used. What is being used to keep the programming locked in ? To heal we need that space where we are not constantly triggered for us to be able not to relapse constantly in our own wounding. We need to protect ourselves from abusive environments and people in order to have the space to realize where we are at and what we are playing with. The spirit needs to be showing strong resistance, if not the spirit will be swallowed and annihilated.

Olya and I had a casual discussion about going back to cable internet, navigating psychic attacks, power standing and staying out of fear states. What is the unicity of spirit source connection ? It is an ability to create out of nothing. We are reflecting on the reprogramming core belief it’s safe not to worry and black and white programming. Why did we take the habit to make ourselves smaller than we really are? When are we being knocked out of our center? How to find stability in this battlefield? How did we manage to survive our families and the society we grew up in ? What are the impact of blue lights and sirens on our nervous systems ? We also approach the strange experiences of mind control that can happen in the yoga scene and we reflect on how we have been putting ourselves in situations where we felt like we were not fully in control and where there was pressure from the will of someone else influencing our decisions. We also reflect on self monitoring, self containment systems and reporting programmed parts. What happens if we don’t go along with the program ? Well, we heal and expand our mind and consciousness in remembrance, outside of the zone where controllers want to keep us constricted. This episode ends with Olya letting us know why they have chosen to plan Halloween at this time of the year because of planetary aspects. Visit

We all have apprehensions to brave our attachment towards food. One month of liquid can feel a bit intimidating. The hardest is the decision ! We could write an encyclopedia about how food is used to influence, control or neutralize us. Liquid fasting is about consuming food in its liquid form. Everything that we touch or ingest affects us. In the course I will be holding we will be training on reading frequency signatures, reflect on mind control campaigns, reflect back on experiences with therapists and take good care of our bodies and our homes. How does it feel when our body is not in inflammation, when we don’t have muscle pain ? Many operations are meant to weaken our health, mainly through the medical system or the influence and mind control of our parents. We will talk about the frequency of our belongings, deeper layers of decluttering and work on unblocking stagnation. Fasting is the greatest solution I found to overwhelming feelings.

Claiming our sovereignty over our health and our food is essential at this time. The mucus-free and alkaline food principles and associated lifestyles are presented in 6 video modules available now. The principles of cellular detoxification help us regain possession of our physical body and become aware of the areas of our life where our thoughts and behaviors are controlled and manipulated. Acidosis is the real epidemic of our times and is certainly used to weaken us, to slow us down in our evolutionary process. This work allows us to identify and simplify programmed needs and desires, to get rid of what no longer serves and to have the space to scan toxic agreements active in our lives. It also allows us to continue learning to identify when access is being forced into the body, when it is being invaded. The invitation is also to review our living spaces, our homes, our relationships and every thing, being and frequency that surrounds us. De-cluttering what reaches us every day and sorting through it is of great support. On this journey it is very important to continue to relearn how to take care of ourselves at every stage of our lives. The ability to set boundaries is also refined as awareness of the level of violation and intrusion we encounter in our daily lives increases.

How important is it today to be focusing on health and elevating aspects? To create space in one’s life while liberating from old contracts and frequencies that no longer serve? How to declutter the virtual and reclaim space from handling energies? How to navigate spells and suggestions from the negative types of AI that do not want to see us succeed and thrive? Juicing for one month is a powerful cauldron of transformation. We let go of the old to reset for who we are right now, the brand new us ready for new adventures and challenges, layer after layer. Maintaining our self routine, like a fortress, is the key to navigate our daily reality. Decluttering is not a detail, it’s an empowerment practice that is vital and essential to actualize who we are in this reality day after day. It helps to put an end to endless circles and to find freedom from certain cords. Are you ready for drinking your food in November and make a quantum jump via acceleration?

In this conversation, Olya and I are discussing scarcity mindset and programming, the effects of gaslighting, the programming of accomodating others and how Saturn Return is usually brutal at the end of our twenties. We also reflect on compulsive behaviours and mental health, our curiosity and drive towards knowledge and processes of decluttering and keeping our spaces tidy. We approach the need for purification, psychic perceptions and how the dark forces sometimes are turning our strenghts into weaknesses, looking for any breach in there.

Olya is a deep relaxation and yoga space holder and a psychic intuitive who reads deep into vedic astrology. Before Saturn return, life may be experienced as heavier and with more limitations. How important is it to keep on sharpening and refining our discernment ? How does our chart create some conditioning in our lives ? How do some forces influence us ? What about the idea of destiny or orchestrated synchronicities ? What is the strenght in our vedic charts ? What are the influences of Saturn and the frustrations it can create ? Saturn return is a firm obligation to mature and to change gear. We share about our journeys in trusting more in our psychic and intuitive abilities and the clumsiness of mistakes of discernment. Are we the ones to make our choices ? What factors do influence them ? The matrix wants us not to be able to really respect each other and wants to trigger the wounding of non recognition as much as possible. We can get a distorted idea of ourselves and not be aware what are our best qualities and this is where we should aim at directing our energy for maximal deprogramming impact.

You will find Olya here:

In this reupload from 2020, I discuss the trap of being of service, savior programming and the desire to be saved, engendering loops with no satisfactory results. It is always an invitation to reflect, where are we investing our time and energy? Does it flourish?

As our lives are engineered and our codependent aspects are being taken advantage from, we are often encouraged to invest our energy in a polarized way. Joining any movement engineered around us in reaction is taking us away from moments of creation. All the very important aspects of our lives are targeted so the energy is diverted and our integrity compromised. Our programmed desired and our programmed emotions are being used to lead us of the royal path. Some seeds are left in our consciousness during dreamtime to influence us during daytime. Most backdrops have no understanding of the boundaries of a real fire creation being.

Part I Low depressive states, re-teaching ourselves self-love & working on our diet as targeted individuals Part II Frequency signatures and widening perspective from material with the understanding of mind control Part III Hidden layers of fear program in 2021 and the importance of juice fasting and decluttering

Reflexions coming with exposure to narcissistic profiles and going through the illusion of grief in this lifetime, sharing about what happened to my mother.

Some ways of eating are harmful and numbing, others are less damaging or even regenerative. The food aspect goes way beyond the visible. A lot of targeting is done through substances that we are putting inside the body.

Savior complex, people-pleasing and victimhood consciousness: confronting shadows as a way to open a new door for daily experience – In this podcast, Arianah is reflecting on her first Saturn return that came as a great initiation and cracked her reality and perceptions about herself, others and the world open: wounding of non recognizion, search for external love and validation and loop within the drama triangle Persecutor-Rescuer-Victim. She is sharing how she moved forward on taking her share of responsability. New and sober hours were knocking at her door. (content only available on Anchor and not in video on Youtube)

Not everyone is meant to access the highest forms of the human experience. Some people have become really good to hide beneath a mask of sanity, addicted to power and fame. When we can see both sides of the polarity, there is a possibility to transform the situation by seeing beyond the polarised state, reaching a space of neutral yet compassionate witnessing. Betrayal is often times an opportunity for a deeper initiation. Every year, a new layer of comprehension is added to the experience of exposure to psychopathy. It is a journey from the victimhood so engrammed in our human history to creatorship. Accessing a place of understanding for the perpetrators has been one of the most difficult exercices of my life. (content only available on Anchor and not in video on Youtube)

One of the greatest initiations on Earth will be the one with extremely damaged souls. How to exit the dynamics and drama trianglevictim/savior/persecutor and walk towards maturity and spiritual adulthood ? Tracing the Shadow Victim within ourselves isn’t easy or evident, especially at first. It first starts with stopping to look outside of oneself for confort, support or feeling of empowerment. It continues with the realisation that the loss of power happens from within and that there is no one else to blame. What matters is what we feel is important for us to give birth to today even if it doesn’t make sense for others. I learned that my soul family comes one by one into my life, and they never come from the predicable angles. (content only available on Anchor and not in video on Youtube)