Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

a decluttering process to create space for your visions and what lives within

6 modules – methods and protocols to reclaim your health, uncord from dark groups and

an opportunity and commitment to strenghten to be ready for all that is to come

247 euros

The package of 6 video modules (11 hours 30 minutes of content) is available now. 

Presentation of the course

I combine the very best of what I have learned and experimented in terms of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual healing. This course is an opportunity to declutter our belongings, affiliations and associations and to nurture our vitality and eternal spark. Many of us keep on being called to take radical means in order to help our bodies emerge from their lymphatic stagnation and in order to revive our systems. No matter what is the strenght of our constitution, a great personal hygiene will do a great deal of difference. The container is intended to be held in the highest interest of participants, for them to walk many steps closer to their uncorrupted original energy signature. It is an energetic caldron of inner transformation, in order for the participants to be able to keep on burning, processing and stepping over the psychic, psychological, emotional and spiritual fences of entrapment that are in the way for them to manifest a life that is in alignment with who they are.

Content in 7 parts

Understanding our bodies

  • My journey with food and my favourite recipes (liquid, mucusfree and mucuslean options)
  • A way of eating that does not create obstruction and residue, based on our biological physiology
  • What is mucus forming versus what is alkaline in terms of food ?
  • What about uric acid or sulfur ?
  • How to contact our lymph system and what is its function ?
  • The importance of the balance of our endocrine system and our other organs and our posture
  • The benefits of consuming our food in its liquid state
  • Revision of iridology cases
  • Noticing all that happens in our bodies and denumbing the body

Healing the body

  • Healing with nature’s gifts and remedies made with the vibration of trees
  • The wonders of fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • Working with mushrooms
  • Teeth care and dental powder recipe
  • Working with Bach Flowers and essential oils and how their frequencies affect us
  • Which herbal support during and after detox (bowels, liver and gallbladder, Lyme disease, skin, blood cleaners, circulation, bone and connective tissues, adrenal glands and our endocrine system)
  • Which ayurvedic herbs and plant-based supplements to work with ?
  • How to naturally work on eliminating kidney stones ?

Deprogramming from food propaganda

  • The frequency of raw versus cooked and the importance of raw living foods
  • The stages of cellular deterioration
  • How to understand deficiencies ? What about B12 and calcium ?
  • How does food influence each second of our lives ; the frequency signature of food
  • The inverted discourse around food, nutrition and detoxification ; why the fear-mongering ?
  • Important questions around food programming
  • The debate around meat and proteins
  • How does coffee and fermented beverages affect our consciousness and behaviours?
  • The roles of sugars, cellulose and fats
  • Choosing the right kinds of probiotics and why we need to avoid specific strands
  • Why people are deceived to believe they do better on a keto diet ?
  • Why the vegan movement always felt off ?
  • Reviewing psychological and deceitful controlled opposition operations linked to nutrition and the food scene
  • Our food is most of the times poisoned and cursed, how to recognize if it is the case ?
  • Mind control leading to the degrading of our health
  • The dentistry field
  • Stepping into empowerment in front of the fear-mongering around us
  • Acknowledging why many think they are healing when they are not doing the work

Deprogramming from mind control and the inversion

  • A look at programming linked to time management and in case of emergency programming
  • Understanding survival programming and envy programming
  • Traps of agreements and unconscious contracts
  • Recognizing and identifying love bombing techniques
  • The problematic with postmen and organized gangstalking
  • Psychological operations and toxicity of our everyday life
  • How SIM geobiologists answering the orders from dark factions are used negatively to install harmful portals that do not serve us within the very core of our homes
  • The toxicity of the climate change movement

Training in reading frequency signatures

  • Reviewing the frequency signature of about 100 public characters of the detox, environmentalist scene and health or beauty practitioners
  • Mind control and harvesting in the yoga scene (specific cases of handlers and gurus), signs of programming in the yoga scene, the problematic around the use of certain mantras and new age bands or kirtan events
  • Training in reading the signature of the simulation all around us and uncording from the simulation in our families
  • Recognizing simulation aspects on the internet and limiting the distraction and negativity in our lives
  • The importance of the signature of our healing products

How to ?

  • The use of castor oil in detoxification
  • Unplugging from a toxic use of technology and protecting our health from harmful frequencies
  • Detoxing heavy metals
  • Candida protocol and biofilm busters
  • Transitioning to mucuslean and mucusfree foods
  • Tips to prepare and break a fast and common mistakes done when exiting a fast
  • What material to upgrade our health ?
  • What to do when we feel nauseous when we wake up in the morning? What is the reason behind that?
  • How biofeedback technologies assist us (working with the Genius)
  • How to change our habits and our emotional ways of eating ?
  • How to navigate the inverted discourse around food and nutrition ?
  • Processing the different forms of clutter in our lives
  • Extra tips for self care modalities and detoxification and helpful tools to detox
  • Make your own crystal water elixir
  • Resources that are bearable with my current discernment

    Genius: 11 health panels (838 items) (more here)

  • mucuslean (104 items)
  • mucusfree (164 items)
  • food allergies (65 items)
  • Tackling food and health programming and upgrading my health in the game (89 items)
  • Lymphatic system (38 items)
  • Self care (82 items)
  • Anxiety (45 items)
  • Essential oil application (63 items)
  • Organs in balance (34 items)
  • Food as medicine (43 items)
  • Health remedies (111 items)

These panels are also available separately from the course. Click here to be redirected.

Decluttering all levels of our life to find the essential space within

Working on food programming has been making a massive difference in my life. Alongside with relationship programming, resisting propositions from the matrix has been helping me to create space in my life. I had no idea it would take me to “where I am today”, and by where I am, I mean, inside of myself and in my own mind. That is what this course is about, creating space inside the constrictions and the compressions. How important is it today to be focusing on health and elevating aspects? To create space in one’s life while liberating from old contracts and frequencies that no longer serve? How to declutter the virtual and reclaim space from handling energies? How to navigate spells and suggestions from the negative types of AI that do not want to see us succeed and thrive? This course is a powerful cauldron of transformation where we let go of the old to reset more in alignment to whom we are right now. Decluttering is not a detail, it’s an empowerment practice that is vital and essential to actualize who we are in this reality day after day. Maintaining our self routine, like a fortress, is one of the keys to navigate our daily realityies and micro-verses. Join me for an upgrade and a training in reading frequency signature.

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