Aria Persei

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I shoot videos for my channel Aria Persei.

They are either in french or english and subtitled.

Check the playlists section for ressources in categories:

Cellular detoxification, living mucus free, mucus-free healing system & healthy living
Mucus-free living (or adaptable) and mucus-lean recipes – transitioning to a mucus-free living 
Feng-Shui, body practices, beauty and health tips and detoxification self care tips 
Edible forrest, gardening, seeds, growing food, fruit trees and harvesting herbs
Survival and new world, new visionary realm, evolution, emancipation, thriving and community
Core wounds, programming, deprogramming and navigating the compression of the inverted systems
Mind control, navigating the matrix, sovereignty, new age programming, MK Ultra and emancipation for original sparks
NPCs, backdrops, non spirited beings, holographic beings and the simulation aspects of this game realm
Clones, celebrities cloned, original sparks who are cloned, copy signature, clone malfunctions, clone frequency signature
Original sparks with a source connection
Handlers and handling signatures, overcoming gangstalking and harrassment, navigating Agents Smith from the scene and complex templates of repression
Controlled opposition, psy-ops, hoaxes, cults of personality, matrix agents, the deceit of the entertainment industry and false flags
Sex kitten Programming and sex kitten signatures from the entertainment industry
Alters, DID, dissociative disorder and identity, soul and spirit fragmentation and integration
Methods of revelation and maconic allegiance decodage
Healing work, clearing work, remote healing sessions
Revelation simulation movies, series and animes
Healing for animals and trauma release for animals, animal communication
Genius Insight App
Gender confusion signatures 
Cosmic magic