Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Daytime projects and the signature of dark ET factions

Presentation of this module

  • Daytime projects and false timelines on the public scene
  • Daytime projects in my personal life, including engineering in the work place
  • Dream seeding and engineered relationships with dark matter fire creation handlers including romantically
  • Engineering with people we are sharing our living spaces with
  • Some of my experiences in very handled and engineered travels
  • Handling online, the impact of hive-mind spaces and dream hijacking
  • False healing center held by negative ET races and negative ET engineering and mind control
  • Handling going on in the yoga field
  • Access of alters and attempt at reprogramming and derailing, intrusion to internal softwares, partial switch and programmable states
  • Navigating chain reaction behaviors and decisions
  • The process of remembering
  • 133 minutes of content


  • Photo folder of 45 alien or dark signatures and programming signatures

57 euros