Aria Persei

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Money programming, expanding in abundance and positive manifesting as we are here in the simulation

5-hour intensive

Money is a powerful tool used to regulate the way we handle our time, our focus and our life. The matrix system uses money to further entrap the reals here. I designed a 3-module course to assist us towards financial and abundant empowerment and to reflect on negative types of programming affecting what we (the reals) are able to manifest in our lives.

  • Money in the matrix and holographic money
  • Survival and scarcity programming, engineered poverty for the reals and consumer programming and thrill to spend
  • Money and self-love and inverted beliefs from the mk ultra programs affecting our relationship to money
  • Handling in the work related environment, matrix jobs and former job experiences + folder of 90 work related pictures (personal traps and matrix set-ups)
  • Money investments and navigating the simulation in relationship to money
  • Where we focus our money, money drains and spending money on handlers or cabal connected operations who tend to receive financial matrix advantages
  • Black magic manifestation or agreements with dark forces, new cage law of attraction and the exploitation of the reals
  • Money and alters
  • Pushy energies and money
  • My progresses on money programming and money and my online project
  • Money stories, money beliefs and money tips
  • What is affecting our relationship with money and auras from live participants
  • 3 modules for a total of 5 hours of video content

197 euros

Included: 3 money panels for Genius practitioners (value 147 euros)

“Relationship with money, manifesting and receiving” (115 items)

“Redirecting holographic money back to me and managing wisely money investments on the game map” (235 items)

“Money beliefs and money frequencies” (98 items)