Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

From an early age, I had trouble to adjust to the existence and unattractive propositions that were proposed to me and sent by the programs. Although I couldn’t put it into words as much as I am doing now, it felt like a grey mind prison. The way I was wired and my main clair sentient ways of expression were highly discouraged, repressed and attacked. I lost touch with the organic trying to adapt and survive. Physical symptoms and mental disbalances were numerous on the path, including eating disorders, suicidal tendencies and heavy self-criticism. As I was able to merge with other people’s needs, emotions and feelings, I needed to regain the ability once more to set firm and clear boundaries with what the programs were sending to me every day. One of the set-ups was to be a garbage bin for the work others were refusing to do. The rules of the game in this realm had to be remembered. Desillusions and lessons were numerous in order to start to see through this game reals as it truly is. I would later find much inner liberation in recognizing within myself programming of shame and most importantly, guilt or sacrifice. Learning to cope with exterior projections and attacks was a great part of the initiation, and learning that it was part of how the control systems are wired here. I discovered how to shift my own perspective and how to dismantle the imprint of mind control.

I grew up in Belgium in a small town and was programmed by mk ultra covert programs which are reaching the reals through their family environments, the education system, the social and cultural environnement and the music, TV and movie industries. The extreme engineering of life of every spirited being here comes with many templates of predators. I visited the spectrum of the drama triangle victim/saviour/perpetrator, diving deep into myself to find the way out, step by step and gradually. I also realized how very disconnected I was from my body, living in my head and not trusting my intuition. The gaslighting had been very intense to had me doubt myself much and give way too much credit to exterior inputs. While I was growing up, the constant ingestion of distorted outside influences based on lies resulted in self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. I studied translation and screenwriting, 2 skills that would serve me, 10 years later, for the creation of online content and videos. As a young adult, I contributed to different magazines in the fields of psychology, organic lifestyle, alternative ways of looking at diseases and self development and healing. Nevertheless, I was kept inside cubical structures that were controlling my mind, actions and decisions. I trained in different psychological humanistic approaches and opened a practice. Surely though, I still had to come a long way before being able to anchor in doing the work I am here to do. Engineered travels came and crushed everything wide opened with intense triggering of mk ultra programming including beta sex kitten. Codes and triggers were launched in order to activate certain aspects that were cleverly programmed within. Though I have always resisted in spirit, I was caught in loops of interpersonnal abusive relationships for years. These were strenghtening a sense of unworthiness and a wound of non recognition.. On the path, I also discovered the life of my mother was just as much engineered as my own. My spirital journey accelerated with the psychological decompensation that she went through, leading 2 years later to her suicide back in 2014. Several years after her departure, I would deeply understand how the system had embushed my mother with early-set ups with abusers while she was a young child or later on.

Later on, the impact that mind control had over my entire existence since the beginning started to reveal to me.

I had been confronted with many deeply fragmented personalities, ranging from overt narcissism to psychopathy and possessions by low frequency or dark realm energies. At the end of my twenties, I was at a crossroads in my life, with 3 major painful initiations adding up to each other. My answer was to surrender with humility to dive into my spirit’s journey. I made an internal call for answers, to access a wider understanding and to be able to experience something that was until now, out of my reach. I was ready to do the necessary homeworks. I started to reject all parts, one after the other, of the illusory social conditioning. My spiritual immune system was waking up full speed.

These major steps, linked to a deeper esoteric quest, was the start of a process of reactivation and remembrance. I was starting to remember who I really was and to trust my own perceptions: I could perceive when people were lying to themselves and lying to me, most of the times while not being aware and conscious of it. Most of them though were unwilling to be accountable for the ways they were negatively used in my life or used as minor or major handlers. I was skilled at sensing the frequency of distorsion and mind control, recognizing the vibration of it, within people, places, crowd events and collective manifestations, including so-called conscious events or different modalities of therapeutic work. This process came with unavoidable transformations on all levels of my existence here. The system itself was trying to put me back in line, trying to discourage me with different tactics that I was becoming skilled at identifying, faster and faster. Around me, others were not seeing through the different layers of reality that were now starting to be blatantly evident to my perceptions. Some of these others were not inhabited by the sacred sparkle that was guiding me all along but many were, which was making them much more powerful handlers and distractors.

I kept on looking within where the knowledge was waiting to be unlocked. From there, I have looked into deprogramming the direct consequences of mk ultra programming and conditioning. The recent years, my work has been about sharing more about the subtle aspects of how the hooks are placed into the psyche and nervous system of each original spark here. At first, my path took on the detour of the new age and I had to deprogram a lot from these inverted and incomplete false-light teachings. In front of the realization of the acidity within my body, it became necessary to take better care of my vessel and my nervous and endocrine systems through cellular detoxification, the mucus-free healing system and long periods of fruit liquid and dry fasting. My deep longing for the truth above all led me to bigger fringe topics. Our conscious or unconscious consents and omissions are so very important to address here. The work I am sharing here is in line with my own deprogramming journey. You can trace the progresses in the signatures and codes I am able to sign my material with as the years go by. Adapting to this realm as a young child, I made distorted interpretations in order to survive. I am working on these to reclaim my freedom and I am documenting the journey as it goes. This platform is a chance for me to reach other Original Spark of Creation as I accepted to come through the harshness of this experience as an act of Love from the Beyond, a love and kindness of an incredible force that the programs and the extreme engineering here always try to corrupt. My very mission is to have a certain form of positive impact onto the collective timelines and onto the personal timelines of a handful of selected beings. This is the most precious heritage I’d like to leave after my time here is over. My work is devoted to speed up the deprogramming process of already quite advanced spirits, and to keep on encouraging them to break free from hypnotic programs and spells, one after the other. I am also here to create harmony and magical community happenings that activate remembrance. There is a lot of work to keep on putting out and we’ve all got a lot of work to do in this crazy game realm. Welcome to my pages and thank you for being here.

— Arianah