Aria Persei

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Quantum Apps

This section is for other practitioners working with the Genius and aura scans. You will find information about different sections including:

In the panel section, you will find more information about the panels I have been writing around deep deprogramming and health. I am creating unique innovative panels based on my work and understanding about mind control and matrix inserts in our lives.

In the aura class section, you will find an in-depth module going over about 150 different auras. The aura scan is a precious additional tool to get a lot of information in a minimal time. It’s also about remembering all the possibilities we have as quantum app practicioners to navigate the tricks of this realm.

In the app class section, you will find more information about the classes I teach about all the ways I work with the app on a quantum psychic level. You can truly get answers about anything in life, make predictions or work with the app to make important life choices such as

  • settling in a new location,
  • adopting a pet and looking for a spirited animal,
  • organizing a gathering and selecting potential candidates as each participant will affect the overall experience,
  • looking towards obtaining better results when relying on the spiritless such as repairmen or
  • timeline travelling: getting more insights about anything from the past and scanning potential future timelines.