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Genius and Energy ReMastered panels

If as me, you are a practitioner working with the Genius or the Energy ReMastered app, here are most of the panels I have written and which are available for sale.

You can contact me via the contact form in the Resources section if you’d like to purchase any of the panels separately.

If you would like to learn about the apps and panels, here is an informative playlist.


« I love the panels. You are talented, beautiful and smart. I’m thankful. » ~ S. 

« The panels are very powerful in my life. » ~ D.

« The panels are very empowering. Your advanced writing skills help a lot with all kinds of concerns. » ~ L. 

Handling and Programming (347 items)

“Handling and handlers” (144 items)
“Programming” (203 items)

87 euros

“Hanling and handlers”: what kind of overt or covert handling is playing a role in your or your client’s life? Are you or your client being accessed and used as a handler? Do you notice and pay attention to handling frequency signatures in your life? This is a great panel to build more autonomy or rise in awareness in relationship to subconscious cording facing the compression energies of our realm. 

“Programming”: what types of programming are active in your life or playing a role in specific relationships? This panel goes over the many different types of programming, types of exhaustion or emotional and psychological addictions that can be active in our lives. What narratives are you or your client falling for? This is one of the top panels I work with at all times as it assists in revealing some of the deep unconscious and subconscious layers playing a role in the background of our lives.

Energy vampirism and hive-mind signatures (214 items)

” Addressing ongoing energy vampirism and covert manipulations or energy harvesting from energy vampires” (111 items)
“Recognizing hive-mind signatures and extracting from hive-mind controlled spaces online and in daytime reality” (103 items)

87 euros

“Addressing ongoing energy vampirism and covert manipulations or energy harvesting from energy vampires”: this panel assists you in recognizing overt and covert types of energy vampirism in your life and the different ways it is disguising. Do you recognize being drained or exploited in your relationships? Is energy vampirism being used to keep you in your programming? Are you able to protect and preserve your vital energy to focus it where you are consciously deciding to? How are public or private places affecting your energy levels? What kind of harvesting is playing a role in your life and from where does it come from? What kind of agreements are keeping you tied? This panel encourages us to keep better boundaries to prevent being harvested and drained constantly.

“Recognizing hive-mind signatures and extracting from hive-mind controlled spaces online and in daytime reality”: this panel is written to trace shadow aspects having to do with group thinking and hive-mind mentalities and influences. Are hive-mind spaces influencing your decision making currently? Is your life covertly led by artificial intelligence? This panel also addresses our online lives, social media and being in touch daily with negative types of algorithms and assists in identifying different types of programming at play such as low self-esteem or different types of fears.


Integrating sexual programming

Beta sex kitten signatures and beta sex kitten programming” (75 items)

43 euros

This panel is about overt or covert sexual influences, program triggering, the presence within of sexual alters, dormant archetypes and false romance programming affecting us every day, including from other game realms, the Secret Space and the MK Ultra programs.

Spirited and AI animals

“The animal kingdom and our relationship to it” (116 items)

43 euros

This panel assists us in tracing the many different templates and signatures of the animal kingdom back to the root, scanning for AI interferences or triggering by AI forces. It is designed to be better equiped to assist our beloved pets in a much more discerning way and to look for the root cause of all things, remembering we are in a high-tech simulation game.

2 panels “Simulation & triggers” (144 items)

“Navigating the simulation and rising in frequency signature discernment” (64 items)
“Navigating being triggered and trauma hijacks” (80 items)

67 euros

Navigating the simulation and rising in frequency signature discernment: this panel is about navigating mind control signatures, MK ultra fracture, matrix compression and engineered traps.

Navigating being triggered and trauma hijacks: what kinds of triggers are reaching you currently? Where are these triggers meant to push you into? This panel assists on identifying the different types of triggers playing a role in our daily realities. Triggers here target specific programming, wounding or expressions within.

Engineered events, personal and collective narratives and reading frequency signatures (181 items)

“Seeing through the worldwide engineering and controlled collective and personal narratives” (76 items)

Reading frequency signatures and piercing through derailment programs” (106 items)

67 euros

Seeing through the worldwide engineering and controlled collective and personal narratives: this panel is about keeping in mind different aspects of the simulation and the Non-Player characters or spiritless avatars we are interacting with.

Reading frequency signatures and piercing through derailment programs: this panel is about resisting matrix pressure, being loyal to ourselves instead of serving the simulation and resisting the pressure from the programs.

Connecting with allies and overcoming grief

“Being the best version of self to connect with allies in the game” (75 items)

“Navigating grief and losses in the game”(136 items)

67 euros

Being the best version of self to connect with allies in the game: this panel is about resisting distraction to have the space to connect with true allies in the game, reclaiming clarity, boundary setting and ET infiltration and harvesting in friendships.

Navigating grief and losses in the game: this panel is about processing grief, remembering some important points, walk-out energies, spirit families and expanding our connections to and our communications with the multidimensions of the beyond way outside of the 3D realm. It is useful for anyone who is dealing with grief or loss.

Dark engineering and Liberation

“Navigating dark engineering in complex relationships” (85 items)
“Liberation from certain frequencies” (69 items)

67 euros

Navigating dark engineering in complex relationships: this panel is one of my favourite ones; it is about agreements, hidden traps, manipulative methods, toxic triangulations, timeline enemies, cabal associations, different forms of gaslighting, denial and boundary trespassing.

Liberation from certain frequencies: this panel is about kicking out different unwanted frequencies or emotional states from the field. It is useful to trace hidden associations with dark egregores and frequencies in the game.

Core beliefs about self and others (194 items)

“Core beliefs about self” (142 items)
“Core beliefs about others and this reality” (52 items)

67 euros

Money panel

“Relationship with money, manifesting and receiving” (115 items)

47 euros

5 panels ~ from the course “Mucusfree living and cellular detoxification” (399 items)

“Food allergies” (46 items)
“Mucusfree” (144 items)
“Mucuslean” (85 items)
“Cellular detoxification, elimination, fasting and decluttering” (45 items)
“Mucusfree way of eating, drinking and living” (79 items)

47 euros

8 panels ~ from the course “Reclaim your celestial heritage” (505 items)

“Tackling food and health programming and upgrading my health in the game” (89 items)
“Lymphatic system” (38 items)
“Self care” (82 items)
“Anxiety” (45 items)
“Essential oil application” (63 items)
“Organs in balance” (34 items)
“Food as medicine” (43 items)
“Health remedies” (111 items)

87 euros


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