Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The Galactic Gatherings

Fall edition: November 2022

  • 7 participants including one online + Sounah and Shirin
  • workshops: preparation of fumigation sticks with sage, artemisia and other dried herbs, breathwork, deep relaxation and food preparing
  • mucuslean and mucusfree foods (including the famous and very savoury Zalouk made by Faried with aubergine and beetroot juice made by Maud)
  • groceries at the nearby organic local farm
  • walk in the woods nearby the house
  • Enchanting to discover my house and all the details through the spirited gaze of Olya
  • tender cuddle therapy with the dogs
  • highlights: hands on healing with Olya, deep relaxation session, airport hugs and goodbyes with Olya and the loving body design from Sophia
  • difficulties: last minute cancellation, unconscious inverted symbology, alters, discarnates and sex kitten programming, time pressure navigating on departure day, gangstalking in the woods nearby or on the way to the organic store and matrix interferences while saying goodbye

Spring edition: May 2023

Into the Cosmos of Truth and Back

  • Preparation: attempts from the matrix to decrease my conscious awareness before by triggering addiction ; death in the family of a participant who arrived with less self-awareness too due to spending time around the handled environnment of family before the gathering
  • 4 participants + Sounah and Shirin
  • mucuslean meals with a large choice of mucus free options: melon and pineapple freshly pressed juice, whole fruits, very tasty and savoury roasted vegetables and roasted seeds prepared by Sophia, kelp noodles in their veggie broth, big salads and sauces, curries and manioc brought by Maud and raw dehydrated dinner prepared for the arrival of the participants (dehydrated veggie wrap, papaya salad, mucusfree salad and germinated fenugrek houmous)
  • capturing spirit in photographs (special thanks to Olya) and documenting the journey
  • tons of hugs and cuddles for Sounah and Shirin (they do uplevel too from the healing power of these gatherings); this time, Sounah shined bright, appreciated for all that she carries
  • Workshops: homemade candles, raspberry mucuslean cheesecake, deep relaxation and gardening work (women warriors can do anything and it can be a lot of fun to do garden work with spirit family, even the most draining actions became their own kinds of magic)
  • Highlights and most magical moments: sunbathing in the sun with Olya, Sounah and Shirin ; funny uplifting moments doing heavy garden work with Sophia and live deep relaxation with Olya with Sounah in my arms who was sighing, releasing deeply
  • Difficulties: unconscious errupting and colliding, handling commands, programming triggering and time pressure due to international flight and navigating the traffic from the simulation
  • A great friend ally has the ability to make you cry by the way they stand in their Truth with the intentions they carry, especially at departure time
  • Integration of the gathering with joy, good moods and motivation to do the work, as much in 3D than in the other planes ; attempts of distraction by the matrix to encourage Forgetting

Fall edition: September-October 2023


  • 3 participants + Sounah and Shirin
  • mucusfree breakfasts (organic grapes, ripe mangoes, pomegrenate), brunches and mucuslean meals in the evenings: roasted vegetables and roasted seeds prepared by Sophia, zucchini raw noodles, pumpkin soup as Sophia’s special, vegetable curries, spaghetti pumpkin and sparkling fuzzy mucusfree drinks, teas from the herbs of the garden
  • Olya as our main creator of video memories, me for the editing
  • Two evening deep relaxations with Shirin and Sounah
  • Workshops: acrylic pouring paintings, working with the Genius app, preparing meals every evening
  • Highlights and most magical moments: symbiosis of being and functioning from higher planes, time spent in the nearby woods to recharge and replenish, moments with Shirin and Sounah; high frequency bubble created together
  • New inspirations: for me, adopting pantuffelns and curries with ingredients recommended by Sophia
  • Difficulties: mk ultra programming, false realities needing to be broken down, default switchback mode when feeling unsafe and triggered and hidden handling and triggering abilities residing in all original sparks

Winter edition 2024: week-end capsule with Olya


  • Arianah + Olya + Sounah and Shirin
  • mucusfree and mucuslean home made recipes
  • Work with quantum app and quantum aura reading, looking at potential timelines
  • True powerful healing activation and memory activation for all
  • Difficulties: interferences from the matrix during arrival and departure at the bus stations, blocked car and heavy rain while driving

Last spring edition, 2024, Belgium : a page is turning, a chapter is over


  • I prepared our visits to nature place with the auras to select our best potential options
  • Groceries at the organic farm and collecting of extra food supplies including a gigantic watermelon
  • Nature walks: Cascatelles and Rocher Freyr around Dinant and Forêt de Soignes near Bruxelles with Ginevra
  • 2 paintings each created with acrylic pouring
  • Deep relaxations in the evenings
  • Mucusfree and mucuslean dishes (Sophia’s pumpkin soup)
  • I worked on my own everyday to trace covert aspects with the app and commanded all energies to reveal
  • Challenges: false healing to false healing, conversation about cover stories, mind control energies resulting in blocking my energies, unconscious patterns being played out, projection of irrational fears, addictive patterns not being worked through, resistance to deprogramming, time handling for me and growing gap in deprogramming levels and awareness and integration of mk ultra programming