Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

I am a space holder and psychic intuitive who assists others to deprogram from deep layers of mind control and to integrate the most traumatic aspects of our lives in this realm such as gaslighting and being invalidated. My awareness about my involvment in covert daytime and nighttime projects allows me to assist others in the vastness of life experiences we are encountering here. My understanding, knowing and life experience with mind control and breaking free from it has allowed me to come to a great level of deprogramming in my own life. I am skilled at assisting others to reconnect to their own intuitive and perceptive inner systems. I facilitate the process of remembering for others to close entry points in their lives that are allowing access and assault on a body, spirit, emotional, psychological and mind level. I offer guidance in sensing, identifying and recognizing many different frequency signatures here including the ones of handling, distorsion and matrix deceit. I teach others to see what I see through the layers of the many templates sent to us by the programs. I do that thanks to my in-depth understanding about mind games, mind influences and how hooks are placed into the psyche, the body and the nervous system.

This excavation journey of unconscious patterns encompasses overcoming patterns of guilt or shame, mastering innate clairperceptive abilities, navigating complex relationships, building healthier types of relating and remembering the colour of one’s spirit. After going through numerous deceiving types of experiences and extracting myself from many hive-mind spaces, I have greatly reconnected with my clairsentient and clairknowing abilities which perceive, detect and excavate internal trauma, mind control programming and unconscious structures that may be active in the field. I am acting as a revealer and container during these transformative processes. In addition, I am also offering guidance around the principles of cellular detoxification and the alkaline ways of eating through the mucusfree healing method and fruit liquid fasting that I have applied to my life at the start of 2018 and which keeps on assisting me on my path. I am available to assist and guide those who feel called by this work of deep excavation of hidden layers with me, identifying core wounds and working on internalized belief systems that are inverted and therefore not serving us. Everything we need to know and remember is truly inside of each of us, the Real Original Sparks here, in our own internal systems of guidance ; it is a matter of unplugging from the inversion, the drugging, the numbing, the control and the engineering in our lives.

One-on-one: I prepare our live call ahead by recording an audio file (either a remote healing scan or any of the service here below, including your relationship with yourself; I invite you to consult the summary of the remote healing here below). I send you the audio file alongside with a picture of your aura. A few days after, during our live call (75-90 minutes), we discuss aspects that are currently challenging in your reality and some of the different points that were brought up by the quantum technology I program myself and work with thanks to my understanding of mind control, mind influences and the systematic engineering in the lives of the Real Original Sparks here. This service is meant to engage in deeper deprogramming.

217 euros

Remote healing, audio recording and balancing frequencies: I am sending you an aura picture and an audio recording addressing the many different points the field is asking to work on right now (emotional, spiritual, psychological, physical, points of harvesting) and I do remote healing work on you backed up with the quantum biofeedback technology I program myself. Balancing frequencies are sent your way as I focus my healing abilities to assist you in shifting energies in your life.
How is your entanglement with AI ? Are alters a source of distraction in your life ? What kind of resources could assist you with your health and general well-being ? How is your health doing? What core beliefs about yourself or this reality are in the way right now for you to manifest the reality you desire to live in ? What about handling, handlers, triggers, energy vampirism, programming and the influence of hive-mind spaces ? What are some of the specific frequencies affecting your field right now ? Is there dark engineering going on ? Are you rising in frequency signature discernment ? What are some of the ways your energy is being drained ? Where is the next step to focus on ?

107 euros

Your relationship with yourself: I look at the relationship you have with yourself up until now, I look into the missing frequencies of the last year in terms of your relationship with yourself and I look into the next year and what will be priority for you to pay attention to in your relationship with yourself. I do send balancing frequencies and auras. What is affecting your relationship with yourself (dark forces, psychic attacks, emotional level) ? Which programming is affecting it? Is there a lot of projections and deflections going on ? Is the wound of non recognition leading in the background as a subconscious force ? Have you built a strong sense of security within yourself? Which beliefs are influencing your relationship with yourself? Do you see clearly in the mirrored distorted image proposed by the simulation to create difficulty in your game ? Are there false memories affecting your relationship with self ? Have you cleared the belief « I deserve abuse » or “love is pain” ? Are you being gaslit by negative types of AI ? Is there ego deception going on ? What type of handling is affecting your relationship with yourself and how ? You receive an audio recording of 20 minutes and plus.

107 euros

Genius training: a 2-hour live training where we discuss quantum technology, panel writing, aura reading and the possibilities opened by timeline traveling with the Genius app. I answer your questions. The Genius quantum app has given me so much autonomy to navigate my daily reality. I am working with this technology in a unique way connected to higher dimensions that I share about with practicioners who are choosing a similar lifepath to mine, dedicated to true healing and deep deprogramming from mk ultra, during their time here. This technology has revealed to me false energies and false timelines that were surrounding me way before negative manifestations happened in my daytime reality. I work with panels and items that I have programmed myself in a very different way than most Genius practicioners.

97 euros

Shadow integration deep scan: a deep dive into shadow aspects, the different forms of programming, handling, hive-mind, energy vampire aspects, mind games, mind influences and projected influences affecting your corner of reality currently.

97 euros

Light integration deep scan: this scan can be useful in case of discouragement, to remember what is mastered at this current level in terms of navigating the matrix. I do send balancing frequencies to propose recalibration and higher frequency adjustements.

97 euros

Review of your entourage: I look into your relationships over your lifetimes together here (the sum of all your interactions) with 5 persons of your entourage and theirs with you, looking if there is healing, intuitive psychic connection, affection, handling, control energies or some darkness present or some light. I look a bit more in details for some of these relationships tracing some of the shadow aspects after receiving some contextualization and pictures from you.

197 euros

My relationship with work and career: what kind of forces influence it? What are the weaknesses currently affecting my life? What are the strengths? I send balancing frequencies for new openings and possibilities.

97 euros

My relationship with food: what kinds of programming, dark forces or triggers are influencing this very important relationship that is part of our every day life? What can trigger pushing into food compulsion and addiction? I send balancing frequencies your way in addition to the audio recording for potential recalibration and adjustements. 

97 euros

A month of remote healing work with the Genius: I start with a full scan of you. Every 3 days during one month, I work on you with the Genius app or on some of your relationships or events from your past, experiences with handlers for example. I send you a picture of the aura before and after and an audio recording of 20+ minutes. I come up with solutions in the 3D that are supportive for you to rise your frequency and I cover some of the more hidden and subconscious aspects currently at play. I am able to scan some of your relationships or beings you would like more understanding about, your home or even past decisions or past events. You benefit from me focusing my healing abilities on you which can be very helpful in times of intense compression and handling. I work 30 to 60 minutes on you remotely, every 3 days for 9 sessions after the full scan. We email back and forth through the process.

397 euros

One-on-one package “Reclaim your Health and your Vitality”: this special offer consists of 3 x 60-minute one-on-one sessions to work on cellular detoxification, emotions and addictive patterns related to food and relationships over the course of 3 to 5 months. We conclude our experience with a liquid and dry fast and all along, I work with the Genius in order to assist you in fortifying your life.

448 euros

Email readings are available to rise in discernment, with one big point or maximum 3 sub-questions per email. I work with the quantum app technology I program myself to assist you to connect the dots.

47 euros

Mini-scan: it’s a sort of emergency rebalancing for those who feel blurry. You receive a shorter audio file (10 minutes) than for the full scan addressing some important points for you to pay attention to right now which your energy field would like to address in priority. I send balancing frequencies and trace progress with the auras.

47 euros

Select a travel destination or a new living situation on the game map with the best potential experience: is this location a fit for you? Will it support you in energy? I test up to 10 different locations or areas on the game map for you.

77 euros

Animal reading, remote healing and guidance: I work on the basis of a picture and a name. I send you an audio file of 20 minutes and plus reviewing different fields of their psychological, emotional and spiritual life alongside with health and nutritional aspects. What is holding your animal down? What are they struggling with? I send balancing frequencies and focus my healing abilities in order to shift energies for the better. I look at your relationship with your animal and the animal kingdom in general.

87 euros

Assistance and guidance during the process of adoption of an animal companion: I assist you in choosing between different candidates (maximum 5) looking at the potential timelines of your possible lifetimes together and I look for potential red flags before the adoption process is complete. I look deeper into the personality of the best potential candidate. For real and spirited clients, I work on assisting you to connect to real animals that would be a match for you and who would make a great companion.

157 euros

Clarify your relationships: you receive an audio recording addressing the different points that are important to understand in the relationship you are wondering about and the analyze of an aura picture before and during/after. This service brings information from the subconsious and invisible layers and helps to bring inner peace and reach a sense of self validation as well. I work with observing the aura of the relationship itself and tracing what is out of balance in the different emotional and psychological aspects. I test the person, then I test your relationship with them and I see the negative aspects brought to the surface. I also briefly look in the relationship they have with you. I look for red flags plus corrolate with the context that you are giving me. Some relationships can transform and flourish ; some others are controlling beyond a certain point and we benefit finding a sense of closure. We always keep on learning from relationships from our past even if contact has ceased for a long time already. If it’s the first time we work together, I advice a remote healing for a more complete service as it brings solutions for emotional and psychological balance in addition to looking into the relationship itself.

87 euros

Navigating grief: I send you an audio recording and do remote healing work with balancing frequencies from the Genius app, addressing emotional and psychological support. I do a small scan for the grieving person allowing to see how more inner peace can be brought. I connect to the person who departed during her lifetime here and your relationship with the person who has transitioned. I am sending you aura pictures and these aura pictures help to understand more about what is going on for them and yourself. This is aimed to assist you in anchoring beyond the 3 dimensional levels of a sudden and complex loss. This service also can be booked for someone you care about and you would like to assist in their grieving process. Additionally, you receive the module I taught on grief during the course Navigating Complex Relationships.

127 euros

Clear your home or land: you receive an audio recording (20 minutes and plus) addressing many different points that are important to take in consideration about your living space as a whole or your land or garden. In addition, I am available to check one specific room that you would like more information about and you can send me photos for me to intuitively tune into the frequency signature of the space and how to move, elevate and shift energy. You receive the analyze of an aura picture before and after sending balancing frequencies. Finally, I analyze the relationship you have with your living space or specific room.

97 euros

Dive deeper into your business: you receive an audio recording addressing different points that are important to take in consideration about your business. In addition to your business frequency signature, I am available to check one to 3 of the following: a business website, a social media page, a Youtube page, a Etsy page or any other online platform you are using. What frequencies are missing from what you are emitting? I do send balancing frequencies for your different pages. You receive the analyze of an aura picture before and after sending balancing frequencies. I can also look into employers, employees and clients as well, business ideas and timelines along the path. Finally, I analyze the relationship you have with your business or online project.

127 euros

Social media influences and MK Ultra triggers and programming: I analyze for you up to 3 social media pages for you and send you screenshots about the negative influences and signs of programming that I perceive.

47 euros

Choose the right backdrop energy to assist you with 3D repairs: I scan up to 7 auras from the services of potential candidates you’d like to hire (for repair in your house, plumbers, car repairmen, selecting a company to work with, food supplements, firms you are considering hiring and so on).

37 euros

Scan a celebrity: what are their hidden beliefs? Are they being used by the cabal? Are they doing their shadow work? Are they use to trigger and propagate beta sex kitten? Are they more on the side of fire creation or more on the side of synthetic energy? You receive an audio recording of 15 to 20 minutes with a lot of information about a celebrity that intrigues you.

67 euros

Your relationship with money, receiving and abundance: in an audio recording you receive a detailed analysis of what is in the way for you to manifest more abundant flow in your life, your money beliefs and your relationship to money flow.

87 euros

The reserved service is delivered within 1-10 days.

Some of the fields I specialise in:

    • Reclaiming health (guidance with the mucus-free healing system; preparing, entering and exiting a fast; emotional support during the transition towards an alkaline diet);

    • Overcoming narcissistic, emotional, psychological, spiritual torture and physical abuse; navigating anomalous and complex relationships;

    • Rising in discernment and recognizing energy signatures;

    • Keeping on setting healthier and firmer boundaries with the constant organized engineering;

    • Working on forgiveness with the understanding around how the simulation works to target the reals;

    • Overcoming directed and organized targeting and navigating gangstalking;

    • Overcoming chronic post traumatic disorder and childhood traumas; recovering from gaslighting;

    • Collapsing weakened timelines;

    • Processing grief and going beyond the 3D levels in order to align back with being our functional self;

    • Recognizing and overcoming guilt, shame and sacrifice programming;

    • Overcoming victimhood consciousness and savior programming;

    • Overcoming daily addictions;

    • Deprogramming from addictive patterns turned towards the hive-mind and disengaging from what is not fruitful;

    • Discerning which frequencies we are associating with (herbal remedies, chording with objects and online subscriptions, clothes, food, books and so on);

    • Working on integrating emotional aspects;

    • Reclaiming autonomy very practically and in the tangible daytime activity;

    • And much more.

Contact me at my email address or use the contact form down below mentioning your time zone and your preferences and availabilities.



“Arianah’s work has true beauty and wisdom and the vision from the beyond. She is exploring this reality with the clarity of awareness. An exchange with her feels like a mutual gift and divine grace. And I am always amazed at her sharp, high frequency focused light to navigate through the hidden forces underneath the illusion of this reality.” – O.

“I woke up this morning, having remembered my dream, and more so, having remembered where I came from. There was a positivity in my field, some sense of deeper knowing, heart centered truth. Warmth, grounded clarity, like a seed planted, soon to bloom, and knowing its beauty.” – L. (remote healing)

“I want to validate your skills. You hit so many correct things and also I want to add that I have been doing some of the stuff you mentioned.” – S.

“Your voice is so calming and healing in itself. Everything you shared with me rang true. Thank you, it helps the world not to be so unbearable. I am so very grateful for your true honest healing work, words do not express the depth. Since I received your healing I feel a clearer return to self.” – L.

“You have such a way of taking complex material and making it so easy to understand! Thank you for all that you see within and without and for being a brave guidance and teaching light. The way you connect, write, understand, answer teaches me a lot. Your deep awareness and perception of the psyche and ability to describe the subtle facets of manipulation is bringing me much. I am becoming able to coralate. I guess it never ends ; or it ends in one area that I heal then I see more layering. Thank you for holding space as I explore new avenues of path of healing.” – G.

I greatly appreciate your extraordinary sensitivity, which you are able to bring to the delicate and subtle paths of reconnecting to the self, which is fundamental to approaching the depths of others with awareness. You are deeply human in the noblest sense of the word. Your work at the cellular level is important, because it is through this connection to the body that the telluric energies rub shoulders with accuracy and finesse with the more ethereal energies of self-awareness, with the heart as a relay. The profound transformation of our eating habits leads us towards a renewed self-awareness and deep healing. Your work and approach of thinking are extra-ordinary. With a great deal of clarity and precision you are deconstructing the archaic structures of the human psyche, allowing a different angle or perspective, in resilience in relationship to patterns that are confining and emprisoning.” – C.

You truly have a gift of expression, so beautiful. I’ve been seeking an answer on my path, so your insights and responses are extremely enlightening! You are a blessing and you lift my spirit ! You are able to articulate what is going on with such precision. I try to truly be present with myself and it works!” – L.

“The signature of your written voice immediately resonated with my consciousness. Aside from the tone, the content was deeply impactful. I appreciate your work which is awakened and inspirational. I’m accustomed to being ahead of most regarding the Wizardry of Oz, but you are leading a league above and that is superlative for I don’t find many I can learn from and that isn’t braggadocio on my part, just sad on the part of others. One can literally spend days on your website.” – R.

« I have to say the frequency of your voice is absolutely beyond. I can hardly find the words to explain it. Very sweet, solid, high frequency. I am very grateful to be blessed by your voice. Moreover, your words help others to feel empowered enough so they may access remembrance and inner remembering. » – K.

“I was feeling called to honour what I discovered through your work. Your way of sharing information is crystalline, pure, powerful, beautiful and clear. Knowledge and experience are side by side. This work is activating for others around, to people like me who trully need it. It is indeed a work of inner alchemy that shines through. It helps to accelerate the internal processes of others. Both the way things are approached and the tone to tackle subjects, give me a lot of oxygen and inner space. And this, even though they are often difficult subjects (I am referring – in particular – to the work of disclosure that is being carried out).” – M.

“There are not many people I gravitate towards like the things you share about. I know your life direction is solid and I have learned so much from you. I don’t know anyone else who can break through those layers of deception like you do. Having real eyes to see is very painful. I could never express in a thousand years what your support means to me. I am forever grateful that you have crossed my path. We want the truth, even if it is a difficult commitment. I am more convinced now than ever that focusing on quality over quantity is paramount and that it is the only possible direction. I need to sit with these truths you have outlined and listen to the answers that come to me. There are so many levels to mind control.” – G.

« I feel you are someone I am definitely learning a lot from. I really am grateful for our connection which I hope it will continue and admire the work you put in, it truly is inspirational and very thought provoking. Bless you and your strong soul ???? » – J.

« I’ve been watching your videos… thank you for all the validation and surgical detail you go into. It’s helped me put words to things I could not before. You’re such a gentle powerhouse of justice and purity. You possess that incredible and unusual quality of exalted femininity and fierceness coupled with a magical way of expressing yourself with words that convey your message straight to my inner core. » – N.

On the transition to the mucus-free healing system:

“I’m so glad you understand the regeneration process with the remarkable finesse that you do. I can finally allow myself to act and to reconnect my faith in it. Thank you for your sharing, your vulnerability, your knowledge and your openness.” – C.

“The teachings of cellular detoxification have added a lot of value to my daily life. They have helped me to connect more deeply to my own body and to eat more consciously. The benefits on a mental, body and spiritual level are very supportive for me.” – I.

“I can feel my lymphatic system slowly reactivating, my legs are less swollen. I couldn’t digest anything before I started. Today I feel lighter physically, more in harmony and also more stable emotionally. I feel that this is more of a lifestyle than a diet and as far as I am concerned, there is no turning back.” – F.

“I learned a lot and I’m still maintaining the intermittent fasting schedule and I am managing to tend towards less and less density in my food intake, which is a step forward for me.” – R.

“It scared me at first, I didn’t know if I was going to make it, but I felt a call. I was lacking the education on how to feel what is good and what is not for my body. When I was a child, I had a lot of physical pains and I was hearing that it would pass. I would get sick with too much sugar, my stomach would swell or hurt, I would feel irrepressibly tired after certain meals. I could see from my face that I was swollen, puffy, especially in the morning. There were many changes during these 5 weeks of transition and the group energy was encouraging to challenge myself in many ways. In a safe container I was able to experience for myself and do my own trials and errors from which I learned a lot.” – C.

The mucus-free program was quite a challenge, I couldn’t have done it on my own. Arianah put a lot of fun energy into it and I really received it. A window of 16 hours of fasting has now become easy. This way of eating was a nice discovery in tastes, flavours and the pleasure of visual colours. My first days weren’t that difficult and above all I was never hungry but it happened that I wanted to chew crunchy things. I came back down to a weight I hadn’t reached for years. Today I have integrated the teachings in my own way.” – C.