Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Dissolving mind controlling operations before they settle in, in the consciousness and in the mind

This post is about the dissolution of a mind controlling operation trying to pair me up with a new spirited handler, using the way my own mind works, my own intelligence and attention to details. A similar event happened back in 2020 ; I definitely have learned a lot from it, as it was one of the most complex daytime situations I had ever experienced. I could deepen my understanding about the split in alters carried out by mk ultra programs targeting and affecting who is real here.

I keep on noticing on social media some reactions (often using the backdrop technology) that are meant for me to take my posts down through triggers targeting my own programming and desire not to be associated with different frequencies. Sometimes I do it, sometimes I don’t. I notice how the programs seem to be aware of the probabilities of my own wiring and reactive choices based on my own mk ultra programming and conditioning. Mk ultra programs wires and cables in the mind that reduces the unpredictability of original sparks here.

I do filter the comment section on my different channels due to the amount of negativity that can pop in unexpected and truly, unwelcomed. I do ban users from commenting when they are crossing my boundaries with a point of no return or when I feel the frequency is off and there is no real substance; when it is clear for me they are around for obscure reasons. The vast majority is programmed to be totally unconscious about playing a role in cover and false stories yet it is in the frequency of your experiences that you will always discover the truth that can be very hidden.

Engineered trap

Another trap was cleverly set up for me through a controlled original spark who is used to derail other original sparks and who was sent as a one-time client (in order to get my attention). The time with her live was interesting yet I knew I had to keep on guard. Being used to derail others is due to different factors, including her own mk ultra unresolved programming, her lack of inner work, her being naive to aspects of the game and some self-centered choices and dark associations. It rarely is conscious from beings, to be used as major handlers or derailers. The unconscious is largely used ; that is the reason why we have to be strong in the values that we desire to stand for. Beings have usually no clue how they are being used to trigger, mislead or derail others. That is one of the reasons it is being made so complex here, in relationships. We have to be willing to know and work on our own mk ultra programming to break through these kinds of cover and false memories. Traps that are not obvious and that play on your own programming are clever. I have fallen for some big time before. They have been a huge lesson. Recently, I recognized similar patterns at play which assisted me in not going along with the set-up.

Playing on my own wiring

A first episode happened back in early 2020 and a spirited lady under great negative ET control was used negatively as a handler on my path. The program knows I am observant and I pay attention to details; they know exactly how I think (how I am wired as I have seen the cables coming from mk ultra conditioning) and where I generally operate from, especially if it plays on my programming.

I went on a social media page and found a video this past friend posted about my next big time handler, an american podcaster in his sixties. He was pretending to be friendly (though I traced back covert handling influences in what he was encouraging in me, that was not the real me) and even shared or recommended my work but it was to set me up with a few dark traps. Before I cut ties with him, he paired me up with another spirited handler for who I was unconsciously playing the savior for a while until breaking covert contracts. That certainly vacuumed a great amount of my time, energy and focus with someone that was exploiting me unconsciously and then that blamed me for what was happening. Strangely, the podcaster resembled an AI narcissistic teenager boy that was at school with me. My dreams were seeded about that non real teenager to create despair in my life, leading to a teenager depression.

I met a woman from the network of the radio man in Belgium in person who contacted me after the radio man handler shared one of my articles. She was used to access my softwares in a disturbing and strange way. It was severe unwanted access and one of the most traumatic and obvious accesses I have gone through in my daytime reality. I felt zombified for a week and during the encounter, weird things happened as my alter systems were accessed. I was coconscious in spirit as my core self. I go more in details about what happened there in another article on reprogramming centers and in one of the modules I have created.

That is definitely a moment when I deepened my work about programmed (by mk ultra) alters having their own kind of agendas (up to the way they decide to move). I learned my needed lessons and cut ties with the handlers mentioned and also put a great deal of distance with the controlled original spark who is used to demean me, her jealousy being used as a point of access for darkness to reach me. I trigger her by what I am managing to do and be; it is very confrontational and does create a feeling of embarrassment which, if it’s not processed can become a point of entry for handling. This reality is designed to isolate the original sparks from each other due to their unresolved aspects. It can create a sense of loneliness on the path and it’s important to be knowing the very root of why people are bugging that has to do with their life paths, their own mk ultra programming and their projections, just as we have to work through our own and what others trigger within us so we don’t ourselves become a vector of darkness for others.

Being wiser than the trap this time 

This new trap proposed to me this winter was similar and I did not fall for it this time. I deprogrammed before it settled in. I had clarity about it and saw the trap with internal clair abilities, like a sentient knowing tracing back the signatures. I found a video posted by the second controlled original spark who was sent as a one-time client: an interesting channel but I would not engage personal contact as I am seeing pictures with heavy and dark mk ultra signatures. I think despite the knowledge which is deep, this channel is led by a dark unresolved spirited lady who could easily be used as a handler quite frequently. She can slip from time to time in becoming demeaning to her viewers in the tone she is using that shows an unconscious sense of superiority and passive aggressive aspects addressing aggressors and matrix agents instead of the audience that she wants to share her work for.

But that was not where the trap was trying to lead me. As in Inception, there was a deeper level of entrapment present. The lady owner of this channel who is high frequency and has more memory than most but with dark unresolved aspects referred to another channel led by a male who talks about similar topics as the one I explore and especially frequency signature reading. It was not easy to understand who she was referring to and I had to look for it, go back in time in the video to understand the mention of it which I could have easily missed. I was smart not to make myself known. I kept distance and did not engage. This man is her handler too and the lady has more codes to her work and less darkness though darkness is present. Darkness seems always to be present in a percentage due to unconscious aspects here which are being taken advantage, always, by the matrix control systems, to cause further pain, suffering and entrapment.

It was meant for me to connect with the male handler as my next proposed handler with active abilities. I found mk ultra symbology in his art. The tone and frequency were just too dark for me to even stay connected remotely or to see pop in on my Youtube subscriptions, too dark, too distracting. How it was set up was to attempt to be making me believe I was the one finding him as an interesting step to connect to. This is false organicity. I know the program knows exactly how I am wired and it knew that I would find this second channel. And even if the male talks about interesting topics and themes, he does it with a much dark frequency as he is a dark (by choice or degree of corruption) original spark. He is high frequency in the things he reads into this reality but I am seeing him being used as a major handler for others. In addition to being very distracting, these bonds followed by fall-outs are extremely draining for original sparks who are constantly being pitted against each other, a handler with a handlee. The handler rarely takes responsibility for the role they are playing unconsciouly, based on their own reactive programming, in the lives of others.

Handler traps can be so difficult to avoid as they can be so custom-made based on our own very ways of functioning. Many times, keeping distance before engaging for a long time can prevent huge derailments, studying frequency signatures consistently, noticing the signs (such as a stomach feeling torn). Refraining from engaging early in these traps is helpful. I keep on learning and remembering how to avoid falling for them and their deceitful signatures to stay on track or do the work to go back on track when I am noticing the impact of the entrapment and derailment programs.