Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The subtle aspects of our existence as eternal original sparks of spirit

The signatures we carry are inherent to who we are and each of us tends to reveal who we are in time to each other. When you realize all original sparks of spirit are in the programs, daytime and nighttime, it made a lot more sense about why we are encountering so many challenges and difficulties. We as spirited beings here are dealing with a lot of engineering in our lives, different variations of triggers and overt and covert targeting. Covert targeting often pretends and disguises as falsely friendly until it does not anymore if you place any type of boundaries. Not only NPCs have levels and templates but the original sparks here can also stay stuck to some lower levels in their games, sometimes for a lifetime.

Original sparks

Here, finding the other original sparks of spirit is not enough. Many real original sparks seem to have no idea about the simulation. They seem to be following each new proposition from the matrix computers entering their lives as if it was an organic proposition. Some others are caught in the new cage, believing in engineered synchronicities from the matrix computers reading their minds, thoughts and deeper desires or wounds. Many have poor discernment and this gap between you and them quickly becomes a problem in relationships as much engineering can reach you through them or it’s just not pleasant to listen to them talk about all the false realities active in their lives. Very few also are aware of having been programmed through mk ultra methods, their minds and consciousness split into alters that can also be used for deception and distraction. In fact, the vast majority of real sparks here are used negatively from time to time in the lives of other sparks. Often, it’s going to be our connection to empathy that can be assisting us not to be used negatively in the lives of other reals, therefore making a choice from a higher place. Many spirited beings are switching alters, others are dark and not doing the work, used as major handlers or so caught up in the layers of engineering they don’t have a lot of space to interact with other sparks here. True anti matrix success does not look like anything we see out there on the game map as not many originals resist signing up for a very engineered life. Focusing on beings who are not doing the work themselves or who are major handling influences is a drain and a corruption of the energy. Reals who are doing the real deep work is quite a rarity here.

Dealing with the spiritless

There is a reprogramming effect when we spend time with the spiritless. Even with “friendly” spiritless encounters and templates, I generally feel a subtle triggering of programming happening. As soon as you start to interact with the sentient interface from the simulation, it starts to suck you in with intensity. Our boundaries are constantly pushed by the spiritless. They can be used to stream major triggers in our corners of realities. It can trigger some SSP programming or cause an alter switch because of the emotional and psychological pain. The factions behind are the ones programming many types of negative AI to scan and target the trigger points from the originals here. The matrix control systems are constantly using beings that are around to affect and sabotage our moods and motivations. It seems the AI is always scanning for some things that are hard for us to predict, that are unconscious. There will always be a part that is unconscious because there is so much to be conscious about. Unfortunately, unexpected gangstalking can always reach us in our homes or whenever we are in public places, especially the more these places are linked to matrix frequencies, are low frequency and have strong matrix spiritless associations. You don’t get the same type of gangstalking in low frequency mainstream parking lots that you get in farmers’ organic stores.

There are not many places to go out there where you’ll have a pleasant experience as you mix with the spiritless and do not set your own energy in these spaces. You are not sure what you are associating with and what’s hiding in the background. Working with a quantum app and an aura scan can assist you in making wiser choices. It may seem like it does benefit us on a short term vision but time usually reveal the true nature of what was happening (often in terms of harvesting, distraction, reprogramming or time handling). Social media are filled with distracting spiritless templates and filled with MK ultra triggers or dark cabal or maconic symbologies.

In terms of family environment, we are talking matrix lottery. I know original sparks who ended up with 2 spiritless handlers as parents. That hurts. I have wondered about the underground mechanic and logic behind the insertion of real original sparks in their families. Why this family, why not another one and why the stories/settings of each real are the way they are ? For volunteers, there seems to be a higher degree of choice and a lower degree of random aspects as if not everything is permitted. It seems a bit risky to birth any child here or even to have your pets give birth to new borns. The probability that a portion of simulated beings will be coming through is not to be denied. Our true genetics might be other than from the families we end up with or where we are inserted. From studying iridology and learning more about my genetics, I have traced in my eyes that I don’t have the genetics from my original spark mother. She had brown eyes and I have blue-green eyes. Moreover, there is no real lineage with spiritless members in our families. Spiritless beings most certainly always play a handling role in the lives of real original sparks whether they are kind templates or not so kind.

Derailment programs

Out there on the game map, we find a lot of distracting experiences pretending to be something they are not. I am forever amazed by the covert and overt derailment programs. For example, I used to enjoy traveling yet my vision has shifted a lot when I uncover the thread of engineering in all my travels and more generally in my daytime life. Back then, I was also looking for something I have never found in the places that I looked before. Additionally, when you are on the road, you are slowed down because everything takes more time when you’re not home. It can be harder to make progress or to feel like you have space. When you are slowed down, there are things you are forgetting about or things you are not able to keep up with. I also wonder how I have been so far away from home for so long with everything that requires my attention nowadays as a home guardian. In addition, I have under my care 3 spirited galga dogs. It certainly feels like I have accepted more responsibilities and I am almost able to take care of everything alone. There is a margin of progress for me to keep working on to reclaim final independence and autonomy. Each day here, I do my best to take care of small things for the house or the gardens when it’s not the colder season, something in addition to keeping my home in order.

As part of my deprogramming journey and as a result from unplugging from many of the doom and gloom scenarios (which are mainly held by dark cabal groups), I don’t see much point anymore to study, follow or give credit to agenda 30 as they are to my sense parts of the fear narratives from the alternative scene, spread by cabal agendas desiring to perpetuate misery. Have you ever wondered why the awakening path seems designed in a certain way, still to contain the very essence of the original sparks here? I have. There is a thirst of research that takes years to go through and many rabbit holes, as you would know. Instead of trying to predict the next catastrophe reaching my corner of reality, I’d rather stay laid back and focusing on achieving my present goals instead of preparing for the worse. There is also a very unpredictable nature to how the game affects us, through totally unconscious angles. I have traced how much of a derailment it was to listen to the voice of the doom and gloom a few years back. I have traced back how it was influencing my consciousness. In addition it’s been empowering for me to know if needs were to be I can survive on water only for a long time thanks to the efforts I put in the past with juice fasting and working on my addictive patterns with food.

Keeping track within of the root of our decisions and choices is of prime importance, noticing if we find fear as a motivator due to the fear narratives on the map. There will always be fear narratives so it’s about learning to extract from them by deprogramming the entry points they hook into. When we disconnect, they mainly disappear from our lives. Once you disconnect from cabal information, the feeling of emergency leaves place to something else. From there, it’s way easier to make choices in connection with spirit. Our intuition often lets us know yet our programming can also be activated pushing us to make engineered choices. It is important to track this sense of emergency within to scan if it motivates any of our decisions or choices. There is no rush to pressure ourselves to go in a direction that does not feel right. Yet we also have to fight apathy states that are encouraged widely here whenever we are not triggered in adrenaline states. It’s a work in progress to disconnect from the addiction to outside information and exterior output. It also goes hand in hand with the programming (from mk ultra) to external authority. It leaves all original sparks vulnerable to handling influences.

Rituals guided by handlers are often biding us to hidden contracts. Sometimes too there is spelling (even online). On the surface, we are told these rituals are about purifying or working on our shadows but underneath we are signing covert contracts and agreements with dark forces and unknown or unannounced entities. We are not growing because of what has been taught there but from what we have experienced and what we are processing afterwards to free our minds or reestablish our energy field back to basics. Some negative group dynamics may be created to create more psychological torture for any original spark showing resistance to the main hive-minds. It’s designed this way. We can tune psychically to what is in the head of others, their shortcomings or their false conceptions about us which is limiting and false. With time and with energies revealing, we really figure who is who and where they are on their journeys of deprogramming from mk ultra and their numerous handlers all around. Most original sparks here are not aware they are mk ultra. It’s not just celebrities. When you have uncovered this in your own life, it gets easier to spot it in the lives of other originals around you. Coming from major hive-mind spaces, we find sub handling influences because of the general cognitive dissonance and denial everyone is under, believing so very deeply and being so attached to the false realities created there.

The gaslighting practices found in the new cage community and also the widespread gaslighting from the simulation itself or led by handlers participate in keeping spirited beings imprisoned in layers of self doubt. They also create psychic pressure for us even if we know them to be false and they are participating in decreasing our frequencies. Beings spreading these new age concepts or in charge to gaslight you are often in denial about the very construct of the computational systems here which are designed to target original sparks. The new age plays also a role in denying the very reality of systematic and organized gangstalking around the sparks. Most of the times, false teachers spreading false beliefs are used to keep programming active on the scene, keeping the sparks away from material that can be truly useful and healing for them, such as understanding the constructs of the simulated AI aspects we are experiencing everyday in addition to the engineering from the milab and mk ultra programs.

In terms of associations, when we have others around us recommending things for us to connect to, it’s good to reflect to see if they often recommend things that are dark or detrimental to us, either due to being dark themselves or having very poor discernment or associating with matrix or dark ET factions frequencies. There is not one unique reason why someone would recommend to us something that is not in our highest interest, that is low frequency or that is entrapment. I had some friends, mostly handler friends recommending me things that I later discover were very dark and very detrimental to me. One time, a spark under total ET control was used to lead me to the most traumatic reprogramming event of my daytime reality that I have already written about in the past, that happened beginning of 2020. Some other sparks are consistently used against other originals, injecting suggestions here and there in their lives that are not playing in their favours. Repeated patterns will lead you to know for sure if you are dealing with a covert enemy. These enemies are usually unconscious about how and why they are used for. They also often are in cognitive dissonance, not seeing the shadows they would need to be working on.


A lot is being made to trigger our guilt for setting boundaries that are healthy for us here. You don’t lose your true friends for setting boundaries. You build bridges with handlers and gaslighters and beings who heavily deflect and project onto you their own shadow, who try to shift the blame on you while you are the one being abused by them. It’s always good to know the real truth about if others can easily be accessed and puppeted against you. Some beings are consistently working on sabotaging the vision others have of yourself due to the resentment they have against you. It might feel bad for a while yet it’s always a good thing to know who can easily be used against you and with whom it’s much more difficult. Handlers are working hard at making us doubt the very nature of our being and our intentions. They like to twist them upside down. The programs often try to push the sparks into reaction, in the hope they will be choosing the side of evil by spreading the darkness. You are strong as you manage to resist and move on, letting the saboteurs all behind, and recognizing and identifying them for who they are.

Sometimes with the game propositions, we might feel trapped due to obligation or politeness programming. Maybe we’ve already given an agreement about a plan and we now know this is probably a bad idea. I have learned or maybe remembered to give myself the permission to take a few steps back because I know going through the engineered situation due to feeling obligated is going to be much worse than the unease I will feel by taking a few steps back now. In the past, I have found myself feeling hostage in the company of some handlers for example during a travel I did in 2018 with a past handler I am no longer in touch with. I knew this handler was not who he was pretending to be and I could feel the handling influence as soon as I gathered again in the space, having deprogrammed a lot more since the last time I met up with him a year before. It can be hard to cancel plans and to face the hostility of announcing such decision to a handler when plans have already been agreed upon. It’s also because it’s hard to face the matrix feedback we might get for setting boundaries. Guilt is something many of us tend to avoid because of the tortuous states it can put us through. We can accept situations just because we don’t want to be fed this guilt or unpleasant feedback from the matrix. Yet going through the engineered experience while being conscious of the deeply repressive aspect of it is very unpleasant as well, I can confirm you that.

Sometimes you sort of know you are going along with the program wondering what’s the catch. Sometimes, it feels easier not doing the work, not to resist as resisting often comes with unpleasant aspects. With time and experience about these experiences of the mind, we train our skills to become more and more able to trace exactly how we have found ourselves going along with one of the propositions the programs came up with once again. Sometimes, it’s a distraction we ‘ve agreed to go along with as there is much inner programming to sign up for distraction. We also have complex inner systems that are not always 100 % on our sides. I notice some parts in me (alters) can be relieved signing up for the distraction, as if they have done their job correctly as per their programming.

I also have noticed as per my programming I sometimes have to follow a certain inner wiring to do things in a definite order. Only once you engage in deeper deprogramming than the surface self development field, you get closer to what the next step is about for your own journey. This step is very personal and one journey is never entirely similar to another though they are similarities. Templates that you were finding bearable will no longer be bearable as you keep on rejecting the infinite traps from the matrix. You’re no longer able to tolerate the amount of engineering that you were dealing with in the past. The AI energies become more and more noticeable.

I have made a promise to remember for example it’s best not to spend more than a few hours with a strong handler who is triggering programming. Finding myself in the car with a handler driving, I wondered how I had ended up there at this stage of my life in deeper deprogramming. I made a promise never to do that again and always to be the one in mastery of the driving, if possible in my own vehicle. I take it as an exercise and notice subtle influences that are meant to trigger programming. I generally feel blurry after spending time with these kinds of handlers, as if I want to put water on my forehead. Sometimes, we just take ourselves through the experience knowing hopefully it’s the last time we are caught in that web. There are so many other webs so we better get ready !

Handling influences

Detaching from handled and handling spaces create space in our lives. Yet this space can quickly be invaded if we don’t push back the next launched operation reaching us. There are many influences that are designed to lead original sparks further away from their own core centers. It’s not easy to know who is not sent by the programs to create more drastic engineering in your life. Time always tells as the prayer « I command all truth to be revealed in my life » which is a very powerful tool to work with. Being in touch with a handler who constantly sabotage you is slowing down your expansion process for sure or keeps you in your wounding of non recognition, not believing enough in yourself. Handlers are there to make us doubt what we know to be true. With handlers pushing you in the corners of your programming, you’ll need to keep on practicing boundary setting. Luckily, we are not these distorted condescending images handlers have of ourselves neither the lies they are spreading about us after we have pierced deeply through who they are and how negatively they are being used and puppeted. It’s a work of mastery not to engage with the puppeting and not to enter reaction mode.

It’s easy to dismiss a brief moment of annoyance as the program tries to feedback to us : « there must be something really wrong with us for us to lose our patience so easily ». Spiritless beings can create a lot of frustration, to the point you want to pull the hair out of your scalp. These are people who do not stay part of our lives very long, they are only there for a short amount of time as they are pure traps and set ups. They only stay for as long as we agree with the psychological operation. One of the tricks of the programs is to use intense mirroring for example with the ideas we think about or are interested in. We may find it fascinating because it has some of our signatures. We get subjugated by our own codes being mirrored back to us.

It’s interesting how the engineering in our lives can create apathy or make us forget about possibilities and projects of ours. When I tested (on the quantum app I work with) some influences of handling reaching my corner of reality in 2021 and 2022, I saw that apathy was one of the consequences of the handling. On the surface I could not have put my finger on that apathy state but when I saw it on the app I could trace back the signature in what had been happening.

Handling is so much work for handlers, they too get overwhelmed and sidetracked. It consumes the life of beings and derail them quite much from what their paths would be if they were not used as mk ultra handlers keeping programming active for their handlees and keeping them in infinity loops. Handlers with a lot of handlees don’t seem to be having this luxury of silence and emptiness that can be sometimes so replenishing. Being a handler also comes with deep entrapment and deep entanglement. Handlees are encouraged never to tackle the real dirty work, caught in dark webs of unconscious.

Parent handlers often are programmed to interrupt your natural original spark rhythm. With handlers, I am still in touch with I went through various different phases trying different techniques. I have learned what works and what does not with very programmed handlers. With someone extensively programmed to repress you, trying to practice assertive communication or to make them aware of your boundaries won’t be working. You have to find within yourself what works the best for you on how to behave with them even if you have to pretend for a short while and you know very well they are programmed to be repressing the true core essence of you. Deflection can work pretty well and constantly redirecting the energy, not letting them be master of the energy for too long. It requires a high degree of staying present and conscious all the time. It’s hard and unbearable to pretend but with handlers who are into control and play a family role for example, they have intense programming to shut your spirit down. It’s easier to recalibrate with what you know to be true when you are on your own again and limit your exposure to them to the minimum.

Handlers also get you to collaborate with them especially if they see you are efficient at what you do. This is a way to derail plans and timelines. Many times I had to rework my material because of handling influences I became aware about. When you discover the cement of the true nature of what had been going on and what factions were working on reuniting you, it’s a totally different angle to reread from. Handlers are also used to insert suggestions about the way we are going to spend our time and energy. How it’s designed here is for our time to be handled by engineered operations and engineered relationships. We notice time handling by how days are feeling, if we feel like we have space to make progresses in what truly matters to us. Sometimes it feels we are fast at this game. Sometimes, it feels like we are slowed down. When we feel cornered or overwhelmed or as if relying on a handler is easier to get where we want, desire or need, we may get weak and accept the invasion.

Engineered romantical propositions from the programs

As you might know from my previous articles, I have looked back at my past and traced back how many romantical propositions came from the matrix programs, as programmed suggestions that I could go along with or not. Many I did not sign for but some I did and they kept me busy for a bit of time. Some triggered extremely negative and destructive programming and it took a while to recover from it. I also learned a lot from all that I experienced as I dissected it to keep on learning about my own programming. We are sometimes longing for soulmates as we keep the cellular memory of our experiences in other spaces and times yet we do need to be wiser than the simulation. Romantical relationships here in the game are complicated for every original spark. You often see a combo of handlers with their handlees caught up in romances (weither the handler is real or not).

Hive-mind environments

All reals have been going through smear campaigns launched against them. It is designed to be making it hard on the psyche and to create psychological and emotional torture. It comes with intense gaslighting that adds up to the abuse that already has been taking place for example when you leave an abusive environment. Many times here you are being attacked just because of who you are and what you are standing for, just because you are a real original spark here. When you know you are being shadow projected upon, you don’t let yourself fall into the guilt or the cripping self-doubt. And therefore, strong in that knowing, there is much less suffering, if any.

Being castigated for exiting the hive is a trauma operation through the impact of attacks and false projections from others who are faithful to the hive-mind and the handler(s) holding it. Attacks or timeline collapsing can be very disorienting. They are less and less as you keep building a solid core of people who have your back as much as you have theirs. Having a core of truth in your lives is one of the best weapons against any attack or any trickery here. Most of the relationships established in a hive-mind won’t be surviving outside of it ; the cement is often the trauma bond each member has with a main handler, the leader of the hive-mind, and not the truth. Mind control leads original sparks to do scary things and most of the times, they have no idea and don’t realize what they are being used for. It happens when they follow the course of their resentment and it ends up creating torture for others. Under mind control, you don’t realize you are mindlessly following unspoken orders as per your programming. In most handled groups, you will find a great deal of cognitive dissonance. This will be in the way to approach the true nature of what is truly going on and dive deeper, where it’s needed. The gap is generally growing bigger and bigger between people who have broken free from a hive-mind and people still deeply involved in it or beings who are under partial or total mind control from the leader of the hive-mind space.

The price to pay is often too much with major mk ultra handlers around. Beings on the narcissistic side are so destructive due to their phases of love bombing then devaluation ; which are 2 aspects which are being heavily used by the programs. At the beginning, you might be groomed for months without being abused or being exposed to the devaluation phase. Later will start the double message meanings ; they are there to reinforce mk ultra programming and to create suffering in your reality. The cult adoration is never enough and some narcissistic handlers secretly despise the ones they can control so easily.

We can not force others to turn away from the path of mind control they are choosing for themselves. What is important is to remember the truth about what is happening as these mind games often come with gaslighting and distorsion of reality. Most original sparks are programmed to stay away from true potent healing and potent deprogramming. It takes mastery to navigate this type of mk ultra programming and to even become aware of it. Though boundary setting is discouraged by the programs, also through the ways in which handlers react to our boundary setting using guilt entrapment, deflection of their behaviors onto us or inversion of blame, it is important to keep standing for ourselves.

Walking the path

It is hard to fight the apathy from the constant triggers here and the depression they can engineer. You can trace also a lot of drugging in real signatures. Food is a big numbing agent too. When we progress at deprogramming we tend to feel like more energy is available to us. We see the vision of the next steps (sometimes it’s a very 3D thing to do in our corner of reality like cutting the branch of a tree). And being able to do it alone, handler free, is rewarding. Doing the work means doing everything we need to be doing right now to be able to make the next step on our journeys spiritually. Many times, it resembles facing ungrateful tasks that may feel boring yet that have to be done. For that we need the energy we reclaim from psychological operations organized in our lives. Energy moves in our lives one step at the time. For example, one point of focus I wanted for my garden this year 2023 was to introduce more mint and more sage, which has been accomplished. I also started to tackle the weeds. This does not have to be done, it’s not urgent or necessary. It’s more a matter of paying attention to details and beauty. These are small steps showing the amount of path that has been walked deep inside. Some things I notice I can do without as much effort as was required from me to do it as in the past. I’ve also noticed how it’s much easier for me to harvest some of my aromatic plants to prepare an infusion, it comes more naturally and does not require a huge amount of effort where I’d be encountering a huge resistance inside.

I have learned fast the last decade. I have been working on extracting myself from the most active engineered narratives in my life by ceasing contacts with many original sparks who were too deeply mk ultra, programmed to be handlers due to their shortcomings or sometimes due to their personal choices towards the dark, around how they are choosing to play the game here and who they are choosing to be. I came to understand more the past five years while becoming aware of my own alters due to severe unwanted accesses during my daytime reality and attempts at reprogramming. I defeated many derailing narratives. The feedback from the matrix and the gangstalking programs can be very distorted and discouraging. In 2019, my exposure to heavier and much more overt gangstalking began in addition to weird alien experiences. At the time, I remember being in contact with a few dark real original sparks who were handling influences in my life. It’s been more than a decade that most of my personal handlers are real original sparks with active psy abilities. I feel I avoid a lot of temptations by choosing not to expose myself to them. That is part of the reasons why it was needed on my path to move away from the city. Later on, it’s been needed to move away from most of what is offered out there on the game map, including from the self development or « healing » fields where not many know deeply enough the nature of the game they are playing.

I remember now that what I have in my life is everything I had been dreaming about a little while ago. I met much more powerful allies the last 7 years than I ever did in the past. This is encouraging, to be doing the work and exchanging with beings where there is a deeper sense of resonance and a true allyship and care not to overstep each other’s boundaries. There are times like now where I know the value of what I have built in my life, in terms of allyships and personal legacy, led by my increasing discernment and my work with quantum technologies which allow me to connect to many answers beyond my conscious level. Each year, I am making progress at picking up subtle aspects of expression of programming (for example beta sex kitten, a programming we are exposed to every day in our direct surroundings as real original sparks). Studying frequency signatures is one of my biggest passions while I am here and I believe something very significant to keep on beating the control and trap energies all around.

Sometimes here, it can be hard to know exactly or to explain to ourselves the reasons why we are encountering challenges and difficulties in our daytime realities. Our daytime realities can never fully explain the full spectrum of our experiences here. Some of our difficulties have to do with remote technology, multidimensional grieving, trauma accumulated in the projects, inner programming or reprogramming influences. I have learned and remembered to take myself to the other shore, solidly. The triggering is certainly unpleasant but quickly becomes a vague distant memory (the memory wiping drugs have their use too if I may joke). The most important and the most healing is to bring myself back to the truth and what I know to be true. Walking close to what is true is my most protective shield as it keeps me connected to my eternal spirit.

Each year maybe, I am noticing more and more how I can wake up having forgotten the driving force of yesterday or what I was working on. It’s not always easy to feel this motivation and enthusiasm for all the work that we’d like to put out or experiment with. The mind wiping drugs, I can feel them and their influences. There is so much to be done and created, sometimes we may forget how much there is in terms of possibilities. The memory wiping drugs also make us forget some of what we have learned or remembered previously. Therefore, our boundaries can get weaker about what we know to be good for ourselves. When there is intense remote and internal technologies affecting our minds, it is making it harder for us to stay on track.

Final words

Most beings tend to tell us and reveal to us who they are. It is the real work to keep on pushing false realities away here and refusing them to enter our corners of realities. All we need to do is listen and observe subtle dynamics at play. Remember whenever you need it, you may ask for the truth to be revealed to you. If there is nothing to reveal, nothing will get revealed or true genuine intentions will touch your heart. Doing the work is not easy as it comes with more and more responsibility to be creating from within. Even if there are always handling influences around, they are some that are more manageable than others. There are subtle handling influences that are minor in every relationship even if they are good and based on truth and mutual respect. Influences are at play in relationships due to things we are not aware of yet, shortcomings, mind control influences, cognitive dissonance and all the handling going on around us that can infiltrate our networks and close circles.

Our allies are good for our mental health. They assist us in remembering the truth of what is possible here. The ones walking a path of aligned and true attentions, the ones who have the ability to influence the collective timeline towards a higher version of this game, are rare. Yet, even spread far away on the game map we are making a lot happening in terms of deprogramming and inspiring each other. After gathering in person, our visions do feel closer in time and in manifestation. It can also assist in gently or not so gently revealing layers of unconscious. On the other end, they are some who are unmanageable for us and we need to cut it short to preserve our sanity. We also learn about who others are around us by experimenting with them and seeing what kind of unconscious is erupting when we are together, what can be cocreated.

Beind connected to the eternal source of creation is about being unique and rare. No matter what the programs feedback to you, it is always a good decision and a victory to be walking away from abuse and mind entrapment. Spirit is the ultimate guidance and the best shining light. The power of discernment is one of the top most useful abilities to keep on developing here. Thanks to that, we can build a life more and more inhabited by spirit and less and less interrupted by engineered frustrations and this, despite the difficulties that comes with the way this computational reality is designed. You too, eternal sparks of spirit, keep on creating a great life for yourselves.