Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Navigating MK Ultra programming in order to reclaim mastery over our daytime lives

On Earth, we are surrounded by so much projections from the hologram ; the architects designed this realm smartly with traps under any possible disguise. Indeed, there is a trap for each of the corner of our psyche. The game keepers have us profiled for each stage we are at and each unique personal template that is connected to the first source of Creation. Of course, it’s fair game that the system tries to convince all and any Original Spark(s) that all that there is is this holographic reality life. It puts every effort in the game to minimize who you are, constrain you, restrict you and sabotage your efforts. Yet, any inner authority will always superpose the synthetic laws and the synthetic realms. An inner authority connected to source is very powerful.

Some lives of spirited beings here can appear as tragedies if we only look at the 3D level of how it unfolded for them especially around the end of their lives. Yet if as me, you have worked on changing your perceptions about what this life in this reality is about, you are probably also connecting to many dimensions of who one being is. By comparison, only one life is suddenly appearing as a detail and loses the prime focus and importance. Many beings here leave without being celebrated for their Greatness, their Brightness and the Beauty they carry. Yet an interdimensional Greatness manages to be superposing on top of the 3D layers of this last life, abolishing space and time.

The program uses our own minds and where parts of our psyches are entrapped ; we can say it is a personalized and custom-made entrapment system where trauma is a point of access. It is there do distract and weaken. Big traumas do affect us and can change the timeline we were working on. Tricks and traps are always proposed to artificially create trauma in the lives of real original spark beings. In a trauma bonding relationship, the cement of the relationship is the trauma (we are brought together by the programs as these relationship dynamics are not working in our favor), not actual love and appreciation towards the other person. The game keepers make sure to preprogram abandonment so we keep on manifesting from that place we have integrated as a negative core belief truth within ourselves. Love and true remembrance are good weapons to overwrite this kind of magnetic and thick programming. We are always free to choose transcendence and break out of the loop of programming. There is always a key. A key to freedom from mind control, at least for that very specific angle we are working on at this very precise moment.

The architects and their armies do hunt us down from the early beginning. Very early on, the machine installs doubt and deceit as our primary reality. When we don’t know anything else, we recreate this over and over again because it is the only reality we know. Self-doubt is a way they have a better tight grip to keep on engineering our lives. The infiltrator and its mind are going to give us feelings, thoughts, narratives and stories that then become a part of our nervous, hormonal and fluid systems. It’s a replica. When you make a move to progress in your deprogramming journey, the system often tests you right back, a test of your boundaries especially if there are not so clearly stated yet energetically. Engineering keeps on happening to discourage further boundary setting. Boundary setting is one of the main ways to protect your energy in this game and one of the ways to fight exhaustion. It seems like a distant past 15 years ago, my boundaries were so weak, I was tiptoeing when I felt like unsubscribing from a newsletter; I did not want for people to take it personnally and I was concerned about how they would feel. Very often, I was putting the needs of mostly backdrop people before mine. How silly was that and how thick was the programming.

Here, there is always something trying to corrupt your energy if you are an Original. Any weakness in your psyche is used against you and the system proposes many variants, just to be sure to angle you through different corners. Much of this is automated by AI forms of intelligence ; some of the engineering requires specific maneuvering. For example, when people who are carrying some degrees of integrity and purity are under the spell of hive-mind spaces, their positive impact is diminished and they are being efficiently handled. What I have noticed is that, if you are doing the work, exterior validation decreases in numbers as you are realigning out of the programs and it increases in the quality which means exchanging with more original sparks. Other reals with less memory often request patience to be around. On the other end, there is a lot of programming geared towards destroying intimacy, in terms of thoughts, behaviors and decision making. The path of anchoring your spirit here can be a very lonely road at times, including when your wound of non recognition is continuously activated by the power of illusion of the simulation.

Surrounded by simulation

Very early on, the game keepers make sure you are surrounded in a sea of simulation. They surround people who are real and that is how they harvest energy from you, extract your codes, get you to be interacting with the big computer programs over and over and to feel emotions when doing so, emotions for people, beings and animals who often are not real. Derailment programs are custom-made for you according to who you are.

Backdrops are meant to keep you in the 3D, that is one of their functions ; for you to keep on worrying about 3D stuff and the material world. Backdrops can not see you if you are interested in things that are real or high frequency as they are usually running mainstream programs. They are there to extract your essence and make sure the programs can access it many different ways. Indeed, non spirited characters are there to be streaming the programs. For example, they don’t experience shame the same way as a Real Original does. I sometimes felt quite a bit of shame to even have to voice what was happening and was appearing so clearly to me and that was taking place. My shame was real, the shame of backdrops, not so much. The behaviors of backdrops is there to trigger us in any ways, including towards embarrassment. Interactions with projections from the hologram have always a draining component. If we could see what we are truly dealing with, we would certainly make different choices. The programs can create a traffic jam just to piss you off or slow you down. Accidents are generally engineered to alter timelines.

And we are encouraged to be bonding with the synthetic. It’s a way for this system to hack our codes. DNA is information and retrieval systems. There is a difference between the reclamation of our original organic abilities and the proposed augmentations that are synthetic and linked to AI or forces working with AI compression systems. It is important not to react to what is engineered but it gets very hard as the distracting component is very strong. Is there a wounded thread directing us? For example, the wound of non recognition opens ourselves up to negative forms of attention. When you get people to believe they are unworthy, they begin to develop a craving for approval that makes them easily manipulated. This engineered wounding is one of the main reasons we are seeking approval. Love-bombing techniques are producing a dopamine effect that can be spotted. It is freeing to brave the fears of being a disappointment for others and free ourselves from social and peer (in other words, backdrop) pressure and to leave hive-mind environments whenever they become too constraining and controlling. And some of the templates we have to deal with here are extremely convincing. They do trigger programming that then can easily get out of control (savior and rescuer programming is a good example).

From life experiences and understanding this programmed reality, we often have learned to know when it’s a good time to put a right amount of distance between us, the simulation and its conscious and unconscious, spirited and non spirited agents. In this programmed reality, it’s all about finding the healthy distance with others and know when relating becomes entangled and toxic and is not our choice anymore but the choices made by the programs to engineer our lives. Not guarding our hearts enough with beings generated by the hologram is generally leading to complications. Relating is extremely hard in this programmed reality because of all the backdoor programmings, even between original sparks. It is a cruel game taking any opportunity to run us down, through any rejection wounding or unconscious aspects. Moreover, there is a certain degree of distance and boundaries required when 2 heavily traumatized individuals are interacting with each other as there always is a degree of projection involved, mainly projection of unhealed aspects and core wounds. It tends to be difficult with others that are programmed to be invading the territories of others, programmed not to be aware of the boundaries of others (a lot of backdrops are programmed this way) or programmed to be getting a reaction from you by triggering you. Where are we being appreciated truly for who we are and what we bring here? And where are we being used and handled ?

Dark beings making dark choices and handlers

Many here are programmed (sometimes willingly) to live their potential in destruction. Some have learned to take power over another in order to get what they want. A sense of contempt implies an illusory sense of superiority that perpetuates separation programming (which is very active here). Handlers tend to be crossdimensionally handled, that is a way to maintain access to the real originals they are handling. What the game keepers want to maintain through handlers and handling is an easy access to all beings who are connected to the eternal source of Creation.

Looking back at engineering in my younger life, I did try to make my parents feel better, especially my handler father. It did not make it easy on me to recognize the signature of guilt that he is used a lot to trigger as other types of programming. Many children end up feeling responsible for their parents emotionally and it is all so consuming. All of the toxic energetics we experimented as children still has an influence on us today, at least the one we haven’t released and identified yet. When you carry the responsibility of your parent, you tend to repeat that later in life or to attract similar types of handler (with an overpowering sense of intellect for example). That is how the programs engineers part of our trauma yet the daytime trauma is only a small part of what we are working on resolving here.

It is a problem if others around us carry this frequency of invasion, interruption and constant triggering by subtle invasion of our boundaries (we can say it’s a boundary crossing handling signature). It is concerning when others show no care about the fact they are intruding your personal space or no gratitude or respect that you are devoting your life energy in order to assist them. In collaborations, it is important not to rush things and ideally we want to test things before going further into commitment. With time, a lot of hidden dynamics are revealed in plain sight as an invitation to be dismantling sacrifice programming, external authority programming and very controlling energies. These no longer work if the programming that is active has been identified, looked at and deactivated (it comes with a need to resist). Most of the times, beings who are not genuine with us are firstly not able to be genuine with themselves and very self deceiving. We all are to one degree and the more we are smart the further away we can take the self-deception. There are many labyrinths in our minds around which we maneuver to find strength and move away from inertia. The important as we all have darkness is to be working on it and to be paying attention. Not everyone has much light either in their signature. Life is already so triggering in this inverted realm; I find very little interest to be interacting with handlers who are constantly using triggers every time they exchange with me. The triggers, especially the body triggers, are used with repetition to bring programming to the forefront. And we know very well that reality becomes quite unstable when we are triggered.

Handlers generally can not give you that space and time that you need, that space for you to be in touch with yourself. Handlers often want to own you and tell you what you should think, wear or how you should behave. They are there to keep you in a birdcage designed by the game keepers. Generally, they are not happy to see you independent. The game keepers want you lock in hive-mind spaces or with certain types of controlling personalities. Through them and because they are easily accessed, it’s easier for the program to keep on engineering your life.

A healing journey under handling

It’s generally the case that there is a percentage of easily mind controlled handlers around us right now, whom we are not able to see for who they are (yet). These things can take time and it comes with a grieving process each time as things are not what they appear on the surface and things are not what the programs wanted you to think (which is the tale story yet we are in the inverse here). The time often comes for programming to break down, except if we hold on to the attachment and the bond we have with our handlers, wanting to believe so much into the false story and wanting to hold on to it so we don’t have to face the sadness of the cold sharp truth.

In the course of my life, I have gone through many different experiences of mind control and exposures to sectarian mentalities. By shedding light on the history of my life and the one of my mother or other real originals around me, I have been able to gradually access other boxes of the cube system here and to navigate fast through some of these different systems. Here, any ego desire is being hijacked. Some public figures are purely about harvesting energies in worship settings. They often simulate a false sense of empathy and compassion (a good example is Mooji). Most have no clue about energy and are mainly paroting something they learned from somewhere else, not from their connection to spirit (if they have one). The truth is that, while taking information from cabal related and cabal loyal information scenes, your healing is going to match these frequencies and plateau and there will be counter-healing involved in the mix too. Cabal loyal beings have a signature to them that, by training, you may keep on recognizing. Upgrading in healing has a frequency too and many are programmed to resist it if they are not aware they have internal systems that are working against them. It’s the specific task of some programmed alters, to be discouraging you to invest in places of real healing and to invite you to stay under the spell of the darker magic laws.

We can pay attention to what we are busy with now since we can be sure a part of it is tightly tied up to layers of programming. In 6 months, there is a high probability we will look back and handling will appear more clearly to us and how it was playing in our lives at this precise moment. When the handling is effective, we are lost in the targeting and most of our efforts do not have the full impact they could have if we were not influenced by handling. Some others around us are programmed to encourage only certain aspects of ourselves and do not pay attention to our other, often higher dimensional, aspects. One little remark can lead us to take decisions that will siphon some of our energy away or that will lead us to let a handler get in even closer (they often do this under the pretense « to help us »). These are small derailments of the timelines we are on. Another common theme is when individuals are pretending as they are desiring to promote your work and in fact lead you to more complications and exposure to MK triggers or deceiving agents. Finally, a programming that is very widespread is undermining and belittling others unconsciously in the way we perceive them (smaller than they actually are). When you feel inadequate and when you doubt yourself, you are not power standing and you are more easily brought into a twisted reality where you believe the numerous false versions based on ego seductions and led by dark forces. Your light-filled energy is then being used to fill the abyss and seal the deep fracture within others.

Final words

We from the Celestial Heritage (including from Lyra) are never truly alone in our daily battles even if it can feel pretty lonely here. It is common that the alienation can lead us to project our own shadows instead of digging deeper within ourselves. If we zoom out though, it’s okay to leave one lonely life if this has to be this way, or a few lonely chapters in this life until strong spirits who are doing the work join us or we find our way to them. They are many attempts to hijack what we are working on building with our timelines. It’s very common positive timelines are collapsed due to intense hijacking which can be discouraging but which is part of the game here. We only have full control about our own personal journey and we can not make the choices for other beings around us. Change tends to come through practical actions first seeded in the ether. In your spirit if you have one, you are ageless and magnificent in who you are. If you are spirited, you are already more qualified than 95% of the population of Tierra. Here and in the multiverses, most of the suffering is not real and can be dissipated. Most of it is due to mind control and the programs. The reason why we suffer is most of the time due to our attachments to ideas, concepts or mind control programs running here in the background of our own minds. We hear many false horror stories in the media which are trying to trigger your self-pity, your sadness to cord your heart, your compassion or your outrage. We can certainly overwrite these scripts and not contribute our precious energies to these programs. The codes of the Celestial Resonance are a potent signature to reconnect with and to anchor, a little bit more every day.