Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Navigating the targeting, increasing harassment and gangstalking as a real original spark currently in incarnation in the inverse

The matrix engineers have thought about many layers for the programming to get in and target the reals entering the net; a lot of handling is carried out by the backdrops in addition to the programming from the MK Ultra overt and covert programs. Any of your weaknesses or trauma points is being taken advantage of, including your wounding of non recognition or your desire to help confused by your savior implant and programming. Every unique original source spark profile is mapped out. The profiling is so very personal and specific. Our strengths and unique talents as original spark beings are being used against us, especially as long as they are unknown to us. Out there, you have a lot of spaces designed by the matrix engineers and handlers and filled with simulation, handlers, matrix traps and temptations and mirrored images.

Everyone is targeted here, even the backdrops of course are repressed. They’re usually running extensive softwares from the matrix programs and their targeting and abuse are both used to get you to trauma bond with them. Reals usually have quite a bit of gangstalking present around them. Gangstalking is about being stalked by groups, being harassed in series. A good example are the post officers knocking with great noise at your door or drivers on the road or cult followers attacking you in groups as you are leaving a hive-mind environment. Most gangstalkers are not spirited, they are just sent by the hologram as anomalies to have a specific effect on your consciousness and your mind : it is about degrading, distracting, disturbing and causing confusion and even to the point to getting you to dissociate. Covert and overt methods making you understand you are being gangstalked have a specific effect on your psyche. The game is designed to discourage you as an original source spark being and make you think you are worthless, that you don’t carry the gifts that you have within. There is a certain degree of harassing in your life if you are real. Original source spark celebrities are a great example of this engineering with paparazzis, their life stories being distorted in tabloids, journalists always bringing them back to past versions of themselves or things that were triggering in their pasts and so on. Some celebrities who have become a problem to their handlers and have not complied entirely to the life designed for them (some of them are great healers who have not at all explored this avenue) have been replaced by clones and simulation.

Gangstalkers, following the instructions of the matrix programs, will do things that push you to the limits of your anger : sabotaging your favourite piece of art, not respecting the instructions or boundaries you are setting with them quite clearly and so on. Don’t be fooled as it is intentional. You are meant to believe and feel you are trapped. Around original sparks, you always find a lot of tormentors who are actively working on making their lives a living hell. Saboteurs are there to knock you out of your center. Original sparks can have sabotage parts or alters loyal to the cabal without them being aware or conscious of it. When the pressure increases is when they are getting another real mind controlled being to sabotage you as it is much more potent than using the simulation. One of the aims of gangstalking is for you to self annihilate. Hidden handlers are using everything they know about you to create anxious states in your life. Harassing is also there for you to be more prompt to sabotage yourself and sabotage your relationships due to an increase in paranoia or overreaction. The game will try to assassinate your character through different methods such as raising false accusations, fostering rumors or manipulating information. It is also made to affect the perception you have of yourself and your reality.

Big fields out there (schools, veterinary, medical and health fields, the law field and so on) are all set into place by the systems ; therefore, they are extremely difficult to navigate. All spaces set out there for the reals are filled with simulation, traps, handlers, dark reals and the occasional allies. It is designed to trigger and harvest the reals. Of course, the matrix system is not going to support what is fair and what elevates you but what is programmed and what reinforces your programming, what further entangles. True healing does not come from these systems but from within the self of original sparks who are working on remembering. Reals are programmed heavily so they don’t believe anymore they can generate anything from the ether, including money. After going through the MK Ultra programs, their programming is reinforced for them to accept and seek options that are set out there in the game for them, not anymore from within.

Overt and covert harassment

As a real, you will be sent multiple layers of infiltration, some easier to spot than others. Sometimes, harassment is obvious, sometimes it’s more subtle. Most of the times, it’s sneaky the way it tries to get in. Being harassed is most of the times covert so it tends to be difficult to explain it to someone who would need that kind of proof to believe the nature of your experience. Sometimes, you can’t put your finger on it. A lot of gangstalkers smile and pretend to be harmless. It’s hard sometimes because we want to believe the stories that are sold to us, the cloaking, the pretense. On surface levels, it all seems okay trying to fool you even deeper but in the background, something is playing and most of the times, playing on your programming. One of the aims of the harassment is also to trigger and violate your boundaries. Harassers will do things that are weird and that are just meant to trigger more of your programming, even if it’s only for confusion. You will recognize the energy of a stalker in the frequency signature and how it affects your energy field. Harassment is meant to distract you from other things you would like to make progress on and sabotage the frequency you are working on building.

You can be harassed nicely or more aggressively, it really depends on what the programs have in store for you today. It can also be someone who is linked to the main matrix services (such as the post office for example) who is invasive in your space or who intrudes just a little bit while still playing nice. Gangstalkers are not always going to be the « mean template ». Of course, sometimes harassing will be disguising to be appearing in a mirrored image and gaslight you. Sometimes, they are trying to get you engaged in the interface. Some will even give you approbation and love-bomb you. For example, I placed 2 signs in the middle of the door and on the side of my door to request postmen to automatically leave packages, with instructions yet very often they find the best excuses not to listen to the instructions which is a boundary crossing. This is partly to trigger anger or emotional suffering and get you switched into alters. Gangstalking is also there to affect how you would have naturally chosen to design your day. A lot of NPCs are programmed to request and demand your time and energy (a lot of spirited handlers too). NPCs will be accessed to place triggers, it can be about creating a confused thought in your minds, just wondering what is this about this time? It gets lighter as you keep on seeing through these kinds of things though I am not sure the game gets any easier. It just helps to know where the engineering and therefore falsely created suffering comes from. There will generally be weirdness with NPCs you are interacting with. Some repairmen will do everything upside down then refuse to come and intervene once more. That is when working with a quantum technology can be handy as you can scan the auras of each situation and choose what seems to be the best outcome or the less negatively programmed for you with the options you can connect with around.

As you denumb and deprogram, you might start to perceive the aggressive energy coming from some of the neighboring houses where agents are in charge to surveil you and probably beam you with EMF. Where you live is generally controlled, most of the times arranged as the gangstalking programs are generally already set up nearby and mind control is used to get you to live in certain places. You might be sent non spirited gangstalkers mirroring you a lot in what are your interests to falsely assist you in (but in fact infiltrate) any project you have in mind. Sometimes, people will say they would like to visit you and you already feel the intrusion frequency in their words. It is already crossing your boundaries. They generally are not asking you if you’d like to be visited. Crossing your boundaries is one of the points of the programs. It is a point of access and harvest of your connection to source. It is made to make you think about that future point where you know it will be important for you to place boundaries, yet you are not there yet since it’s just a suggestion. So it is weirdly crossing your boundaries about a potential future situation that usually never comes true. I find it’s easier not to engage as long as the boundary does not need to be placed and not letting it disrupts the field or mind for long. In the past, it used to create extreme worry for me : how was I going to place the needed boundary in the future ? It would create anxiety already, subtly activate programming. A gangstalker is also going to be that person in a plane that talks to you while you were planning to get some sleep or a NPC who wakes you up at 8 am on a Saturday morning to ask you what kind of plants is in front of your house. Look back and think about how people tend to engage you in conversation. It’s a sea of simulation. Some businesses also are working with gangstalking energies so when you hire them, you are being sent more harassment. It’s generally easy to identify and it’s quickly time to take a decision in order to close an entry point of access and find another option in the game.

Somehow, it feels more violating to be harassed when you are at home as our homes are generally associated with a feeling of safety and grounding. The stress may increase when harassment comes at your door. There are ways to limit this harassment. For example, not answering your door and turning your phone off are a good point to start. Sometimes, you can gather proofs if you are harassed by the air. The pictures joined in this article are from my personal recent collection (targeting has greatly increased as I have been guiding the 9-module course Navigating Complex Relationships and I had regular air visitors and harassers). An increase in harassment is generally a compliment from the matrix, telling you you are becoming a more threatening version of yourself in the game, using your time to inspire others in their deprogramming journey.

Another thing is that, in the TI forums and groups, you will find a lot of stalking and AI energies. You have to be discerning to find the 5% that is not infiltration and distraction. And maybe it’s not even 5% but something like 1%. That is with what it’s best to work with. Some platforms online don’t filter harassing responses and comments. That is a red flag in itself. I study the signatures of the online harassment that come my way and they generally make good teaching examples. I like to be spending time to study all the different templates and signatures in the game, it is a great way to be spending game time and train abilities.

Engineering around each original source spark

The deeper you go within yourself, the more insane you might sound trying to put it into words, especially for an entourage that is mainly buying in the 3D. All around, you see a lot of handling going on, including family handling. If you look in your own reality, you will find many handling templates as well. It is hard work to remain a fairly independent individual here in the game. In your families, you won’t often be able to share about the targeting you are under. Even with original sparks in your families, it is a rare thing to be understood on that level. Generally, to really understand what this is about, you have to be aware you are yourself targeted and repressed and therefore experience it in your own reality. You have to live it in your reality to know the frequency and what it does to your mind, body and consciousness. If you decide to share about this reality in your life, you might found yourself being gaslit. With your friends, you generally are more on the side of antistalking : it is about paying attention to the moves of another person in order not to be in their way and leave them their needed space. That is a great way to share space and community, defeating the matrix principles.

Playing on preinstalled programming

Yes, your wounding of non recognition which is based on having psychologically been broken down will be used over and over again to reverberate to you that false matrix image of yourself, cut from the greatness of who you are really in Essence. Yes, you will be encouraged to sit in the seat of the victim and forget about all the possibilities you can open with your mind only.

NPCs can also be accessed to get you stuck somewhere listening to them for too long, unable to extract from the situation, playing on your politeness programming. You will feel the matrix frequencies and feel the boxing, even when you are right in the middle of it. The reason you are not able to extract from it comes from your programming. After the encounter when you feedback with yourself, you might be able to spot weirdness or something that was really off and that you had trouble putting your finger on.

Some handlers can have convincing childlike parts appearing harmless and innocent. Some gangstalkers will try to play on your good heart and access your compassion energy through their victim stories. Your kindness or politeness programming will be used to even cross further your boundaries. You might also find a tricky programming to navigate : « I have to help everyone who is requesting my help, including the ones who are gangstalking me and my handlers ». It is part of the deprogramming to refuse to help beings who are used so negatively in one’s life and to refocus the energy somewhere else.

Furthermore, there is a lot we are juggling with either linked to internal programming and/or remote targeting. Sometimes, there is no outside targeting but you will still be struggling internally. Sometimes, you wake up feeling zombified with active programming telling you to go lie down or go back to sleep. And even when you have a whole day ahead of you to be productive, you are never entirely sure what kind of day it is going to be like. With practice, I think you become more observant about what kind of programming is running in the background of yourself. You can pick up the signature in exchanges that are meant to extract something out of you as there is an underground agenda. Intrusion will also of course try to plug into other painful programs and beliefs and get them active in your field, such as your guilt programming (for placing a boundary) or your savior programming (the command “assist anyone who is requesting my help“).

This game is designed to make you addicted to drama and you are programmed to seek negative attention. These patterns have been installed through repetitions and repetitions and repetitions. There’s been heavy programming in these directions. It is designed to keep you isolated not envisioning all the possible options in front of you in the game. A lot of harassment is also meant for you to get in reaction mode and be discouraged to shine your own light, for you to delete or sabotage what you are working on since there is this disagreeable component to the interactions you are finding yourself into. It is made to get you emotionally reactive and fooled by your emotions triggered by your programming. You notice your progresses when you don’t freeze or fawn anymore when under attack. Now you have more space to react at the very moment when something is happening and set boundaries that sometimes are surprising to the harassers themselves.

An increase of negative attention in the game

Every phase of life is different here in the game. Generally, there comes a time when gangstalking increases and becomes very obvious. If we trace it back, it tends to have been there since day 1 though maybe less intense (because there was no need for it to be at that time, it was enough) and more covert yet still quite systematic. It’s how it’s designed here. You will notice an increase in the noise that is reaching you everyday, like sirens and air activity. Drivers sometimes turn the siren on just to pass your house. The more you remember and stand for yourself and assist other reals (the ones who are making a difference here which is not every real, actually it’s a very small portion of them), the more targeted you become. The more you are threatening the harvesting methods of the game, the more you will be gangstalked. Indeed, the gangstalking programs will be pretty active in your life if you are working on making a difference to empower real beings who also are making a difference here with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healths, all areas reals have to put a lot of work and effort into.

If you are a real original source spark, many will be contacting you without having the awareness about why they are contacting you. If you scan deep enough the layers, you will be able to feel the engineering in their interactions with you and the subconscious parts or programming that is leading them. A great percentage of what is proposed to us every day is a trap. You really have to look for the gems and wait for them and make room so they can come. To dare to walk away from what is engineered beyond a certain point, you have to give credit to what you perceive, feel and sense. Time generally reveals the true nature of what surrounds us, as consistent observation does. The ptsd tends to make it hard to stay completely open to what comes next. That’s when self care comes and helps to appease trauma.

Every day we are bombarded with distraction to keep us away from remembering significant knowledge. Everything is done to keep the reals busy with main and side narratives built by the minds of others and thought by architects and game handlers. These narratives become reality in the lives of original sparks as they are giving credit and energy to them. There is also a lot of online handling linked to negative types of attention. It’s harder to tell as you are missing the field information of the energetics yet with training and opening up your abilities and most importantly with giving credit to what you sense deep down, you’ll be able to identify faster and faster what is at play, from the first few written lines. Paid agents have online false accounts to interact with you. The simulation is there to post distraction content as well beneath anything that could be of substance.

Negative attention sometimes comes in series. Convincing, talented and skilled templates will be used to slow you down, for distraction. It’s so easy to dismiss the gut feeling or what our clairabilities are letting us know. If you are a real original spark, ideally, every month, you should be saying no to a lot of negative attention and recognize it for what it is. Some you might accept for a little while before being entirely sure what you are really dealing with. Will you be ready to turn it down quickly ? Are you interested to play the game under these terms ?

With time you get so used to targeting you might read things in your reality under this angle while not all is targeting. But you distort as you sort of expect it. To one level, you get used to being harassed yet the matrix system also often comes with new surprises and upgrades in the level of harassment it is sending you. Some beings do work mainly with triggers and injunctions and I personally don’t like that. I do refuse to work with handler clients and I quickly feel when clients are sent by ET groups to spy, collect information or create weird triggering. I also quickly realize if a client is not an original spark connected to source. I can generally deal with triggers that are unconscious once in a while from friends who are mostly supportive. Each of us original sparks have to deal with many unexpected triggers a day (the matrix never ceases to amaze me with its inverted creativity that is meant to upset the reals).

Final words

The system here is very threatened by individuals walking their path towards liberation. Each attack is there to destabilize and impress. Yet intimidation loses its power when you see through these AI beings and how the systems run them or the dark beings who are agreeing to act following the agendas of negative ET factions because they like to play with darkness or are encouraged to operate from their dark programming. We all are encouraged to do so and those choosing to work towards true and wholesome healing have to show a great deal of resistance. Because of the disturbances, it’s much harder to be at the right time at the right place and focus on what truly matters.

If you are an Original here, there has been a lot of mental torture in your life like there has been in mine. It’s a component of experiencing an incarnation here. The new cage and its agents will discourage you to give credit to what is really going in your life by gaslighting you and talking about an Ascension where only light exists and where it would not be possible to experiment what you are experiencing (according to the new cage teachings). These are your new cage handlers meant to encourage you to stay trapped in self-doubt. You will recognize triggers in the frequency they interact with you. When handling is combined with voice to skull V2K, the extreme pressure and mind torturing increases. V2K and specific remote instructions will be used to infiltrate anything that is good and carries healing power. The matrix and matrix engineers have a lot of hostility for the beings working on shedding light about the real nature of our experience here. With time, you develop more resources to get yourself out of these torturous states engineered by the matrix set-ups and settings. You grow stronger knowing deep down they are part of the game. You’ve gone through many already. Them being familiar does not take out the difficulty of the psychic, emotional and psychological pressure we are under constantly here. But you can conjure out the illusion of the mind prisons any time you decide to, by working on anchoring more of yourself and keeping on becoming able to see through the grip of the many illusions here. There is always something you can work on alone, even if nobody is joining your boat for now. There is always a way for you to keep on transforming your reality or for you to keep on finding ways to express who you are. Only a small portion will be your true allies. What kind of legacy do you want to keep on working on building here and be remembered for when you will have won your ticket out, when it’s time to go play elsewhere ?