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Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The psy-op of the transhumanist agenda amongst the many other false distraction narratives currently proposed on the Earth map

Back in 2020, I finished writing an article about transhumanism that I published on my website. You could read different voices in my work due to the influences I was connected to. It’s not a narrative I fully bought into, I was already denouncing it as a psychological operation (psy-op). Nevertheless, I could not help but notice while rereading that I was broadcasting transhumanist ideas and transhumanist concepts due to being connected to dark cabal channels on the fringe and alternative information scene. Therefore, there were contradictions in that article due to these external influences that were mapping my consciousness and influencing my ability to think freely. That is what happens when we connect to cabal led fringe alternative information. I’d like to provide a testimony about my journey of ongoing uncording from such hidden energies.

It is certain that one of the main goals of game map narratives is distraction. These narratives also serve to trigger fear states (and harvest the adrenal glands and other hormonal states) and keep the reals in survival programming. The last few years, I have been keeping on walking away from many fear narratives that I was in touch with due to the public speakers (reals and non reals) I was following, mostly online. As the years are keeping on going by, and as I keep making the necessary steps on my deprogramming journey, the transhumanist narrative feels further and further away from where I am sitting currently.

The distraction narrative of the transhumanist agenda

The transhumanist agenda is about pushing this narrative that « the human race and the human biology are being eradicated by AI » ; that AI is disguised as a path to freedom in mainstream narratives and that it is being denounced as a fraud by alternative yet still very controlled game narratives. The transhumanist agenda is cleverly linked to and entangled with other concepts such as smart cities, the false climate debate, agenda 21 or the plandemic. We have seen how much the latter has been used for extra distraction and harvesting.

Elon Musk is a great puppeted and greatly controlled figure used on the public scene to push this transhumanist alternative narrative, alongside with Grimes and her lyrics : « what will it take to make you capitulate? AI will reward us when it reigns. Pledge allegiance to the world’s most powerful computer. Simulation is the future. Baby, plug in, upload your mind. Come on, you’re not even alive, if you’re not backed up on a drive. » In fact, the transhumanist agenda is an agenda that gaslights us about the real deep nature of our realities here : indeed, all around us everyday we are dealing with many different spiritless templates in our online lives and daytime realities. Agenda 21 or Agenda 30 are also false proposed distraction narratives on the game map. You can really notice the extent of the distraction once you have partially or fully extracted from it. From there, you are able to look back on your past self with more distance and especially on what kind of information was reaching you and through which means.

In addition, what happens in the UN which is cabal held is another side of the distraction, for example with the Kigali principles. This plan on the mainstream level is said to be about protection and peacekeeping. Those who read between the lines are supposed to get very stressed out when reading about imposed curfews, the rationing of essential resources, the confiscation of properties and businesses, arrests and paper checkpoints or other scenarios meant to trigger a fear response. We are supposed to become afraid by becoming aware of the subnarrative hiding within the mainstream narrative, being led to think our lives are threatened and that we are running out of time. « We better get to it right now ». And here comes the adrenaline pouring down our systems and kicking in our lower backs.

Uncording from psychological operations

Psychological operations are there to distract us from working on the real aspects that need addressed in our lives, distracting us from having time to think or to break free from mind control. Fear-based mindsets make us accept much more easily handling in our lives. In this depleted state targeting our lower back and our adrenal glands and also because of the ongoing types of energy vampirism and cordings constantly active in our lives, we can be lacking vital energy. That is the moment we may surrender, submit or accept handling in our lives, disguised as help. Help disguised as handling is very common in our realities. When we surrender, it is because we don’t believe enough in ourselves. To regain vital energy, we need to work on the hidden agreements present in our lives, on relationship programming and also, of course, the food programs. Of course, it’s not a big surprise that source players are surrounded by an incredible (maybe infinite) amount of handling options and engineered propositions. What would I do differently if I was believing I have as much time and space ahead of me as I need ? The more you uncord from handling, especially handling linked to the dark cabal, the more time and space you have. Sometimes, that amount of time and space within a day can be vertiginous. One has to be ready to go for a very minimal amount of distraction. That is one of the reasons we keep much distraction active in our lives, including but not only in these following fields such as the food programs, the relationships programs, products from the entertainment industry or from the social media or internet life scenes and so on. Empty contact with the spiritless can be very distracting too and a lot of engineering is constantly trying to get us sucked back deep into our programming or what our alters desire and want (alters are a massive way to derail our lives here).

Yet, when you step back and remember what happened with the plandemic agenda disappearing as fast as it had erupted, it helps to keep the bigger picture in mind. Another global narrative was ready to be installed and they were done with that fear narrative. The new proposed narrative always comes with a fear-based mindset. As you step back, the noise of these narratives is becoming more and more distant from your corner of reality. Of course, these narratives are used to morph society in an engineered direction. But we can ask ourselves, am I feeling more entrapped than I was feeling in 2020 ? If you keep on doing the work, your daily life uplevels as you decrease the amount of interactions you have with the simulation, handling and controlling forces. This is how it will be in 2030 and right now we can not predict the vastness and expansion our minds will have reached in 7 years. When I look back 7 years ago in my life and how my reality has drastically changed, I see tremendous change at all levels : health, quality of relationships, ability to think freely, ability to power stand and resist handling and a very big rise in discernment and frequency signature reading. With the past me, I could never have predicted how my life would have morphed to this day. To keep on breaking free from the very pervasive mind control here, we need space, time and to feel safe and relaxed ; not to feel as we have to worry all the times, including about our primary needs such as if we will be able to pay our bills at the end of the month.

The great majority of what we are experiencing here is created for us, including game conflicts such as wars, inflation of prices, engineered weather or engineered shortages of food and water. Everything is being done for the reals to be kept in states of fears, weakened, numb, in a blurry state and in survival mode, with, of course, a triggered nervous system. Triggered in fear states, we will always accept more easily the invasion and the handling going on in our lives. The game narratives are always going on and it does not seem they are going anywhere soon. It’s just about how close or how distant they are from your daily reality if you are a spirit incarnated in the game here or a projected consciousness. Many of us can remember examples in our lives when, because we were kept in a survival mind state, we accepted much more easily the proposed invasion in our lives or turned towards handlers in our realities for support. Here, it’s always been about targeting and harvesting who is real and extracting gifts and talents. The Earth game is a real marketplace.

The ongoing influence of the simulation in our lives

Amongst us, many active bots, cyborgs and quite intelligent SIMs believe that they are sentient. We interact with them everyday. All around us, everyday, we can hear these Non-Players Characters talking about what they have heard about the new narratives that are currently being unfolded on the game map. It’s one of the ways for programming to be streamed and broadcasted in the corners of reality of the reals. One of the roles of AI beings in our lives is to influence our minds and get our consents through the illusory pressure of the majority and the mind game of suggestion and persuasion. A large part of the masses are in fact backdrops streaming their AI programming continuously. The simulation feels very real. Backdrops are constantly used to convince the reals about false realities, scripts and narratives or to insert weird AI triggers that do affect our mindsets even when and if we know it’s coming from an AI person. We are dealing with AI triggers, AI suggestions, not only in our online lives but also when we are walking in the woods and encountering these beings who are part of the simulation and projected in our realities. You can trace back the influence of any comment and trace if it triggers any type of programming, if it makes you shift within yourself, if it makes you even stupidly smile thinking about what this backdrop person just told you. I spend a lot of time in the woods since adopting my dogs and I keep on being fascinated by what the programs are sending us on a regular basis. I also make sure to clear AI influences before entering the woods as it does recalibrate my reality to avoid some unecessary gangstalking happenings.

In the views we get to see online, a lot of views come from the backdrops. These numbers do not mean anything in terms of quality and you’d rather have a small qualitative number of people paying attention to your lifetime work or expression than an army of bots, saboteurs or other trolls. We consult a lot of AI content since we are born through the television and the internet life. Practicing frequency signature discernment assists us in recognizing AI generated comments in our lives. Online, we find a lot of double bluff too (this is part of the mind games) with fake censoring happening on mainstream or alternative platforms, especially targeting controlled opposition agents (such as David Icke) who can then be very efficient at playing the martyr game narrative card. The surface mainstream clone debate is another false engineered narrative since the reals are heavily cloned for a very long time. Britney Spears is a great example of that since we have seen many copy versions of her since her intense repression intensified in her mid twenties and since the organic original spark version mainly disappeared from the public scene. It seems things have not gone entirely as on script with how her life has been specifically designed and engineered and they could not entirely keep this original spirit flame contained from impacting other reals on the game map.

Extracting from false game map psy-ops

In 2020, I was affected by the sub alternative game map narrative about needing to become self-sufficient within the next 10 years. I had handlers pushing this narrative, still present in my life back then, influencing my thoughts and the way I was investing my time and energy. Back then, this put a sense of emergency on my adrenal glands. Since then, I have deprogrammed a lot more. I am fast on my deprogramming journey and if you have been following my work the last few years, you can trace the rise in me anchoring more of my spirit signature here. I do keep on working steadily on creating more autonomy in my life on all levels, yet not in a rush, not from a fear-based decision but mostly when I can make the space for that progress in that area of my life. There is no rush ! I will find a solution, always. It is a good thing to be working on all areas of our lives where we are dependent on the exterior, including for our 3D resources such as water, electricity, heating and food. It becomes a burden when we accept to be surrounded by handlers in order to achieve our goals because we lack vital energy right now with where we are at, due to the handling and the constant compression organized around us.

Once I extracted myself from following most content that is influenced by dark handling cabal energies and influences, often led by dark reals, many fear narratives disappeared from my life. How would it be if we were working from our own daily reality input ? From our own recordings and conversations, insights and our own very personal notes ? I have made a lot of space in my life and I constantly redirect my work to focus on my own content lessening the impact of outside influences. I am in touch with influences from other spirited original sparks here on the game map, preferably on the light side, who are analysing their daily realities in a similar way as I am. I am still in touch with some AI content on social media though less and less. My tolerance to expose myself to distraction is lessening. As I keep on walking all the steps this deprogramming journey comes up with, I keep on reducing the external influences reaching me every day and the impact of external authority programming onto my life. It’s an ongoing process, with many layers to identify, process and integrate.

When we reread our past self, we can sometimes notice the cacophony of external and internal voices expressing. They sometimes are in the way for us to sit, take distance and think for ourselves, breaking free from the grip of mind control. There often comes a time when I need to rewrite or redo some of my material due to outside negative and unwanted influences that are appearing clearer and clearer to me, revealing themselves and their subtle influences. That is why I like to have an online platform that can be modified and reworked whenever needed. Along the years, I have been reworking and also deleting some of what I was working on previously. It’s never been a loss of time as many times, I could only learn by immersing myself within the false reality to really pierce through the depth of how it was affecting my consciousness. Many other times, I could save myself the trouble from going along with the program and avoid the trap by practicing and applying frequency signature reading.

Frequency signature discernment and the counter revolution within the real

I came to the conclusion there will always be a counter revolution available on the game map for the players who resist and do not go along with the pressure of the false narratives. You will find a lot of spiritless beings and spiritless-based solutions for food and resources. It’s always been this way. In terms of spiritless options, we can connect to solutions that range from disagreeable to more or less agreeable with the occasional weirdness here and there (the spiritless are always used to access and trigger programming by what they suggest and by what they are led to say or notice in our lives). It’s really a matter of choice at every corner of our days. That is one of the reasons I love to be working with a quantum app that I program myself, with my own work. It assists me in clearing many areas up to details in my life. Of course, it’s always going to be an upgrade to be working with other source players in terms of resources on the game map. Yet very few reals will be your real strong allies here due to the prevalence of mind control and the constant thought injections and attempts to access, reprogram and derail.

In the past and up to this day, many handlers or handling influences linked to intelligence agencies or powerful ancient original spark handlers were suggesting overtly or covertly to me what I should be researching and which direction I should be taking my work. Some were used to sidetrack me completely by encouraging apathy. I have been resisting these influences for years. Frequency signature discernment has allowed me to save a lot of time that I would have spent on detours if I had not recognized the frequency signature of AI, of distraction or both. It takes a few seconds to read frequency signature and you can just turn away from the suggestion by identifying it was sent for a specific purpose on your consciousness. What is certain is that there is a great deal of relief that can be experimented when we pay more attention to what we are following online in terms of information and how it’s networking and engineering our lives, sometimes in the background.

Times are changing for me. On a Sunday evening, I have been sitting down and writing an article from the inspiration of the day. I become quicker at creating material. This today material comes from my voice of today and some of my recent thoughts as I am walking this journey on the game map. I missed writing for my website and I am glad to be sitting back at it. My style of writing is evolving. You can always pick up the codes and the coding. My favourite work is around the handling and the constant compression of this reality we are facing everyday, that try to reach our lives and our doorsteps and the doorsteps of our mind and consciousness. I am here to work on this specific niche and I am decided to fiercely keep on dissecting what I learn, observe, identify and integrate as it goes. This is why I am here and what I devote my life to, as much as I can, as I keep sharper and sharper about the distraction reaching me everyday, the handling and the derailment programs that come knocking at my door. I sincerely hope my Original Spark readers get inspired from every piece of material I create. It is thanks to my calm grounded dedication on this remembering journey that I keep my motivation high to work on creating this deprogramming layer-encoded material. In the intent it serves you well,

Arianah from the war battles of the sky ships also known as « the Perseids » or the fallen ships

PS : Intuitively I had this memory inside of me since age 26, when I opened my first healing practice, feeling drawn to the name of The Perseids; and then it kept on morphing to this website from which I can keep on reaching other game map source players.