Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Overcoming engineered relationships and making sense of our ways of relating here in the inverse

Here, in this inverted game realm, there aren’t many relationships that are truly beneficial, though many are disguising to fool you and to make you believe otherwise, if you are real. You are often being brought together by the matrix computer programs. When relationships fall apart, it can trigger resentment, jealousy, rage, rejection, preprogrammed abandonment and sometimes righteous anger which you can work with for your own healing and as a way to stand more in your own power. The most complex handling types of relationships can take years to integrate and recover from. It can very well push you in some uneasy loops to navigate that have to do with unhealed aspects of self, some of them having to do with being gaslit which is leading to profound self-doubt about the nature of your experience and discernment here. One of the main ways to handle Real Originals here is by interruption, discouragement, despair, depression and constant invalidation.

Engineered relationships

There are few relationships that are not based on mind controlling bondage. Often times, we are paired up with others that are not the best for us. The matrix encourages for us to focus our energy and time where it is not growing and where it will hurt. The game keepers are making sure most of our energy centers are hacked and corded. They love to have portals within our bodies, within our lands or within our homes in order to get things in and out as they wish. The matrix wants you emotionally unstable and for the integrity of your relationships to be compromised. Programming is often in the way in our relationships : because we are at different levels in the game (this can trigger specific programming especially around self-esteem), because of negative core beliefs, because of shadow projections of wounding and the creation of distortion in the way we perceive reality. Relating in this inverted realm is not an easy piece.

The most toxic relationships are encouraged by the computer systems and many propositions from the systems themselves will propose you handlers after handlers after handlers. You might feel like there is an automated compound to it. They are often brought to your doorsteps. And of course, your vulnerabilities in your psyche, in your emotions are being taken advantage of. How the matrix computer systems is programmed is such as « if we reunite these 2 together, it will really weaken them on the path and cause a lot of triggering ». Your handlers are very often triggered by YOU as well especially when you don’t comply as they would want you to and reaffirm your boundaries. If they are backdrop their triggering is not savory as it is if they are spirited. If your handlers are spirited, then it’s a double victory for the harvesters here. Of course, the system wants you and me in these hormonal triggered states. Indeed, the matrix does not propose to you the ones who are going to elevate you and help you heal. Wouldn’t it be too easy ? Only you can find your way to true allies amongst the mess of these matrix propositions.

Moreover, we are encouraged to be locked down to 3D belief systems and 3D emotions which are encouraged by the entertainment industry and the culture all around. Emotions are triggered as a point of access, from preinstalled programming. They can also be the emotions of some alter fragments within you who can easily be outraged, who are rageful or very victimized. Very often a great part of what we were experiencing in our past was not under our full control though we were the ones to be experiencing it. We were and we are led to certain places to meet specific beings and experience specific situations meant to trigger programming or handle us through our programming. The fact that there is so much programming within is being taken advantage of without our consent. Once the engineered encounter has happened, you are generally hooked because access has been granted to a handler. Most of the time, your own programming is enough to keep you looping and looping. Therefore, you are generally vibrating lower than you could be and you are being harvested on many different levels. In addition, nano technologies and metals inside of us are making us more machine-like and are there to facilitate programming to succeed and to be triggered remotely. They make it harder for our bodies to find healing as well and they come as a perturbation for many of our lymphatic and blood systems.

Of course, happily ever after programming is broadcasted all around us by the entertainment industry. It looks so easy to find a soulmate when you consult the Hollywood industry. Yet if you look closely, many celebrities are in fact with their handlers and their relationships have been engineered. Here we have to do with the laws ruling the matrix in terms of relationships. Codependency is a MK Ultra learned behaviour that allows access throughout your whole life. In this game realm, we grow up being taught that abuse is the norm and it takes a while for us to deprogram from some of the thick layers of our programming. Deprogramming truly is endless here and there is not enough of a lifetime. But there sure is progress and percentages. When you are not dependent but in interdependence, you are less easily accessed. You are less easily accessed when you collaborate with other reals who have integrity and when you let less backdrops and spiritless beings close to you, when you interact very minimally with them. Many relationships have a sacrifice, people-pleasing, submissive or shame and guilt component to them.

All around you can look and see that a great percentage of relationships are indeed engineered and that many beings are under tight handling. It is rare that someone is not in a romantic relationship with a handler if you look deep into the patterns. On the public scene, you also find many orchestrated engineered relationships that are serving the agendas of dark alien factions with beings who are easily accessed due to being very attached to their egos which the alien factions love to use a lot against us. The matrix computer systems will use anything to distract you and to get you back into your programming or your wounding. Of course, under such terms, it’s disturbing your healing work.

Often, a door close when there comes a time when you have enough and say NO MORE. At least to one of these many handling configurations. Partly because it’s a statement that you have suffered enough or been triggered enough and maybe also because you are curious for what happens when this handler is out of your reality life. The only decision we have to make is in the NOW. Leaving someone behind is only for this lifetime in this game realm. It does not have to be for eternity. If they are real, we might see them again and maybe when they will be playing a different role and a different character. Furthermore, the system will also seek to destroy relationships that are mutually supportive or those that create a rise in awareness. Communication is very important in relationships and we have to keep on reminding ourselves that other beings can not always read through us and some things have to be stated clearly, reaffirmed or clarified in order to maintain order.

The ways of handlers

We are giving up Truth and True Remembrance when we are choosing to be with our handlers. With handlers around we are easily triggered and accessed, we are easily upset and we do forget most of what we have learned as it triggers us into deep programming which makes it hard to stay conscious. Many beings here are not fighting against their programming or not hard enough. Many handlers offer a fake type of love (it feels much more like usery) in exchange for strings attached (this string can be your guilt, your vital force, your time, whatever are the currencies at play). Handlers will use their gifts of persuasion to keep you close to them. They are usually into power and control. Handlers want to know where you are dependent so they can hook in with control in your lives and plug into your core wounds. When you look back you often can see that you were surrounded by handlers who you were mistaking for your friends, employer or ‘loving’ family. People are chosen to be handlers because of who they are. They are approached and tempted. We all are. When and if your partner (or anyone close to you) is accessed and triggered into programming, it easily is influencing how you feel and your personal inner state. There is such thing as shadow handling in relationships.

If you have a backdrop partner, you will either experiment synthetic false bliss or be very frustrated to have a shallow relationship. Backdrops always end up to feel quite selfish. Non reals are not able to understand the wholeness of what you are if you are real. They are not designed for such purpose but rather for the contrary. They are used to trigger and trigger again. Some spirited beings have found non overtly abusive backdrops to live with, some are still with overt abusers, sometimes backdrop abusers, sometimes spirited ones. Relating with a spirited being walking a dark life is way more triggering than relationships with shallow backdrops. Romantic handlers are vastly used to sabotage your healing and the course of your life here. Often, it’s all arranged for you to be at that corner where you will meet that person who has specific alliances in terms of energetics, frequencies and entities with which they collaborate willingly and unknowingly. Original sparks here are encouraged and driven to marry their handlers. Generally though, you are let known about the dynamics from the very beginning if you dare to listen carefully and consciously. For example, is it going to be a push and pull game ? When you leave your spirited romantic handler, it alone can be very traumatic, tearing your heart apart as they have hooked in so deeply. While a spirited handler is handling you, he is also self handling himself and is not much of a threat either, too busy being concerned by power and control. That is not where you find true Evolution and true Progress. Being in a partnership with another Real Original being puppeted by dark factions is generally hard to recover from. These beings can be very skilled to make you addicted to them. For the most painful trauma-bond relationships, it might take a year to just stop the emotional looping about the abuse. It is a dead-end to love someone who is choosing the path of self-destruction and who is choosing to play the game of the dark factions because of who they are choosing to be in this game (which is weaker and lower frequency than the path of liberation). The individuals functioning mainly from a fight-type mechanism are skilled at recognizing freeze or fawn types around and to make them captive or to get what they want from them. Freeze and fawn mechanisms often indicate the presence of alters who are ready to be accessed under specific conditions. Furthermore, the psychic handlers can easily go into the astral and dream world and spy on your abilities, hack into your field even more and be used for your own destruction by enemy factions.

When handlers are interrupted in their behaviors, they can become extensively triggered and revengeful and they will be used to send you countless psychic attacks for you to be brought into the low frequency looping with them. How much room do these beings have in your life and in your thoughts ? And this, even when you haven’t seen them for a while ? This element is revealing some of the engineering present in your life that is there to torture you. When we are tortured, we are getting further away from our core spirit self. Are they still in your dream space ? Some additional useful questions to ask ourselves are : how much of my time is involved with my handlers ? Is there a lack of empathy that can be easily accessed despite the other areas where I am compatible with this person ? What can I do with all that time spent on distraction and with my handlers ? Is this person regularly used to insert negative things in my life ? Is it possible to be regaining independence without having to entirely opt out of the relationship ? Does it sabotage my healing ? How is my boundary setting being received ? Am I aware some beings are playing on my programming in order to get attention from me but somehow it’s on their own terms and controlling? What are the odds for this relationship to bring me something positive since so far, it only has brought me drama ? Something important to remember is that there is a comfort to live with handlers as we don’t have to feel some of the loneliness it is to live without handlers and false matrix propositions. This loneliness can be pretty confronting.

Entanglement and blurred boundaries

Entanglement begins where we have lost some of our autonomy and when boundaries have been crossed within relationships. An essential part of healthy relationships is maintaining a sense of autonomy. Autonomy and independence allow us to let go of some of the entanglements and enmeshments in our lives. Many predators are disguising themselves under the pretense of helping you. « I can do this for you ». Handlers love to find excuses to be blurring the boundaries while refusing to take responsibility for the weird mind games that they are participating in. Reestablishing boundaries here is about breaking energetic contracts to stop the invasion and the madness. The game will test your boundaries to see where you are still addicted in your life, where you are still deflecting or where you are easily accessed.

When we are seeking from a place of lack within, it is an invitation for more engineering as it shows that programming is active making us think we are not whole and that we are missing something in this game realm. It is also because we hold these beliefs about not being seen and heard that we manifest situations where we experiment it again and again and we interpret our reality through the lens of trauma as our wounding is active. Not receiving any types of attention can trigger us into our wounding of non recognition and into programming. So sometimes we can say that many non actions can trigger programming too by our interpretation of it which is often distorted. When we feel insecure, sometimes, we do want to test the people around us. Others of course see this as an attack but if you manage to go over your own sabotage programming, you might end up strengthening the relationship by becoming able to overcome one of the many matrix battles.

Complex emotional dynamics linked to handling

Beings lacking empathy or unable to own their shadow parts as they are causing problems in the relationship play a very significant role in the submission of other Original Spark. A low moral sense or conscience quickly becomes a problem within any relationship. Beings who have no empathy are hard to relate with. We usually end up not caring about how they feel either as they behaved so coldly to us and are used for further engineering in our lives. So they often end up with that mirror being presented at them of lack of empathy in their relationships which can lead them to fall in their victim selves (where we all fall back from time to time unfortunately). Some beings here are just not able to love with empathy. They can have this cold love without empathy yet they are easily accessed to access you.

When beings trigger out of you a sense of addictive adulation that you may confuse for love, it’s the energy signature of someone who is right into manipulation to get what they want from others and intrude into their fields (it’s often a form of energy vampirism as there is a chord forming from the manipulative dynamic taking place). Many beings who have charisma and are aware of it can choose to play with it to their advantage. It’s how they choose to play the game. These types of dynamics generally distract you from what is good for you. Is it good for me to be close to this person ? What does this person trigger within me ? When you really say fairwell, you don’t have to let them know. Your energy field speaks for itself. Most of these beings, you can not love them from a distance as if you do, you are generally still allowing that cord to exist and giving permission to be astrally spied on. Many beings are used to vampirize or use our energies. To sever from these relationship dynamics can feel like recovering from a hard drug addiction. The game keepers know about the positive attention we are not getting (mainly because of our own programming and what we hold as negative core beliefs within our fields). Relationships based on drama and ups and downs are draining and exhausting to be in.

Furthermore, it is much harder to spot contained rage in case of covert coldness. Narcissists can also easily be manipulated by other types of psychopaths due to their need for attention, for reaction and for validation. Their poor impulse control is easily accessed. Those who can not contain their rage will either project it outwards or keep it contained inside, silently active. Many are faking a ‘zero point’ of consciousness when in fact they are mainly repressed and numbed. This is a great delusion that is pretty common especially amongst those interested in the non duality principles and who are using these teachings in order to bypass their processes and as a way to gaslight others.

It takes inner work to keep on dismantling the delusional micro and macro narratives. It means confronting the magnitude of the exploitation happening in this realm. This can bring episodic flashbacks, emotional flooding, dissociation and prolonged complex grief or depression. You may open your eyes about the fact this romanticized bond you thought you had was only a lie. Love bombing equals receiving fake positive attention. The love-bombing is bringing some false reassurance and is triggering the hormonal and nervous systems, extracting something out of you. Being used is extremely violating and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Charming bullies offer flattery during the courtship stages yet these (false) compliments will soon disappear once the entrapment is complete.

When you are caught in the loop of low frequency emotions as a toxic triangulation is taking place, you are believing in a fantasy that is hurting you. But none of it is real. What you are depicting in your own head is not real. It does hurt your self-esteem but none of it is true. It’s a matrix psychic siphoning trap. When the fantasy of what could be experienced in the relationship is triggered in your mind, you may be reaching a sort of a high that is like a drug-like feeling especially if there is a sexual dynamic involved and sex kitten programming becomes active, called to the forefront. Moreover, the entities running some of the alters know when you are retrieving so they know exactly when to give you signs of approbation to encourage you to stay connected (or shall we say to keep on accepting being corded). Your creativity might be harvested, or sometimes it’s your sexual energy. That is what daytime sex kitten programming is for. Beta sex kitten programming has many consequences beyond our daytime reality as a point of access. This is a theme I will go further into in my upcoming course « Navigating complex relationships ».

Another type of complex process we have to deal with and linked to mind control is how we will be dealing with painful layers of Stockholm Syndrome as we leave our abusers and handlers. Yet, it gets easier when you already have gone through it one time and you recognize the signature of what is going on while experiencing physical and emotional withdrawals. It’s about this ambivalence towards other beings where you are both missing them while you might forget that you were finding it so hard to be with them. While missing them, you tend to forget how they were not respecting your boundaries. Missing the abuser has the frequency of the lies.

Positive attention and genuine friendship are rare in this engineered Earth labyrinth. A lot of relationships are orchestrated and if and when they are not, they are infiltrated by every mean possible and every entry point of access, within or without. Most of the time, it is a matter of knowing how fast we are going to move away from a handler. Because this game realm always has much more in store for us and after we said no, many more corrupted game propositions that are truly no fun to play with are still waiting for us further along the path.

Accessed multiplicity

A percentage of how we are behaving here, what we think and what we focus on is the result of how we have been programmed, profiled and angled. Handling is complex with hyperdimensional handling, interdimensional handling, handling led by entities or cabal loyal alters within. Very often, our own programmed alters are the ones leading us into programmed handled relationships. Along the path, it is generally a good sign to become less social and open to all the matrix propositions out there and be less distracted by everything that our alters like and feel very excited about. Alters are one of the ways we go very deep into self-deception as their experiences can very much feel like ours.

It’s a subtle inner work to be observing where the chords inside are linking us to other beings, where are the triggers and how are they accessing within. When our partners or friends have alters who look innocent and pure and childlike, it’s very difficult to know who is who within them and to know what we are really dealing with. Depending on what they want from you consciously and unconsciously, they will present different alters and personalities that will be able to hook into you with different kinds of programs (victim programming being one of them and it can be very convincing as you generally love your friends and partners and want the best for them). Many romances or friendships also work on activating your savior complex. When you are around a handler who triggers you to the extreme, you become the worst version of yourself especially as your dark alters are being called to the forefront because you can not bare the emotional pain that is triggered over and over again. You have to abandon yourself to stay in the relationship, and to please the other, their own cabal loyal alters, their entities and all the groups that are handling them.

Constant infiltration in one’s life

Most of us are no fool (at least no fool for long) to hidden intentions and dynamics. Time is on our sides and will tend to be bringing more clues about the nature of what is going on. If we are open to it, we tend to be receiving internal and external support to process the layers of deceit that are still cording us. We may know and remind ourselves how genuine connections feel like if we had a few valuable in our lives, some of which we might have lost due to people checking out of the game or going in and out. If we know what it feels like to relate to another spirited being who is able to be friendly towards us, we have something to come back to. We might answer kindly and not say bluntly what we very clearly see going on but we might be no fool to it still. There will always be a lot of infiltrations sent our ways and if there is something we want to accomplish here in terms of personal and collective work, we might want to keep working towards it despite all the negative core beliefs that we have as preprogrammed within. That is the power of who we are. In the end, these infiltrations can make us wiser. What matters is if we manage to get a sense of fulfillment and alignment out of what we are focusing on. Distraction is sometimes tempting as internal suffering can be barely tolerable. Acceptance is a very strong core value to be connected to or to be coming back to after exploring pieces of denial, projection and distortion. Through intentional inquiries and refusing the illusions of the game, we can keep on returning to the truth.

Final words

We learn a lot through all these situations. Every year the story of what happened to us is changing through new angles being revisited. The lessons keep on being learned in order to go through the next step of our journey here and beyond the game. It is just so hard sometimes not to believe in the projected wounding. When you have more stability, you can heal way deeper than when you are constantly brought into painful drama by your handlers or constant triggering. When you have space around you, you can observe when you are getting triggered and why. Time goes by while we are caught in programming loops. When you are constantly triggered, you have no space to observe what is happening in your reality. You are focused on coming back to a sense of normal. It’s easier to cut a trap straight from the beginning. The most effective method is to refuse the handlers when you feel them coming at you and before they install all their psychic traps and accesses to you. It’s easier not to let them close to your energy field in the very beginning once you have started to remember more about this game realm and how it works here.

We can easily be polarized to live in the past and programmed towards negativity from where we manifest more of our present. There is still much of this programming and mind control inside us, some apparent and some very hidden. We all express it in different ways in the way we live our lives. There is a lot of isolation and loneliness programming and it is encouraged, triggered remotely and encouraged at night to cause a slow down during the daytime. For the ones who are actively working on emancipating from this game, it’s an extraction from layers of AI and dark faction alien control. There are creative forces that want our good and our freedom and that suffer with us and are always there by our sides. There are forces that are against us and want to see us fail. Many times, it feels like we are much greater than what we can actualize in this present moment and at the same time, what we are in its repressed version is already gigantic if only we can tap into it. It feels like a somehow successful relationship processes bondage as it erupts in the conscious. Who are we under the programming? What part of us were we mistaking for our alters ? It’s fascinating to keep on unfolding all there is to understand in terms of programming and for sure it is a life-long process. Deprogramming is an extraction process of everything which isn’t really us. We may keep on asking to see through all mirrored images for only the eternal truth to stay with us.