Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Our addiction to food, the disruption of our endocrine systems and keeping on integrating living with the mucusfree and mucuslean principles of being

The control system promotes a diet that is inverted and killing us slowly. Even in the alternative food industry, we find many psychological operations that do interfere with regeneration. The hidden architects engineer a lot of weakening of our health, through our parents mostly, to affect our future timeline during adulthood. They know very well who we are, we are profiled and targeted as soon as we enter the net. When we are in chronic acidosis, it is harder to keep a positive mind set and be plugged to solutions. Transitioning to an alkaline way of eating is a therapy in itself, this is being done gradually and over years and it helps tremendously. We underestimate the wonders that are coming from all the efforts put to overcome food programming. We are sick because we are going with the program.

Fasting is often one of our biggest fears to brave. Very early on, we are conditioned to have food as a reward. Food tends to be one of our main ways of comfort, bypassing and zoning out. Transitioning to a simpler diet does not happen over night, it generally takes years. The more we detox the more we become aware of how much waste we carry and we might review our goals with less idealistic concepts. For many of us, it is about keeping an everyday balance where pain and inflammation are at their minimum. Because of EMF targeting and nighttime traumas (consciousness transfer and abductions), heavy metals and nanotechnologies, muscle pains can be flaring up and as soon as we have muscle pain, everything becomes more difficult and just moving becomes a battle. The irony is that movement is essential to move old stagnation and get our lymph moving. So we see how all of this has become entangled and it has always been by design. What matters is to keep on evacuating more waste that we produce daily in addition to our old obstruction.

As far as I am concerned, after almost 4 years of detox, I have regained body functions that had been compromised since birth : bowel transit time, kidney filtration (which is key to this journey and essential), the skin starting to function and eliminate as it should. I have more work to put than someone with less genetic weaknesses and less work to put than some others who have a more compromised system than I have. For years in my life, I have been overeating and using food for comfort, not realizing how distorted the relationship was, and how multilayers and multidimensional it was too. With the mucusfree and mucuslean journey, everyone chooses their own rythm and the pace they want to go. Printing the list of ingredients that create or does not create mucus on the fridge can be a step that helps. Along the years, I did not consciously choose to do monomeals of fruits but it’s something that is happening naturally more and more. In the past, I was mixing many different ingredients in one plate and it would have been hard to know which one I was getting a reaction from or I was allergic to. After years of transitioning, it is like slowly adjusting to ways that are more and more natural. It is still a battle everyday because food programming is very thick and comes haunting you as soon as it can and as soon as there is an opening.

Human physiology

Humans are not omnivores or carnivores, we don’t produce digestive enzymes in the mouth to digest nitrogen-rich foods (animal protein), we produce digestive enzymes in the mouth for carbon food sources. Carnivore animals bite and swallow, they don’t chew because they don’t need to chew to produce digestive enzymes in the mouth for the digestive processes. Carnivores as cats (whose urine smells like ammonia) tend to sleep a lot and are not so enduring. Low frequency gateways are being opened through the consumption and drinking of the blood of animals. Meat comes with different traps of agreement. Omnivores don’t spend a lot of time chewing neither. The only species that need to chew their foods for digestion are herbivores and frugivore species. We start to digest and to absorb in the mouth. When proteins are cooked, the structure of peptides are altered. Animal fat tends to be detrimental and is usually the most toxic parts of the animal products we consume. Because glandulars are animal flesh and products, in terms of frequency and contract they will keep us under certain terms. Not long ago I was wondering what do bats eat? It seems that bats, who are important pollinators as they fly from plant to plant in search of food, are the most significant predators of night-flying insects. Other species of bats eat many different things, including fruits, nectar and pollen.

Eating meat and what meat does to our spirit

One might only realizes the effects of eating proteins and fats 30 years later because the effects are not always apparent instantaneously. It also depends on genetics and how weak or strong a constitution is. Eating meat is part of the food propaganda and they are numerous and countless operations. The more we need meat to maintain our weight, the more it means that we are not absorbing our food, this indicates malabsorption issues that may be fixed over time (most of the times years) if regeneration is engaged. Between what we feel in our body (AI impulses, nano technology, us being triggered and wanting to numb) and what we really need in terms of nutrition, it’s very hard to identify which is which. Hunting I feel is linked to a very predatory and primal instinct in us and it’s a good thing to observe and explore while becoming more conscious of that predation inside of us which is a programmed loyalty and agreement based on inverted rules. Moreover, eating and being in touch with meat encourages us to stay on 3D flesh levels. Many ways are used to get us to consent to forced cannibalism in products many are consuming daily. In most processed food we may find things we are not imagining are there, such as aborted fetus or meat from dark rituals that are being put back in the circuit (and this even when products are marketed as vegetarian). I don’t see a lot of reals working in the meat industry. When we are eating meat, there is a thrill reaction with more blood being brought to organs including reproductive organs and the brain. It encourages pulsions and compulsions, a reactive based system. Porc is close to human DNA ; this is by design to keep the perpetuation of cannibalistic practices. Eating meat is addictive and liberate opium-like substances to the brain. It is all about the consent we give away in every detail of our lives and it is still a part that I wonder about every day, living with 2 individuals of the carnivorous specie.


Cows are exploited to produce milk and their udders are infected thus infecting the final product. Milk which is very acid-forming, mucus forming and cooked at high temperature during a short period of time, is a foreign protein especially coming from another animal. The fact that milk is pasteurized makes sure any vibrancy is gone from the final product. For young mothers on the path of cellular detoxification, the dark forces are engineering doubts and worry for the young mother so she will be triggered into fear and fall back into food programming, using her intentions to do what is best for her baby against her and her little one. Breast milk needs to be alkaline to be truly healing. After 6 months of breastfeeding, mothers can easily turn to fruits and coconut milk for their little ones. The breast milk of the mother changes taste when a mother commits to mucuslean and mucusfree foods ; it becomes much less acidic and is now a proper milk that is beneficial for the child. On a standard diet, even breast milk is not what is best for a child, it is heavily acidic meaning it is a poison for the child. All foreign proteins are intruders.

The difference between sugars

Generally, the intestines are colonized by non harmful organisms that are aiding our digestion and the breakdown of complex sugars. All sugars are treated the same in the mainstream field of information but they are not. They are different types of sugars, inferior and superior types. We can only taste simple mono sugars ; the sugar from bread for example is too complex for us to taste. The sugar is too far down the GI tract for us to be able to taste it. To taste the sweetness of complex sugars, we would have to break these Polysaccharide down to monosaccharides. In fact, in rice, there is a lot of sugars that we don’t taste. Maltose does not taste as sweet as fructose ; its glycemic index is 105 while the one of fructose is 23. Diabetics tend to do well on a fruitarian diet. Fructose is a highly reactive sugar, it is good at mobilizing lymph. Lymphatic pulling herbs are best to be taken when kidneys are filtering. Castor oil does mobilize lymph and helps to soften obstruction ; we may use it all over the body, around the neck, to help our glands, not just the belly. Sugar metabolism is handled by the adrenal glands ; weak adrenals are linked to sugar metabolism problems. The adrenal glands have different parts (the medula and the neocortex) with different functions and a difference in hormone regulation. For people who suffer from a sore back, it is often connected to a need to clean the intestinal tract or it may have to do with them having a weakness in their adrenal glands. I no longer experience back pain as I used to. When someone suffers from Crohn disease, it indicates that there is still a certain amount of reactivity in the body. For any ear problem, the mucusfree principles, fruit or fruitjuice fasting and ear candling may help as for the neti pot and inhalation of essential oils (one drop and pouring hot water over it), essential oil massage around the ear and head, ozone gel for ears, tincture with garlic and other herbs, even steaming medicinal herbs and getting the vapor near the ear. Other methods that may alleviate an unease around the ear are cupping around the neck with a home kit and around the ear or using the gua sha to drain the head from acids down to the clavicle so the waste can hopefully find its way out until the kidneys or other eliminative pathways. Mucus is a similar texture to the one of fat when we get it out of the nose, when it’s rehydrated again after being dry. So it helps to understand why fats are not an optimal food for us.

Our addiction to food

Food is the way we have found to cope with getting our needs met or surviving the torture in our lives.
Food is affecting all levels of our existence from the physical to the spiritual. Everything we put in our mouth has a frequency that affects us and many ingredients have a numbing or stimulant effect that helps us cope with the intense emotionality of our human experience. There is definitely a hyperdimensional level and a powerful grid around nutrition and food to keep humans as much as possible enslaved in their minds and bodies. The logic of instant pleasure is found in the nutrition field as in other areas and fields ; it tends to deplete us from power standing in the true essence of who we are. Whenever I face stress I notice how my reaction is to either want to drink or eat something, just in order not to feel the discomfort. In that sense, this journey has allowed me to feel much more all these emotions I am suppressing with exterior input. I had massive insights of great importance especially in terms of relationships with my entourage.

Food is one of our biggest addictions and a hard one to address it. On this journey on working on our relationship with food, the excesses we tend to succumb to are also changing ; they turn to get closer and closer to the transition way of eating (a treat of artichoke, olives, avocado, cooked mushrooms, engaging with spices or the occasional consumption of sugars to self medicate and modulate how we feel). We also tend not to be able to overeat as we did in the past or our overreating changes form. We get saturated much faster and the signals the body is sending can be read faster. For example, cooked food is acidic and when someone goes to raw, the body will let them know that it’s not happy to go back to cooked food. Most of the things we ingest alter our emotions, enhance our drug-like feelings and numb the dark corners we are afraid to explore. Everything that is in touch with the living organism that we are affects us to an extent that is incredibly profound. Food is our most unknown and unadmitted addiction. An encyclopedia could be written on how it is used to control or influence us.

Every method of fasting is different : water fasting, fruit juice fasting, dry fasting. Dry fasting tends to disrupt the biofilm that is incrusted in us ; there are good biofilm busters in plants. On a dry fast, the liver starts to work and kidneys tend to get a break. Fulvic acid tends to be contaminated with heavy metals ; it is a fertilizer and not meant for human consumption. B12 can be found (soil based bacteria) when we are growing our own food and not washing the peel of every item we have grown. Under our mucosa, we find a lot of networks of nerves so we understand that when the mucosa is attacked, it has a big effect on how our psychological functions.

The endocrine system, the metal frame of our cars and epilepsy

Each year the human body is processing an incredible amount of waste and toxins. Toxins, protein debris, necrotic mucus and fungal population tend to accumulate in obstructed tissues. We all need to drain our head from acids, dehydrated obstruction, heavy metals and nanotechnologies that are in there. When it’s greasy, we need some forms of « soap » so inside, it’s the same and we need the power of astringent fruits in order to do a bit of cleaning. Acids do cause a lower functioning of the endocrine glands which means all the body functions become compromised. Endocrine disruptors can mimic hormones released by our glands. I do bruise easily which indicates a weakness of the parathyroid glands. At the end of my twenties, I also was started to develop varicose veins and showed some other symptoms associated with the parathyroid (anxiety, depression, low calcium levels). Calcium is taken from the bones in order to wrestle against the overall acidity of the body. The glands that are involved in the proper utilization of calcium are the thyroid, the parathyroid and the pituitary. Because I am short, this is showing a weakness of the pituitary gland. A sugar metabolism issue will point to the adrenal glands, as other symptoms such as mineral utilization issues or a shortness of breath. If the pineal gland is down, the ability to synthesize melatonin will affect the sleeping process.

Things like glutamate are meant to send signals of non satiation and do confuse the body. Why they want us to interact so much with glutamate ? It is going to have an influence on our cognition, on how we are forming memories and how we are learning or retaining information. Our brain structures lying close to the skull such as the pituitary and the hypothalamus are especially at risk of secondary heating such as radiation or infrared. It takes months before levels of cortisol, triggered by torture practices, are back to normal. Beings suffering from epileptic crisis should focus on eliminating dairy products, meat and all types of proteins from their diet. While they are wearing away from proteins, they may replace them by green pea powder once in a while as a treat. Increasing the amount of raw fruits and raw vegetables that we consume will make a big difference on our brain and nerve health. In case of epilepsy, it’s important to support the parathyroid gland to utilize calcium and the adrenal glands. Formulas that support the brain connectivity and nerves are helpful as antispasmodic plants. The lymph has to be moved. We want to drain the acidity from the head and work with raspberries for example. Moreover, the metal frame of our cars tends to encourage us to be sleepy while driving. Studies have been noticing that we tend to fall asleep 52 minutes faster when exposed to high levels of EMF. The metal frame is acting like a conductive cage and any source of radiation inside is more intense. I am currently working on unchording from the last bluetooth apparel I am using (while driving). Aluminum can be found in the pots that we are cooking with, in aluminum paper, sun screens, cans or deodorants. They are for sure best to be avoided.

Nightshade sensitivity, allergies and endocrine disruptors

Our body is often in constant allergy. It is best to avoid antibiotics, plastic containers (that tend to leech into the food we consume), tap water (including when we are visiting others who are not yet aware), medication, processed foods or food from mainstream chains, preservatives, aspartame, chemicals from cleaning products or cosmetics, some specific vegetables with powerful compounds (onions, garlic, cruciferous). Distilled water may be used to dissolve stones and sediment, clean the arteries and decalcify the body. Drinking water will not hydrate, it is mainly the water that is structured as the one from raw fruits and vegetables that will slowly help us to rehydrate the body.
If we don’t tolerate tomatoes well, we can opt for sauce without nightshades (a sauce made of carrots, beets, celery, basil, parsley, dried seaweeds, tangerine juice and coconut amino sauce for example). Generally it’s best not to have tomatoes everyday and also to limit the amount of nightshades we have throughout a day (especially eggplants which a lot of people are testing allergic to). For people with food sensitivities the edible varieties of nightshades are often responsible for the magnification of inflammation and symptoms of autoimmune diseases and other conditions. When having trouble to digest food after a long fast, triphala can be a natural fruit helper. After not eating cacao for a year, that is how I discovered how it tends to burn the stomach. Cacao unfortunately is not pro-life but another addictive food item that tends to create stimulation and acidity. The cacao psy-op is real and meant to keep many entrapped on the acidic side of life.

Removing foods with artificial colorings is important for the diet of children. It can have a positive influence on their moods and behaviours. When children have a fever, it’s best not to work on stopping the fever but rather helping the body to pursue with its sweating process. For autism and neuro toxicity, berries and berry powders are potent allies ; dairy products should be avoided as for stimulants (salt, cacao, coffee, sugar). As with any poison, coffee triggers the body’s flight or fight system. This eventually changes the body’s primary fuel source requirement for fats instead of simple sugars. Diets that promotes fats and proteins are working at making us lose weight because they are ordering the body to function with unproper nutrition and things that are difficult to use (in comparison to what is originally working for the body such as simple sugars). It is very demanding for our organs and therefore, we might be able to be losing weight but it’s only because the body is struggling with a poor and unproper nutrition. Many things make us feel better while they are not good for us like fats or stimulants but we pay the price later and it’s all happening underground. We can go berry picking with young ones or our friends or prepare a raw or cooked apple sauce or an icecream from fruits for children. Fruits are the best way to break our fast, at whatever time this might be.

Dental issues can be fixed and reversed. An astringent mouthwaste will help pull acids out from the mouth area. Sugars are not what destroy teeth, acids are. Fruits actually are teeth cleaners (we may think about apples). The bacteria around the gums are there for acids and because the sewer system does not work and does not accomplish its role and function. Simple sugars are what the body primal needs. Saliva should be alkaline and urine acid. When we get the lymph nodes near the throat cleaned, it can get more base in the mouth area. True interstitial hydration is a long term process. The skin is the larger eliminative organ: it eliminates mucus, toxins and gases. The mucousea is part of the lymph system all the way up to the head and down. Every organ is composed by cells, blood and lymph. Tears are on the alkaline side, when we cry we evacuate lymph and some mucus is being cleared up, showing that a healing process is engaged.

About nutritional yeast, coffee enemas and cold therapy

Nutritional yeast tends to be produced in highly-controlled laboratories, where a common yeast grows on nutrient-deficient foods such as sugar cane, beet molasses (usually genetically modified) or wood pulp. Lacking an external source of nutrients, the yeast makes its own. Manufacturers then dry the yeast to preserve its nutrients. They usually spray it with hot gas, a process that causes thermal degradation and loss of nutrients. It means nutritional yeast is a highly processed fungal product concentrated in glutamates and is highly addictive. On another hand, cold therapy has its benefits and is from nature and the organic template. It has long been used in therapy settings. When one has hypothyroidism and difficulties to regulate body heat, cold therapy can be a bit too much. In this case, hot alkalizing baths might be more soothing and less traumatizing.

It is to be remembered that the continual use of coffee enemas is causing extreme enervation of the colon and inflammation of the liver and kidneys. These sorts of enemas are part of psychological operations to counter-act the benefits of colon cleanse ; it has a negative effect upon the nervous system messing everything upside down. Usually hemorrhoids indicate that calcium does not ciruclate well or is not utilized well. Kelp is good for that or even kelp noodles which are fun to eat. It’s always good to be strengthening the vascular walls. Herbs for lower circulation might also be bringing support, herbs for prolapse organs, witch-hazel, ginseng or adaptogenic herbs. Chlorophyll or raw blended nettles then strained are other constituents that can be introduced into the colon via enemas.

What about urine therapy ?

When our kidneys are not filtering yet it is important to sweat as the skin can eliminate quite a bit of metabolic waste per day. When the kidneys are not filtering we are in a situation where we have a toilet inside of us which has stopped its flushing role. Urine is a waste product. No animal consumes their urine in the wild. It can be counter productive to drink urine and reintegrate lymphatic waste back into the system once the body has worked so hard in order to get it out. Urine is composed of acidic waste. Who is advocating urine therapy ? How mind-controlled are they ? In the past, I had 2 friends who were into urine therapy and both of them were under severe forms of mind control and programming. That’s how psy-ops work: they convince people in their very core and through their own system of beliefs that a thing is righteous and good for them. Most of people are not conscious of spreading disinformation and handling. But the matrix control systems love to corrupt beings into carrying their inverted programming and bringing it to the masses with all their light, innocence and heart.

Final words

The obstruction in our bodies needs to be physically removed, we need to see it going out. Obstruction is also on the dehydrated side and in need of rehydration. A base environment is much different than the usual acidic one ; a higher PH means more oxygen. The detox lifestyle is only a little bit about food and knowledge, the rest is about processing our traumas and dealing with our triggers and emotions. We are programmed to think that doctors or hospitals have the answers or will be there in « case of emergency ». Opting for fear-based mindsets such as health insurance is also a choice that drives us closer to the inversion. This is not trusting in a greater power, the one of the divine and celestial, greater than any man-made institution. There are also programmed beliefs linked to a loyalty to sickness, it’s linked to the inverted ways of thinking that have been implemented. Taking a jab under pressure is the same thing, it is about not trusting in a higher power and a higher sense of justice that can be invisible for the eyes but deeply felt within. Working on health is certainly the commitment of a lifetime. Our homes are becoming the new wellness centers where we can recharge, restore and calm down our nervous systems. Starting to access real regeneration instead of degeneration is assisting us to shift our timeline immensely.