Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Caging the human body into chronic acidosis, the cursing of food and the presence of mind-controlling drugs in it and in us

Working on health is not a quick fix, it is certainly the commitment of a lifetime. Starting to access real regeneration instead of degeneration is assisting us to shift our timelines immensely. Our health is violently targeted : while we are busy caught in the loops of the program, trying to figure out what is happening as our health is declining, time and energy are being stolen away. The clock is ticking as the time that we have here to make our reality shift is counted. Every minute, every second counts. Our health has become weakened generation after generation. This is by design, a very-well thought way to keep individuals trapped in the weakest manifestation of the reclamation of their hidden abilities and even, memories.

As soon as we enter, this reality forcefully invites us to embark in an inverted prism and degenerative process. The system does everything it can to entrap fire original creation beings into the most serious stages of acidosis (they are different degrees of gravity and depth to them, they are not all the same, from acute and subacute to chronic and degenerative). A great part of the food we consume impacts us negatively, on the anti-life side of things. Cells are smothered in a toxic environment. Our parents have been poisoning us without being aware they have been indoctrinated to do that, not only our bodies, but also our minds. Our critical thinking has been impaired and attacked, for example to lead us to stop considering our skin as a sentient organ that breathes. Many rely on stimulants or grounding self-medication (alcohol, coffee, tobacco, cacao) that is on the acidic side of life in order to be able to make it through the day. Even if it allows a temporary ability to cope (mainly through numbing or through highs), it does cause harm in the process as tissues are continuously being burned by acidity. The entrapment system we are in but not from is using natural functions, such as mucus, in order to cause a densifying of the physical envelope : the concept of the body as a prison. Most of the food items act as a spiritual glue and do influence our consciousness and ability to access or communicate with certain parts of ourselves. All has been done for the diet we consume to be depleting. For that, all diets based on dogma and beliefs have been tending towards the acidic side of life.

Consent is harvested in this cruel game played down here ; love and good intentions are being used to further entrap us. Our glands have stopped to function properly ; our abilities are repressed. Our health and our ability to think clearly and for ourselves are being targeted more than anything else. Over a lifetime, a great deal of our time and energy is being siphoned away by health disbalances, diseases and uncomfortable symptoms. The real epidemic is an acidic obstructed body where cells are bathing in their own waste. Skin issues, chronic fatigue, feeling depleted, all of these are a serious warning that something is off, and has been for a long time, building up for decades. The body is speaking : it needs help and regeneration.

External authority programming in the health field

We have been programmed to think that medical instances hold the keys, answers and solutions about health. This ties to the external authority programming which leads us to delegate the keys of our health somewhere outside of ourselves. As we are caught in this program, we end up taking in account many inverted concepts associated with health, which are leading us astray and which are keeping us in a derailed path, away from real regeneration and pro-life principles. Blood tests are being pushed by the medical system yet are insufficient : it’s often our lymphatic liquids that need to be purged, the fluids in which our cells are bathing. The body will do much in order to preserve the quality of the blood ; with a compromised PH level in the blood, the risk is death. We understand that the blood will only reveal partial truth. We need to train ourselves in new patterns of thinking and behaving, so we remember we hold the keys for ourselves in terms of health. Becoming our best doctors come with a slow and consistent reeducation around the programming around food and disease. We have been trained to lose all critical thinking but what is the root cause of our unease ? The medical system tends to encourage patients symptom based treatments which do not address the origin of the deregulation : chronic acidosis and a loaded obstructed environment.

The poisoning of food and the presence of mind-controlling drugs

The debate goes much further since the food is recurrently being poisoned with inverted intent and mind controlling drugs. The food is cursed in term of frequencies by design and before arriving to our doorsteps, the power of intent is being used ; the consent is being given away by us accepting naively to swallow it. Every holidays uses this inverted intent to curse the food with dark intentions. Towers around us would be broadcasting frequencies tuned to anti-life programming. I was heavily mind controlled at a healing center in Thailand. The menu was one of the most appealing of the island. It shows how food seduction and temptation through the pleasure of taste is part of the trap in this reality we live in. These food imprints are partly the reason why many of us test positive for numbing and mind-controlling drugs.

All food that is prepared and even produced is cursed to some extent, some more than other. The environment the food is transiting through or staying for a long time before being bought is creating an additional imprint. This is done in order to keep our abilities down, to make us numb and more compliant, to prevent us from regenerating. We are generally being poisoned by design or led to get our food in certain places or from some companies which have ties with the masonic culture.

Keeping on growing our own food is important (though it won’t be perfect either, but we keep a certain degree of control over the intentions that are being imprinted) and as is locating trustable organic food producers. Each place which is pressuring their clients to wear a mask, the imprint seems even stronger: the dark rituals have become even more obvious recently.

Problems with detoxing heavy metals

The body is being disrupted not only by acidic damages, residues of glue and hardened mucus and obstructions but also by nanotechnology and endocrine disruptors. The latter are overriding the biological systems and mimicking what the body reactions would tend to be in their original templates. When the body is overwhelmed with foreign presences in its biology, the immune and the nervous system are left weakened and confused. It becomes clearer how individuals are being remotely monitored and targeted. Anyone having experimented with the spit test with red wine has been able to verify the presence of a conglomeration of nanotechnologies coming out from their mouths. These new times and the new eras we are engaged in are requiring new decisions and new ways of thinking, new emotional and behavioral patterns.

We are being caged into our own bodies through the presence of heavy metals. Many of us have trouble to properly eliminate metals and other toxins efficiently due to methylation issues. Methylation is necessary for the proper functioning of cell division in the body, DNA and RNA synthesis, gene expression, synthesis and metabolism of neurotransmitters and detoxification. Poor methylation is caused by tissues affected at chronic stages and unable to absorb nutrients around them. It can lead to mental illness (depression, anxiety), histamine intolerance, increased risk of cancer, hormonal imbalance, poor detoxification capacity, infertility, birth defects, fatigue and lack of energy. Nutrient deficiency caused by a backed-up system (dirty bowels would often be the first cause) is one of the main causes of methylation impairment. It can lead to insufficient conversion of folate, causing limited conversion of methyl groups, resulting in an accumulation of toxic elements such as heavy metals and other chemicals. This also ties in to malabsorption issues and the malfunction of glands, for example the adrenal glands (B12 may be a by-product of metabolism rather than something we metabolize from food) and the thyroid gland for the use of minerals and nutrients. It remains tricky to intervene with too much supplementation because there is always the risk of creating antagonistic chemistries. The synthetics, reanimates or clones do not experience the same amount of discomfort with how their bodies are being invaded. I have seen the structure of their bodies changing along the last decade. They will keep on ignoring (not being able to see) the trails left in the sky that are poisoning us.

Food addictions

The system also makes sure to imprint the mind of young spirited beings in order to engineer self loathing loops and eating disorders. Targeted individuals are always targeted through their healths as the system wants to keep them on their weakest manifested timelines. Food addictions come with harmful consequences, not only at health levels but also on emotional, spiritual and psychological levels. When we examine how serious these are, it is easier to find the courage to brave the deepest fears around our installed coping mechanisms with food. The level of denial around the addictive behaviours we are adopting around food first must be acknowledged, witnessing that food is used to soothe incredible pain and discomfort. The desire to experiment something else has to emerge. Opening our eyes to how badly our food choices are affecting us is assisting us to snap out of it and learn to make choices turned towards life. It requires from us to work towards taking better care of ourselves and resisting much of the pressure sent by the different entrapment systems. To keep on moving forward, it is important and so very necessary to address the addictions that are used to mask the discomfort and unease.

How to switch from a restrictive mindset to a restorative one? A great start is by transforming our food habits and looking at our food addictions; switching from the concept of following diet plans focused on dogma to a way of eating focused on regeneration and cellular care. Once this has been learned again (or remembered), life may be navigated in a totally new and different way. The inner reprogramming journey with our food habits has a gigantic impact in all areas of our lives. It is one of the best therapies there exists, encouraging self observation and feedback to self.

The relentless and constant need for inner reclamation

This journey is about liberation, identifying programming inside of us, decoding it and unlocking it, paying attention to every single detail and signal that we receive throughout our days. It is about activating codes of remembrance within and going back to our own energy signature. It is about rising in our ability to feedback self to self. It is about decluttering the virtual, the etheral, the physical and the astral and get closer to our own selves and our own path that is sticking to our own rails.

Once steps have been made to transition to an alkaline and pro-life way of eating, certain fears have been braved. It does get easier as it goes, building around the encountered successes. As our body becomes more responsive, we are able to feedback deeper and deeper with our higher self in order to keep on liberating areas where our minds and bodies are entrapped and being used. The mucus-free teachings are life changing and are impacting positively one’s timeline. It is about learning more about the pro-life side of the chemistry of food. It is addressing the root causes of diseases and is effective. It is about the remembrance of the appropriate way of nourishing the human body, respecting its designed physiology. It is allowing the body to come back to a stage of slow or fast regeneration. We talk about regeneration when old obstruction is being dumped out of the body and no additional residue is being created.

What effects each food items do have on the body? Many are promoted as healthy while they are damaging, obstructive, acidic or creating congestion for the lymphatic system, the liver or other organs. How does food impact our vitality ? Which ingredients do not leave any residue when they pass us through ? Everything is done for us not to have a clue about the law of cause (from our plates or cups) and effect (our discomforts and the manifestation of a declining health). As the mind, the body needs to go through a slow awakening for it to be able to speak to us loud and clear with all its signals. The palate reeducates itself step after step and once poisons have left, we generally forget about them within a few weeks. The mucus-free healing methods come with positive results: the face or the body are not swollen anymore, inflammation is reduced, mental clarity is increasing, there is more space for what wants to be birthed.

Our urine should not be transparent : kidney filtration is indicated by a cloud of sediment visible in it. The kidneys work in conjunction with the lymphatic system when we are detoxing. Most of the time, both systems are locked in the body (“prison body” of an entrapment planet) as the child has been nourished with an inappropriate way of eating and because constitutions have grown weaker from generation to generation. Most of the time, we have never known any better. How to know the difference ? How does it even feel to have body functions operating as they were created to do ? In the detox field, as in the permaculture one or the raw food, one will find many gurus and backdrop individuals having swallowed the information and able to regurgitate it. Discernment is to be applied around which energy signatures we are associating with. Most propositions on the market come from a wounded place and do tend to create cults and cubical entrapment systems. It is important to only work with individuals who are truly dedicated in favor of the well-being and expansion of others.