Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The way food is changing us internally, the subtle influences through our daily life and why we are encouraged to be kept in inflammed states

A general grieving process has to be done around the idea of perfection, a process that applies to many areas of our lives. Going from denial about the state of our health to a balanced acceptation of our genetic weaknesses and of the old accumulated obstruction is key in our health journey. Everything is done for us not to thrive in our daytime reality, for our abilities to be compressed and our memories kept locked down. Our true resistance system is our lymph. There is a war against this technology and this form of intelligence. Premature aging is widely accepted. Our decision to be eating certain things have consequences that we feel every day and for more than 24 hours. Each decision is costing us our energy and affecting our sleep, our level of vitality and our moods. A little trigger can take us a long way off track.

When animals are submitted to toxic chemicals and substances, they are getting sidetracked in the work that they are usually doing and tend to leave it unfinished. So a cup of coffee a day may wake us up but it will also have a massive influence on the decisions we make throughout our day. Food is changing us internally. All of it is done through our bodies. What we are allergic to is causing us to be easily triggered and manipulated. Asphyxiated cells are going to be more responsive to mind control than healthy ones. The vegetarian diet let go of meat but still the general discourse of such a way of eating still tend to direct us to types of proteins that are harmful for the body. Spirulina for example is high protein, it’s best not to abuse it. The myth of protein is still well alive. The architects are making sure there is tofu and other vegan products in order for most who are feeling called to simplify their diets not to enter detoxification. Calories too are a myth.

We are injected with doses of potassium (pain desensitizer in high doses) and calcium so we are kept in certain states. When in a state of inflammation, one experiences the world in a different manner and things are less under control. When in pain, it is much harder to function and keep a high frequency. We are encouraged to acquire certain objects that are not good for us and will lessen the positive impact of our daily efforts with our lives. Our bodies here tend to be limiting us. Our abilities have been repressed and our senses are limited and also numbed. Synthetic beings don’t have a body the same way as reals connected to Real Originals have a body. If our grandmother was a backdrop, she was not the one giving some of her genetics to a spirited mother. We see how genetics can be a great matter of belief when we are talking about simulated beings in our families. We can not have backdrop ascendants who have no real bodies. Anything that can assist the body to hold and keep its own high frequencies and electromagnetic currents can help. Calcium levels are important for electrical currents to be able to run along the nerve paths. To deepen our healing it is necessary to reach deep relaxation states ; states in which the body is opening up and for that, it needs to feel safe.

Engaging in detoxification

Because of the inverse, man has been encouraged to adopt a diet that is detrimental to its health. Men has also been moved away from the tropics, where fruits are abundant all year long. Since March 2018 when I started transitioning from a vegan to a mucusfree lifestyle, I engaged in a series of extended fasts. Because I have a lot of lymphatic congestion, the results I got were probably less incredible than for beings who could move a bit more their lymph. After each liquid fast period of time, it gets clearer once reintroducing an item to feel what it does to the body ; for example agave syrup or especially cane sugar can produce a little bit of teeth grinding ; honey is also not the optimal food for humans whereas the natural sugars from fruits is not a problem. The signature of everything we put in our mouth has an impact on us whether we are aware of it or not. With the mucusfree and mucuslean lifestyles, we may notice progress in the way we are able to absorb, retain and translate energy. Flushing the lymph system is helping to release obstruction and waste that are in the way for the charges to freely circulate. It is about bringing our cells and fluids back to a way where they are able to communicate and relate as they are intended to do. Of course, the hidden handlers will do their best to weaken us (because when we are weak we are more easily manipulated and led to fulfill their agendas) to get our tonsils, our appendix or any organ like a kidney out. But even then other organs will be helping us to eliminate (such as the skin or the colon). We often are stuffing our trauma and emotions in some parts of our bodies, like the liver. Each day we are experiencing is going to be different and it’s good to ask ourselves what kind of day is it today, what do we need and if today is a rest day or a productive one. Do I get up easily or is it a struggle ? How is my sleep ? Am I hydrated ? Do I have digestive issues ? Do I rely on something in order to get by ?

The trap of fermentation and the way we are programmable

Amino acids can be found in fruits and vegetables and the body does not have to break proteins down to amino acids as it does when meat is ingested. Fruits are easy to chew and digest optimally for the human’s digestive tract. The little energy we have, a lot of it is dedicated to eating and digesting. On a raw diet, fungal activity is increased by bad food combinations that produces fermentation or by eating overripe fruits. The fermentation of sugars creates alcohol. When proteins are mixed with starches, it does create fermentation, a process of decay of carbohydrates, as well ; meaning they don’t digest well because digestive enzymes that are required are not the same. Proteins do require hydrocloric actids and peptines while starches do require amylase and the like. Salt is an inorganic mineral and the body can not do anything with it except store it somewhere. To be assimilated, minerals need to be assimilated by plants first. When cooked, minerals are also loosing their digestibility. Mineral waters do not offer remineralization they do encourage calcification and leave a deposit of minerals in our arteries. In sea water, the sodium has been charged electromagnetically thanks to the work of phytoplancton and light. So this is a sodium the body can apparently used.

Our organs are not only made to digest and evacuate, they also have energetic and etheric functions. Food is certainly altering our moods and behaviors. Our food habits come with principles of compensation and relief for our own traumas. When I started detoxing I realized how I was using food to ground and cope with the stress and trauma of my life. Nowadays, a cup of green tea is enough if I really need some stimulant or I can go with the sugars from kombucha that tends to alter my mood and even my perception of time. All plants can alter our moods and have an influence on our emotions (they play a role in programmability). Some plants can be used to bypass heavier emotions of grief, sorrow, sadness or melancholy by artificially inducing an external layer of emotion linked to playfulness for example. We also tend not to be so clear in front of reward motivated behaviors. When our immune system is strong, then, there is a lot we are able to resist. It is much easier to deal with what happens in our daily life when we feel good and strong in our body and mind than when we are in a low frequency state. Fasting is a good practice in order to introduce new thought patterns, reprogram beliefs and release trauma.

Balancing parasitic infiltration thanks to the natural ways

Herbs like parsley work best when they are juiced. Nuts are leaving an acidic ash behind. In terms of cooking, steaming or boiling are methods that are causing the least harm. Chickpeas and lentils for example are not a physiologically appropriate food for us, we are not equipped to digest them so our parasites are doing it for us, causing a flare up in parasitic activity. Parasites are found anywhere there is toxicity and dead cells. Our parasites have specific food cravings (for example if we used to eat sushis in the past and raw fish they will be calling for these specific foods). Many parasites are killed during high fevers through both heat and the increase of white blood cells. Any itching will indicate the manifestation of fungal activity. Viruses though they are not what is commonly accepted, are on the protein side. Rice is creating a perfect nest for putrefaction and parasites. Parasites are doing cleaning work for us, they help us to eliminate because we have been consuming a diet that was not appropriate to our organs and physiology. It is mainly the lack of balance in the different bacteria of our flora that produces a lot of disruption. Our microbiome is the combination of all the different bacteria, fungi, viruses and microorganisms that live in or on our body. They are a part of our weight. Good bacteria require prebiotics. When we target parasites with herbs, we generally eradicate the adults but not the eggs. After 30 days if the terrain is not cleaned up, there is a new invasion.

It’s not so much how much we eat but rather how we may digest, absorb, utilize and eliminate what we have eaten. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables in their natural state will help build a healthier microbiome. Intermittent fasting is also assisting in creating a healthier balance between good and detrimental bacteria. We need healthy chains of fatty acids and a balanced production of amino acids to be in good health in addition to a balance of our hormones. Movement is crucial whether through massage, exercise or contacting the deeper layers of the body with hot therapy (sauna or hot baths). We should be going to the toilet at least as many times as we are eating through a day. A leaky gut means the intestine has small holes in the lining allowing toxins to accumulate and causing further problems for the rest of the body. Carrots also don’t want to be eaten. In my diet I try to have not too many roots because the root is the whole plant and it means it has to die, while only taking leafs or fruits is a different story, yet in winter time it gets more complex.

A decluttering process

When we have circulation problems and a lot of lymphatic chronic congestion, then water fasting tends not to be moving things as it should and need to. Fasting won’t create new problems, it will only reveal what is already there. When we are detoxing the body will decompact progressively, layer after layer. During a deep detox, the body will go 5 to 10 times faster than during a soft detox where food is still being digested. This explains the incredible amount of waste than we can see exiting, including through ears which are a secondary eliminative pathway. One of the greatest thing I have found in fasting too is the amount of time available within a day. I have been able to focus on projects that were laying dormant, it has also led me to clear my space with more rigor. Going through all our objects one after the other, one room after the other and tuning to the chemistry of daily life products such as soaps is also part of the journey. We can notice that we don’t tolerate so well artificial perfumes or any chemical of any sort.

Consumers are not aware of some of the hidden things that find its way to their food. The plastic industry is linked to a low frequency of prison control. The bar code on each sold product also is transporting a specific vibration as for the logos of each brand. Our states of mind also count as being upset is causing elevated stomach acids that can create acidosis and neutralize the digestive efforts. Drinking while eating is also diluting and neutralizing the digestive enzymes. Transpiration is acidic and helps to get rid of the ambient acidity. When we have an oedema, our body is using water in order to buffer acids. What are we depriving ourselves of in the long run ? Sometimes in emergency situations, we need a bit of help to face a situation for example when we feel very blurry and with very low energy and we need to show up to our commitments.

Insertions in the detox field and the myth of germ and evolution theories

In the detox community, there are lots of good protocols and ideas to get inspiration from yet sometimes the environment can become a bit rigid and handling especially if we are still holding layers of external authority programming, which leads us to delegate the keys of our health somewhere outside of ourselves. Seeds from cursed associations with ties to maconism tend to be growing into vegetables that will assist our mind wiping. If we eat these we will be heavily drugged. Blood tests do not address other important data like the state of the nervous system, the lymphatic system or the deterioration of our organs. The body will do much in order to preserve the quality of the blood ; with a compromised PH level in the blood, the risk is death. People in agony usually have acceptable blood results.

An orange juice fast tastes much more delicious than a pasteurized juice fast. When we think orange juice, the body is for the most of us saying yes and it feels open, whereas with a pasteurized juice the frequency is less high and the feeling is different. Every method is engaging different processes and I think what matters the most is: which method is bringing the most enthusiasm for me right now? I don’t think I will be following any cooked juice protocol ever but it did serve me well in the past with where I was at. The answers will be different for every single individual and each of us has to find their own way.

Usually, controlled agents will promote some food items that are clogging (garlic, onions, soy sauce, tamari, nuts), they tend to put the emphasis on vegetables instead of fruits and promote an heavy use of oil as a way of cleansing. Lymphatic and also structural changes may happen in the irides of the ones detoxing for long period of time. Raw Kristina, a youtube personality, pretends the color of her eyes changed drastically, but when we look closer we see her flashing maconic hand signs. She is used to create envy and jealousy (thus the numerous videos about her, debunking her).

The medical field and what we have been experiencing these years is based on theories where there is a lot of lies and inverted thinking. This is working under a wrong premise to begin with since “germs” appear out of our very substance, to help eliminate, process and break down toxins. Terrain theory is about cleaning the tank. Just as with everything else, the plandemic has been launched based on theories based on lies and inversions just as it has been in the past with fake muslims, fake shootings, fake poverty, engineered wars and fake terrorism. They get people in fear with the story of contagion but viruses are not infectious agents that are the cause of diseases. The causes of disease are breach of immunity through agreements, obstruction, poor genetics and acidity. I have deconstructed the belief in the evolution model that they really want us to believe in. For me, there is a specific reason why we have a reptilian brain in addition to other parts of the brain and when I connect to it, it is connected to more reactive and impulsive survival parts of our mechanisms. I feel it’s being used against us sometimes some moments of our days and especially if we are in fear states. I also held the belief that nature was perfect and nowadays, I still find nature amazing yet I see the holographic aspect of it, the fractal repetition and cycles (the programmed side of nature) and I also become more aware that not all nature is the same: dark and lighter energies are hiding alongside to each other ; some trees could very well be draining energies instead of being life giving and spirited essence is to be found in humans, animals and nature but not all beings and energies are spirited.

Most of the classes, courses or most of the youtube channels out there are held by beings who are not connected to the eternal source, who are synthetics or clones who can be interesting to follow but who will plateau at some point and not go beyond like Real Originals can do. They are mainly parroting handlers and gate-keepers such as Doctor Morse (who is flashing a lot of hand signs) who did not appear on your screen by « accident » but because of associations with dark energies which are serving the plans of harvesting by dark crossdimensional handlers. One gets the most potent healing when connected to reals who are doing the work and working on their shadow every day, reals who have healed enough so they are not a danger for others and are constantly deprogramming the new layers that are used to control and influence them.

About Nobel Prizes

If we consider Obama received a nobel prize, that’s telling the level of corruption of these institutions. What’s the agenda behind any theory supported by the nobel prizes? I always wonder. Science often mistake symptoms for cause and as I am going deeper into the rabbit hole, I can see how all these scientific “evidences” are being used to control the mind in some aspects, to derail us from the truth and propagate diversion or half-truths missing important and vital information. A lot of the nobel prizes can be debunked with minimal research.


Nanotechnologies have sorts of sensors that are meant to obtain and record information. The battery life of certain types of nanos though is not eternal (the red wine spit test will show how some has become deactivated when we pour alcohol of 70° on top). Now they have technology able to influence nerves and muscles remotely. New invaders of the body have morphed making it harder for the body to identify the invasion. Most manufactured products contain nanotechnology or morgellon fibers that goes into our brains and digestive tracts. When our lymph is stagnant, it’s not able anymore to handle all these tiny invaders and overpopulation. When there is no more lymphatic circulation, the waste is not getting out and everything stays in immobility. Often, it is the fungal component or nano that is screaming eat that. Kimchi or sauerkraut can do more harm than good to a compromised system. On the other hand, chicory root is a prebiotic and can help repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria.

The dentistry field

Dentists often are used to install implants whether they are conscious of being used or not. This is why dentistry is pushed so hard and many teenagers are brought there by parents who have no idea. Removing wisdom teeth is probably not essential most of the times but is used to insert things. I was conscious during my operation but still would have no clue if something was inserted there. Any operation can be used to insert implants. I remember I had a hard time recovering from the inflammation and how my body did not react well to the aftermath of the operation. I also used to wear braces for 4 years going to a dentist cabinet and I remember I did not like to go there, the fingers of the dentist smelled like cigarette’s smoke and it was just something I was not looking forward. It was one of the options around where I lived at the time and the same dentist my brother was led to. My mother was doing the best she could with what she was deceived to believe and do. Going to the dentist once a month is a good way to monitor and make sure some things are working along the plans of hidden handlers.

Acidity versus alkalinity

Titration is the laboratory method used to measure acidity versus alkalinity. Food is burned to ashes to imitate digestion, then distilled water is added to the ashes. The solution is then tested for its acidity (artichokes, the white tips of asparagus, canned fruits or veggies, lentils, oatmeal) or alkalinity (almonds, bamboo shoots, avocados). The ratio does not have to be perfect on the side of alkalinity but a 80 to 20 per cent will tremendously help. Bananas continue to ripen nutritionally once picked. When we buy other unripe fruits such as mangos or avocadoes, they are not ripening but fermenting which creates sulfur which tends to feed candida. Sulfur drugs inhibit the lymphatic system and tends to create hypoactivity in these areas. The sulfur from veggies is not the same as from antibiotics or the sulfur we inherit from our mothers. Sulfur is something that can be used in the right amount to clean the intestinal tract this is why cruciferous tend to be cleaning agents and antifongic ; they are usually not aggressive for the body while an isolate amount of sulfur introduced in the body can have detrimental effect (for example, MSM is aggressive for the mucosa even if it is efficient, short term, against candida). Colloidal silver also could very well be aggressive for the mucosa and it’s been years I have stopped working with it.

When we sprout beans or grains, we release the life force within them ; they become chlorophyll rich. It’s best to avoid unsprouted beans and grains if we want true vitality and regeneration. Raw soy beans are acid forming ; they are extremely high in phytic acid (which blocks mineral absorption). They tend to be hard to digest and are 85 per cent genetically modified. 80 per cent of the oils and fats used in the USA are from processed soy beans. The basic processes in obtaining soy bean oil and soy protein destroys all nutrients, bonds proteins to minerals and proteins to lipids and starches, causes free radical formation and encourages rancidity. Even food grade and kosher glycerin is made from canola or soybean oil, both of which are, sadly, grown from GMO crops in the US. Glycerin products leave a film that takes 2 weeks to completely go and that can not be penetrated by minerals ; it then creates a barrier. Charcoal can damage the enamel if it is weak already. We may keep veggie juice in the mouth and keep charcoal, bentonite clay and vinegar for taking care of our hair. The mention « fragrance » on stickers of products means there can be mercury hiding in these products.

Connecting with wild plants and working with essential oils

Nettles (good for regenerating the blood and managing sugar levels) and dandelions have a good amount of calcium or vitamin C. We know how to recognize them so they are a good place to start with. Step after step, every month and every year, we keep on learning to recognize new wild plants that we are then able to identify in the wild. Adding some leafs of wild medicinal plants to a raw soup is going to potentialize it. Leafs of nettles, dandelions or plantain may be incorporated in sauces with a little bit of ginger or turmeric. They can also be incorporated to dried preparations with some spinach for example. Collecting wild medicinal leafs (such as from raspberries bushes) to prepare hot beverages during the colder season is also another alternative to potentialize our health. Daisies may be used to help the body be firmer in specific areas.

I find that, to go through the day, having essential oils or other forms of dynamized remedies near my desk to smell them and work with them is essential, or having sprays of essential oils for every room of the house, including my car. They are also doing good when we feel triggered ; it’s good to count on this little army of helpers by our side. We can rub specific points of the body that feels heavy as well, for example our wrists or our shoulders where we usually store quite a bit of trauma. Essential oils can be worked with in massage on our belly. Green myrth essential oil is there to help in case of hypothyroidism. Maderotherapy is a way to move very congested tissues from the legs and belly area especially. Taking natural remedies when going through a healing crisis may be counter-productive.

Final words

Every fruit and every vegetable is specific and has a specific frequency we can work with. Vegetable juice can be used as a broom for the intestinal tract. Food is an interface with the outer and inner reality. What has been done can be undone. The body will always go towards regeneration if we or the overlords are not in the way. The body has its own logic, it’s not randomly doing things. Our bodies are meant to be self regenerating, self repairing and self-sustaining yet a lot of programming has been thought to make sure to turn things around. We are triggered in many directions that are not our true self not only by our mind programming but also by our physical body who is also programmed sometimes to have reactions that we can easily misread. Anything that requires a big digestive effort is going to take away some of our vitality. Cellular detoxification allows us to keep on seeing through the deeper layers of the matrix and it will inevitably bring to the surface everything that isn’t serving. It is a humbling tool for ultimate revelation. And it takes great commitment to keep bowing to each arising as it is so easy to fall into avoidance or be side-tracked that are less confronting and where we don’t really do the work.